Cum Spraying Hayley s Boots

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Cum Spraying Hayley s Boots
A week from the time that they had met at the hotel and Hayley is still blissfully unaware that the new dildo she had enjoyed so much while tied to the hotel bed was in fact Jim s cock!

Ant hadn t forgotten, as she lay on the bed between his spread legs giving him a slow Saturday morning blow job his cock stiffened a little more and twitched as the scene went through his mind.

He rubbed her hair gently,

Hey babe, how about slipping on those suede boots before we get too carried away?

Hayley reluctantly released his hot rigid cock from her mouth and looked up at him with a wry grin. Without a word she slipped off the bed and moved across to the wardrobe.

Ant lay back, hands behind his head, and watched contentedly as she pulled a boot on and zipped it slowly up her thigh. As she started the second boot, she paused, pulled it off again and reached inside before pulling out a business card.

Oh look Ant, I d forgotten this, it s that guy s card that we met at the hotel, d you remember, the old guy that liked my boots?

Oh yeah, replied Ant, feigning a vague recall.

Jim, wasn t it?

Mmm, that s right, dirty sod was keen to cum on my boots as I remember!

Hayley mounted the bed and straddled Ant as he eased his cock into her pussy. As she slowly began to ride him she continued.

You know, it s kind of a sexy idea in a dirty sort of way!

What is?

You know what! Having him wank over my boots, not being allowed to touch me, just the boots, and when he s finished you could fuck me and make him watch or something …Oh God, how awful! That s really getting me going!

An hour later as they were laying together totally spent, Hayley propped her self up on one elbow and gazed down at Ant, who was half dozing.

Ant, you awake?


I was just thinking.

Thinking what?

Well, maybe,…maybe you could call that Jim, …and get him to meet us somewhere, and …

And what?

And, well, you know, Maybe I could wear those red patent leather thighboots with the platform and the six inch heel …


Well, maybe he would like to wank himself off over them, … and I could get him to lick them clean again afterwards!

She had slowly moved her hand down to gently massage Ant s growing cock.

What do you think darling? she asked as she felt his erection steadily recovering.

I think you should call him, in fact I dare you to! Put them on now and call him, tell him what you re wearing and arrange to meet him this evening, if he agrees, I ll text him a time and co ordinates for his GPS, we ll want to be somewhere remote!


Ten minutes later, Jim put the phone down, astounded at the conversation that he just had with Ant s wife. This was getting better by the minute, the little minx had actually invited him to meet up and wank over her boots! Well, why not? With a bit of luck this would soon lead to a threesome, and he couldn t wait to get his old cock in her again and fuck her properly! His mind wandered back to the sight of her perfect bum thrusting enthusiastically against his cock, and he stiffened at the memory of the sensation of her accommodating hot wet pussy that slid so easily over it. It was good to feel a woman that was fifteen years his junior eagerly sliding up and down on his cock!

Still, one stage at a time. He thought twice about having the wank that he had planned, better to save it up for this evening, thought Jim. Got to put on a good show!


As Hayley cut the call, Ant looked at the flushed face of his wife in awe.

I can t believe that you ve just done that! You have just arranged to meet a virtual stranger with the intention of watching him toss his cum all over your new boots!

But you dared me! Oh Ant, have I been naughty?

Well yes, of course! But not as naughty as you re going to be this evening. We d better think about what part I have to play in all this!


Later that morning Jim and Ant spoke on the phone to arrange a time and place to meet, both excited at the prospect of moving Hayley a stage closer to a potential threesome.

Jim sat at his desk with a coffee and casually checked out the selected spot on Google Earth. It did look a very deserted area. It was located at the end of a track out on the moors. His cock stiffened as he and entered the co ordinates into his Garmin. It was going to be about an hours drive for him out to the remote moorland spot, so he would make sure that he left in plenty of time. He didn t want to risk being late and have Hayley chicken out at the last minute!

Meanwhile, with the keen assistance of Ant, Hayley selected her outfit for the evening and laid it out on the bed. As they left the room Ant glanced back over his shoulder, his cock was already stiff at the thought of seeing in his wife in that outfit and once Jim had had his fun she was going to get a good fucking before she took it off!


At six thirty that evening Jim pulled into the carpark of the Tavistock Arms. He was in plenty of time and decided to stop for a beer, choosing to sit in the pub garden to catch the last warmth of the late spring sunshine.

Meanwhile, Ant was waiting for Hayley to appear, the Range Rover was ready and she was upstairs putting the finishing touches to her make up. Of the entire outfit it was the makeup business that had the most potential for going wrong. Hayley had never been into makeup, but Jim insisted that makeup made the woman so she had been required to learn how to do it! Obviously she was not aware that it was Jim s demand — as far as she knew Ant just liked it as part of the façade for their new found fun. She had sought advice from the girls at work, many of whom looked like clowns as far as she was concerned but she got to grips with the tips and tricks, bought makeup of her own and could now plaster it on like any red light area slag, with devastating effect on Antony s cock it seemed! He had grown to enjoy pulling out of her pussy or mouth at the last moment and blasting his load across her heavily made up eyes and face. She had to admit she loved it too!

Finally he heard the click of heels as she carefully negotiated the stairs in her very unpractical boots! Three inch platforms and a long narrow stiletto six inch heel on a pair of bright red, highly polished thigh boots! He wandered to the bottom of the stairs to watch her descent and as he looked up he felt Aa familiar movement in his cock. Above the boots he could just make out the tops of her black deep lace top hold ups. Above these, a tight black leather micro mini skirt, skimpy black top covered by a red leather bolero jacket. She had a black studded choker around her neck and her hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail. He loved the way that she had applied her make up, a little heavier around the eyes and a bright red lipstick to match her boots and jacket. She had a black studded choker around her neck and her hair was pulled back in a tight severe pony tail. He was pleased to see the way that she had applied her makeup, heavy around the eyes and a bright red lipstick to match her boots and jacket. Jim would be pleased. He couldn t check the colour of her nails as her hands were now tightly encased in soft k** leather gloves — he liked that little touch of her own very much.

As Hayley reached the lower steps, Ant couldn t resist slipping a hand between her thighs. Hayley quickly slapped it away.

Hey careful! I don t want to risk spoiling anything!

Sorry love, I was just helping to support you. Anyway, how can I spoil anything? You ve dressed like that to encourage a guy to cum all over you!

Not All over me! Just my boots, that s the agreement, right? Oh God, do you think this is too much, should I tone it down a little?

Hayley started to look a little nervous now, so Ant had to reassure her quickly!

No babe, you look perfect, honestly, and I can t wait to get you back home again!

OK, as long as you re sure, …shall we get going then before I loose my nerve?

Ant put a comforting arm around her shoulders, Come on then, and don t worry, everything will be fine.

A few minutes later they were on their way. Ant was still struggling to make himself comfortable and concentrate on the road as his eyes kept wandering down to Hayley s long sexy booted legs and the delicious smell of leather that was filling the car, despite the Range Rover already being full of soft black leather already!

He also made a slow job of passing a few trucks on the dual carriage way section of the route, knowing full well that truckers always check out passing vehicles from their elevated position. They would be excited at the results today as they took in Hayley s thigh boots and stocking tops, Ant enjoyed the frustration that it would cause, although Hayley was blissfully unaware of the effect that she would be having!


Jim checked his watch, finished his pint and set off towards the car park. He estimated that leaving now would give Hayley and Ant time to get prepared. Like all good parties, he didn t want to be the first to arrive. Half an hour later, the Jag pulled into the allocated spot. Jim spotted Ant s Range Rover and parked about twenty yards behind and slightly to the left. He switched off the engine, eased the seat back a little and waited.

*** Ant, who had be monitoring the rear view mirror, saw Jim s car arrive and park up.

He s here babe, you re on!

Shit! What s he doing, is he coming over?

No, he s sat back watching. I think you need to get out, open the tailgate, and if he doesn t move you should go and fetch him.

Hayley looked a little incredulous at this suggestion.

You want me to walk over there in these heels? I could break an ankle on this ground!

Just take it easy, and remember, he ll be getting turned on by the vulnerability that you display, you do want him turned on don t you?

Well I, …yes, of course, but …Oh my God, this is so bizarre!,

She pulled down the passenger sun visor, opened the mirror, checked herself and then flipped it back up into place.

Well, here goes then!

As Hayley opened the door she looked back at Ant.

Are you sure that we should be doing this, I mean …

Ant rubbed his crotch and smiled.

Just go, you know you re going to love it!

Right! Fuck it!


Jim watched the passenger door open. Nothing happened for thirty seconds. The tension mounted until at last one long red booted leg appeared, followed by another. Fucking Hell! He thought as he saw the height of her heels. He watched closely as she eased herself out of the Range Rover, her short skirt riding up to her bum as she lost control for a second. The sight had an instant effect on his cock as she quickly straightened herself up and took a few careful steps to the rear of the vehicle.

As he took in the vision in front of him, his hand automatically moved to his cock. Hayley opened the tailgate of the Range Rover and bent over to arrange something in the back.

Fuck me! Jim thought as he gripped his swelling cock through his jeans, maybe I should have had a wank this morning after all to relieve some of this pressure!

He continued rubbing his cock slowly as he watched Hayley teeter around on those sexy heels. The thought occurred to him that no matter how many pictures or video s you look at, nothing takes your breath away more than seeing a woman dressed like that for real!

She stood up and walked to the driver s door window. Something was obviously said as she took a slow turn towards Jim s car him and walked carefully towards the Jag. Her careful steps made her look like some kind of parading street tart and he loved it. The heels were so high she had no alternative but to wobble and wiggle as she walked. As she reached his window she smiled and he hit the button to lower the glass. Waiting for the window to lower fully she bent down to face him.


Hi Hayley, you re looking good!

You like the boots then?

I like it all!

Hayley opened the door, held out her hand and in a coquettish whisper said,

Well, you d better come and join us then!

Jim didn t need asking twice, he stood up, took her hand, and helping to keep her steady, he let her walk him to the Range Rover.

As they approached, Ant appeared around the side of the vehicle.

Hi Jim, nice evening for it!

Nice wife for it to! laughed Jim, which caused him to get a slap on the arm from Hayley.

Right you two men, do something useful and help me up into the back here.

Go in through the rear door, suggested Ant, It will be easier! Jim, you wait at the back there.

Jim watched as Hayley positioned herself on the large cream sheepskin rug covered area in the back of the vehicle. It was a great touch, and Antony s idea. He knew the black interior of the car would not help Hayley s outfit but the cream rug made her outfit stand out against the dark carpet and added a striking contrast. Hayley crawled in, turned herself around and over and lay down so her long booted legs were towards the open tailgate, hanging just over the edge at the perfect height for Jim and his expectant cock. Ant knelt beside her, once again finding himself staggered at the behaviour of his wife, who was, until recently, a quiet and unassuming lady with seemingly little appetite for the spicier side of sex!

How s that Jim? She asked.

Jim could see straight up her skirt to the skimpy black lace panties that barely hid her modesty.

Looks great to me, but do you mind if I pull you this way a little? he asked, taking hold of her ankles. He eased her towards him until her feet were overhanging the edge of the tailboard. The bonus of this was that her little tight skirt slid up once more around her bum, leaving her legs fully exposed!

Happy now? she asked.

Very, thanks! Shall I get started then?

Oh,…err, yes I guess so!

Aware of Hayley and Ant s eyes fixed on him, Jim bent down to hold his nose close to the toes of Hayley s boots.

Hmm, love the smell of that warm new leather, I bet they feel good! Can I run my hands over them?.

Of course!

Tell me then, tell me that you want me to run my hands over your boots, up and down your legs!

She looked nervously at Ant, who nodded encouragement.

Go on then!

Go on, what? Jim teased.

Touch my lovely boots, I want you to feel the quality of the soft leather!

Jim placed a hand on each ankle.

Anything else?

Yes, I want to feel you running your hands over my legs!

That s better, …like this? he asked as his hands slid slowly up her legs.

Mmm yes, Oh yes! That s it, that feels good. Does it feel good to you Jim?

Oh yeah, that feels very good, it s making my cock hard, should I get it out?

He looked Hayley in the eye, her head was to one side as her husband nuzzled her neck.

Yes! Hayley replied in what was almost a whisper,

Take it out and let me see how much you re enjoying this!

Jim removed his shirt and threw it to one side before slowly undoing his jeans. He was aware of Hayleys eyes on his crotch as he slowly eased them down, his cock still trapped. Looking at her again he finally released it letting it spring into view.

Ooh, very nice! Smiled Hayley, surprised at the thickness and rigidity of this strange cock.

Kicking his jeans off, he moved his cock towards her feet, a trickle of pre cum was glistening in the dimming light. Jim took hold of his cock and wiped the gossamer up her left heel, leaving a snail like trail.

Looking up he saw that Ant now had his hand on her panties and was beginning to attend to her pussy.

He slowly eased her legs apart to give Ant easier access before straddling one leg so that his balls were lightly touching her shin.

That feels good, Hayley, very good! I ve got to say you have the most amazing legs!

As he continued to let his hands wander over her boots he leant forwards to allow his cock to rub against them, at the same time letting his hand slip above her boots to lightly stroke her lacy stocking tops. He wanted to test her reaction, and was pleased that she seemed happy to allow it!

By now, Ant had his cock out and his hand inside her skimpy panties. Hayley took hold of Ant s stiff cock and began to wank him slowly with her gloved hand as she continued to watch Jim, she didn t take her eyes off him. Neither man could be sure whether this was because she didn t trust the stranger rubbing against her booted legs or whether she was simply enjoying her first (knowing) foray into group sexual activities!

I m going to enjoy splattering these with cum! You do still want me to empty my balls all over your lovely boots don t you?

Hayley nodded.

Tell me then, tell me what you want to see!

She was wanking Ant a little harder now.

I want to see you do it! I want to see you wanking that lovely fat cock over my legs! Oh God, listen to me! Yes, I want to know how much I m turning you on, I want to see your balls tighten as you get ready and to feel your hot cum landing on my expensive red boots!

Hayley was practically cumming continuously from the frantic working of Antony s fingers in her pussy and he writhing and moaning was doing nothing to prolong the climax of either man.

Good girl, I knew you did! Now, move this way a little so I can get my cock between you calves!

Hayley and Ant slid down until Jim was able to hold her legs together and ease his slippery cock between her boots. Satisfied with the position he began fucking the soft warm leather.

That feel good Hayley? Are you enjoying all the attention?

Yes, she panted as Ant continued to work on her pussy.

Are you enjoying having a cock in your hand and one between your legs?

Oh yes!

Tell me then, tell me how much you like having two cocks to play with!

I love it! Wow, this is making me feel so naughty and horny, I m loving making two cocks hard at the same time. Mmmm!

Jim eased his damp sticky cock from between her boots and parted her legs.

Hayley!you see this big old cock of mine? he asked as he continued to slowly wank it towards her.

Hayley nodded,

Well, if you ever call me again It ll be expecting a bit more than a wank! Understand?

Hayley nodded again.

Good, now I m nearly ready so watch out!

Jim positioned himself so that his cock was pointing towards her feet and ankles, he began wanking it with hard purposeful strokes

Oh yeah, nearly there, you dirty little minx. I m gonna mess these up nicely, oh yeah, fuck, my balls are boiling! You are such a teasing fucking bitch of a wife. I have got to unload all over those shiny sexy boots, Oh yes, oh fuck yes!

Both Hayley and Ant s attention was on Jim s cock which was about to erupt. Hayley was tugging Ant s cock in time with Jim s motion and Ant new that once Jim let go it would be all over for him too!

Fuck, Oh fuck, here it comes! Jim panted as he felt his sap rising, just a few more strokes, hold it back, hold it!

Oh yeah, oh fuck, oh yeah, there it goes!

He let out a pent up groan of pleasure as his cock sent the first white streaks up Hayley s left leg, a thick stream a good eighteen inches up the leg of her shiny red boot.

Oh yes, fuck yes, take this lot over your boots you hot little bitch! Two, three, four, five thick jets of steaming hot spunk shot into the air and onto Hayley s waiting glossy red boot leather.

A further two more pumps spurted over her lovely boots leaving white streaks across the pointed toes and giving her a cum bracelet around her ankle

As he finished shaking the last few drops off, he looked up just in time to catch Ant s cock erupt across the side of Hayley s face and neck. She turned her head to catch as much of it in her mouth as she could, but too much had been sprayed and it splattered onto her collar and all over her little red leather jacket.
Jim took a final longing look between her spread legs as he pulled his clothes back on. This had been the perfect progression and if she didn t want a threesome soon, Ant would have to come up with another scheme, he was dying to get his cock back inside this hot wife!

Adjusting his clothes as Hayley lay in the back of the car, Jim could see two distinct pools of creamy cum splashed across her. He blew a kiss in her direction, whispered thanks and returned to his car. They had decided this would be an ideal way to prevent any uncomfortable silence or awkwardness after the fun and as Jim pulled away a short glance in his mirror saw Antony beginning the task of cleaning up. ***

I m not moving until it s all cleaned up Ant, the stuff is everywhere! Hayley was complaining.

You do look fucking horny with it splattered all over you though he responded.

I forgot tissues, we are not that well prepared, and Jim shot a fucking huge load for you baby. He looked like her loved it, a nice big juicy cock and all this spunk just for you!

Antony had managed to find a cloth in the boot of the car and was attempting to wipe the spunk from Hayley s boots – not easy given the creamy consistency.

Hayley looked down along her boots Leave it there to dry for next time, it will be a horny reminder of what we got up to. I ll shower your load from my hair later, just hope no one notices on the drive home! She gave a cheeky little giggle as Any helped her from the back of the car back around to the passenger seat, her legs a little wobbly from laying down.

She still looked amazingly hot in the glow of the car s interior lights and Ant thought how much she looked like a street hooker; she would fit in so well in their local red light area. He checked his thoughts before he got carried away and closed Hayley s door before closing up the boot and jumping back into the driver s seat.

So how was it, hot and horny or dirty and seedy? he asked, fearing her response a little in case it put an end to any future plans.

All of those! was her reply you men are such little perverts! she chuckled.

As Antony started the car his mobile beeped. It was a message from Jim that Ant held over to allow Hayley to read.


Hayley giggled and looked at Antony What is a spitroasting? she enquired innocently.

When a woman gets a cock at each end and she looks like a pig on a spit, just like the dildo fun in the hotel.

Mmm a girl could enjoy that, make sure we keep his number in case I fancy giving it a go. You would be far too jealous to let some other guy fuck me though wouldn t you honey?

Hayley leaned over and pecked his cheek Now get me home and get me cleaned up .

Ant was thrilled. The evening had once again worked out perfectly to plan. The next step was to see if he could push Hayley to make that call – to actually ask Jim to come and deliver a spitroasting to his wife, one that she would know all about this time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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