Dawn her first ever BBC Published by luvcuntlickin

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Dawn her first ever BBC Published by luvcuntlickin
our friend, Tyrell giving Dawn her first ever BBC
This is a fantasy about how I would have liked things to have gone if Dawn was still with me. I like to think that she would have been very excited,hot and turned on getting her first black dick from my friend Tyrell from Xham. On several occasions Dawn and I talked about what it might be like for her to get her first black cock … and I after meeting and talking with Tyrell I m certain she would have loved getting fucked by him while I watched and took pictures & video before joining in on the fun.
I think I would have had the three of us chat both online and by phone a couple of times to be sure that Dawn felt OK with meeting him. So after chatting with him a few times both with me present and also when I was not there … she finely asked me toward the end of one of our chat sessions … all three of us … and a very hot & naughty one at that … while we were still on the phone she wanted to know if she was ever going to actually meet him in person. Between Tyrell telling her some of the things he hopes to do to, for & with her and me playing with her … she was some kind of turned on & horny when we went to bed. I was thinking that if that was any indication of what she was going to be like when we did finely get together with Tyrell … both he and I had better get well rested up a couple of days before!!! Dawn, that fine, hot, sexy & horny slut wife of mine sucked and fucked on me for nearly 3 hours straight!!! I don t even want to try and guess how many different times her amazing cunt came … but I lost count after between fucking & sucking on me … she d managed to get 5 different loads from me …and we played for another hour after that!!!
Well it was on Friday that the three of us had such a great chat session but our schedules didn t sync that weekend. But I was able to manage to get the day off that next Thursday and was off from the end of my shift … I worked 11p – 7a going in from Sundays – Thursdays which meant that when I got off that Thursday morning I didn t have to be back at work until 11p Sunday night. We did arrange for to meet Tyrell for brunch the Sunday before and I could tell from her reaction that Dawn wanted him to be her first ever black cock. I thought she was going to cream her fucking panties just sitting there talking with him. We walked out together and after he and I shook hands Dawn gave him a very nice, big hug and even did a package check on him and kissed him on the cheek.
As luck would have it Tyrell did not have classes that Friday so as a surprise I had him meet us at a local restaurant and as we were leaving I remembered something I needed to pick up at the store to have so I could fire up the grill that evening. I ask Dawn if she was OK riding with Tyrell so he didn t have to follow me to the store. She told me that would be fine and ask if it would be OK if they started playing before I got there and I said as long as they didn t really start it would be fine. She gave me a big hug and kiss and told me that she was thinking about slipping into something sexy to show him and maybe do some light feeling & kissing . I whispered and told her that as long as I was there to watch her start getting serious with him it would be fine. I think she knew how much I wanted to actually be there to watch her kiss and lick her first black cock and what ever happened after that. I reminded her that I had made sure that all the batteries for the cameras & camcorder were fully charged and already had the stuff ready … I just needed to grab it and set it up on the tripods.
I purposefully took about 10 – 15 extra minuets getting things from the store … then just as I was about to leave the parking lot realized that I had actually forgotten to get some wind coolers for Dawn so I went back inside and picked them up. Well I don t know if the extra time made that much difference or not but either way I was glad I d taken it. When I got home I grabbed the groceries and wine coolers and managed to get it all in one trip. Once I got inside I was glad I had because I didn t want to miss anything more than I already had. Tyrell and Dawn were sitting side by side on the sofa and I could tell they were both very turned on. I could certainly understand Tyrell s being so hot because Dawn was wearing that super sexy blue nighty that I always loved so much and I could tell that he was rock hard and was sure Dawn had been feeling him up through his cloths. I came into the living room and kissed Dawn and shook Tyrell s hand and told him that I thought all three of us were going to have an absolutely wonderful time. I ask Dawn to help me in the kitchen for a minuet and she gave Tyrell a very passionate kiss as she got up.
As soon as we were where he couldn t see us I ask what she thought and she said she hoped that the two of would try our very best to see if we could just fuck her senseless. I told her that I didn t think there would be any problem with that as I gave her a wonderful embrace and groped her ass. I ask if she had done anything special and she told me that she had taken the time to put her favorite set of vibrating beads in her cunt. Before she headed back into the living room she hugged & kissed me again and ask how long before she could really start playing with Tyrell. I told her just as soon as she was ready as long as she s wait until I had the camcorder & camera set up and ready on their tripods and the other camera in hand ready to use before she really started kissing on him. She gave me one of those smiles that at the same time gets me insanely excited and also makes me melt. Before she went back into the living room she got herself a wine cooler and a beer for Tyrell. She handed him the beer and sat next to him and whispered something in his ear. I still do not know what she said to him but what ever it was it actually made him blush and smile.
Then she took a big drink of her wine cooler and stood up, got in front of Tyrell and got down on her knees in front of him, reached out and took the beer from him and set the bottle on the table then turned and reached out and unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. She had him stand up and in one fail swoop slid his pants all the way to his ankles and helped him step out of them. Once she d had the chance to actually see what he was packing she almost gasp as she reached out and grabbed his 71/2 inch long, nice and thick, rock hard and throbbing black dick. I was making sure the camcorder was getting the action and the view I wanted then started taking pics with my DSLR. I did manage to ask her what she thought about all that black meat and she said that for now she was very impressed and could hardly wait to really give it a try. I bent down, kissed her on the cheek and ask what she was waiting for. She gave me another of her amazingly hot, passionate smiles and said that since this was her very first Black Cock she intended to fully enjoy and relish every moment. Then she gave me another of those wonderful smiles and told me that I needed to get ready with the camera as she bent forward, kissed the bulbous head of that big black dick and took about 4 inches into her mouth. I heard Tyrell moan and knew exactly why … Dawn was an amazingly talented cock sucker and I knew from personal experience what she was doing to him. She let her saliva run down his thick black shaft for lubrication so that she could really stroke him while sucking on the head and first couple of inches of dick. She had this amazing way of really sucking down on a cock while swirling her tongue all around the head at the same time.
After a few minuets of that she took him out of her mouth so that she could get onto the couch next to him and took one of his strong black hands and put it on one of her amazing tits and had him put the other one over her now dripping wet cunt. She asked if I was enjoying the show so far and I told her fuck yes and that I could hardly wait to see more. So she shifted around on the couch and got on her knees and really started sucking down on Tyrell s rock hard throbbing cock. While she gently messaged his sperm filled balls and gripped the last few inches of black meat with her hands and managed to not only take but full length suck up and down on all but about 2 of his 71/2 inches and I could tell that my wonderfully talented black dick sucking shut wife was having an absolutely amazing time. Dawn just loved to suck cock and I didn t know if she d let him wait until after he d filled her cunt with sperm before she sucked him off or not. Well I quickly found out when she brought her very talented black dick sucking mouth all the way to the very tip of his glans and kissed the tip of his dick as she was shifting around so she could straddle him while facing away from him. I thought I knew what was going to happen next but once again my Dawn managed to give me a very pleasant surprise. She balanced on her feet with her ass right in front of Tyrell s face and bent down and kissed the head of his throbbing black dick and took the head insider her mouth and started sucking on him again. She shifted back slightly and put her dripping wet cunt just inches from his face and let out a slight moan when he reached and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her cunt back onto his face and tongue. She actually let out a little whimper as he slipped his tongue into her eager wet cunt and started kissing and licking and gently nibbling on her quivering, cumming cunt lips and twitching clit. Dawn just kind of froze there with her mouth wrapped around the head of his big black dick and her cunt on his tongue. In no time at all she was gasping and panting and cumming just like the naughty, slutty cunt wife I so loved!!
After about 10 minuets … long enough for her slimy cunt to cream so much that Tyrell s face looked like a fucking glazed donut … she moved away from his face and reached down between her thighs, grabbed his cock just below the head and started rubbing that black cock s head all over her quivering cunt lips and slit. Then she looked over at me and I gave her a really big smile and told her I was ready any time she was. With that she took and shoved the head of that big black dick into her cunt and actually cried out in pleasure as she lowered herself down onto his thick black dick. I d managed to position myself where I had a perfect view of her cunt lips opening up to swallow up that now huge black cock head. She some how managed to stop herself about 1/2 to 2/3s of the way down his dick and began to slowly, deliberately fuck up and down Tyrell s black dick and with each stroke he managed to take a little bit more of him inside her cunt. I was absolutely loving watching my amazing wife s fantastic cunt getting stretched out by that nice 71/2 inch long, thick black dick of Tyrell s …and I was really hoping that he had been telling me the truth when he d said that he shoot some really huge cum loads and was often very multi orgasmic. It almost drove me wild seeing my slut wife s cunt cumming as she glided up and down that thick black cock and she was cummings hard that later on when we were all taking a break and watching some of the videos I d taken we could actually see the squiggly lines Dawn s cunt hairs were leaving in all the cunt cream oozing past her cunt lips and running down Tyrell x shaft.
Dawn managed to give me an amazing smile and I was pretty sure what she had in mind for him next. She was going to lift her wildly cumming cunt off his throbbing shaft and have him lay on his back so she could climb on top for some wild 69 fun. She d often told me that she loved to taste her own sweet cunt cream on a nice hard cock …and I was pretty sure she was going to fully suck him off because I knew how much she loved getting her mouth filled with thick, hot, slimy sperm and swallowing as much as she could. I was hoping to be able to get some great video and pics of Tyrell s cum oozing past her lips, running down her cheeks and dripping off her chin onto her tits. Sure enough after just a few minuets Tyrell started pumping my super sexy, new to the world of BBC, slut wife s mouth full to over flowing with her very first massive load of black cock sperm and I could tell that wonderful slut was loving it! Later on she told me that she hoped I didn t mind …but Tyrell had the sweetest sperm she had ever tasted in her wild cock sucking slutty cunt life and I gently cupped her pretty face in my hands and kissed her and told her that she really had no idea just how excited and turned on it made me watching her enjoying herself sexually so much and one of the main reasons was that we each knew that no matter how great sex with other people might be … we would always be together as husband and wife!
And just as I had suspected while Tyrell s black dick was still oozing sperm Dawn climbed on top of him, grabbed his thick, throbbing shaft and after rubbing the head of his dick all over her cunt lips & slit, shoved it inside her cunt and started to very slowly, deliberately and sensuously proceeded to full length fuck his thick black dick. I could tell that she was just absolutely loving the feeling of his cock throbbing inside her wonderfully fine slutty cunt. In no time at all that new BBC slut cunt was cumming unconfuckingtroabley on his dick. I didn t know how long it would take Tyrell to manage to cum again but I knew how much Dawn loved riding a cock she d just sucked off until it would fill her cunt with sperm. Well I don t think any of us were disappointed when after about 15 minuets I heard Dawn starting to gasp and moan as this time the head of his dick became almost as big as a fucking pool ball and he started pumping a massive load of thick, hot, slimy fucking black cock sperm inside my wonderful Dawn s tight slut wife s cunt. I don t know how he managed it so soon after Dawn sucked as much cum out of him as she had but he managed to pump almost 1/2 cup of cum inside her wildly cumming cunt. Damn it was so fucking hot watching all that thick slimy fuck juice flowing past Dawn s cunt lips and running down his thick black shaft.
By this time I was so fucking turned on and horny that I d almost forgotten about the camera I was holding but I managed to get some hot pics of the last couple of minuets Dawn s wild slut cunt was fucking his balls empty if another sperm load. I also managed to get some fantastic shots of her cunt just as she was sliding off of his dick. I loved watching all that hot slimy fuck juice oozing out of her cunt. She reached down and whipped some of that love juice off her cunt and looking into Tyrell s eyes smiled and licked if off her fingers and hand. Then she bent down and kissed his cheek and whispered something in his ear, which she later told me was to ask if he had some more cum for her, he smiled and said he thought he could manage some more. So she slid her slimy cunt down his leg until it was half way down his calf then raised up onto her knees and started kissing the head of his dick again. This time I said to myself … fuck the camera …I need some of that wonderful cunt and set the camera aside … i did manage to check the camcorder to see if it still had battery & space on the sd card which it did … and I got behind Dawn and started rubbing the head of my dick all over her slit while watching her starting to really suck down on Tyrell again. I think it was about 20 minuets or so before I shot my load inside her amazingly tight hot cunt and just after that Tyrell started cumming once again and she stopped sucking him and finished him off by jerking him off all over her face and tits. I loved watching all that sperm splashing on her pretty face and wonderful tits. She kissed the head of his dick then announced that while she was far from finished with the two of us … she needed to take a break and thought we looked like we could use one as well.
Tyrell and I had grabbed something to eat while Dawn took a shower to cool down and clean up inside and out because was really looking forward to enjoying more of Tyrell s BBC and I know I was excited to watch and take more pics and video. Before she went to the shower she told me she had another surprise for me/us that she thought we d all really love. Surprising when I actually looked at the clock I realized that it was only about 6:30 that evening … Thursday … and unless something very unexpected happened we had until I had to be at work Sunday at 11p to play . While we were resting and caching out collective breaths … damn but that had been an amazingly hot and wild fuck session … I decided to check to be sure I had everything I d need for us to eat. I was planning on firing up the grill but as it turned out I didn t manage that until the next evening …but none of us complained when Tyrell offered to pay to have some food delivered. For some reason we weren t that hungry …well not for food anyway … so we decided to start back up again. Before we did though Dawn wanted to ask me something just between the two of us. We excused ourselves and went into the bedroom where she ask me if I would mind if Tyrell fucked her in the ass …she knew that I really didn t get off having anal sex but would do it for her from time to time …and I told her that I was fine with it as long as he didn t mind. She gave me one of her very passionate kisses and said that she had already ask him and he told her that he would love using his thick black cock to stretch out her tight sexy white ass. Next she wanted to know if it would be OK for her to have one of her favorite dildos in her cunt while she took him up her ass. I told her that it would be absolutely fine with me and reminded her of just how excited it always made me watching her cumming like crazy again & again & …
We went back into the living room and Dawn gave Tyrell one of those smiles that causes your dick to get so hard that you could crack walnuts with it and at the same time makes you just melt along with a very passionate kiss. Next she sat on the couch between Tyrell and me and had us each play with one of her tits while we watched her licking and sucking on that dildo before she shoved it up her cunt and adjusted the settings on it to where she wanted it … then she stood up and straddled Tyrell facing away from him after she d used some lube on her ass and slowly lowered her tight asshole down onto his rock hard throbbing dick and actually gasp and whimpered as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. I was able to get some fantastic pics and also had the camcorder set up in a good position as well. While she was riding him with his cock up her all I quickly went to the bedroom and brought back a vibrating, messaging wand and handed it to Tyrell to use on her cunt lips and clit to drive that amazingly wonderful, wild slut s cunt even crazier with what I hoped would and did end up being continuous, multiple, uncontrollable orgasms! I mean I think that out of the nearly 45 minuets she spent with Tyrell fucking her ass plus that dildo inside her cunt and the wand adding even more stimulation to the mix that wonderfully wild fucking slutty cum craving cunt must have cum almost the entire time. It was the first, but happily not the last time I saw her coming so hard and much that she was actually drooling like crazy and with it running down her chin and onto her amazing tits seeing her rubbing it over them drove me wild. Finely I d had all I could handle so I set the camera down and went over and started stroking on my rock hard throbbing cock and shoot my load all over her tits at almost the same time Tyrell was filling her ass with his second load of cum. When she was finely able to manage to climb off his dick and pull the dildo from her cunt she just collapsed onto the couch beside Tyrell and snuggled up and fell asleep in no time at all. Tyrell looked at me and I told him not to worry … if he was willing and able Dawn would awaken in an hour or two even hornier that when we first got started.
Well she did and we did … but I ll save that for another story a little later on.
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