Dogging Plan

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Dogging Plan
My wife and I where heading out for a night out recently, her to a party of a friend and me just a night out wit the boys.

As the time drew close for us to head out I got a phone call to say that we had to cancel the boys night out. So although I was invited to the party too, I just pretended to my wife that I was still going out with my friends… I had been planning a little fantasy you see, and this was the ideal situation to pull it off!!!

As time drew by my wife had been texting me to find out how my night was so I kept telling her I was still waiting to hear from my friends. She was asking me to just blow it off and come to the party, but I needed to be sober for the plan to work.

Around 9 o clock she called me and asked what I was doing. And I finally told her I wasn t going out and to text me when she wanted picked up.
After a lot of pleading for me to go and meet her, she finally took no for an answer and said she would call me when she was leaving.

So it was time to get my plan in action….

I knew that she would have a little Dutch courage in her because she had been drinking, so I thought I d take her to try a bit of dogging!

We had been to the local dogging spot a few times but she had always let her nerves get he better of her when she d seen a car move anywhere near us. So I wasn t expecting much.

I wanted things to go as I d imagined them, or as close as it could come, so I posted a status on here that I was heading out for a drive to see if anyone would get in touch to see what I had planned.
I knew if I d wrote that my wife was going to be with me then I d attract the attention of people the likes of which I didn t really want, so I kept it vague.

I decided to head out and have a look at the spot for myself hoping there would be a couple putting on a show that I could play voyeur at.
And in an ideal situation I could ve asked them to be part of my plan.

As it wasn t the best weather for it, there was only one couple there who looked more scared than horny. But they left once people started giving them some attention.

I got a text from my wife as I was ready to leave so I pulled in to one of the parking areas to reply, followed by a car that was driving behind me.

The car pulled up along side me as I was busy texting and when I sent the text, I turned to look at the car, and there was the driver with his semi hard cock in his hand, stroking it as he stared at me…

I had never been in this situation before and didn t want to be rude and just drive away. So I wound down my window and said hello.

I told him I wasn t in to what he was looking for but told him that I had plans for later if he was interested.

He sounded intrigued so I invited him in and told him about what my plan was.
He was a really nice gay guy that hadn t came out the closet yet and still done the heterosexual bit as an act to throw people off. So he didn t seem so keen on getting involved with my wife…
As I explained my best case scenario of my fantasy to him, I could feel my cock had swollen to a throbbing hard full erection.
So I decided to use my powers of persuasion to change his mind.

I told him if he at least just stroked her pussy and let her play with his cock for a while that I d let him watch me fuck her…
He still didn t look too convinced, so I gripped the waist band of my jogging bottoms and slipped them down to my knees.

His eyes widened as he saw my rock hard cock Spring out and stay rigid. Then as I started to massage my smooth freshly shaven balls, he agreed instantly.

So I arranged to be back for around 1am and told him where I d be then I set off to pick up my wife.

Once I had her in the car I said to her jokingly that I was going to take her down a dark lane and fuck her brains out. She just said that was fine, so I got on the motorway and headed for the dogging spot.

We parked far up the back and there where a few cars parked around. She seemed more confident than she ever had been when we where there and never even paid attention to the others.

She put her hands up her dress and slid down her knickers, throwing them in the back seat.
We started kissing and her hand went straight in to my trousers straight on to my stiff cock. Then as she leaned over and took the swollen head in her mouth I could see the cars starting to move behind us slowly to wait for the flash of the brake lights.

I told her to kneel on the passenger seat with her ass facing the window. She did and as she sucked hungrily at my cock I slipped her dress up and right off over her head.

So there she was stark naked other than her high heels, on all 4 s with her back arched pushing her beautiful round ass in the air, her soft smooth pussy facing the window and her perfect 34 DD s and big pierced nipples bouncing and jiggling as she rocked back and forth sucking expertly on my big throbbing hard cock…

The view was so amazing that I had to fight hard to stop myself blowing my load down her throat.

I desperately wanted some one to come over and watch so the could ve wanked off while watching her. I was just ready to give the car behind us the signal to come over when I saw the guy in the red car from earlier drive in to the car park.
He seen my car parked way up in the shadows and drove right over.

He turned his lights off as he got close and quietly pulled up on the passenger side.
I would ve loved to have seen the view that he had as he got out. Everything was on show to him as she was thrusting back and gyrating her hips as she ground her clit against my fingers while I rubbed her pussy.
But I think the guy was more interested in looking at my cock as she sucked hard on it.

I could tell by her breathing and her rhythm that she was almost ready to cum.
But I wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock as it pumped a big load deep inside her.

I didn t want her to get a shock when she turned and saw a guy at the window. So I whispered to her that I wanted to fuck her over the passenger seat but there was a guy at the window watching…
She slowed down to a slow rocking motion and started to just rub my cock against her lips. I could see her thinking about turning round and letting me fuck her for the guy to watch. But in the end she wasn t ready for that step yet and asked me to move somewhere else.

We moved to a retail park close by where we knew there was some action goes on and the whole way there she sat naked with just her heels on, teasing and sucking my cock the whole way.
And finally got her doggy style on the passenger and fucked her so hard that she had to lay back and catch her breath for 10 minutes afterwards… She looked so hot lying there naked with my cum running out of her beautiful pussy, it s just a shame that no one was there to watch or help out.

She has admired that she really love that night though and said that we need to do it again… So the next time she will probably be game enough to put on a proper show or let someone get involved in one way or other.

We will find out soon enough!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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