Dreaming of sharing

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Dreaming of sharing
Dreaming of laying beside you on my side, my arm under your head , that hand caressing your face and your beautiful hard nipples and soft breasts! My other hand free to roam all over your sexy body as you lay there on your back beside me legs spread wide with some hot guy slowly penetrating your delishous swollen wet pussy! Your toned tanned body and soft skin drive me crazy! I run my free hand over your belly and then squeeze it gently between your thigh and your lover and then up to your mound touching your clit and pulling you open a little! You have my cock in your hand , your other hand on his butt pulling him deeper in you! My cock is so hard leaking pre cum in your hand as you run your fingers lightly around the swollen head and slide down my glistening shaft! Feel how intensely hard my cock is?
We are kissing deeply and staring in to each other s souls enjoying the moment! We chat about our enjoyment together throughout!
I have my leg hooked over yours pulling you wide open to allow him to take long deep strokes! OMG look at that! My beautiful big pussy devouring that cock! I fuckin love watching you fuck!
I love how you enjoy it! Feel how hard my cock is now and oozing like crazy! If this moment could last forever!!!!
I want my turn but like my favourite food i push it aside , I find enjoyment making it last as long as possible !
I slowly sidle up and climb beside you so I can rub my slimy sweet cock on your nipples and lips ! I love rubbing my silky hard cock on your lips and under your nose so you can smell and taste my sweetness!
All the time this guy driving deep inside you!
His pace is picking up , I help hold your flaps wide feeling his cock run through a melange of my fingers and your pussy! I feel his cock fucking your pussy, all the time with my cock in your mouth!
My my you are a busy little girl! Look at you now! I love you so much! My god I love you more than anything! As all this is happening I see you loosing yourself to it all! Wide open like a beautiful blooming flower , you feet in the air twisting and you moaning , lost in pure ecstasy ! Your driving my crazy!
All of a sudden the energy goes over the edge! He s about to cum, we can tell by his powerful deep driving strokes! Don t you just love watching this together! Ive pulled back beside you so my face is next to yours, kissing your pre cum slimy lips , I can taste my sweet cock on your lips! All the time you are fondling my hard cock in your hand, you just know exactly how I like it!
He takes 3 long deep strokes and he goes ridged in orgasm! We can see his beautiful hard cock throb once then twice inside you, all the time me holding your pussy open and feeling him pump inside you before he draws it out and continues spraying his abundant hot cum all over your beautiful body , hitting both of us as we kiss passionately!
Don t let me cum!!!
He slowly rolls of you exhausted and lays on the other side of you half cocked and leaking messy! I rub my hand all over your cum soaked body kissing you deeply with his cum, I slowly kiss and lick my way down to your mashed sloppy pussy! I feel your beautiful pussy so swollen and wet well fucked and leaking cum!
I kiss you again and carefully position myself between your legs ! Tasting your delishous fucked pussy all sloppy with cum and sweet of cock ! I start to gently lick your engorged cum soaked clit and feel your cum sloppy fucked pussy with my fingers driving you quickly to a quantity of continues earth shattering orgasm! I love making you cum, and cum, and cum feeling you snap and making you tremble and squerm in total orgasmic ecstasy !
He is still laying beside you , watching , touching himself with one hand the other gently rubbing over you cummy orgasmic nipples and body. Politely checking if we re ok ?When your endless orgasmic state finally subsides I kiss you and lick my way up your cum soaked post orgasmic body, over your hard sensitive nipples and back to a deep passionate kiss!
As we kiss we enjoy together as my ridiculously hard cock easily slides slowly between your dripping swollen lips and deep inside you! My god can you feel how good ! That slimy cum in you feels like silk as I pull right out and drive powerfully back in you! Big deep powerful strokes, intensely hard cock! Your pussy frothing with his cum as I drive the head of my cock as deep as I can and all the way out shovelling his cum out under the lip of my head getting ready to replace his with my seed!
You lightly wank my sloppy cock with your fingers amongst the slime mess, as we fuck passionately your pussy dripping , frothing and spraying everywhere.
You can feel me building, about to loose it! Pulling down to the base of my shaft with my balls in your hand together we take a few mind blowing big pumps and I explode deep inside you with a force we both have never felt! My cum blasting so hard inside you can feel My balls and cock violently throbbing in your hand, you feel my abundant hot liquid squirt deep deep inside you, attempting sublimely to win, replacing the seads of your previous by literarily blasting it out!
OMG amazing ! I m cum for what seem an eternity !!
I finally finish quivering and gently roll of you completely spent and trembling in ecstasy !
My god look at you all perfectly fucked, sloppy, dripping orgasmic swollen and messy!
We lay together for a moment recovering when we suddenly realise he is still quietly laying the other side of you with his rock hard cock in his hand! Now he s competitive but he doesn t know it!
He s pretty hot, unobtrusive, polite and clean .
What happens next?
Hmmm what a cunnundrum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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