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The house was in darkness as the business man entered, his shoulders taught from stress after a hard day’s work. “Fuck it!” he sighed as he had hoped his girlfriend would be there to meet him. He remembered that Tuesdays were her nights for going to visit her parents, so he could just forget about any fun as she always came home tired and irritable. “I’ll have a nice hot bath,” he thought even though he didn’t need one. Slipping off his jacket, he made his way slowly upstairs.

“STOP! Close your eyes and do not open them till your mistress commands you to do so!” “Wh, wh, what, who, what do you mean?” the man stammered a sense of shock descending on him. “That is going to cost you dearly, slave ,” the cool voice purred , “ Now close your fucking eyes or you will really suffer, you shit!” The man closed his eyes and staggered the last few steps to the top of the stairs. Suddenly a soft cloth covered his eyes and involuntarily his hands came up to push the strange thing away.

“That’s another punishable offense,” she snarled. “But, but ……. I don’t know what I’m expected to do,” he whimpered. She chuckled, a deep throaty noise that made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. “You don’t move, breathe, speak or anything else unless you have my permission. Now STAND STILL!” she screamed. Shocked, the man obeyed, shaking slightly. It sounded slightly like his girlfriend but with the soft cloth covering his head he could not be sure.

He felt hands on his chest, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling the sleeves from his arms. His hands were pulled roughly behind him and he felt the cool caress of steel encompass his wrists. The click as the handcuffs were locked woke his sluggish senses as he realised he was a prisoner. The soft silk that covered his eyes was tightened and a hand pinched his nostrils. His mouth opened in protest and was swiftly filled by a pair of very damp panties, their warm, musky smell telling him that they had only just been removed, and by a highly aroused woman.

“That should keep you quiet!” she giggled and then he felt her hands at his belt. Quickly and neatly she removed his trousers and socks and then with a firm hand she ran her fingers over the pulsing front of his pants. “What have we here?” she mused, “Has the naughty boy got a hard on? We’ll have to do something about that,” and with a laugh she slowly dug her nails into his cock. The man groaned into his makeshift gag as with a sharp tug his pants were pulled down and he was forced to step out of them. His cock, weeping a clear bead of fluid, was grasped in her cool hand and he was led to the bed.

“Lie down and don’t make a sound,” she warned, and he eased himself onto the bed. The handcuffs were released and he breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately this was short-lived, as his arms and then legs were spread, and then manacled to the four bed posts leaving him at her mercy. The realisation of his predicament soon made itself felt. The crack of the tawse as it contacted his rump was made even louder by the utter silence of the woman. The man groaned as the second slap arrived. “You had better keep silent as every noise adds one more slap to the total,” she said.

Another slap and yet another rained upon the reddening flesh each one getting harder until he could bear it no longer and let a whimper out. Unseen to him the woman smiled to herself. It was going to be easier than she thought, breaking this man to be her slave, willing to do her bidding serving her as she wished. “You have disappointed me!” she sneered, “I can see that further training is necessary.” He heard the swish as the tawse flew through the air, the stiff leather striping his arse, her arm raising and falling until she had had her pleasure.

The final indignity was about to be wrought, however, as he lay there, subdued, his throbbing penis leaking copious amounts of clear fluid onto the rough cotton sheet. “I think you need a bit of cooling off,” she whispered and reaching over to the bedside table, grasped the tube of K-Y jelly she had kept in the fridge. With a firm hand she spread the slippery gel all over his hot bum. He breathed a sigh of relief as the cool substance took the sting from his tortured arse, but swiftly the relief turned to shock as first one ,then two slippery fingers made their way to his tight anus and with a slow push entered him, the cool jelly contrasting shockingly with the internal heat of his body.

“I just wanted you to know what it feels like,” she said “Having something enter your body. I hope that you’re feeling adventurous, ‘cos I’m going to have even more fun now” With that she withdrew her fingers leaving him feeling strangely empty……..but not for long. He soon felt the head of a large dildo force its way between his arse cheeks to be buried deep inside him. She laughed quietly as she released his feet so she could pull on a tight pair of rubber shorts. “That should keep my little friend in place!” she laughed again. With that she freed his hands and turned him over quickly securing him again.

The man’s body was damp, a wetness that came partially from fear and partly from pleasure. He sensed the woman was close; felt the warmth of her body, smelt the musky sweetness of her wet pussy as the bed gave slightly. His chest felt the whisper of a nyloned leg as the woman slid astride him and rubbed her moist gash on the coarseness of his chest hairs. He could feel the slippery secretions trickling down his chest, forming a small pool at his throat. Then with a soft catlike mew in the back of her throat she lowered the slick wetness of her open cunt onto his mouth. “Eat until I say stop, slave, and if you satisfy me, I may let you come!”

His tongue snaked out, and slowly with little strokes he started to lick at her pussy, sucking the hot flesh deep into his mouth and chewing gently on the tender flesh. “Oh, lick harder you bastard, stick your tongue up me, fuck me with your tongue!” Her breath was coming in ragged gasps as his sharp teeth nibbled gently on her pulsing clit, a pulse that matched the one in her throat, the one deep in the core of her being. The orgasm was close now, made even sweeter by the fact that she had subdued her man, made him the slave to her will, her needs, wants and desires and the knowledge that for him, his mistress would be the only one to allow him relief made her run so wet, she could hear him gulping her juices down.

With a final rapid flicking motion of his tongue over her inflamed clit, she ground her cunt down on his face as she came, the deep heat in her belly spreading to all of her limbs as she shook uncontrollably, moaning and gasping as he continued to chew gently at her sodden pussy, until with a self-satisfied murmur she eased herself from his face, the slippery tendrils of her pussy juice extending like a silver strand still linking his mouth to her pussy.

“I suppose that I had better keep my half of the bargain,” she whispered, and ran her hand down the slippery slopes of his chest. Easing the front down of his shorts, she pulled out the angry looking red helmet of his cock, and with a few rapid tugs she pointed his prick at her chest, just in time for the first spurt to splatter under her chin. The final pulses of his cock dripped his thick white come over her erect nipples and she squeezed his throbbing balls to empty the last of his seed on to her body.

“Now slave, as a final mark of respect you have some cleaning to do!” and with these remarks she thrust his face on her chest. “Lick, you worthless shit, lick until I’m clean!” He sucked and licked drinking down her sweat and his juices as she reached down and with a slow twisting movement, that brought him to erection again, she slid out the dildo from his still glowing arse. “You’re quite lucky this time slave,” she said “I’m not going to make you lick this clean, but if you ever disobey me again, you know that you will have another cleaning job!”

Swiftly releasing him from his bonds, the woman made the man kneel at her feet. “Slave, listen. From this day on you will address me as Mistress, you will obey any command given to you and you will expect any punishment I deem necessary. Do you agree?” The mute look of longing was all the answer she needed.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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