Episode 56 – Mated

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Episode 56 – Mated
This story is loosely based upon the new TV series ‘Hunted’, in which a team of nasty police attempt to track down individual nice people on the run.
The nice people tend to stand out like a sore thumb – cold, unfed, dirty, dishevelled, carrying a huge rucksack and followed everywhere by a TV crew.
The nasty police have all the advantages of a nice warm office, constant hot coffee, access to CCTV cameras, tracking cash machine withdrawals, mobile phone usage, intelligence databases, loads of hi-tech gadgets and covert operations. Nothing much happens when the nice people are caught – they are simply removed from the TV programme.
What if the roles were reversed? In my story the ‘game’ is for a bunch of Synths (Teen and k**die) to pursue nice Humans and force them to have sex. The male and female Synths can all record video, so don’t need a TV crew and easily blend into crowds of c***dren in school or on the beach.

In the Junior School Human Biology class the ch1ldren were excited – it was Reproduction this week.

Jim – the young teacher addressed the class.

“Now class, settle down. Janet – put your clothes back on – we’re not ready for the practical yet”

“Sorry sir” mumbled her twin John “it was my fault – I wanted to see her bottom”.

“OK, now class – you remember we studied the penis last week – well my penis actually, and I set you some homework to draw your fam1ly. Well the results are very good – I’ll pin up the best ones over here”.

“That’s my Dad; just before he came all over Mummy” chipped Janet “he liked me sketching him”.

“So this week we are studying the female sex organ – who can tell me what it’s called”?

“Cunt” shouted one young boy.

“Fanny” shouted another, giggling.

“I call mine Pussy” called out Janet.

“Gyna” shouted another girl, rubbing hers vigorously.

“My Daddy calls it my Front Bottom, when we’re playing in the bath. He loves to stroke it”.

“I just called mine Slit when I was very little. Can I see your tits please, lady. My Dad says his Synth has gorgeous breasts. We want to see yours”.

“Sorry ch1ldren – I want Blue to keep her top on until the next lesson; so we can all concentrate on her sex organ”.

Blue; her long bare legs emerging from under a zipped jacket sat on teacher’s desk, facing the class: “It’s a vagina, ch1ldren; here’s mine”.

The teen-Synth slowly leaned back, opening her thighs, exposing her perfect cunt to their adoring gaze (and Jim – the teacher).

“Gather round ch1ldren, so you all see clearly” said Jim, trying to control the erection in his trousers.

“Class – give a big welcome to our new teaching assistant Blue; she is only here today. She tells me it’s part of a new reality TV show called Mated, where the two teams of Synths score points for having sex in the most unusual places. As you can see Blue-1 is a female
Teen and her partner Blue-2 is a male k**die-Synth, who we’ll meet later”.

Blue spread her thighs, then held her lips apart, displaying a perfect pink pussy. She slowly slipped two fingers inside her pussy, while massaging the clit. Everybody stopped talking – you could hear the slow squishy sounds.

“Who would like to taste this”? she asked, pulling out her two fingers and offering them to the group.

John got there first; elbowing his twin Janet aside. He sucked on the Synth’s fingers: “Fabulous flavour Miss –can I lick your cunt too”?

“Not yet, little boy – I haven’t cum yet”.

“So class, who can tell me what the vagina is for”?

Janet: “Peeing – that’s where a girl’s pee comes out. Just up here”.

“That’s right Janet; OK you can stop touching her now”.

“Masturbating” said another little girl “I love it”.

“That’s right ch1ldren – you see this hard bump right at the top – it’s called a Clitoris. And rubbing it hard makes a girl feel really good”

Blue demonstrated.

“Is it where babies come out?”John asked shyly “when ladies go into hospital”.

“Yes – perfectly correct John. And what’s the fourth one”? asked Jim.

“Intercourse – fucking – hitting her Cervix with your cock”, “Cumming inside the bitch”, “Filling her with spunk”, “Making her pregnant” the class offered.

“Yes” smiled Blue “and now who wants to fuck me?”

Blue carried on rubbing her clit as Jim slid into her: “Oooooh, nice” she breathed “what a lovely cock. Fuck me deep, teacher. See if you can make me cum”.

“Does she squirt”? asked Janet “my big s1ster does when her girlfriend fucks her with a giant dildo”.

Blue, breathing hard: “I would love to, but we haven’t been programmed yet. I’ll make a note of that and get our Designers working on the next version”.

Teacher fucked her furiously for 10 minutes; the class were getting restless: “Come on teacher – fuck the bitch harder- make her scream – we demand to see spunk”.

Teacher eventually pulled out – Janet licked him clean. Blue showed everyone the spunk bubbling away in her cunt: “three points to me”.

Class Exercise
“OK ch1ldren now line up nicely – boys this side and girls this side, so you can all see. Girls here are your strap-on dildos; you can help each other to put them on. Cock goes at the front, Janet! Make sure they’re on tightly – the little bumps on the cuntal strap should fit nicely into your body. You’ll see what they do once you start fucking. Now we’ve only two minutes each to score with Blue, so no long foreplay – just a quick rub and in you go. So John, you can start – show us how it’s done”.

John proudly strutted up to Blue: “May I?” he asked nicely; pushing his cock deep into hot sticky vagina “God, you feel amazing – much slicker than my s1ster”. Janet reddened; but wasn’t paying much attention as she experimented with pushing her dildo into another girl’s backside.

John came hard, then pulled out letting the first girl paddle her dildo around in his sticky cum oozing out of Blue. Blue leant forward to kiss the pretty ch1ld; her own pussy started creaming as their tongues touched: “Thrust hard, little girl and that special dildo should make you feel what’s going on inside my cunt. Can you feel it yet?”

Three ch1ldren later a cocky little boy approached the stretched pussy: “Turn over Slag – I really prefer boys – but your arse will do”.

Blue stood up and bent forwards over the desk, holding her cheeks apart.

“Stupid bitch – I can’t reach that – kneel down”.

Two cushions appeared and Blue knelt, still holding her arse open: “You can check it if you like – it’s quite tight”.

Simon didn’t wait – just slammed his hard cock through the ring, deep into her arse in one go – the class gasped: “How does that feel, Bitch – big enough for you?”

Blue grinned: “Keep fucking Simon – I don’t think you’re going to last too long”.

Three powerful thrusts and Simon’s cock exploded, he pulled it out dripping spunk down her thighs.

Next up was a pretty little girl called Amy – long blonde hair, blue eyes, a cheeky grin and the biggest strap-on dildo Blue had ever seen.

“Hello Miss, my name’s Amy, and I’d like to impregnate you from behind – is that OK?”

“Of course, Amy – it’s lovely to be asked. You should be able to see my I CONSENT sign just here”.

Amy was already feeding the dildo tip between Blue’s slick pussy lips, and then deeper: “Miss, I’m getting this amazing feeling in my tummy, whenever I fuck you – it’s like the dildo is fucking me too. But I’m a complete virgin – Daddy’s kisses me down there, but I’ve not even put a finger inside myself. I love this sex toy – how does it work?”

Jim failed miserably to keep his hands off Amy’s bottom while he explained: “It’s something to do with focussed beams of vibrations – goes straight through your skin and directly stimulates your g-spot. There’s no danger to your virginity – you keep that safe for your special person”.

“Wow –that feels amazing – it’s making my pussy all tingly – I love it”.

Jim had a bright idea: “Blue, why don’t you show Amy what breaking her hymen will feel like”?

Blue fiddled with a button in her armpit and slid forward so that Amy’s dildo slipped out: “Now push it back in – but very gently – I’ve set my Permanent Virgin k**die mode – so you’re going to break me in”.

“Oh shit” sighed Amy “that is awesome – so tight – I’m going to cum – Oh look my dildo has turned blue. I’ve destroyed your hymen, and I can tell Daddy it doesn’t really hurt too bad – perhaps he will do mine”.

The next little boy, Michael demanded: “Can I see your tits Miss; my big s1ster has hot nipples too”.
Blue turned over, laying on her back – luscious breasts available for all to see: “Hope you like them – the Designer won an award for these beauties”.

The whole class tried to touch a bit of her – Michael clambered up to rub his cock between her breasts – soon covering them in spunk.

Jim the teacher: “OK class – I think you’ve all experienced our delightful Teen-Synth Blue, so put your clothes back on – it’s time for lunch”.

Turning to Blue: “How about a Quickie before you go –do you want to suck me off first?”

Blue scored an amazing 500 points that morning, but the TV producer declared the video unsuitable for public broadcast – keeping it for private viewing only.

Perhaps Part 2 will feature Blue-2 her k**die-Synth team member.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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