Ex-Girlfiend s Revenge

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Ex-Girlfiend s Revenge
I dated Denise for about a year. She was four years older than I was. She didn t have the perfect body, but was still hot. She was about 5 2 , 130lbs., 36D breasts, curly blond hair and sexy brown eyes. She used to tell me, I was lucky anyone would stay with a guy who was a premature ejaculator. I should have listened to her, because she was in love with me. I broke up with her to go out with a younger and I thought hotter girl, named Nikki. The new girl dumped me after a month and by then Denise had some fuck buddies, including a friend of mine, named Joe. I begged her to take me back but she only laughed at me.

About a month, after Nikki dumped me, I got a drunken phone call from Denise about 10pm, on a Friday night. She said that she had reconsidered, but only if I came over to her apartment right then. I was horny and had been edging watching porn all night, which was pretty normal, for me lately. I jumped in my car and raced over to find her and her friend Shelly drunk on her couch. She told me that she had just started her period, but she would let me fuck her D cup breasts and cum on her tits. She told me if I did, I must be willing to lick them clean. I was very horny and agreed without thinking and started to head toward the bedroom. She said, Where are you going? Shelly wants to watch this, and I thought great, maybe she will join in.

Denise took off her top and I undressed. I slid my 6 cock between her breasts and she squeezed them tight together. It wasn t more than a minute, I blasted a huge load of cum all over her tits, and she slurred, Lick it up big boy. I shook my head no and She yelled, If you ever want a chance with me again, lick it now.

They both started chanting, lick it now, lick it now… and I dove in. I gagged a few times while licking up the massive cum load I had deposited on her breasts. Sometime during the licking my cock started to get hard again, which was probably a record for me and showed them that I must like eating my cum.

She grabbed my head, turned it towards Shelly, and said, Smile for the camera, as Shelly took several pictures, while she was laughing.

Denise then said, I think he is ready for the rest of the plan now. I thought, what plan? and she told me to drive them to the adult bookstore on the edge of town. I thought what the hell this could be fun. We arrived and there was a girl working at the counter that Shelly knew, named Stacy. We walked around the store for a few minutes and then I followed Denise toward the video booths, while Shelly stayed in the store area talking to Stacy.

We went into booth 4 and shut the door. Denise was taking off her top while she told me to put $20 into the machine. Denise said, Now, get undressed big boy. There was a glory hole in the wall. She motioned with her finger and a small cock poked through. She started to stroke it and with her other hand, guided my head towards it. I tried to stop her and she whispered, I will make it worth your while if you do this and if you don t, Shelly will share your cum covered face picture. I allowed my head to move forward as I wrapped my lips around the cock. Denise pushed my head up and down until I got into my own rhythm. The cock swelled and I tried to back off but Denise was holding firm as it exploded into my mouth. I swallowed quickly, not knowing what else to do.

It wasn t long and the room next to us had another visitor. A larger cock soon poked through. I didn t need her to tell me what she wanted me to do. I just wrapped my lips and fingers around it and started sucking. While I was sucking, Denise was teasing my cock and ass with her fingers. I came all over her hand to her teasing, as she was whispering, I bet you wish you could have that cock up your tight ass. I was starting to answer her as his cock slipped out of my mouth. He started cumming and squirted all over my face and chest.

She was fingering my asshole while I sat there covered in cum and said, How does that feel? as her cum coated fingers slipped inside me. I moaned. She said, Imagine how good a cock would feel and I said just went along with her and moaned. Just then, the door opened and Shelly was standing there again holding her camera. I got dressed and followed Denise and Shelly to the front counter.

There was no one left in the store except the four of us and Shelly told Stacy, I think Marty wants to see his performance. I started freaking out when I saw the video showing from above and from the side of me, sucking a cock. Stacy explained that they installed low light hidden cameras in the Glory hole booth a week before. They made me watch the entire show, and I stood there, beat red and my cock hard as a rock. I could not believe what they had done to me in a few hours and for some reason, I was getting turned on seeing myself suck a stiff cock and get covered in cum.

As I drove them home, Denise said, I hope you realize now, that this is revenge for dumping me and I am not done with you yet. She continued, I have photos and videos that I am sure you wouldn t want your friends and family to see. I had to agree with that and as I dropped her off, she said I think we may have some additional fun for you tomorrow night.

I didn t sleep well that night and woke up to a phone call from Shelly. She told me I was to shave off what little body hair I had and to make sure my face was freshly shaved smooth. Then she said, And one last thing, go to a store and buy some silky panties, a black silky nighty and a bra to wear under your clothes. You will be back at the adult bookstore at 8pm sharp and you will get instructions at that time from Stacy.

I shaved myself, went out to Target, and picked up some lacy, silky panties in what I hoped was my size. I found a bra and a black silky chemise. After leaving Target, I stopped at a gas station. I changed into the clothing in the bathroom and thankful, I was wearing baggy clothes. I drove to the bookstore arriving 15 minutes early. The place was fairly busy on a Saturday night with lots of couples and single guys. I stood there waiting for Stacy to finish up with some purchases and she handed me a small tube of lube and a brown wig and said, Get in booth 4 and ignore the out of order sign, be sure to put in money and undress down to your girly clothes. Until Denise gets here, you are to suck anyone who comes into booth 5 and remember I am watching.

I went in and undressed. My bare feet feeling globs of drying cum as a cock came through the hole. I sucked five cocks over the next hour, before I heard voices outside my door. I had the door locked and there was a knock. I opened it slowly and in slipped Denise and Shelly. They said, We have a special performance for you tonight. We brought in Denise s fuck buddy Joe, and his friend John, who I believe is your roommate. We told them we have a girlfriend in, from out of town that is just a little overweight and self-conscious and has whore fantasies. You are going to do what we won t do which is let them cum in your mouth and fuck your ass. I started to protest and Denise just pointed up to the camera and said, Don t forget to smile. They got ready to leave and said, We ll be watching you.

I was kneeling and Joe s thick 7 cock came through the hole. I knew what I had to do and just took my friend s cock right in my mouth. He lasted for what seemed like hours but was probably only 10 minutes before cumming in my mouth and filling it to overflowing. Then John came into the booth and his thinner 8 cock poked through the hole. I started to suck and as soon as he was hard, he said, I want to put this up your ass honey. I was freaked out, but knew they were watching, so I pulled my chemise up and panties aside while quickly lubing my ass. I moved back towards the hole and guided his long cock to my virgin asshole. I slid him in, slowly feeling the pain and then he pushed past the point where the pain now turned to pleasure. At that point, I was off to the races fucking his cock with my ass. I heard him say, Damn that is tight and what I have always dreamed of. He was definitely long lasting and gave me a good pounding, which I loved. Somewhere in the middle of it, I came in my own panties and I felt him grow bigger, before he exploded in my ass. I just then realized, he was fucking my ass bareback, and filling me with cum. He plopped out and I felt his cum running out of my hole.

He left and someone else came in the booth. It was Joe and he wanted a piece of my ass, as well. His cock is shorter but much thicker and I was scared. I had plenty of lube with John s cum so I eased him in easier than I thought. Joe was a marathon man after cumming earlier. He fucked me good and long telling me to just keep my ass against the hole and he would thrust. When he came, his cock seemed to swell so much that I thought he was tearing me in half. I felt relief, as his cock slipped out of my well-used hole.

I sat there with their cum oozing into my panties when the door opened. It was Stacy and she said, They have left, but wanted me to give you these as she handed me condoms. She said, You are to stay in here for the next 2 hours, offering your ass or mouth to anyone who wants it. One more rule is, if they cum in the condom, you must pour the cum into your mouth while looking at the camera.

It was a busy night and I assume she directed the horny guys to the booth next to me. I fucked seven different cocks and sucked at least five to completion. I swallowed all twelve cum loads either directly or from the condom. It was amazing how different they all tasted.

Stacy let me out and I could barely walk, after dressing. She laughed at me with my bowlegged walk and said you did a great job and our cameras caught everything. I am going to edit the footage and we will invite you to a viewing party at Denise s house. Make sure you save those panties for the party without washing them.

I didn t hear from any of them for 2 weeks, but I did go back four times to the bookstore to suck guys off when Stacy wasn t working. Denise called and said, Be at my house tomorrow night for the viewing party of your video. She said, I am glad to hear that you have been going back and we added the footage into the video.

I showed up at her place wearing panties, the bra and the chemise under my shorts and t-shirt. I was told that I needed to undress, except for the girl clothes. They laughed seeing the ass and crotch all crinkled with dried cum.

There were seven girls in attendance, including Shelly, Denise and Stacy plus a couple of girls from Denise s work and one named Melissa from my work. The last to show up was Nikki the girl I left Denise to go out with. She made me parade around in girl clothes and showing my cum stained panties while they all laughed and drank. I was handed the DVD to place in the DVD player and forced to sit facing the girls so I did not know what they were seeing, but could see their expressions.

The movie started and it had no sound but their expressions were one of shock and amazement. Nikki said, I can t believe I let this faggot fuck me! The other girls laughed. Denise admitted that it turned her on watching me do these depraved things and they all agreed that watching this was a turn on. I was their drink servant during the movie, which seemed to go on forever. I did catch a glimpse once and I would have to say the quality was pretty good, for where it was shot and I was definitely recognizable.

The end of the movie hit and the girls wanted me to perform. No one wanted to lend me her tits to fuck so I jerked off and came onto the coffee table. I licked it off while they took pictures and videos with their smart phones.

Denise and Stacy came up next to me with cum on my face and said lets take pictures with our new Internet star. His video just went live on a gay site 30 minutes ago and it has already been viewed 20 times. I started freaking out that I was outed to the world. I dressed quickly and as I was leaving Melissa said, I can t wait to see you at work on Monday, and laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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