fanstasy pt1

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fanstasy pt1
It takes time to have you in the position I have you now. I made the decision within an hour of meeting you: I realised I wanted you, knew what I wanted to do to you and how I wanted to do it that very first night in the club. These things take time though. I had to get to know you, work out your weakness as well as your strength, learn how to manipulate you. Then there were the social obstacles, our attachments, our too easily scandalised friends. It all had to be done at the right time in the right way so no-one would know and no-one would ever find out. There were other things as well: your habits, what you like to eat and drink, how fast it takes you to drink a glass of wine, your tolerance to certain narcotics, how much you weigh. I had to be sure that the sedative I gave you which has put you in your current predicament was exactly the right dose to knock you out for long enough for this all to work; too little and you might have woken up at an awkward moment; too much and you might never have woken up and then I wouldn t be able to use you as I intend. And I do intend to use you extensively. I m going to fuck every hole in your body, treat you like my own personal slut, degrade you, make you do things you ve only imagined and then do it all again. And you re going to enjoy it and afterwards you will let me fuck you, use you whenever I like, no matter how long it is since we ve seen each other and no matter what the circumstances. You won t ever be mine in the legal sense, but your body, your cunt, your ass and your mouth will always be mine to do with as I please.

The recording clicks off, the sound of my voice cutting out abruptly and all that is left is the sound of your own breathing. You can t scream or shout; the gag has taken care of that. You came round only a couple of minutes ago and panicked, the terrifying awareness that you were completely restrained face down, gagged and naked hit you immediately. You tried to thrash about, but the harness holds you too firmly, with only a small amount of give in your right arm that immediately tightened when you pulled on it, but which was enough to trip start the recording. The sound of my voice calmed you a little, enough for you to stop trying to free yourself and listen, taken off guard by the sudden familiarity in these alien circumstances. Your fear began to mix with incredulity, an almost complete disbelief that I would do this, go this far. Is this ****, you think. Yes, yes it is. And just that thought and the sound of my voice makes the arousal of which you were only slightly aware suddenly much more of an aching presence. You feel yourself getting wet. But this is still ****, you argue with yourself, how can that bastard do this to me. But there s another thoughts, forbidden, contradictory, that you still don t feel comfortable letting in: this makes it ok. I don t have control, it s not my fault, no need to feel guilty, I can fuck him, let him do what he wants; and just thinking it all makes you wetter.

A little calmer you take better stock of your surroundings. The light is dim, but not completely dark. From what you can ascertain you re in a small, windowless, undecorated room. The harness suspends you about 3 feet off the wooden floor below and you immediately make the correct assumption that you re at exactly the right height for my crotch. The harness holds your legs apart, making your cunt and asshole obviously accessible. You try to look around, but the effort is too great and the strap around your head keeps your face in place. You wilt a little, waiting, while your mind is still racing with the possibilities of what might happen, still torn about whether you want it, whether wanting it is betrayal, whilst your body gives you away, the throb and wetness of your cunt an increasingly strong presence on your consciousness. You realise that there s a thought increasingly dominating all others: you really want to be fucked. You want to feel my cock inside your wet pussy finally. The awareness of this makes you a little angry with yourself for giving in so easily and angrier with me for taking so long to come and **** you. The thoughts expand from what I might do to your cunt, to what I ll do to the rest of you, my cock in your asshole, your mouth; cum all over you, inside you. You squeeze the muscles round your pussy and your ass, imagining what it will finally feel like, the anticipation growing and you feel your cum leaking out of your cunthole and sliding down over your clit.

You tense suddenly when you hear a door open behind you, throwing a sliver of light in the room across you and onto the wall in front of you. Again, you try to turn your head to look around, but find yourself unable to do so. The door closes, rendering the room in semi-darkness again. Silence prevails, but you can feel my presence, my gaze on your exposed cunt and asshole. You try to say something but it only comes out as moans against the gag.

Shhhh , I tell you and you can hear my footsteps getting closer as I start walking around you and you tense again when you suddenly feel the tips of my fingers slide across the small of your back, running up your spine towards your neck as I get closer to your head. My fingers wind through your hair and circle your ear as I finally stand in front of you. You can see far enough up to see that I m also completely naked, my face just out of range, but my very hard cock directly in your line of sight. I step forward, bringing my cock closer to your face, almost within licking distance. You squirm a little wanting to take it in your mouth, wanting to taste it, but also wanting to bite it hard, teach me a lesson, regain some power. I slide it gently across your cheek, rubbing it on one side of your face, then the other. Stabbing it a little into you, before pushing it against your nose, the sweet smell of my pre-cum invading your nostrils. I step back a little and you can sense me watching you again.

I d very much like to fuck your mouth now, I inform you in a whisper, but I don t trust you yet. You have to really want it before I ll let you have it. And then if you re a good girl I might let you have some cum in your mouth. In the meantime, I ll satisfy myself with your cunt and your arsehole.

My cock withdraws from your vision and you hear me walking back around you and standing between your spread thighs. The touch of my hands on your ass is gentle to begin with, stroking your ass cheeks, pushing them slowly further apart, exposing your tight pink asshole even better. You know that even in the gloom of the room I can see how turned on you are, how wet and flush your cunt is, how your asshole winks at me begging for something to fuck it, whether it s my tongue, my fingers or my hard cock. My hands are massaging your ass harder and harder, my thumbs digging into your buttocks and teasing your asshole with each circular motion. As I maintain this rhythm, you feel me standing closer to you and feel something hot touching your cunt, realising that my cock is stabbing at it while my hands play with your ass. As much as part of you wants to push me away, the more insistent part wants me inside you and you try to push back on my cock, try to get it inside your desperate pussy but only succeed in pushing it up and down your slick pussy lips, intensifying your desire even further. My hands stop their circling motion on your ass and you feel just one finger rub up and down your crinkled anus, slowly moving up and down it. With my other hand you can feel that I m now actively rubbing my cock the length of your cunt, covering the head with your cream. The finger continues to play with your asshole as the head of my cock teases your vulva and again you try to push back and this time succeed in getting just a little of my cock inside you, only to be disappointed when I pull it out again.

I stand back a little and you can faintly hear the sound of me stroking my own cock, obviously turned on by the sight of your holes exposed, the thought of it making you want my cock inside you even more. The finger on your asshole is still moving slowly up and down as though trying to map out every millimetre, before it slowly traces a path down to your waiting cunt. It slides over your wet hole and between your cunt lips, dipping in at your pisshole, before continuing down to your clit. It stops there, feeling how hard your clit is, and pushes against it gently, rhythmically in time with my other hand wanking my cock. Then slowly it begins to circle your clit and you feel yourself squirming in time, getting more and more turned on, the first signs of your arousal tipping towards an orgasm. Again, it s short lived as the finger runs back up along your pussy to your asshole. This time you feel the finger lubricating your tight shithole with your own wetness, pushing at your anus a little, before returning to your cunt for more of your cum, dipping inside you like a mini cock, twirling around, before returning to your ass that now demands the same treatment. You re too lost now to care whether this is right or wrong, you just want more. You want that finger deep in your asshole, fucking it, and for a change you get your wish as you feel my finger slowly slide inside you, your asshole sucking it in place. You feel me moving it around inside you, rubbing the inside of your asshole, before gently pulling it back until only the tip of my finger remains squeezed in by your tight ass. It yields again as my finger pushes back, finally beginning to fuck you.

At the same time you feel my cock pressing against your wet pussy again and as before my hand rubbing it up and down your slippery pussy lips in time with the finger playing with your asshole. But this time the finger in your asshole is fucking it and it s clear that I intend to do the same with my cock in your aching cunt. You feel the head at your entrance and again you push back, this time meeting my forward thrust as my entire cock is enveloped in your wetness and I immediately begin fucking you in time with the finger sodomising your tight ass. My cock slides in and out of your cunt in perfect unison with the finger in your asshole, a steady rhythm, building slowly towards your orgasm and mine. Your asshole feels empty as the finger in it is suddenly withdrawn and you moan in disappointment until you realise you can hear me spitting on my fingers and realise that my finger will return in your ass joined by another. My cock is still fucking in and out of your dripping cunt as the two fingers force themselves in your slightly gaping asshole. This time I leave them deep in your ass and you can feel them rubbing the membrane that separates it from your cunt and you know that I m rubbing my cock in your cunt through your ass. The thought of what I m doing turns you on even more and combined with the steadily increasing rhythm of my cock pistoning in and out of your pussy you can feel you orgasm returning, more intense this time for having been deprived of it before. My cock feels like it s getting thicker inside you and combined with a slightly more frenetic change in the way I m fucking you and the greater urgency of my fingers in your shithole you know that I m getting closer and closer to coming. The thought spurs on your own orgasm, wanting to come with me, not wanting to be left behind, certain that if I come I won t help you afterwards. My cock is fucking you harder and harder and you re pushing yourself back against me, getting yourself off, the combined feelings in your cunt and asshole, the thought of my cum inside you all contributing to sending you over the edge, your body shuddering, the spasms racking through you as your orgasms explodes within you, extended again when you feel me gasp my cock pulse inside your cunt, shooting ream after ream of hot cum inside you.

Gradually, you feel yourself relax as I slow down, and you have a small feeling of triumph that you beat me, that I couldn t control your orgasm, that I didn t get it all my own way. You feel my fingers slowly extract themselves from your asshole and my cock slide backwards out of your sodden cunt. Footsteps again as you hear me walking back around to your face and again your main view is of my cock, softening now but even in the poor light obviously covered in both our cum. You want to taste it, but the gag still won t allow it. I take a step closer to you and my cock brushes against both your cheeks again in turn, smearing them with our sex. When I finish this time by pushing it into your nose, you can scent the intoxicating smell of both of us and it s almost enough to make you cum again.
More later , my voice husky from above as you see me backing off. I stop and you know I m staring down at you and you try not to give anything away with your eyes, try not to give away by even the smallest expression how much more you want. My cock disappears from view and you hear my footsteps walk further away from you until they re placed by the whine of the door and the sharp sudden light thrown against the wall in front of you, replaced quickly by the darkness as I abandon you alone to the room and your thoughts as to how I m going to use you next.

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