Finally Giving Into My Lesbian Friend

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Finally Giving Into My Lesbian Friend

Ahh, ahh mygodd, oh Katie oh my…. My best friend Katie s fingers thrust up inside me, making me feel weak and floaty. Her tongue worked my clit as I squirmed awkwardly back into the bedspread of her parent s guestroom. She s been wanting to do this with me for about six months. I have said no because we go to church and I thought we weren t supposed to. But, the idea just grew and grew in my mind, and in my panties, especially at night when I started to touch myself and imagine it was her. I finally gave in and now I was writhing on a bed with her mouth on my vagina, losing control of myself.

Katie and I grew up together. This year, she started talking about liking girls. I m the one who worries about the rules and she s the rebel. She s adorable and sexy of course. She thinks I am too, even though my boobs are really small. She said she likes them that way, which made me feel good and a little weird at first. But, when she started asking if we could try some sex stuff, I said we can t, though the idea did intrigue me. Then I started fantasizing about it. She finally got to me today being alone in her house and her on the floor in front of me, rubbing my feet and calves. Her hands kept climbing higher and higher until she could tell I was turned on by it. She slipped my panties off and started to finger me gently. I didn t object, watching her watch me with a sort of wonder. Being sexual with her was not as weird as I thought it would be. It felt really natural, just like being us together. Even better, really.

I ve wanted to do this for a long time, she said as I felt the ripples of sexual joy tingle through me. Her fingers stroked my labia gently while I sat with my legs spread wide, her hand up my skirt.

I know, I smiled flirtatiously. She answered by pulling her fingers down either side of my clit. Ahhh! I gasped. She smiled back at me. I unfastened my skirt and slipped it off, uncovering myself. I loved watching her touch me, just like I d fantasized.

I imagined you doing this to me.

You did? She was pleased by this. How often?

Every night-ish… I said, looking innocently upward.

I had a feeling you were coming around. I want to take your top off. She lifted my t-shirt over my head and undid my bra, letting it fall to the side. Her mouth explored my nipples and licked down my tummy and back up. She kneeled up on her knees and looked me right in the face. Oh my god, was she going to kiss me?

Are you ready for this? She asked. I wasn t sure, but why not?

Let s find out. She came in really slow, looking down at my mouth. I felt her breath first, then a wisp of her warm lip against mine, dragging across. Then a soft kiss on the corner of my mouth, a tiny touch of tongue. Then she licked lightly across my lip. It was so incredibly sensual I about wet myself. Her mouth opened and she covered mine completely in a sexy, prolonged kiss that melted me into the floor. Her finger found my vagina, caressing up and down while she kissed me. I didn t want it to end. But, I wanted to see her body. She was still clothed in her tube top and shorts and I was completely naked.

How did you get all my clothes off while you re still dressed? I said with a wink.

You never asked, she said. She sat back and began to undress. I watched her slowly remove everything, her pretty little boobs and pink nipples standing out towards me as her panties came off. She was the show, I was the audience, and she loved having my attention. Her pubes were trimmed and I wanted to run my fingers through them.

She smiled knowingly, took my boob in her mouth while looking up and sucked loudly. Then down she went, the flat of her tongue covering my labia. I let me head fall back on the covers as she licked me. Sounds began to come out of me. Oh! Oh! One with each stroke of her tongue. Oh! Oh! Eat me, Katie… I wanted to say the words. It feels so good when your tongue licks my pussy, baby… She bore down on my clit and curled her fingers back to drag them across my g-spot. Ohoh fukkkk mee, fukk meee… I felt the orgasm coming I m gonna cum babe, ohh yess oh yesyesyes AHHHHHHH! And, I was gone. My hands were on the back of her head, mashing her into my pussy as she dug her fingers into me to the hilt, banging against my pelvis with her knuckles. She drilled me and drilled me as I came in her mouth. It seemed to go on forever, my body exploding on the bed as she ate me. I was exhausted when the spasms let go. She finished me with a sweet clean up, then curled up next to me.

I want to make you feel good, too, I said. She kissed me and we tumbled down onto the bedspread. This was going to be a fun afternoon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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