First Cougar Attack!

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First Cougar Attack!

Cathy enjoyed her job at the university because she loved the environment and the excitement of the young adults exploring their first experience of being on their own. Cathy worked in the admission s office and she had several students who earned some of their support by working for her.

This year she had some great students working for her. One day as she was leaving she noticed Kevin sitting on a bench not far from the office. He was one of her newest students and he always was quiet but at the moment he looked extremely sad.

Is something wrong Kevin? She asked as she stood in front of him

Oh hi there Ms. Swanson. I got some bad news today. My girlfriend from back home broke up with me today. He said as tears formed in his eyes

I m sorry to hear that but it happens more than you would think. People grow up a lot when they get out of high school and go to college. Besides now you will get to date while you’re here and there are many hot young women that would love a good looking guy like asking them out. She said trying to get the young man to feel better

You do not understand I have dated Judy since I was 14 and besides I m not sure I would ever be interested in girls my own age. He said

Well that might have been part of the problem, young girls… She started to say but Kevin raised his hand

Judy is 40…..she taught me to be a man! He said as he stood up and walked away

Cathy sat there with her mouth open! Her mind had trouble grasping how such a hot looking young stud could desire an older woman who was her age. All night long she would think about it but then her mind would envision the young man fucking a middle aged woman. Then she saw herself as the woman being fucked.

When her husband came home she grabbed him and fucked him on the spot.

So what got you all hot and bothered? Her husband said as they cuddled after

One of my students told me that he had a woman my age as a lover. Just the thought of his tight young body being used by an older woman like me got me so hot! She replied

Looks like you re turning into a cougar. He said with a chuckle

A what? Cathy replied

You know an older woman that prefers young men. It is called being a cougar. He told her

She thought about it and wondered do I really find younger men sexually attractive? Then her pussy started to become aroused again.

She became aware that her husband was softly snoring. Cathy slowly reached down and started to finger her pussy. As her excitement grew she envisioned Kevin between her legs fucking her with long deep strokes. She moaned softly as her pussy had a nice orgasm but her husband never knew as he slept through her moans.

Wow! I am a cougar! She thought

The next day she went to work and all day long she found herself checking out her male student employees. She wondered what they looked like naked? Do they know how to eat pussy? Can they fuck? Which one had a big cock?

Cathy found herself in a state of constant arousal. Then Kevin came in and went to work. Cathy looked at his firm young butt and wondered how it would feel in her hands. Near the end of the day Kevin appeared at her office door.

Ms. Swanson came I come for a minute before I check out? Kevin asked with a nervous tone

Certainly Kevin! Come in. She said with a smile trying to make the boy feel at ease

He entered the office and shut the door. He looked extremely nervous.

I need to talk with you about yesterday. He said with his voice almost a whisper

Ok what do we need to talk about? Cathy said but her pussy was suddenly extremely aroused

I m afraid I revealed a secret yesterday that I did not mean to reveal. He said

You mean about you having sex with an older woman? Cathy said

Yes, I promised that I would never share with anyone what had gone on between us. You have to understand there would be a terrible scandal! He said

Cathy had to think about it and then it occurred that he said this affair had been going on while he was u******ed! An older woman had sex with a boy. Cathy suddenly felt herself on the edge of an orgasm! How can I get so turned on by this? Then she said because I would fuck him too!

You mean because she seduced when you were f******n? Cathy said

Yes, she is not a bad person but her husband treats her so badly! Kevin said with hope that he could convince Cathy not to reveal the secret to anyone

You really have strong feelings for her. Perhaps she is still manipulating you? Cathy said

I was the one who seduced her. She is not manipulating me. I know she wanted to go back to her husband and she wanted me out of the way! Please just forget about this! It is all over now! He pleaded

I may need to think about this. Perhaps you could tell me more about what kind of things she made you do and how often? Cathy said but she really wanted to know was all the nasty sex that the young man had with his cougar lover

She didn t make me do anything I did not want to do! He said

Really? You wanted to fuck her? Cathy asked

Yes and I loved it! He said

I suppose you wanted to lick her old pussy? She replied but waited excitedly for his reply

I loved pleasing her just like she loved to please me! He said in her defense

So she sucked your cock. Did you cum when she did that? Cathy asked as her own breathing quickened

Yes he moaned

In her mouth? She asked

Yes! Please can you just let this go? He pleaded

Kevin, this a really serious situation but I can see that you feel it should be just let go. I will think about it for a while. We will talk again. Cathy said

Kevin slipped out of the office and Cathy could see two things. First he was extremely worried young man and second his cock was hard!

Cathy made a decision and picked up the phone and called her husband. She said that an old friend had called her and asked her out for dinner and drinks. He told her that he would be asleep by the time she was home. Cathy looked for Kevin s address and wrote it down along with phone number.

A couple of hours later she called Kevin and said that she wanted to talk him again about his situation. She asked if he would be alone for a couple of hours that evening.

A few minutes later she was knocking on his door. Kevin opened the door and let her in.

Kevin, I would like to know one thing? She asked

Sure anything at all! He replied

Do you find older women sexually attractive? She asked but her stomach had butterflies as she considered what was about to happen

Yes, I have always liked older women. He said as he was hoping to make this whole thing go away

So do you think I m sexy? She asked

Yes! I think you are pretty! He said

Do you want to fuck me? She asked

He stepped up and put his arms around her and kissed her lips. Her mouth opened and his tongue pushed into her mouth. His hands gripped her ass and pulled her close. She could feel his cock press against her stomach. Her hands caressed his young tight butt. Her pussy was soaking wet and she knew her panties were ruined!

Her hands worked to pull his pants down and free his cock. As it came free she wrapped her fingers around the dick. She stroked it steadily as Kevin kissed her neck and ears. He started to open her blouse and free her tits. She was worried that the boy would be disappointed in her sagging tits. But instead he buried his face into them and sucked on her nipples. The thrill of feeling his eager lips and tongue on her caused her to orgasm.

Cathy pushed him back and she slipped to her knees. His cock was marvelous. She licked the generous drop of pre-cum from the tip. She could feel her skin develop goose flesh as she thrilled with the experience. She could not remember the last time she had been turned on more. Her lips parted and Kevin s cock slid into her mouth.

Kevin groaned loudly as Cathy began blowing the young man. Cathy s fingered her pussy and knew she was about to orgasm again. Kevin looked down at her as her eyes opened and he could see the lust in her eyes. Cathy felt his cock pulse between her lips. Then the salty sweet taste of seamen flooded her mouth for the first time in years. Her body shook with an intense orgasm.

That felt so fucking awesome Ms. Swanson! He said as he stroked her face

Kevin, I think that when a woman has given you blow job and swallowed your sperm that is appropriate to call her by her first name. Cathy said with good natured ribbing

You re incredibly sexy, Cathy! He said

Why thank you, Kevin! How about you show me how sexy you think I am by eating my pussy! She said with a smile but her body wanted to feel the young man s mouth and tongue in her pussy

Kevin moved between her legs and he examined her pussy with his fingers by spreading her out lips open to reveal her excited vaginal passage. She could hear him sniffing as his mouth hovered so close and yet so far. Cathy wanted to grab his head and grind herself into him. She felt his hands explore her body from her stomach to her tits and then to her mouth. She sucked on his fingers and could taste her pussy juice on them.

Kevin lowered his mouth and slid his tongue into her vaginal opening. Cathy had never felt anything more erotic in her life! Kevin was fucking her with his tongue but the rest if his mouth did not touch her. She could not imagine how he was doing that but she really did not care as her body felt only pleasure.

Cathy was moaning and groaning as his hand returned to her nipple. He gently pulled on it and the twisted it.

Oh FUCK! Escaped her lips

Having fun Cathy? He said as pulled back from her hole

Please eat my pussy! She screamed

Kevin now buried his face into her. He sucked her clit between his lips and steadily pulled in and out by making a sucking action with his mouth. Two fingers pushed into her and he started to massage the g-spot just inside her pussy opening. Cathy s body went wild as she bucked her way through the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Fuck this so good! How can this young guy know so much about pleasuring a woman? She thought

Cathy felt herself being lifted up and cuddled in his strong arms. His mouth found hers and she kissed him passionately as her own juices entered her mouth which only intensified her arousal.

Kevin turned her around and kissed her neck and ear as his hands fondled her breasts. Then he gently pushed her forward. Cathy felt his cock head push against her opening.

Please fuck me! She begged

His cock slid deep into her! Her mind reeled with pleasure as his long hard cock fully rested in her. Cathy s body throbbed with pleasure as the young man started to fuck her. She heard his breath quicken as he started to fuck her faster and harder.

Is this how you like to get fucked baby! He groaned as he pumped her pussy

Cathy could not answer she could only make incoherent sounds as Kevin used her as his personal fuck toy.

Cathy felt her knees start to buckle as she could no longer control her own body. Kevin helped her down in the floor. He spread her legs and looked her in the eyes as he pushed into her.

She felt the young stud steadily fucking her. She had lost track of how many times she orgasmed. She looked up into his handsome face and wondered how long before he needs to shoot his load. Suddenly it occurred to her that she was not on birth control since her husband had a vasectomy.

Oh Kevin! Please don t cum in me! I do not want to get pregnant! She begged

As if to answer he pulled out and his cock pumped one jet after another of seamen on her stomach. It felt so sexy to see his cum land on her.

Fuck I needed that! I was so fucking horny! Kevin said as he smiled at her

If you fuck like all the time I will never say no! You can fuck me any time! Cathy groaned

Good because I need me a new fuck buddy! He said with laugh

I like that! Fuck buddy! She giggled

So are you going to let this thing with Judy drop? He asked with a serious tone

If she taught you to fuck like that I m going to call her and thank her! Cathy said as she started to put on her clothes.

Thanks Cathy let me know when you want to fuck again. He said as he kissed her at the door

Cathy was getting her car when a hot young guy jogged by. She stopped to admire his butt and wondered how big his cock was.

I really am a cougar! I think I m going to like it too! She thought as the car started

The end

(A word from the author, cougars are among us and if you re a young guy you need to hunt them because they are hunting you. If you enjoyed a thumbs up is appreciated. Comments messages are always welcomed.)

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