First Time, Fantasy Story

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First Time, Fantasy Story
I could hardly breathe, and I felt dizzy. I was very excited and scared too. He rubbed my ass cheeks and fingered my asshole. Less than an hour ago I wanted a real cock, and now that one was inches from my virgin asshole I was unsure. I had stuck many dildos up my ass, but never a real cock. Just as I felt the head of his cock press against my sphincter I gasped and though back. Back to how my lonely Saturday night had changed.
It was Saturday night, around eleven PM and I was eager to try out the dildo I had just bought. It was a realistic seven inch black cock. I had other dildos that were bigger but this one had a unique feature, it was an ejaculating dildo. I was eager to have it cum in my mouth and ass. I really wanted to feel what it would be like to have cum squirt into me. Of course it was not real cum, it was a combination of flour, some salt, and water heated to about one hundred degrees. This way it would be really hot when it came out.
I had tasted my own cum and enjoyed it very much, but I had never had a real cock. I was very eager indeed. My cock was super hard inside the white G-string, and beneath the pink dress. I had already douched my ass and was leaking precum as I was walking into the kitchen where my home made cum mixture had been heated up.
I rounded the hall corner, there stood Todd one of my best friends. Here I was all dressed up like a girl, with makeup and all and here had walked in on me. We stood speechless for what seemed like several minutes and just when I was about say something he spoke. I had given Todd a key to my house just encase there was an emergency.
“Who are you,” he questioned firmly. He must have known who I was but what was he up too I wondered. I stammered and looked down at the dildo I was holding. He then stepped towards me and grabbed my arm, and I looked into his eyes. I knew he recognized me but he had some motive that I couldn’t figure out. “Does Dave know you’re here, did he let you in? I should call the police.”
Then I knew he was playing me. I stammered and again and decided to play along. “No please, I’ll leave and never come back,” I said and then tried to go the front door. He held my arm and I could see the lust in his eyes.
“I’m calling the police to have you arrested,” he said firmly. I tried to pull away, and escape. Then it occurred to me, as I realized I was still holding the ejaculating dildo. Tonight was the night I could discover the sensation of real cock. I then knew what he was getting at.
I smiled a smug and sexy smile. “There must be something that we could work out. There must be some way to convince you to not tell anyone about this.” He then smiled and forced my hand to his swelling groin. I bit my lip and smiled, then began to rub his cock through his pants. He released his grip, and I thought about fleeing. I thought all I have to do is run, but I was frozen.
I knelt down and unzipped his pants and his cock sprang forth. It was about six inches and very fat. I could see precum hanging on the tip, and I squeezed the base of his cock sliding my hands up a watched as more precum oozed out. Just as I was about to drop I touched my lips to his cock and wet my red lipstick covered lips. Then I opened my mouth and took the head in. I tried to remember every great porn blowjob I had ever seen and do just that. My heart was racing and my head was pounding. I sucked on the tip stroking his cock and rubbing his balls as he caressed my head and hair. His fingers ran through my hair and enticed me to take him in further. I was able to get the head all the way into my mouth but then it hit my tonsils and I gagged.
I continued to suck just the head, and then looked up at him with his cock resting on my chin. “Are you still going to call the police,” I taunted. He was enjoying this greatly. I had no idea that Todd had this kind of interest, but I was glad. His cock tasted and felt better than any dildo I had used before.
He looked into my eyes and then held my head firm. “I’m still thinking I’m going to cum in your mouth and then call the cops,” he said with malevolent eyes and then thrust his cock into my mouth with his hips. He got about half way down before I could take no more and fought back. His grip was firm and his hips were unyielding. I was gagging badly but he did not stop. He held me tight and then just when I was getting used to his cock at the back of my throat he thrust hard. His cock entered my throat and I could feel his pubic hair in my nose. I could not breathe and about to vomit when he let me go.
I struggled to catch my breath and my eyes began to water. Then he did it again, but this time he just thrust all the way in. I was better prepared and took a deep breath before hand. He moaned and the he started fucking me slowly. I could feel his head touch my tongue and then his balls touch my chin as he used my mouth as a jackoff tool. Masquera ran down my face and my mouth salivated.
He would give me short breaks but each time he fucked my mouth he did it longer, harder, and faster. At first I did not like it at all. It hurt and burned my throat. I thought I was going to vomit, and my nose began to run. But then I stated liking it, and I think he knew it. He would tease me by holding his cock deep into my throat until I was almost out of breath then pull out and smack my in the face with it. I could see a red ring at the base of his cock where my lipstick had come off, and long streams of saliva hung from his balls.
He continued to fuck me, harder and longer. I was getting better but still I could only last about ten or fifteen seconds before I needed air. But he kept going longer, and then one time he did not stop. I pushed against his legs with my hands, but he did not stop. I was amazed at how little power I had to push him off, in fact I had none. He would not stop thrusting faster and harder, and then he held my head against his body. I felt his cock twitch and then I knew why, he was cumming in my throat. I tried to relax and enjoy my fantasy.
Then when he was done he let me go and I stroked his cock, pulling the last little drops out and licking them up. They tasted sweet and salty, not like my cum but better. I began to wonder if he eats things to improve the taste of his cum.
I knelt before him stroking his cock, and looking up into his eyes I asked “are you still going to call the police.”
He frowned and said “let me see what’s under that dress of yours.” I stood up and pull it up over my head, it was then he picked me up and carried my into the bed room. I struggled but could not free myself. He bent me over and spit on my asshole then stuck his thumb in deep. I clinched my teeth and moaned in ecstasy. Then I he spit once again and I felt the head of his cock against my tender ass.
“Do you want me to fuck your ass like I destroyed you face,” he said.
“No” I begged.
“Then I’m calling the cops,” he stated.
“No don’t!”
“Then do you want me destroy your ass,” he said calmly.
“Yes” I whimpered.
“Yes, what! Call the cops!”
“Nnn no, no, don’t. Fuck my ass,” stammered.
“No I’m going to call the cops,” he said still holding his cock head to my asshole.
“Please fuck me,” I begged.
“Fuck you how” he questioned.
“Fuck me hard,” I mumbled. “Fuck my ass like you fucked my face. Destroy me.” I said loudly, and with that he thrust into my ass. It was so much better than any dildo I have ever had, hot and hard, but soft and smooth. I really loved his thrusts and feeling his balls slap my balls.
He would fuck me for a bit then pull out and spit in the asshole. Soon I could feel cold air enter my ass, as he began to make me gape. I was enjoying this greatly and so was he. Why we had not done this years before I do not know. I could feel his cock rubbing my prostate and then that sensation that my orgasm was approaching.
As I started to cum I shouted for him to fuck me harder. My asshole was on fire and began to contract with each shot of my load. Then he started to cum also. He gripped my hair and pulled my ass cheeks to his hips and emptied his balls into me. I could feel his cum oozing out of my ass.
We collapsed on the floor, both panting and exhausted. We lay there of a long time before getting up and taking a shower. We did not really speak about it, but now and again we try and catch each other in awkward situations then fuck each others brains out.

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