Fixing my sister-in-law s computer – Part 2

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Fixing my sister-in-law s computer – Part 2
As Chloe and I both came down from our respective climaxes, I realized it may not have been the smartest thing to ejaculate inside her.

Chloe, we ve got to get you the morning-after pill. I just came inside you, and I can t have you getting pregnant since I m married to your sister. I said.

I was just thinking the same thing. But first, let s have a little more fun, she said, with a smile on her face.

She stood up from me, and my 7-inch erection flopped out of her, still semi-hard. She got down on her knees in front of me and put my penis in her mouth again, this time with more confidence, as she tasted both our juices on it.

As her head bobbed up and down on my cock, my mind was still trying to grasp the situation. An hour ago, I had concocted a fantasy about my fifteen year-old sister-in-law that I wasn t sure would work, and here I was having creampied her and she was licking me clean! My penis isn t even going limp. In fact, it s getting harder again while she s sucking on it!

A buzzing sound near my feet brought me back to reality. My phone was vibrating in my pants pockets around my feet. Chloe removed my penis from her mouth and started rummaging through my pockets to find it. She grabbed it and her face became slightly alarmed.

It s Ashley! she informed me, a slight look of worry on her face. My penis almost instantly started to become limp.

I grabbed the phone and answered it.

Hey, babe. What s up? I asked my wife through the phone, while Chloe s look of worry grew to be a smile on her face.

I just got off work early. What do you want for dinner? she asked.

Taco Bell sounds good. How long do you think it ll be before you get home? I asked, as Chloe began licking along the underside of my penis, which was rapidly re-hardening.

About an hour. I have to make a couple stops before I head home, she replied.

All right. Sounds good. I ll see you then, babe! I said, Chloe now teasing my hardening cock relentlessly with her tongue.

Love you. Bye! she said, hanging up.

Chloe heard the conversation from her position between my legs. She lifted her head away from my penis.

I guess we have to make this second time quick, don t we? she asked.

She wanted to go again? This really must be my lucky day!

This time, let s try it a different way. I want you to get behind me and take me, she commanded.

Not one to deny this beauty what she wanted, she got on the couch and bent over, and I helped her position herself for optimal entry, and then I positioned myself behind her. What a sight she was, bent over on the couch like that. Her asshole was perfectly round and pink, not a hair in sight. Her pussy smiled up at me and my erection felt harder than ever before.

Her spit once again acted a lubricant, not that her cum-filled pussy had dried up in the last ten minutes or so. As I entered her, she moaned passionately. This girl was already addicted! I took it slow for the first several strokes, watching my cock penetrate her, sliding in and out. I leaned forward and grabbed her breast with my right hand.

Chloe! I moaned out.

Fuck me! she commanded. Make me a woman!

How could I deny her that? My thrusts became harder and faster. Soon I was moving in and out of her with ease, as her pussy loosened its grip on my penis. I let go of her breast and moved my hand back and smacked her ass with it. Her body shook in surprise, but then she looked back at me with a smile on her face that let me know she enjoyed that. I smacked her ass again, this time on the other side, and soon watched a light red welt develop to match the first one I gave her.

This continued for several minutes as my hands moved over her body as she let out soft moans of pleasure. Her body suddenly began to shake as an orgasm rolled through her as I was pounding her from behind. She moaned louder this time as her pussy gripped my penis harder than it did when she was still a virgin, less than an hour beforehand. I hadn t paid much attention to how tight her pussy had been when we both orgasmed simultaneously, I was too focused on my own orgasm. I was watching my penis glisten with her cum when her elbows began to give way as her orgasm began to subside.

Would you like to try a different position? I asked her.

She looked back at me and nodded, seemingly unable to speak, clearly worn out from her orgasm.

I removed my cock from her pussy, then rolled her over onto her back, and, after positioning ourselves correctly, reinserted myself into her. She bit her lip as she held back a moan of ecstasy and pain as I bottomed out in her first push. If I hadn t already cum earlier, I probably would have right then. The look on her face and the feel of her pussy would send any man into premature ejaculation land. I didn t hold back as I began to pound into her when I heard the click of the door handle coming from the front door.

We didn t lock the door after I came in! my brain thought quickly as the door opened without a knock, my wife stepping in, looking wide-eyed at me as I was balls deep in her sister on the couch next to the door. The only thought my brain could come up with then was Shit!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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