Forever like this

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Forever like this
My wife wrote this and asked me to post it on Xhamster, wich I eagerly did!

It s late, and the night of dancing has left us exhilarated; tired in that way that makes you feel more alive than you do any other time. We wave goodnight to my housemates and shut my bedroom door.

Sam grins her impish grin at me. She d gone for a goth look, this evening, ladling on heavy eye makeup and an old ripped denim jacket, before looking over at me and telling me there was no way I was going out in anything so dull – and made me up as her negative; her ghost in blue and white. She turns away, now, and stretches, letting the jacket drop to the floor, instantly getting lost amongst the clutter in the darkness, lit by the streetlight through the windows. I walk up behind and let my hands wander down the netting covering her belly, down past the tops of her thighs. I feel the tips of my nipples stiffen and squeese slightly in my bra (still too small for me) and pull her body closer to mine.

She stands, listening to her body. It s been a long night, dancing, and maybe we should just sleep – but then she turns and kisses me, and advances forward, her hands to my shoulders as I step back over the invisible clutter, back until I m touching the wall and her arms snake behind my head to wrap me in a hug, all the while kissing deeply. Sam breaks free from my mouth and holds me properly, breathing in the smoky scent of my hair.

Into her ear I whisper: I want you inside me.

She pulls back and looks me in the eye. Running her hands down-

Oh, do you?

She pinches both of my nipples and twists so hard that I gasp and tense up against the wall. Diving in, Sam breathes slowly onto my neck and gently kisses me there, once. Into my ear she speaks, quietly, clearly and seriously.

Then I think we should do something about that.

She steps back and I make a move towards the bed to find her hands on my shoulders, holding me gently in place. Fingernails run across my skin, the white silk barely deadening the sensation, as she begins to unbutton my blouse from the top.

I m standing like a dummy, I realise, and move to stroke her. But as she feels me move towards her bra-strap, she smoothly rolls her hands around and takes my wrists. With another long kiss, she passes my left arm to her left hand, behind my back, and holds them there – again, gently.

Her right hand is freezing and a shudder runs across my skin as it scratches slowly across my back. She pinches open my bra and I twist my left hand free, needing to feel the touch of her torso.

She pulls back again, and looks me in the eyes. Okay, she murmurs, taking my left hand and passing it behind my back again, I m pretty sure I know the easiest thing to do here.

Her right hand reaches for my desk to find the black roll of body-tape I keep, and her left hand has tightened its grip considerably. She, without fanfare, turns me away from her, parallel to the wall, and, with both of my arms held under her arm, wraps on ten slow layers of tape. The only sounds in the bedroom are of the tape unsticking from the roll, and my breathing, heavier and heavier.

Sam grabs my shoulders and spins me round to face her – I nearly trip sideways, but she has my shoulders again and suddenly I am pushed against the wall, harder this time. I shut my eyes and enjoy the feeling of her hands on my breasts; her tongue in my mouth. She leans back and grins an altogether different grin.

I think that s better. Do you think that s better?

Ye- and she twists my nipples again, so hard I moan. Emma will be able to hear me, downstairs. Sam kisses me and runs her hands to the scruff of my neck, pulling it tight with her clenched fist.

I said, slavegirl, do you think that that s better?

I go to answer again and with her free hand she twists. I don t care if you can hear me, Emma. Oh, God, Emma, I m sorry I complained about Mike s groaning. Oh, God, I m going to be sore in the morning.

There s a zip as my trousers are undone and hiked down over my bum, followed by my underwear. Her hand is so cold as it explores my crotch; my taped cock, held with more body tape; my anus. Oh, God.

That s right, I hear in my ear. I am your God. Have I been speaking? Say that I m your God.

I can t speak; I m breathing too hard. Sam s other hand is still pinching my neck, holding me still, whilst her other is pulling away at the tape on my crotch, coming free. I sigh slightly as my balls slip into my scrotum again, to be immediately grabbed by the questing hand. Her breath is all that I can smell – she releases my neck to brush away my hair coming between our kisses. As if to remind me that she s in control, the grip on my balls tightens and I moan slightly at the pain. Yes, you are my God, Sam.

You re so noisy tonight, slavegirl. Close your mouth. With the tape from my crotch, she removes both of her hands to wind it around my head, shutting off my mouth and, with the last remaining loops, going over my eyes as well.

I hear her step away to my desk and rummage. I feel her touch my thighs with the backs of her hands.

Lube! It s freezing and I jump away only for Sam to grab my balls with her oily hands and pull down firmly. She s knelt down, and from below me, I hear her.

I think this was what you wanted?
i groan through the gag in antisipation

Her left hand begins to rub my balls together, pulling and stretching my scrote down, whilst most of the lube, on her right hand, I feel being spread all over my anus. Her tongue slips up my shaft and her fingers enter me as her mouth warms me. I am filled; her fist clenches over my testicles again as another moan escapes my makeshift gag. With the wall cold against my shoulders, there comes a stab of discomfort as a third finger enters me; a fourth.

I can t keep my balance – the world is distorted under the yellow streetlamp, with my ankles bound by my trousers and no hands to steady myself, my muscles aching and the white light of pleasure from my prostate where my lover s hand is kneading inside me. I m squealing now; quietly behind my gag I ve lost control amongst the pleasure and the pain, and suddenly I can breathe through my mouth again. Sam has stood up and has her left arm encircling my shoulders; her right hand still completing me behind.

She whispers to me, in the darkness.


She inhales my scent, leaning forward and pressing herself against my lips – her tongue deep inside me as her fingers give me absolutely no choice as the brightness envelops my entire body. Leaning away, she snorts, slightly, with happiness. I love her completely, forever and ever.

Good girl. She whacks me on the bum, making me sway dangerously in the debris of my room. Bedtime!

she grabs my amrs and tosses me down on the bed. I lie there aroused and listen to her undressing. Especialy her jeans being undone.
Then I hardly hear anything before she smacks my ass with her hand. It hurt for a moment put felt lovely.

My butt checks were pulled apart to expose my hairless ass. I then felt her 8 cock beginning its way in while my 7 cock was throbbing with exitement. Sam pushed it in, balls deep. She then almost pulled it out but then rammed it in again. the lovely amber color was coming in huge shockwaves from my ass.
As she kept fucking me she taped my legs and feet together also.

I tried to tell her that I love her big cock, I love her dominance and I love being like this but all that is heard is. MMMN mmmmnnhhh MNH!

This seem to get her more exited as she picks up the pace. She is like a freaking MACHINEGUN when she gets up to max speed. She ramms it in balls deep and then almost pulls it out to begin again.

I can hardly breathe and then she makes it harder for me. Her right hand starts to jerk of my cock while her left one squeezes my left breast. She pinches my nipple and Im almost at the edge!

Dont cum until I tell you to slavegirl!

I desperately hold it in but its suddenly to much. I cum all over the bed, spraying my big load all over the sheets. Now Sam squeezes my dick and spanks my breasts.
It hurt but the little bright blue is insignificant compared to the deep amber filling my body.

Im on the brink of my next orgasm when she cums. spraying hot cum into my anus. Some of it drips out as she pulls out her dick. Her dick grows slack but she then notices my hard on.

Well, well. What have we here?

She starts to jerk it of. It pushes me over the edge again and I cum onto the bed once again.

But she want to cum again otherwise ots unfair. Sam rips of the tape over my lips and face. She holds her dick in front of me.

Please your God slavegirl.

I start to lick it down the shaft while it grows hard again. Her dick is put in my mouth and I begin to suck, but then she pulls it out.

No pleasure until tommorow, then I will fuck you senseless.!

She pulls away the dirty sheets and snuggle up begind me and we fall asleep. with me still taped up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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