Fridagirl want to know your choice

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Fridagirl want to know your choice
I read of her account, it was brutal to say the least, but being of a similar ilk, I bet she enjoyed it, shagged up her arse and pussy simultaneously, two cocks rubbing together inside her body, God I get wet just thinking about it.

Girls think and talk about it, as you just read. Most men don t know and have never have had the privilege of hearing women talk shop, when it comes to fucking, we can be cruder and more descriptive than men. It s like a defensive mechanism we have, your best friends fuck us because we chose to hump them and you never know when we play one against the other. It s the sex and the variety, we are made for the sole purpose of being taken, used and discarded, like a condom thrown into the gutter, full of semen in the inside, and the female DNA coated all over the outside.

I am writing about three short accounts of my life and I would be interested in you reading them and then in the comments after, telling me which one of the three did it for you, girl like to know what men think, we know what you want, but the biggest bit is what dies it for you,

1. First incident, my awareness

As a little girl living down Leith Walk, I used to walk outside on Sunday mornings, down back streets and closes, and pick up the discarded condoms, cast aside after orgasms. One morning I collected 12, still with semen in them and I would open the neck and smell the chlorinated scent of each man s seed and wonder of his pleasure being inside the woman he had just met, feeling her internal warmth inside her pussy, grabbing a handful of her fleshy buttocks, her hard nipples, and then I would sit down and open my legs and rub myself to orgasm with a condom, on the pavement, while the old man opposite would watch me.
I knew he was watching, that was why I did there every Sunday, with my collection and I always came, after I pushed one inside myself, one that had been inside a woman and was now inside a girl, experimenting with sex.

When I had finished I would stop, smile, then wave goodbye to the old man who would wipe his cock on the window pane for me to see, he was my secret lover, he knew what my girlish pussy looked like, he knew I never wore panties. One day for sure I would knock his door and go inside, like the girl at the start, that s why I know she must have enjoyed it, the danger and the thrill, if you are resigned to being fucked, then make it count.

I went to a concert in Glasgow when I was in my early teens, T in the park. It was a hot day and crowds were everywhere. I was smallish, four foot seven, so being at the back I could not see much, but two things happened that day, my uncle lifted me onto his shoulders and held my legs into his nude torso, his muscular neck rippled against my cotton panties and each move he made, thrilled me, his heat just swept through my thighs and pussy, I was wet in no time and I was sure he could feel my exertions against his neck.

I need to go to the bathroom , I pleaded, and he let me down and walked me to the porto-loos, where I did my ablutions. When I returned I resumed my position back on his shoulders, this time, more intimate, he knew but never let on, my panties were back in the porto-loo, I was rubbing my naked pussy against his bared neck and as we walked back into the throng of people he asked me if it felt better, of course it did, and I kept squeezing my thighs together.

Part way through the concert a number one hit got everyone jumping up and down, someone behind must have saw my bare bum and started to finger me, I came and wet my uncles neck, I said, Sorry , and he replied, Did you just Cum , I replied I had and he took me home and fucked me.

2. Second incident, Getting into role playing and free Sex

I had stayed home, I felt miserable with flu like effects. When my boyfriend was out, down the pub with his mates, I started sipping whisky toddies and slipped an E , to get me in the mood and give me a high. I was just nineteen and on second year media studies at Uni.

Just before twelve my boyfriend returned with a large group of his friends, five guys and two girls, I knew from classes. How about doing an internet groping video , he suggested, I felt slightly exposed and wondered if they knew, being groped was my sex fantasy and I wondered if my boyfriend was doing it to embarrass me.

No not at all , he pleaded, yes he knew we roll played during sex, but it was Ailsa, the tall blond girl from way up North, who was talking about being groped and he wanted to test her, to see how much she was into it, and besides, three of the guys fancied her, and this little scene might loosen her up for them to take turns with her.
I smiled at his naughtiness, I have some E left, if you give her one she might just do that , I suggested, feeling myself wet at the thought of five guys running around with their dicks out wanting sex, I for one, was in the mood.

My boyfriend was apt at putting scenes together with stock footage and shots taken in a green room, his father worked for the BBC and he started early, hoping to follow his fathers footsteps in filming.

We grouped with the three girls describing how and what groping they had experienced on public transport. It was hot and steamy stuff as we three realised we were getting the five guys worked up and we were as yet to realise it with acting, we sensed and orgy was in the making as the d**gs and booze were passed around.

My boyfriend set up a story telling board with the layout first on a bus, and second in a cinema, I chose the bus and Ailsa chose to be the victim in the cinema, the third girl Marsha, would be incidental in both scenes and would participate in sex afterwards.

The rules were, that there was none, anything and everything was on the cards, how far each girl went, was up to her and the scenes were to be explicit, nudity and touching and sex if the girls agreed, which we all did, and so I descended into the realms of my fantasies, standing on the bus and being caressed whilst everyone else sat close by as passengers, with me sandwiched between two men taking turns to open my clothes and touch me intimately.

My boyfriend was behind the camera was always in the corner of my eye, but once the cocks came out, hard and horny, I simply stopped looking for approval and everything turned steamy, as the girls realised I was up for a DP session, as my nose was blocked with the cold, so sucking cock was out of the question.

Ailsa got naked and grabbed my boyfriend and mounted him, she was a noisy girl when fucking, big and robust she knew how to grind down a cock, watching my eyes as two of the guys worked away at my holes, pulling and tugging at their own speeds and frequencies, I was naked and past caring, having open sex with strangers and two more to be sampled, turned out to be the best night of my Uni year. We never did complete that night, as we all engaged in whatever we wanted, and in the end we just made it to be a swinger student party, all drunk and d**gged up, yes we posted the video online with blanked faces as we were all real people just enjoying ourselves, it is on here in xHamster and if you find it, let me know, and I promise you a night out with myself and Ailsa paying, and whatever you want after that.

After that night my boyfriend took up residence with Ailsa, we tried some threesomes, but I later called it a day and slept with Ailsa occasionally, rejecting my boyfriends plea for a reunion. as my bisexuality came to the fore and sleeping with girls became more satisfying.

3. Third and final incident, An outrageous comment ended with sex

Shit happens to people every day of their lives, things are said and things are done and people dwell on the consequences of their actions and mouthing s. I was sixteen and working part time in a cafe and after arriving one particularly horrible wet morning, the cafe was empty when a man came in and went over to take his order.

I gave him the customary, Good morning sir, what can I get you , routine, he looked into my eyes and said, Just a plain black coffee and a piece of your fine ass .

I wrote down the first part as the second bit took a minute to register, but when it did I felt strangely calm, was he being rude and insulting, derogatory, complimentary, flattering or hitting on me? I looked at him, as we were perfectly alone and he was smiling, sort of charmingly, and I was a tad flustered, as I was not quite sexually capable of handling older men coming on to me in a public place.

So I thought I would be smart and adult about what I said next, and it was, Coffee, black, but I am sorry sir my arse is not on the menu today .

Just then there was a flash followed by a huge thunder clap, I turned and walked away from his table, self-conscious he was watching my bum, which I admit was gyrating a little more than usual. Could it be the boredom or the dark foreboding skies, I felt a slight high knowing I was being sexually desired by a man brave enough to tell me to my face, I found it exciting and for that reason did not mention it to the manager behind the counter, who was more interested in the morning newspaper.

I took my time with his coffee before going back to him, Your coffee sir , I said quietly and demurely, taking my time to lay the accompanying accouterments for the coffee, a biscuit and napkin and as I withdrew my hand he reached across and touched it, which sent something akin to an electric shock, only I felt it in my pussy and nipples.

I ll give you fifty pounds if you take off your panties and give them to me . I could feel the heat in my cheeks, this guy was saying things to me that rocked my boat and I could feel my self swelling and wetting as well as blushing.

I did not reply, I just walked away, again even more aware of my hip movements and the feel of his eyes on my arse. I stopped down by the counters edge where I fidgeted with cutlery, all the while sneaking a look in his direction, he just stared at me.
He took out a paper note from his wallet and held it towards me, I was unsure if he was asking for the bill or challenging me to remove my underwear, there and then and all the time his disarming smile on his rugged features.

The boss went back into the back office leaving us alone, unawares of the goings-on or whatever was transpiring between us.
I decided to go back and see what he was waving at me, wrote out the bill and went back, all the time his smile masked his sexual need for me. Your bill sir , I said noting he had touched nothing of what I laid down before him. The note he held in his hand was a £50 note and my heart skipped a beat, that was a lot of money for a sixteen year old girl, who had virtually nothing but her hot body.

I heard the door open and looked down towards the till, the manager had gone into the back office, if ever such an opportunity was to be undertaken it was now, I could do this thing and no one would know, as we were perfectly alone and the torrential rain outside meant the streets were deserted.

Just take them off and hand them to you , I blurted out, my knees shaking and buckling as my nerves got to me?

He was calm when he replied, as if he did this sort of proposition to girls all the time. Just go down to the juke box, lift your dress high and slip your panties off, slowly and seductively, then walk back to me, all the time holding your dress up high and then fold them and give them to me .

It sounded like forever and I was keen and excited but shit scared of being caught, so I blurted out, I cant .
He teased me with the fifty pound note, Go on take it and go down to the juke box and it will be over in minutes .

I looked around to make sure everything was in place and mentally decided to check my boss was sitting behind his desk, so I took the money and went behind the counter, and sure enough, much to my relief, he was sitting with his feet on the desk, chatting on the phone, that was all I needed for reassurance.

I went to the juke box and faced him, I saw him undo his pants, he was going to masturbate watching me, as I raised my dress high over my waist and started to ease my blue panties down over my hips and stop mid-thigh, did a slow turnabout to show my ass to him and then eased them down my legs and picked them up, whilst holding my dress around my waist.

I wanted to run but forced myself to walk slowly and deliberately towards him as he stroked his enormous cock, his eyes fixed on my pussy, and when I got to the table he asked me to sit down opposite him, with my skirt still raised high so my naked ass was on the plastic cushion.

I did as he bade of me and folded my panties like I do before putting them in my knickers drawer after a wash, and slid them over to him.

He stopped stroking his cock, which I could not take my eyes off of and took a £100 note from his wallet, It s yours if you sit on my cock, I want to fuck you .

I thought I was going to experience having an orgasm right there and then, I was doing everything with this man for money, but doing it because this was what I did in my head when I masturbated at night, and here I was doing it for money and actually experiencing it for real.

Then I suddenly remembered, I was on my periods, I can t , I said out loud, more disappointed then even he knew, I m menstruating , I said, and his eyes looked between my open thighs, and I spread my labia to expose the little white sting attached to my inserted tampon.

I tried to hold my cunt open but I was too wet and my labia kept slipping from my grasp and the wet sounds girls make when being fingered were very loud in the empty coffee shop, and he saw as he looked at my inner soul, was me touching myself, just as he was, I was rubbing my clitoris and he stroked his big beautiful cock, too big for my tiny pussy but I wanted it inside me.

He reached across to me and I took his hand, as he pulled me onto my feet and bent me over the table and reached down and pulled my tampon free, bloodied and soaked with my lubrication, he dropped it into the cup of coffee on the table where it continued to expand as it absorbed the un-drunk coffee and as I watched it expand I felt my pussy do the same as his cock went inside it and push me wide open, until his balls slapped my ass.

We fucked for minutes and the heat of his semen burned inside and deep into my pussy, so much so, I knew he was cumming in me. I knew from biology lessons I had no egg to fertilize, that was washed out two days ago when my periods started, so I felt safe and as he started to slip from me I pleaded for a little more time to cum, I was close, but his answer was to slip from me completely and a rush of semen run from me down my thigh.

I sat back down feeling cheated, forgetting I had just made £150 pounds for letting him fuck me, but I wanted to experience the orgasm you get when it was done right, he had fulfilled my fantasy and actually got inside me, but no orgasm, and I watched as he picked up my folded pale blue panties and wiped his bloodied cock clean, then drop them on the floor, much like myself, a rare beauty to be seduced before sex, and then discarded like a used condom after the act.

He left and I pulled on my soiled panties, cleaned up around and discarded the tampon down the toilet and inserted a new one.

Have you finished and cleaned yourself ? My boss had just walked back from the office at the back, he was an Indian man from the Sub Continent, I knew he was curious about me but too scared to say or do anything, as his wife, who was heavily pregnant, owned the business and had told me if anything improper was tried against me, I was to phone her, so he kept his business, but there was something in his tone that sounded different.

I have cleaned up after the last customer I reported dutifully, noting his eyes darting all over my body, which made me feel uneasy. Did you see the new security cameras installed , he asked me pointing to the ceiling, I shook my head in confessing I did not, Well, I have recorded everything you just did , and I felt my legs go and reached for the counters edge, where I clung on, my knuckles white, as I looked at him, my eyes white with fear, because I knew what was coming next, the bulge in his pants and the reputation Indian men had for young white girls, I knew I had to do what he was insinuating or face the consequence of my prostitution.

What do you want me to do , I asked him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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