Fun Job Interview Experience

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Fun Job Interview Experience
Well, let s say this as an interesting, heated, fun-filled experience..

How often can you say that you went to a job interview and had a hot fuck with your future boss?

The interview, was in the afternoon and I wore a short black skirt, a white blouse with a few buttons undone which I must admit showed quite a bit cleavage. I have quite large, soft, squeezable breasts so why not show them off right?

By the time I attended to my interview, there was no one around and everyone had gone home..
Except for the boss.

We talked for a while in his office, whilst he asked me a few serious of questions.
He seemed like the curvier, bustier kind of women because on many occasions I notice his eyes falling over my breasts and my curvy frame.

We threw flirty comments to one another, and I saw the bulge in his trousers growing and forming.
I must admit, my now boss is 50 years of age and I am only 23 years of age but I have found older men attractive..

I don t usually make a move at a job interview, nor do I usually kiss or make a move on my future boss..
But since I saw the bulge in his trousers obviously forming… I surprisingly passionate kissed him whilst nibbling on his lower lip.
He accepted the kiss, and didn t even attempt to pull away as he hands went straight to my full, large, soft breasts..
My hardening nipples pressing up against the palm of his hand still fully dressed.. For now.

Pulling me in closer, whilst I am standing and he is sat on his comfy, black leather, posh chair until my breasts are pressed up against his face.. Hungrily, he unbuttons a few more buttons on my new until my breasts are slightly exposed in a white lacy bra..
Soon enough, he pulls down the cups of my bra to reveal my now fully hardened nipples. His eyes, looking up at me as his hungry tongue trails over my pink, hardened nipples.. Lapping his tongue over them furiously and occasionally popping them into his mouth.

Older men, just generally know how to deal and handle young women.
Soft moans escaping from my lips as I nibble on my lower lip due to the pleasure from his tongue.. My hand reaching over to tease, and rub the bulge that is rock solid in his office-styled trousers. Whilst lapping his tongue over my nipples, pinching them in-between his fingers he reaches for his member, pulling it free from his zipper.. Looking over and noticing how hard he was for me in that moment..

Pulling my hand away from his bulge for a short while, whilst I take off my blouse fully and next my white lacy bra. Leaving the upper part of my body fully exposed for his widening eyes.. His hands moving away from his throbbing meat to pull down my black, teasing skirt.. Watching it fall to my ankles and stepping out.. Now only in a pair of white lacy panties, and a tall pair of high heels..

I lower myself to the ground.. He widens his legs willingly as I get comfortable in-between them. Glaring up at him playfully as I wrap my warm, small hand around his thick meat as I rub at his cock slowly and teasingly with my fingers… A soft groan escapes from his lips as he attempts to unbutton his shirt, with his legs fully widened and trousers still on..

His hairy old chest fully exposed, as I pump at his cock in a playful, but aggressive manner. Watching his eyes widen in pleasure and the sound of his groans and moans increasing in volume.. Showing my long, thick, pink tongue for the first time as I lap my tongue up and down his shaft… And then around his fat mushroom head… Already tasting the pre-cum on my tongue and lips but I still continue, loving the taste of his arousal.. Finally after lapping my tongue up and down his throbbing meat, I wrap my warm mouth around his cock..

His hands soon finding some hair to grasp aggressively as he lowers my mouth onto his throbbing, cock.. Rolling and bucking his hips as he soon fills my arm mouth with his entire length.. My tongue now tightly pressed up against his meat.. My eyes looking up as they begin to water as he aggressively starts to fuck my face with his thick member.. I don t push away, as he grabs hold of my hair tight as he literally uses my face just for a means of pleasure.

This continued for a further 10 mins, and after those 10 mins.. My makeup that I prepared for the interview was completely ruined, covered in spit and his pre-cum smothered all over my face.. Pulling out, as he smudges my makeup even further with his cock.
Never expected an old man like himself, to be so dirty and filthy… My hand reaching over to rub over at my moist pussy over the lacy white fabric.. Soon enough he pulls me up by my hair, and pulls me over his desk.. widening my legs and thighs as he gives them a few aggressive slaps, leaving a few marks.. My thick thighs and butt jiggle from the slaps. Gasping out after each and every slap that he does upon me.. My eyes looking over at his strict form whilst he does so. During this, I heard him mutter dirty, disregarding words upon me.. Slut, whore… which just made me moist even further in my panties until they were completely soaked…

His hand moving towards my mound, rubbing over my panties and commenting on how wet I was.. His thumb rubbing teasingly over the hardening, swollen clit.. His face coming towards it, in-between my legs as he begins to sniff in such a pervy way.. Sending shivers down my spine as I feel his breath and nose up against me.. His tongue them poking out, and tracing in-between my lips but still teasingly still in a pair of white lacy panties. Unable to resist, the arousal taking control as I grind up against his face..

He seemed to get an enjoyment out of teasing me, watching me squirm and grind up against his face as he laughs.. His tongue and fingers barely touching my now desperate pussy.. My ass arched up in the air, legs spread and pressed up against his desk.. After what seemed like forever to me, he pulled my panties to the side to expose my extremely wet, hairy, jump, plump pussy… Two fingers of his rubbing in-between my pussy slips soon covering them with my juices..

He begins to stand. Not even bothering to take off my panties, he keeps them to one side whilst he enters his thick prick inside of my desperate, needy pussy.. Slowly allowing my pussy walls to wrap around his shaft… Soon enough, he grabs at my hair again..
my neck and back to arch, pulling me further onto his cock… His warm breath brushing against the side of his neck as he quickens his pace. Attempting to match his aggressive thrusts, as I bounce back against him.. Willingly lifting one leg to rest up against his desk, knocking over a few pictures..

My moans getting louder, and turning into screams.. His grunts and moans becoming deeper as he becomes closer..
At this point, I am on the verge of squirting all over his cock.. I can tell he is waiting for me, as he attempts to hold on…
Teeth marks forming on my lower lip from the biting as I begin to squirt… A hell of a lot.. As it even gushes out from the sides of his meat that is still stuffed inside.. Soon after, he starts to moan out as he fills my needy pussy rope after rope of his thick cum whilst he slaps at my ass-cheeks calling me a whore..

After the orgasm subsides, and attempting to get dressed at the best of my ability and heading to leave…
He says See you on Monday…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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