Fun on the Common. Part 2

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Fun on the Common. Part 2
After I had got back to the car, I opened the windows. My shirt stank of pee and it was because of that I knew that it hadn t been a dream. After a few moments, I realised that I was going to roast if I didn t move. I was hungry again and thought that I should stop soon to buy more food! I didn t want to stop at a supermarket but knew that I would need to shop later. I remembered a newsagents that sold odd things on one of the ways home that I could choose. It had a parking bay right outside! I pulled into the parking bay. There was a bus stop just before it and I made sure that I was not parked in that! I went into the shop and bought a few bits and pieces. When I came out there was a girl waiting for me. She had been at the bus stop I realised. She asked me what time the bus was. I have no idea I told her. I climbed into the car and opened all the windows, I needed fresh air! A voice suddenly spoke beside me. It was the girl again. She asked if I was going to Alderingham. I told her I was and she asked me if I wouldn t mind giving her a lift! There was something odd but very appealing about her. I told her that I would be delighted to give her a lift!!
She climbed in and we set off. I offered her some of the sandwiches and the drink that I had bought. I had bought enough for two. I glanced across at her and she was turned toward me, her nose was twitching!
I am sorry. I apologised. It s a long story. I grinned at her. When we know each other better I willl tell you.
A dark secret. She laughs back. I love dark secrets. There is a note in her voice. Something there that isn t quite right. But I let it go. It breaks the ice and since the drive is about half an hour it gives us time to chat and get to know each other.
I was finding her very appealing and didn t want to say goodbye just yet! Have you eaten? I asked her and she replied no apart from the sandwich! I live fairly close now and I need to eat, would you like a takeaway. There is a really good Indian and a really good Chinese close by. She laughs and says Indian. I need to shower,, but will phone them first. They take half an hour! Ok she says. I go in for my shower leaving her watching the telly. I am just washing my face when I become aware that I am not alone. She is standing naked in front of me. I look at her from head to toe in one quick glance!
I wondered what it was that was so different about you darling! I told her.
Didn t you guess? I smile at her and shake my head. Her tits are small, her stomach flat and her pubes are still quite hairy but it is what is jutting out from her pubes that fascinates me. I reach for her hand and pull her into the shower. Her cock is semi hard and so is mine now! I grab the shampoo and wash her hair and then she soaps me down. Both our cocks are rigid now and I grab her cock and soap it. Suddenly there is a ring at the doorbell and I hurriedly wrap a towel round myself to sign for our curry! The guy who is delivering it keeps giving me strange looks and after I have closed the door I notice that the towel is tenting up. I go back to the shower.
She is still showering! I remove the towel and join her!
Still very stiff I see! What did the delivery guy reckon on that
He was giving me some funny looks. Not sure if he fancied me or not!! She laughs at that and starts to wash me down. While we eat you can tell me why you stank! She was looking at me and I leant forward and kissed her. The dinner is getting cold and I am getting hungry. So we dried ourselves and still naked went and ate our curry.
We sat at the table side by side to eat! I was having a lot of trouble concentrating so I told her about my afternoon. The remembrance started to make my cock rise and stiffen. She keeps glancing down at it! Can we reheat the curry? She asks suddenly.
I think so, why?
Good! I need your cock in me right now! I leave my curry and reach out for her cock. It stiffens immediately. She bends forward to suck my cock. Licking round the helmet at first before closing her mouth round it. Her gorgeous arse is in the air and I reach down to run my hand over it and let my fingers slide into her crack.
I explore her crack and find her little hole there. I bring my fingers to my mouth to lick them and rub it over her hole again. I have to do this several times before my finger will even start to slide in. It penetrates a short distance and then finger to mouth again and tasting the coppery taste of her hole!! She alters position slightly to give me better access. She takes her head away from my cock. Fuck me, please! Fuck me now! I move behind her and lather her arsehole with my tongue. My cock is still very stiff and it feels wonderful. There is an amazing tightness there, the like of which I have never felt before! She is groaning and muttering that she likes it. But I sense her impatience and position myself behind her and press my cock against the hole. I push and push and then feel the give and it sliding in. She groans again. And says how good it feels.
I start to pump slowly, timing myself but the tightness of her round my cock and her pushing back against me urging me on, makes me forget myself and in just a short time I am pumping faster and faster! She urges me on. Giving endearments. Don t cum in me. She says suddenly. I want it on me. She turns over and I plunge back in to the gaping hole!! The momentum that I had built up is soon back and the need to cum strong again. I try and push further and further in trying to find a slightly different angle to use to get deeper. Slow but hard now and suddenly I am there. I pull out quickly and she grabs my cock and pumps it with her hand and I cum over her belly. It splashes her all over including her sweet little tits. Thank you! She says. I find a tissue for her to clean herself up with and then we wander back out to the kitchen to warm the curry back up!
We sit and chat and finish our meal. We are both very relaxed in each other s company! When we finish I pick up our plates and walk over to wash them up. She follows me. You have such a sexy bum! She says. She places her hands on my cheeks and starts to squeeze my cheeks. Her arms come round me and presses against my back. Her cock is hard and prods impatiently against my arse. Do you have to wash up now? She asks. Can t we go and have a bit more fun first? I half turn my head and find her lips are waiting there for me. She pauses briefly to ask, What is your favourite number? I laugh knowing what she means! 15 I tell her. It is 6 plus 9, I explain. Her puzzled look turns to laughter! Would you like to 15 with me she asks! I grab her hand and we move to the bedroom!
I lie on the bed and she positions herself over me!! We can relax now and just spend ages sucking each others cocks! And the enjoy kissing and licking! She suddenly says that she want to fuck me!! It was painful at first but the pain soon subsides and my arse feels full of her. She cums deep inside me.
She ends up staying the night and we can explore each others bodies and enjoy each others company!! She asks me about the k**s and I tell her the story again. I tell her also that I promised to leave some bits for them! She looks at me, propping herself up on her elbow! Can I come too?
Yes Of course! I would love that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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