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First off, let me be very clear about one thing: Uncle Tom was not my real
uncle. He was the father of a friend and I used to spend a lot of time at
their house in the school holidays. My own family home was not a happy
place to be and Tom and his wife Ann had lots of room. They had a small
holding and there were horses and ponies and loads of dogs and it was a
great place for k**s. At this point in the story, I was just about 17 and
had been a fixture for a while. I had come to stay to help out with the
horses while Ann took their daughter on a beach holiday. Their sons — my
contemporaries — were on a school trip. But Uncle Tom was easy company and
he would cook dinner while I watered the horses, and he d let me have a
couple of glasses of wine while we ate. He talked about sex a lot —
detailed stories of girls he had fucked every whichway, and you didn t need
the brains of Einstein to realise that his marriage vows were a burden he
wore very lightly! He loved to see the effect his stories had — I would
grin stupidly and writhe in embarrassment as I was forced to admit I was
still a virgin. He was the first grown-up to treat me like an equal, but in
those days I would have settled for kindness, which he also gave me.

I d been hanging out in his family long enough to have seen him naked on a
regular basis — he always left the bathroom door open while he was in the
bath and would often call me to pass him the towel. He was about 5 9 tall
with big, broad shoulders. He had lost a lot of hair but his face was still
incredibly sensual — large brown eyes, and thick, full lips that I often
imagined crushed against mine as I wanked myself to sleep in the room next
to him. His frame was stocky and muscular and covered in thick, dark hair —
it was almost like a pelt — and his stomach was a full, proper belly. He
wasn t fat, but you couldn t say he was thin, either. His arse was like two
big melons stuffed down the back of his trousers. I used to fantasise about
grabbing hold of it while he fucked me senseless.

And then there was his sports kit: two big, egg-sized balls propping up a
hefty piece of thick sausage. He was uncut and the head was big enough to
be permanently nudging its way out. Of course, at this point I d only seen
it soft, but it was nearly as big soft as my cock was hard, so I knew it was
going to be impressive.

As for me, I was 17, about 5 10 and 12 stone. I was pretty fit from
riding and running and rowing, and I had a 6-1/2 erection that was getting a
pretty good workout two or three times a day. Sex was all I thought about —
with girls, guys, everyone. My stepfather, however, had obviously read a
book called How to be a complete bastard because I was allowed no social
life at all. The only place I was allowed to go, apart from school, was to
Uncle Tom s, and other than that I had to be at home working in the family
pub/restaurant. And always behind the scenes, cleaning, clearing up, never
where I might meet people and have fun. So I had no experience.

On the night this story takes place, Uncle Tom had gone to have a bath after
dinner and I had gone outside to catch a horse that needed to be brought in
overnight so that the summer flies would not bother him. Rummaging in the
sack of carrots for something to tempt him, I pulled out the largest carrot
I d ever seen. Literally a foot long, it also had a head on it, so that it
really looked like nothing more than a big orange cock. I chuckled and left
it on the feedbin while I took something more modest to catch the horse, and
picked it up on my way back into the house. I walked into the TV room and
stood in the doorway. I was wearing my jodhpurs and a t-shirt and my black
riding boots and we weren t supposed to walk on the carpet in outdoor shoes.
Uncle Tom was sprawled on the couch in his bathrobe, his legs lying across
the coffee table and his robe falling open at the crutch so I could just
make out the base of his balls, tumbling out of the towelling. He looked up
from the TV as I stood there. Grinning like an idiot I pulled the carrot
out from behind my back.
Phallic enough for you?
Not bad! he smiled. What s your own equipment like?
My heart was beating like a drum. Not as impressive, I m afraid. What
about yours?
You ve seen mine. He drawled.
Not in battle mode, I haven t. Fuck, I couldn t believe I had said that.
Uncle Tom raised an eyebrow.
Perhaps we should have a competition? he suggested.
What did you have in mind?
Get a kitchen knife and the olive oil from the kitchen and I ll show you.
I stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and the oil and went back
into the lounge. Uncle Tom already has his bathrobe undone and was
caressing his belly. His cock already looked larger.
Now, he said slowly. We ll take it in turns to measure our erections
and mark them on the carrot. The loser has to pay a forfeit.
Which is…?
Winner to decide that. He smiled, knowing full well that he would be the
Okay. , I nodded, bending down to remove my riding boots.
No, leave them on. Uncle Tom said. You can come in, no one will know.
I moved across to the couch and sat down next to him, placing the oil and
the knife on the table beside the carrot.
I seem to be slightly ahead of you, Uncle Tom smiled, rubbing the head of
his cock. So I ll go first.
I nodded. I would have agreed to anything at this point.
Of course, he said, slyly, One s erection is always bigger and harder if
someone else does it for you.
I looked at him. So you d let me…?
Of course, dear boy. Work away.

Gently, I leaned across and wrapped my hand around Uncle Tom s big cock. It
was heavy and thick, even though it was not yet fully erect. I squeezed it
gently and he gave a slight groan. I turned and smiled at him. He smiled
back and, placing his hand on the nape of my neck, pulled me to him, pushing
his wide, thick tongue into my mouth. I needed no encouragement and
frantically kissed him back, my hand feeling his cock expanding under its
touch. Breaking off, I looked at his cock. It was massive, at least 10
inches long and my thumb and forefinger barely touched as I squeezed it.
Fuck, it s huge! I gasped.
It s always at its biggest just before I cum. Uncle Tom said.
I nodded and, thrusting my tongue into his mouth once more, I carried on
wanking his big, stiff fuckmeat, rubbing the palm of my hand over his helmet
and then sliding my hand down its length to squeeze his balls.
Of course, Uncle Tom drawled suggestively, The tongue always works very
well, too.
I grinned and poked out my tongue.
Exactly! What a clever boy!
I had never sucked a cock before but this was like putting a fish back in
the sea. The moment I put that beautiful helmet in my mouth, I was home. I
nursed on Uncle Tom s big cock like my life depended on it, slurping and
sucking, rubbing my tongue over his piss-slit (which made him gasp), and all
the while squeezing his big balls, feeling them turning in my hands, and
wanking his big thick shaft. After a few minutes I felt Uncle Tom gently
pushing the back of my head down deeper on to his cock and heard him groan,
I m going to cum .
Like lightning I pulled off his cock, laughing at the astonished look on
his face, and quickly held the carrot alongside his massive shaft. He was
only about an inch and a half off its total length. I made a small notch
with the knife and got back down to sucking him off.
Good boy! he murmured as I felt his helmet thrust against the back of my
throat. Oh yes, that s fucking good. I now felt his hand running down my
back and into the back of my jodhpurs. I was wearing a jockstrap and so
there was nothing to stop his thick finger beginning to probe my virgin
hole. I writhed a bit.
Does that hurt? he asked, concerned.
I removed his gorgeous cock from my mouth to answer him. No, I m trying
to give you room to get it in deeper. And put his cock back in my mouth.
He laughed. That s my boy! No hurry though. Just enjoy it. And so I
relaxed and let him play with my arse while I sucked like it was going out
of fashion.
Shortly, I heard him grunt and say, Get ready, Markie. It s going to
Suddenly my mouth was full of his cum, it felt like fucking gallons of it.
My own cock was leaking precum into my jockstrap, straining to be released
from its container, while Uncle Tom s cock was twitching and jerking as
still more salty cum was spunked into my mouth. I didn t have to debate
about this — I wanted all of it and I swallowed it like mother s milk.
Fuck, that was good. Uncle Tom said happily as I let his cock slip out of
my mouth with a slight pop. I could not help noticing that he was still
very hard.
It hasn t gone down at all. I said, slightly disappointed.
He glanced down at it. No, it won t go down until I ve cum 3 or 4 times.
I looked at him in amazement. I hope you can handle it.
Too right I can! I grinned.
Now, I think it s your turn to be measured. And with that Uncle Tom pulled
off my riding boots and unclipped the front of my jodhpurs, pushing me onto
my back on the couch while he wriggled my jodhpurs over my hip, patting the
front of my jockstrap as he cast the jodhpurs onto the floor.
My jockstrap was also soon discarded and now I found out why we needed the
oil. Uncle Tom coated his index finger in olive oil and as he took my cock
into his mouth he slipped his thick digit into my tight arse. Fuck! I
nearly exploded. Something in my arse was begging for more and
instinctively I began to thrust my hips onto his hand.
I can tell you are going to be a really dirty fuck. Uncle Tom leered,
pulling off my cock. Now, let s measure you. Holding the carrot against
my cock, Uncle Tom. Although I was harder than I had ever been it was at
least three inches below his own notch.
Uncle Tom either did not care or had not noticed. He got straight back down
to business, one finger in my arse, shortly to be joined by another, while
his thick tongue massaged my cock in his mouth and his spare hand massaged
my chest, tweaking my nipples. Occasionally he would break off and thrust
his fat tongue down my throat, thrusting his fingers deeper and deeper into
my arse.
Oh please, fuck me! I begged as he broke off from kissing me. A big grin
spread over his face.
I thought you d never ask! he smiled. Kneeling up in between my legs
Uncle Tom slipped off his bathrobe and pushed it underneath us, to keep the
oil off the couch, and then began to anoint his big cock with olive oil. I
was moaning by this stage, rubbing my cock and being as filthy as I knew how
to be.
Keep calm, he grinned. Help is on its way. And with that he raised my
knees up to my chest and placed his big cockhead against my arse. Now, he
instructed, When I push in, I want you to push out and at the same time,
splay your legs to that they go around me.
I did exactly as Uncle Tom told me and felt a surge of pain as his cockhead
pushed into me. Then I felt this amazing sensation as the heat of his cock
filled me as inch after inch of glorious fuckmeat filled my virgin ass.
Ten seconds later, Uncle Tom looked down at me and smiled. My legs were
wrapped around his waist and I could feel my cock throbbing with the
pressure of his torso rubbing against it.
How are you doing, Markie? Uncle Tom asked.
Amazing. I gasped. Just amazing.
Yes, pretty good, isn t it. I got fucked myself the first time when I was
your age. Rugby master at school gave me a damn good fucking in the
showers. Couldn t believe how much I loved it.
Uncle Tom leant over and began to kiss me again, his big tongue filling my
mouth more slowly now, as he began to fuck me, nice and gently. As he began
to withdraw his cock from my arse my legs clenched tightly around him, not
wanting him to take it out. But then he pushed back and suddenly, boom, it
was as though someone had taken me out with a blow to the back of the head.
I was gabbling and throwing my head from side to side as I came, spunk
gushing out of my jerking cock, covering Uncle Tom and me in cock-yoghourt
and making my arse clench tightly on his fuckstick.
There now, that s better isn t it? Uncle Tom said.
Oh my God! I gasped. Don t stop, please don t stop.
No intention of it, dear boy. Uncle Tom said lustily. But it s time we
picked up the pace, I think. And with that he began to fuck me in earnest,
his strokes getting faster and harder.
For that first fuck Uncle Tom left me on my back, skewering me on his cock
until I had cum three times. He came twice more, once filling my arse with
copious amounts of his lovely cum and finally pulling out of my arse to
spray my already-cum-covered belly in gobs of his finest double cream. As a
piece de resistance he then coated his cock in our combined cum and fed it
to me, drop by drop.

I slept in Uncle Tom s bed that night, falling straight into a deep
slumber. During the night I awoke and found myself automatically reaching
between his legs and, having found his cock, wrapped my lips around it until
he had sprayed me with cum once more. In the morning I awoke to find his
arm wrapped around me and his engorged cock nestling in the crack of my
butt. Pretty soon he was fucking me from behind, pushing his lengthy meat
deep into my arse and pumping me full of his spunk.

I never stopped having sex with Uncle Tom after that. We did it wherever
we could. When I went to university he would come and stay in a nearby
hotel on a business trip, and I would spend the weekend getting fucked
rigid. On another occasion, he thoughtfully arranged a threesome with an
army friend of his, a colonel, who had been fucking squaddies for years.
Similarly endowed with 10 of thick fuckmeat, the colonel buggered me while
I sucked Uncle Tom s cock deep into my throat. Even better, when they had
done, they watched as the colonel s driver — a good-looking black boy with
an epic cock of steel between his legs — rimmed my arse for a good twenty
minutes before spearing me with his cock and fucking me into oblivion.

On another occasion we went to Paris where Uncle Tom hired a hooker to have
sex with us. I 69 d with her while Uncle Tom fucked her in the doggy
position. I sucked his big balls and licked his shaft while he skewered her
on his big cock, and when he came I sucked it out of her. Finally, as I
fucked her, he pushed his lovely cock into my arse and sprayed my insides
with his salty cream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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