Getting back at a racist Puerto Rican wife….

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Getting back at a racist Puerto Rican wife….
A unique opportunity….

I had moved to Boston from rural western Massachusetts in high school (father s job was transferred); it was a bit of a culture shock – the crowds, congestion, traffic and varieties of people. Growing up in western Mass, the town was tiny and quaint; the people were all familiar and the same – pretty much all white, small town people.

I mainly kept to myself for the last year and a half I was in Boston for high school: I made only a few friends, and the girls weren t really into me; so my few friends were guys.

I became close with a Puerto Rican k** named Carlos. He initially made fun of me since I dressed quite a bit different than the k**s in urban Boston, and listened to much different music; though he eventually accepted me, and we became good friends; he would invite me to house parties; which were VERY different from anything I ve been to ever before! Everyone was hispanic, spoke spanish and listened to spanish music – the woman were also very different from the girls back in western Massachusetts – they were curvy (NOT fat), and had big boobs and big, round asses; and didn t mind showing it off by the way they dressed. I will definitely admit – Latina s REALLY turned me on! Watching them dance so sexually; their large tits bouncing, and their fat ass cheeks clapping to the music was almost too much to handle, lol.

None, and I mean zero, of the Latina s would even barely hold a conversation with me – I guess I was too different – too white.

As the end of senior year approached, it was becoming harder and harder to get in contact with Carlos – he was always busy or had something to do; that s when I found out he started dating a girl from our school – Cassandra.

Cassandra was also Puerto Rican, and had big, amazing boobs and ass! She was also one of the most conceited and racist females I met at school; she often made fun of me and was just plain mean to me.

When I finally bumped into Carlos, and approached him at the mall to say Hi , she even said something like LOL – you re friends with this white boy! She really was a bitch! Hot or not, still a bitch!

I talked to Carlos here and there via text and Facebook. Though it grew less and less.
Fast forward seven or eight years….

Carlos contacted me out of nowhere; initially it was small talk and catching up, but quickly turned into a serious conversation – he explained how Cassandra and him ended up getting married and had two young c***dren together; they ve been having money problems, and his wife was high maintenance – long story short, he was certain she recently started cheating on him! He knew I was the tech savvy/gadget guy, so he asked me if there was anything he (or I rather) could install on her phone, or their laptop to essentially spy on her?

I assured him absolutely – and began describing an app called SpyBubble for the phone and a keystroke recorder for the laptop – he expressed how he wasn t savvy enough to pull it off and pleaded for my help; I told him, ironically, I d be in Boston for two weeks for training.
So the plan was in motion…

At this point – I was long since back in western Massachusetts; small town living, and was living with a long term girlfriend – who was a country girl from Vermont. Life was quiet and uneventful.
That Sunday, I packed up for training and made the hour and forty five minute drive to Boston.
Carlos was eagerly awaiting my arrival – I felt bad, this was obviously killing him. He met up for a drink, and went over what I was going to install and the general plan overall.

We went back to their apartment – where I saw Cassandra and met his daughters for the first time. Cassandra was still hot as hell – she gained a little more weight since having two c***dren, but carried it VERY well, other than a little tiny bit on the belly, most of the extra weight went to her Puerto Rican ass and tits – her grey spandex/exercise pants and black tank top showed off her curves all too well and my cock instantly twitched – I thought to myself, no wonder she is cheating, most guys would be all over this!

She STILL wasn t very friendly to me after almost ten years!

Installing the software on the laptop was easy, but getting it onto her phone was a little more challenging – we had to wait until she was putting his youngest daughter to bed and grabbed it off the table; but I ended up getting it installed on both devices – Carlos was VERY thankful and anxious – I told him I d forward any text, emails etc. to him as soon as any were sent.

I said goodbye and went back to my hotel.

There really wasn t any activity that night, I noticed she received an innocent text from who appeared to be her sister – I text Carlos, and he verified the number was in fact her sister.
The next morning, Monday, things took a turn in a different direction – which didn t surprise me, since Carlos was working long hours during the week.

I began reading very romantic and sexual text messages between Cassandra and another guy named – Jose. I though to myself – shit, Carlos was right! What a fucking douchebag cheating on a guy who takes care of you and your two k**s!

My heart began pounding and I wasn t sure of what I should do. I wanted to instantly text Carlos, but decided to hold off and gather some more incriminating evidence; and honestly, I wanted to hold off on breaking his heart.

I began to look at my options and thought I might pay that bitch Cassandra a visit 🙂 and see what she had to say over the situation.

I planned on going Wednesday, since my training would be let out early that day and Carlos would still be working.

As I left training on Wednesday, my heart was racing and I was sweaty – I wasn t sure how I was going to handle the situation, or if this was even the best way to handle it? I had some time to think as I took the train to Carlos house.

Walking up the stairway seemed to take an eternity, I thought of just turning around and calling Carlos; but figured it would do little at this point.

As I stood at the door my heart was pounding through my chest.

I knocked….

I heard foot steps and someone say – Quien – not that I knew what it meant, I just said – Matt.
Cassandra opened the door – looked at me oddly and said – Carlos is still at work, he won t be home until tonight.

I said – good, I need to ask you about someone – someone named Jose.

Her jaw dropped.

I asked if I could come in and she kind of just stood there in shock – so I eased my way into the apartment.

I explained to her EVERYTHING – how Carlos suspected she was cheating, contacted me and asked to set up key loggers on her phone and laptop and tell him if I found any definitive proof she was cheating.

I showed her the proof right in my hand.

She was crying – I just stood there. I was again mesmerized by her amazing feminine curves; she had on blue spandex shorts and a grey tank-top.

She suddenly stopped, looked at me and excitingly said – wait, so you haven t told him yet?
No – I wanted to give you the heads up, and I m having a hard time breaking news to him that s going to break his heart!

She ran over and pleaded not to tell Carlos – she said her parents were very religious and loved their son-in-law, and that it would break apart the family and she PROMISED to stop seeing the other guy immediately!

I looked to the side and said……..I don t know…

Then, something came over me, something very unlike my usual self.

I said – you put yourself in quite the predicament here.

Maybe I can help you avoid a massive break up of both your marriage and families?

Her face lit up, and she said – REALLY, you d really save our marriage by not saying anything?

I said sure – but not for free, I m going to need something in exchange.

She looked at me kind of confused and skeptically – huh, what?

I came out and bluntly told her – you ve treated me like shit since I met you in high school, making fun and calling me names – now I want to fuck your racist Puerto Rican pussy until it s sore!

Or else I m telling everyone what a cheating scumbag you are!

Her face had a combination of shock and horror, lol.

She said – What! You re fucking crazy white boy – I m not fucking you, I m not even attracted to white boys and especially not you!

I snapped back – I don t give a fuck, do you want everyone to see the proof you were fucking around on your husband, or do you want me to fix this so Carlos thinks he was imaging it – end of story? So either this white boy is going to use your Puerto Rican ass as his fuck doll, or get ready for divorce papers.

She looked at me disgusted and said – you re fucking evil white boy.

So – I said…do you want to get this over with?

She looked down and hesitantly said – OK – we ll go to the spare room, BE QUIET, my daughter is sleeping a few doors down.

I seriously couldn t believe what I just said and did – it seemed SO fucking wrong, but watching her big ass jiggle through her exercise shorts as we walked made my regret disappear and my cock throb.

We went into a spare room with only a desk and a futon couch.

She shut the door and said – let s get this fucking over with you evil white trash piece of shit. How do you feel taking advantage of your friends wife?

I amusingly replied – keep talking trash, it s going to make it even better when I m balls deep in your racist, brown Puerto Rican pussy.

I just went ahead and took my payment for silence.

I walked over to her and cupped both of her big Latina tits in my hand – massaging and trying to feel her nipples through her shirt; I moved around behind her and pressed my body up against her body – my hard cock bulging through my pants and pressing up tight against her ass.

I whispered in her ear – do you feel that white cock? It s going to love your Puerto Rican pussy!
She said nothing.

I put my hands on her hips as I was grinding against her ass and biting her shoulders gently – I moved my hands in over her crotch, which made her squirm, then up to her lower belly and back onto her hips; I whispered – I love your wide hips, perfect body for bearing c***dren. My hands then went up under her shirt and popped her big, brown Puerto Rican titties out; I was still behind her, rubbing up against her fat ass – feeling my cock stick between her big ass cheeks as I massaged her nipples; I couldn t believe how different her body was than my girlfriends – her ass was so round and chunky, her titties were so heavy I couldn t believe it. I m also skinny and lanky, so my hips were only a fraction as wide as hers.

I noticed she was beginning to squirm – I moved around and latched onto her big dark areolas and nipples – sucking hard and deep. I went from one tit, to the other; then back. My hands were massaging her big ass and feeling every square inch of that beautiful booty – I could feel she had a thong on.

I began to work my way to her pussy – rubbing and poking it.

She tells me – WHITE BOY let s get this over with!

I grabbed onto her short and pull them down around her knees – one hand darts to her pussy, and the other to her ass cheeks. I start rubbing her clit as I squeeze her big Puerto Rican ass cheeks.
While she s standing up I bury may face in her crotch and begin licking her clit, while my hands latch onto her big ass; then I move behind her, spread her ass checks and bury my face between her cheeks licking what I could reach of her pussy and tonguing her asshole.

Then I demanded she get on the fouton and spread her legs.

Just seeing her sitting there – big brown titties out and her thick thighs spread – showing me her dark brown, almost black, Puerto Rican pussy; her dark pubic hair and c-setion scar. This drove me crazy with lust since she was SO different from my skinny white country girlfriend or any girl I ve been with for that matter.

I moved in and began eating her Puerto Rican pussy with all my might, I sucked on her clit, her labia, I stuck my tongue as deep inside as I could, tasting and drinking her pussy juice – I even licked her black pubic hair.

I looked up grinning, and said – this white boy loves your Puerto Rican pussy – how does it feel? I then pushed her legs up so I had access to both her pussy and asshole and devoured both.
Her pussy was wet – I laughed and said – your pussy is pretty wet, it must not mind white boys making it feel good : )

When I was done eating the shit out of her delicious pussy and ass, I told her – now you re going to get what I ve waiting a long time to do – fuck the shit out of your pretty Puerto Rican pussy!
She said – fuck no, not without a condom; I m not on birth control and I don t want your dick in me raw, anyway.

She brought me a condom – my cock was literally dripping pre-cum as I put it on.
She looked a bit surprised, I said – bigger than you thought huh, mami? Get ready for this white cock to ram you nice and deep!

I could barely wait long enough to put it on, I lunged towards her and penetrated her; she groaned at the initial penetration – my big, white dick made itself home in that warm, wet Puerto Rican pussy.

I had her positioned missionary style – pounding her pussy, loving my position between her thick brown thighs, bottoming out as my balls hit her pussy; her big brown titties bouncing from the thrusts. She wouldn t look at me, but I knew it felt good, I could see her hands tighten around the sheets every time I penetrated deep inside her pussy; I could hear the increasing sound of sloppy wetness every time I thrust deep into that beautiful Puerto Rican pussy.

I pull out and stand up – I tell her to turn around and get on all fours.

She made no fuss and followed my orders.

Her fat ass looked amazing – all these years of wondering what it would be like to fuck a big ass Latina and here it was right in front of me.

Her brown pussy was wet and gaping from the beating I had just put on it missionary style; with her pussy juices dripping down between her ass cheeks.

I wanted my mouth on those beautiful, wet Puerto Rican holes so I buryed my face between her cheeks and shot my tongue into her pussy – she squealed and arched her back; I began to jerk furiously while I licked up every last drop of juice from her pussy and asshole.

I realized as I was jerking my dick furiously, I had broke the condom and my cock head was sticking through and exposed. I slipped the rubber down even further exposing my head and shaft.

I grinned, thinking – this conceited Puerto Rican bitch is going to get EVEN more than she thought.
I looked at her and saw her face was buried into her hands.

I moved in close, grabbed her hips and buried my raw cock into her wet pussy. The feeling of my initial thrust was amazing – her soft, soaking wet pussy squeezing my unprotected dick was THE best sexual experience I ve ever experienced in my life! Looking down and seeing her big, brown ass ripple when my hips hit her ass after every thrust was amazing – looking down and seeing my light, pink cock sliding in and out of her dark pussy was an amazing contrast from what I was used too.
Taking this all in at once, sent me into a sexual frenzy – I literally held onto her and pounded away as fast and hard as I could – I looked like a dog in heat fucking his brains out – that s how fast and hard my momentum was.

Cassandra even started to moan and shriek ok – fuck oh – fuck!

I snapped at her – hows that feel you racist Puerto Rican bitch? You ve been mean to mean since high school, now I have you bent over and I m pounding your married, cheating, conceited Latina pussy with my white cock!

I was beginning to find the sweet spot deep in her pussy.

Even though I wasn t small, her big ass made it harder for me to position myself and really penetrate as I held her doggy style – I shifted my position and felt that spot that was absolutely amazing – that spot where every time I thrust, my cock was ready to explode — pure sexual bliss.
It felt so fucking good – I felt my cum building up in my cock; that pre-cum feeling when your brain sends an overload of pleasure signals all over your body; my legs began to shake and feel rubbery which every thrust; I was one or two thrust away from filling this racist Puerto Rican s fertile pussy with my white boy, blue eyed baby seed.

I couldn t fight it any longer – I extended my legs, grabbed her hips and thrust as deep as I possibly could; at that moment, I felt my cock exploding with contractions, and could feel the streams of cum flowing up my cock and squirting against her fertile cervix. All this sexual tension, and all this wait, made me really backed up – I felt my cock convulse and shoot about 10 times.

I was spent and slumped over Cassandra s back – she said OK, you finished, I m getting up, now get the fuck out. I intentionally held her in place for a few minutes; letting my sperm get to where it needed to go.

I eased back and my cock slipped out – followed by a gush of my cum…

How was I going to get out of this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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