Grace 7-The Estate (1 of 3)

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Grace 7-The Estate (1 of 3)
The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, anal sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 7-The Estate (1 of 3)

(Grace is groped at home and at a party and participates in a porn photo shoot)

The afternoon light slowly filtered through the curtains into her bedroom. The sunlight warmed the skin of a naked girl lying on top of her duvet with her legs wide open. The light shone on her hard small nipples and her washboard stomach. It lit up her neatly trimmed short blond pubic hair covering her crotch and caught the trickle of moisture running from her red swollen slit as it dripped onto the bed sheet.

It was Saturday afternoon. Grace was at her parents’ place for the weekend. She had come home late and exhausted after her adventure in the dunes on Friday night. Morning had come and gone, she heard her parents moving around downstairs, her mum preparing lunch in the kitchen, her dad tidying the garden. Grace had woken up late. She dragged herself out of bed and into the shower. In the bathroom mirror she inspected the bruises on her breasts and buttocks and the redness that still lingered between her legs. The soreness of her anus made walking difficult. The couple’s rough sex in the dunes had really taken its toll on her. A soothing hot shower would make things a bit easier.

She tidied her short blond hair and slipped into her tight white jeans with a tight fitting short-sleeved white t-shirt that was short enough to show off her tanned hard midriff. A pair of open beach sandals completed her look. She went downstairs and caught up with her mum in the kitchen. “Hello stranger”, she said smilingly while pouring a cup of tea. “You came in late yesterday evening. How was the beach, it must have been very busy?” Avoiding her mothers’ eyes, Grace nodded. “I had a swim, walked along the beach, read a book and fell asleep,” she said while sipping her tea and carefully avoiding details of her exhibitionism and rough sex with strangers.

Her mum changed the topic. “We’re invited to a soiree tonight at an estate not far from here. It’s a beautiful place with large Victorian rooms, terraces and an enormous garden. There’s and exhibition of a local photographer and many of our friends will be there. Your dad and I would like to introduce you to the owners, Roger and Jean. We know them already for ages. Please, be a dear and join us. Friends of ours will arrive here at six and together we’ll go over there. What do you think?”

Grace nodded. “Sure, Sounds good. I’ve got nothing planned for tonight anyway so why not.”

Around six in the afternoon the doorbell rang. Grace’s parents opened the door. Their friends had arrived a bit early. Grace was upstairs and heard the chatter. Still dressed in her white jeans she went downstairs and came eye to eye with her parents’ friends. There was shock in the eyes of Grace and the visitors alike that her parents didn’t pick up on.

It was the couple from the dunes.

Grace’s parents made the introduction. The woman was the first to collect herself. While shaking Grace’s hand she said to Grace’s mother: ”Oh my, I didn’t know your daughter was so beautiful.” “Yes, she’s very intelligent and has many other talents” Grace’s mother added. “Ill bet she has” the woman said, looking at Grace with a slight smile. Grace’s face turned red in an instant. Grace’s parents excused themselves. “Why don’t you show our friends the garden Grace, while we change into something more formal?” her mother suggested.

They walked outside into the garden and exchanged some friendly small talk. Behind a high garden wall the atmosphere changed. “Grace”, the woman softly said while touching her arm; “Could you do me favor and stand with your back against the wall here?” she asked. Grace reluctantly obliged. The woman hand fingers ran through Grace’s hair, caressed the side of her face and slowly moved down her neck. Grace instinctively knew what was likely to happen.

“Please, no, don’t, not in my parents’ garden.” Grace pleaded with the woman but she a finger on her lips. Her fingers moved down again caressing her neck, stroking her chest. Her hand squeezed her breasts and tormented her hard nipples through her white t-shirt. Grace’s mouth had slightly opened, her lips trembling, her breathing heavy. The hand slowly moved down over her bare stomach. The fingers slowly opened the button of her white jeans and pulled down the zipper. The hand slid forcefully inside her jeans into her panties.

She felt the fingers caressing her clit, pushing her pussy lips apart and inserting themselves into her hot slit. Grace’s mind was in turmoil. For god sake; her parents were only twenty meters away and here, in their garden, this couple was groping her. Grace also knew she was horny as hell and badly needed a release. Her midriff developed a mind of its own, moved forward and slowly started to fuck the woman’s fingers.

For the couple this was also a pretty horny situation. The woman’s mouth opened slightly, her tongue licking her lips. It was great to grope a hard bodied girl like this, the daughter of their close friends. The man watched intently how his wife enjoyed feeling up this girl. “You know Grace”, the woman whispered slowly, “What a very formal name for a hot fucker like you”. The words should have hit her like a sledgehammer but Grace was too caught up in the moment, her pants wide open with strange fingers fucking her slit. She loved the groping and was on her way to an incredible orgasm. The woman deliberately didn’t grant her that.

Grace had her eyes closed when she felt the woman’s breath and heard her whisper right next to her ear; “You know Grace”, the woman slowly said, “I know the owners of the mansion we’re going to tonight and I know the photographer very well. Irene Hayes is very talented and ehh….versitile… She’s the It-girl of photography at the moment”.

The woman had stopped fingering Grace. Her hand was moving up her stomach and chest, squeezing those little hard breasts. Her fingers caressed the face of a disheveled, aroused Grace who was still leaning against the wall with her legs spread and her white jeans open. She heard the woman’s voice whisper; “Irene is looking for girls like you Grace. She is looking for models for overseas magazines and her own exclusive website. You would be perfect for her Grace. I’ll introduce you to her tonight.”

Grace buttoned up her pants and tried to ignore that burning feeling between her legs. They walked through the door as Grace’s parents came down the stairs all dressed up. The waiting was for Grace who went to her room and appeared ten minutes later in a short straight silver dress that finished just above the knee, accentuating her slim tanned legs. She wore tiny white underwear underneath. Her mothers’ matching earrings and silver purse complemented it all. They entered the driveway of the estate around an hour later.

Grace, her parents and their friends, climbed the stairs towards the entrance of the main building. Staff took their coats and ticked their names on the invitation list. They entered a large ballroom and were served champagne. A classical trio played string music and Grace was introduced to the owners of the estate, a well-to-do middle-aged couple. The woman, Joan, was an elegant, slim and attractive thirty year old. Her husband Roger was a grey-haired sophisticated middle-aged businessman. Grace mingled with the guests, admired the arty photographs on display and kept eye contact with her parents on the other side of the room.

It was around nine pm when Grace caught up with her parents and their friends. The woman asked Grace if she had time to meet photographer Irene Hayes. She took Grace to one side of the ballroom where the Louvre-doors were that gave access to the paved terrace lining one side of the ballroom. Irene was a fifty-year old brunette, slim, elegant, about the same height as Grace. She had long slim fingers that were straddling her champagne glass. Fingers, Grace imagined, that could go anywhere…

“Sooo, you’re Grace”, she said while slowly encircling Grace, her eyes checking her out in detail. “I’ve heard a lot about you from my friend here” she said. Grace knew the two women had been sharing intimate details about her. It was unsettling and also somehow erotic. Her fingers ran up Grace’s arm. Grace politely complimented her on her photographs. “Thank you my dear” she said, “but I’m also very good at other genres of photography. A mysterious smile played around her lips. Why don’t we move outside on the terrace where it’s a bit less noisy?” Grace noticed how she made eye contact with Roger who with his wife joined them outside. Each holding their champagne glasses, they went through the Louvre-doors into the cold evening air. It was dark outside with sparse light coming through the windows from inside the ballroom. Through the windows she could see her parents on the other side of the room mingling with the other guests.

Irene was the last one to step onto the terrace and closed the white tall doors behind her. She took a sip from her long champagne glass as she checked out Grace. “You know Grace”, she said while pausing for a considerable time; “my friend showed me footage of you’re little adventure in the dunes yesterday.” The words hit Grace like a sledgehammer. She was found out. She blushed, stammered something, lowering her eyes while tightly holding her champagne glass.

“Don’t worry Grace,” she said softly, her fingers touching her arm. “I was impressed with your performance in the dunes and especially your hard body, very impressive” Irene said. “You know Grace, I’m not only a photographer but I also run a website. Most material is shot inside this estate so that my friends here also get something out of it. It’s expensive to run a place like this as you can imagine. I’m looking for girls who have what it takes for the magazines and for the site and ehhh…” She paused for a moment while her finger ran down the middle of Grace’s chest and stomach. “you seem to have all the qualities I’m looking for Grace.” With those words she removed Grace’s champagne glass from her hand and put it on the ground. She slowly walked around Grace checking out her curves. “My word, she has a great body hasn’t she” she asked Roger and Joan who approvingly nodded. “With a hard body like this she’d have the stamina to go on for hours. She’d be great in groups, or on the bench for our guests. Definitely something for the cellar.”

Bench, Cellar? Irene’s words didn’t make a lot of sense for Grace. She felt awkward about the whole situation and didn’t know what to expect.

Irene approached Grace from behind and whispered slowly in her ear: ”I’ve got some hot plans for you Grace. Why don’t you face the wall, lean forward and place your arms against the wall?” Grace hesitated. ”I don’t know Irene. I think I should go inside now,” she said softly and half-heartedly. Just do as I tell you Grace,” Irene whispered. Grace complied. She felt Irene’s breath close to her ear. “Now spread your legs, bend your back and push your ass up.”
Grace hesitated. Irene was assertive; “Just do as I tell you Grace,” she whispered. Her voice became sterner now. Grace reluctantly assumed the position Irene asked for, arching her back and pushing her small muscular ass up.

Irene moved behind her, took the hem of her short silver dress and moved it up into the arch of Grace’s back. The sight of Grace’s tiny white panties on those rock hard ass cheeks delighted her. Grace nervously felt how Irene’s hand slowly moved from between her shoulders all the way down the arch of her back. The hand moved over her buttocks, slid inside her small panties and into her crotch.

She felt how Irene’s long fingers touched her clit. Grace’s body reacted. The area was still sensitive from a few hours ago. Her body still desperate for a release. Suddenly the fingers left her clit and went higher. Roger and Jean had a detailed view of how Irene violated grace’s crotch. The watched with breathlessly how two of Irene’s fingers roughly pushed into Grace’s anus, probing deep into her anal canal.

Grace felt the long fingers inside her body and let out a small squeal. She breathed heavily, planting her feet further apart and squatting even more to accommodate those fingers ripping into her anus. The sight of this small hard naked ass pushed up with its crotch wide open, covered in short blond pubic hair was a sight to behold. “Oh my god, she’s got plenty of space in there. Her crotch is soo hot,” Irene panted. She further pushed down Grace’s tiny white panties and frantically buried her face from behind in between those small buttocks. Grace moaned and shuddered as she felt her tongue licking the length of her crotch, pushing deep into her red slit. Her body needed some form of release badly. With half closed eyes she watched the crowd through the window. Her parents. God, what if they would come out in a minute and would see her like this. It all became a blur in her body’s quest for a release.

She didn’t notice Roger who had come closer and positioned himself behind her. Irene moved to the front of Grace, grabbing her hair and kissing her incessantly on the mouth. At the same time Roger opened his black trousers, took out his hard cock and stabbed it straight into Grace’s open anus. The initial pain of this sudden assault overwhelmed Grace. She let out a scream, her face contorted as she stared into Irene’s eyes. The wild fucking from behind was relentless. She felt his balls slamming into her crotch, his hot pole rubbing inside her.

Irene watched the changing expressions on Grace’s face: “Do you feel that hot meat grinding up your arse, Grace? I hope you enjoy it girl,” She whispered. “You’ll get a lot more ass-fucking when you model for me, so you’d better become an expert at that.” Grace looked at Irene with glazed eyes. Her body needed this so badly her horniness was killing her. “Fuck me, Fuck meee” she whispered with a hoarse voice. Irene didn’t need an invitation. She frantically sucked her neck, squeezed her tits, grabbed into her crotch. Grace’s meat was irresistible.

Shocks still ravaged her body while Roger pounded his cock relentlessly into her anal canal. It didn’t hurt anymore. She desperately needed more and more of it. With one hand she opened her ass cheeks even further to create more space around her anus. At the same time she looked through one of the windows into the ballroom. As in a haze she watched her parents mingle with the guests. They were blissfully unaware about their daughter being arse-fucked on the other side of the window.

Roger’s panting became more incessant. Grace felt how he slowly cramped up. “Oh my god” he finally screamed. “I’m going to shoot it right up her hot arse”. With a deep grunt he latched onto Grace from behind, grabbed her hips and violently banged his cock into Grace’s crotch. She felt the hot sperm blasting up her asshole. That gave Grace the intensely craved release. She grabbed Irene’s hair with one hand. Grace looked deep in her eyes. “I’m coming Irene, I’m fucking coming” she said, her voice hoarse and distorted. Irene saw how Grace half-closed her eyes, her breathing stopped, her face trembled. “Oh baby, give in to your body. Enjoy, enjoy”, she whispered while caressing Grace’s face. Grace screamed as liquid was dripping out of her slit. Grace’s anus was throbbing when Roger’s bright red knob popped out through her anal ring. Some of the hot sperm dribbled out. Joan saw how her husband’s hot jiz mixed with Grace’s short blond pubic hair.

A short time later cold air rushed inside as four people stepped from the terrace through the white doors back into the ballroom. The soiree was winding down. Grace and Irene had talked and Grace agreed to come back the next day at noon for a trial photo-shoot.

Her parents, unaware of what had happened, told Irene, Joan and Roger about their pride in their daughter and the many talents she possessed. Irene wholeheartedly agreed about those talents. While nodding in agreement, Roger looked at that attractive slim blond girl standing opposite him and could only think about how his sperm was still in her anus.

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