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As a young boy I visited my grand parents a lot
My grand mother was a petite slim brunette with saggy tits
nice pert bum cheeks
She always dressed like a young girl short skirt and stockings
When staying there I searched the linen box and found her soiled panty s and bra s
I loved sniffing them like I did with my sisters at home
My cock got erect all the time and I loved rubbing the silky panty s on my
throbbing prick until I shot my load of hot semen into her panty s
Gran started to look at me smiling
One night I heard moaning coming from her bedroom
I crept along the corridor and their bedroom door was ajar
I looked in and I saw a horny scene
My gran was riding grandads big cock with her hairy cunt
rising up and down his prick shaft
Fuck me fuck me with your big cock yes yes Gran moaned
I took my hard cock in my hand and started to wank it
Gran looked at me and licked her lips as she rode faster on grandads cock
I ran for my room as they both screamed as the came
Grandad filling grans cunt with his sticky hot white cum
I lay on the bed and as I remembered grans hairy cunt riding the big cock
my prick went erect ready to spurt
You naughty boy Don watching your gran dad fucking me Gran stood before me
in her silky black panty s slowly being wet by the leaking semen from her cunt
I know you have been sniffing my panty s darling boy
Gran stated as she slowly sat on my face
I licked her semen wet panty s I t tasted good
Gran had bent over and put my trembling cock in her hot eager mouth
Her tongue licked the tip of my prick and then she started to suck my throbbing cock
at the same time she squeezed my balls
I felt exquisite as I felt my cock erupt spewing a large load of my young hot semen into
my grans sucking eager warm mouth
Grans swallowed the load with a big smile on her wrinkled face
When she left the room I fell into a contented sleep

Next morning gran came into to wake me with a cup of tea
Granpa has gone out for a couple of hours Gran smiled
So we are all alone she added as her dressing gown opened
revealing her white silky knickers and no bra Her saggy big tits
were on clear view and I longed to suck her erect nipples
Gran sat on the bed and felt my hard prick through the sheet
Don looks like you are happy to see me in my knickers Gran laughed
I take it you have not fucked any girl yet she asked
No gran I have only wanked sniffing yours and my sisters panty s
I mumbled as Gran slipped her hand under the sheet and caught hold
of my hard cock
Don its ok darling to feel me anywhere you like I am yours darling
I grabbed hold of her big saggy tits and started to suck and lick her erect nipples
She put my hand down her white silky knickers
Don always rub a girls clit until it is erect and then insert two fingers in her cunt hole and
wank her until she begs you to put your cock in her cunt Gran stated as she
put my stiff prick into her hairy cunt hole
My cock tingled feeling her wet moist cunt wrapped around it
Fuck me hard darling I need a good fucking Gran moaned as she started to ride my
probing prick deep up her old moist cunt tunnel
Enjoy your cock being in my silky panty s She added as she wrapped her silky panty s
around my balls as she rode my stiff prick
I never felt so horny as I squeezed her big saggy tits and slapped her hard on her arse cheeks
Soon she was screaming as she climaxed all over my spurting cock filling her old cunt
hole with my young hot sticky semen
Granpa was at the door wanking his big wrinkled cock watching me fuck gran
Gran quickly started to suck and lick my semen soaked prick until
it was clean and starting to harden again
Lets have a threesome boy Its time for you to enjoy an old tight arse hole
Granpa said as he entered the room with his massive erection
Oh yes yes my husbands prick in my cunt and my boy in my arse hole Gran said hornily
She started to suck grandpas hard cock as I eased her silky panty s down over her arse cheeks
Insert your cock in her arse hole boy he ordered
Gran put her hand between her legs and guided my throbbing cock into
her tight arse hole
Wow it was awesome it was so tight but slowly I pushed my throbbing prick deeper
and deeper up my grans wriggling arse hole
After a few gorgeous minutes my cock was buried up to my balls in her wriggling arse hole
Granpa quickly buried his huge big prick up her semen sticky cunt hole
Oh I am in heaven been fucked in my cunt and arse lovely lovely fuck me fuck me
Gran screamed as she squeezed both our balls as we rode her hard
I am cumming darlings fill my holes with yere hot semen boys Gran cried
as she convulsed in a triple climax
I felt my cock stiffen deep up her arse hole and it spewed my hot load into her arse hole
at the same time granpa shot his cum into grans riding cunt hole
The beginning of my lifetime love of old granny s cunt and arse holes and saggy tits

Aunty s daughter Louise arrived to stay She was a blonde young schoolgirl
with big tits like my aunty and long legs She always wore short skirts so I could
get a great view of her panty clad young cunt and pert arse cheeks
Gran watched as I sat opposite Louise on the sofa as she opened her legs wide
making her skirt ride up her creamy young thighs
She was wearing transparent white knickers
Her young cunt lips were pressed against the silky material
My prick hardened in my jeans and Louise smirked in delight at my horn
Granpa sat beside her and playfully patted her panty clad arse cheeks

Don cum with me and let Louise and grandpa play Gran told me giggling as she
led me out of the room
In the hallway she stopped Wait a minute and see a great scene Gran giggled
We crept back to the open door
Granpa is going to open Louise s young cunt today She is a virgin Gran said sexily
Grandpa had pushed her little skirt right up and was feeling her panty clad arse cheeks
At the same time he was French kissing her
Grandad stop you naughty man Louise protested as she removed his hand from her arse cheeks
He responded by opening her white blouse and fondled her big young tits in her lacy silky white bra
My cock was hardening sticking against Grans silky panty s as her skirt was pushed up
Don lovely darling I love the feel of your hard young prick against my panty clad arse cheeks
gran whispered in a sexy aroused voice
Grandpa slipped his hand back up Louise s short skirt and started to feel her pert young arse cheeks
in her yellow see through panty s
You really are a pest grandpa why are you feeling my bum Louise enquired
Granpa stuck his tongue deepin her mouth
At the same time he slipped his probing fingers down the front of his grand daughters
silky panty s He felt her tight young cunt lips which were begining to moisten
Gran brought me into the room my hard prick rubbing against her panty clad arse
Ok you two Don and I are going to fuckwhile you watch and learn Louise gran stressed
And you husband will have Louise sit on your cock but keep her panty s on gran ordered
You can fuck her silky panty s darling Right gran asked
Louise and grandpa nodded in agreement
Louise got up and sat on her granpa s erect cock
His cock started to ride her panty s as he grew more and more sexually aroused
Gran and I were centre stage and granpa had opened Louise s shirt and was
feeling her big young tits and tweaking her erect young nipples
Gran bent over and started to suck my big erect prick
I was delighted to see Louise gazing at my cock being sucked by her gran
I pulled my grans short skirt tight up and put my hand down her transparent silky panty s
Louise watched in awe as I fingered her grans tight arse hole
I inserted two fingers into grans arse hole She squealed in delight
Darling fuck my arse hole yes yes Gran moaned as I
eased her panty s down over her thighs and started to insert my stiff prick
into grans tight hot arse hole I made sure Louise could see my hard cock
riding her grans arse hole
Louise started to wank her grandpa s throbbing cock buried in her silky panty s
Grandpa s cock exploded and covered Louise s panty s with his hot sticky semen
I brought gran impaled by her arse hole on my prick over to couch
Gran greedily sucked granpa s semen soaked prick and then turned her attention
to Louise s semen soaked panty s and started to lick the semen off her panty s
Gran licked Louise s wet cunt hole through her semen soaked panty s
I felt my cock tingle as it stiffened and spurted my hot sticky semen load
up her wriggling hole
Oh fuck yes yes yes Gran moaned as she climaxed
Louise jumped up and started to lick and suck my semen soaked cock
I caressed her young arse cheeks in her silky semen soaked panty s
My prick hardened once more
Give it to the young slut Gran ordered as she wanked her old husbands soft prick
I pushed Louise s little panty s aside and put the tip of my erect cock
into Louise s virgin cunt hole opening
Oh uncle yes yes fuck me fuck me She begged as she pressed her tight little cunt
back on my throbbing prick
I caught her by her young big tits and with a holler rammed my cock deep into her virgin cunt
ripping it open as I held her hard and rode her like a stallion
Grandpa s cock stiffened in gran s mouth as he watched Louise losing her virginity
Louise cried out as her hymen was ripped open but then began to ride my big
cock as I continued to ride her
Iam cumming yes yes yesssssssss Louise cried as
I filled her virgin cunt hole with my hot sticky semen load

Lookout for part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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