Great ATV Ride to end Summer

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Great ATV Ride to end Summer
Ever year as summer comes to a close we always dread winter each and every year. Winter time for us is almost never any fun, because we cannot hangout at the pool or do other summer activities that we like to do with our family and friends. In 2010 the wife and I bought a new articat prowler 1000, and even though we had ridden it a few times, we still did not ride it as much as we wanted. Then in the first part of October, a couple of cousins of mine called me up and told me they were planning on riding in the middle of October, and they wanted my wife and I to go, and of course as much as we like to ride we would not pass the invitation up.
Over the past 16 years of our marriage my wife has met these two cousins several times during our marriage, and has always thought they are both cool and crazy as hell. She thinks they are crazy, because they like to make little perverted remarks to her, and of course she would just make her own perverted comments back, and then not think anything else of it. Then every time we would leave I would always tell her that these two cousins are horny and as perverted as I am because it runs in the family, but of course she never believes it no matter how many times I tell her. Well at least she didn’t believe it before the ride. However now thanks to the October ride we went on with them she is now a firm believer LOL……
This October day and ride started out normal like any other day and four wheeler ride we had ever been on before. The wife and I got our snacks, drinks, and of course alcoholic beverages together, and loaded the prowler loaded the night before as we always do. We loaded the prowler the night before because we always leave early and attempt to spend all day out riding. These rides take all day because we all like to ride a bit, then drink and talk a bit, and then ride a bit more, continuing this cycle until the ride is complete. When we got to my cousins house there were ten side by side four wheelers setting in his yard, and out of everyone that was going my wife was the only female in the crowd. She then got out of the truck and told my cousins that she like being the center of attention. Then I one of my cousins walking toward me with a clear bottle, and I know right off that this ride was going to be different he told me that the bottle was filled with homemade moonshine. So as we were leaving I began to tell the wife that they were going to get drunk as hell and began to tell her that they had brought a bottle of homemade moonshine.
As we began the ride everything was pretty much normal, and about 30 minutes we began the first phase of the stop, talk, and go cycle I had previously talked about. Each time we would stop we would grab us a cold beer out of the cooler and pull us up a piece of ground and talk. For the first couple stops the conversation was little sexual comments toward my wife back and forth as everyone else would laugh, and of course my cousin trying to get me and her to drink some of his homemade moonshine. Shortly after these talks we would began riding again and after the second stop I told my wife that I was not drinking any moonshine, because I could drive home after a few beers but not moonshine. I also told the wife that she could drink some if she wanted because I knew she had never had a drink of moonshine.
Then on the third stop we made my cousins again began to make sexual remarks toward my wife, and the cousin who brought the moonshine asked her if she was going to take a drink of his moonshine or was she too scared. My wife then grabbed the bottle and took a big gulp, followed shortly with another big gulp. Then my cousins began telling her good job, and that they knew she had it in her. Then her comment back to them was “I have had several things in me and some things even in me at the same time.” Which as you can imagine got all three of us perverts thinking dirty. Then the cousins told the wife and I that he has a surprise he would tell us about at the next stop.
As we continued to ride toward the next stop I could tell the moonshine was working on my wife just a little bit. Then as we were going through the mountains I could hear my two cousins who were riding together trying to get our attention. Then when the wife and I looked back my cousin in the passenger seat was making the motion with his hands like he was raising his shirt up to flash us. My wife then looked at me and told me that she was going to show them a real set of tidy’s, and without hesitation I told her to show them a real set and began to laugh. Then my wife told me to slow down, and she proceeded to get up out of her seat and turned toward them. Once in position she took her shirt off and then raised her bra up, and to make them look even long she began to rub her breast with both hands, while liking her nipples.
On her next stop my cousin’s pulled up beside us and to the wife that she has some very nice tits. Then my cousin Jeff told the wife that he did not get to see them good, because he was driving, and my wife replied “Well we can’t have that.” She then leaned back in her seat and raised her shirt again were everyone on the ride could get a nice view. After a few seconds I couldn’t help myself, and bent over and began to lick her nipples, and rub her breast for a few seconds. Then I rose up and stated “I bet all of you wish you had a woman as kinky, and as sexy as mine, and began to laugh.” Then we all got off of our rides, and decided to kill some time so we sat around drinking and talking with everyone as it began to get dark. After about an hour of drinking and talking some of the guys we had riding with us decided they were going to break off from the ride and go home because they had to work the next morning. So my two cousins, the wife and I told them good bye, told them they were going to miss fun part of the ride as we laughed.
Then after they left it only left the four of use on the ride so we had a seat and continued with our drinking and talking. Then after a few minutes my wife asked Jeff what surprise he had for us. Jeff then told the wife that on the next stop we were going to meet a few whores on top of the mountain, and asked if we brought any condoms. The wife began to laugh thinking he was k**ding, and then the phone rang. It was the two girls calling Jeff to see what time we would be on top of the mountain. After Jeff talked to them for a few minutes we heard him say we should be there around 10:00 pm and then he hung up the phone. The wife then looked at him and said “I thought you were joking.” I then looked at the wife and stated, “See I told you they were as perverted and as horny as me, as I laughed.” As we all talked about who they were and how Jeff know them, I told Jeff that I was not fucking no whore, and told him I would let one help my wife suck me off, but I would not fuck one as I laughed again. My wife then told me that she would let one help her suck me off, and we returned to our rides and began to continue our travel on the trail to where we were supposed to me the two whores.
After about an hour or so of riding we arrived on an old strip mine my cousins and I knew of growing up that was also easy to get to from the main highway. The area only had one black top road leading across the large flat to an old factory that was located in the area, and there was only one security guard that still patrolled the area as well. However, the rest of the area was completely covered with beautiful tall grass. As we made our way through the mountains and arrived to the area as we came out of the mountain you could see the beautiful night sky and stars. There was not a cloud in the sky, stars as far as the eye could see, and on top of this there was an extra-large full moon. I knew the wife and I have been rode through this area before during the day, but I also knew that she had never seen there area during the night. As we entered the flattened area from the mountains I heard my wife take a deep breath and say “Oh my god, how beautiful this place is.” It was truly a moment to cherish, and remember with my wife of 16 years,” and as we continued to ride through the flattened area she continued to tell me how beautiful the area was.
After reaching the top of the mountain it did not take us very long to find a good place to stop and wait on the two Whores. We located our side by sides on the edge of the wood line facing toward the road in only direction any cars would be able to come up. After we stopped I ensured that I turn my articat prowler so the wife would be able to look at the beautiful full moon. Then as soon as I stopped I leaned over and gave her a nice long kiss and told her that I was glad she liked the view, and told her I loved her. We then proceeded to exit off of the side by sides, and of course did what almost every other individual would do and used them to lean up against as we continued our drinking and talking. Then after talking for a few minutes I looked down at my watch and notices that it was a little bit after 10:00 pm. I then looked up at Jeff and immediately told him it was after 10 and asked him where the whores were. My drunken cousin then in a slurred voice stated “they are running late aren’t they, as he began to laugh.” I couldn’t help but to make fun of him, as I told him he wasn’t getting laid tonight, as I laughed.”
After this Jeff got back on the phone and called the two women asking them were they hell were they, and after talking a few minutes he hung up the phone again. My wife then asked Jeff if he got stood up, and he replied “No, they are running a little late, but should be here around 12:00 am. After this my cousin Richie and I told Jeff that we had to work tomorrow and wasn’t waiting on some whores all night, and we proceeded to continue with our previous conversation. Then after a few more minutes of talking about work, everyday life issues, and our memories from the past Jeff began to again talk about how nice my wife’s breast were, and asked her if he could see them again, and of course my wife being the crowd pleaser that she is, it did not take her long to think about it and of course she didn’t hesitate showing off her very nice and perky 36 c breasts. As we all three enjoyed and took in every second of the view my cousin Jeff began a new conversation as he began asking us about swinging.
This conversation started off as normal as any other. Jeff was asking how we liked swinging, how long and how many times we had done it. Then as we began answer Jeff’s question my other cousin Richie walked up and began listening. We then began telling them about some of our hot experiences along with some of the things we have done. Of course you must keep in mind that the experiences we were sharing with them are the same ones as our other posts on X-hamster, and of course if you are follower of our stories you already know that they some very hot and sexy stories. Then as you can probably imagine when individuals who have never experienced anything such as, these stories really gets their hearts and blood pumping along with getting the wheels turning in their minds from just listening, and imagining their stories. After telling them a few of our stories my cousin Richie told the wife that his cock was hard as a rock, and that we shouldn’t tell stories like this to a man in the mountains, and off course my cousins Jeff said that if he would so drunk his cock would be hard as well. Then as we laughed about what Jeff said, his phone began to ring, and of course it was the two whores again.
So as Jeff began conversing with the two whores on the phone Richie began asking me how I could watch another guy fuck my wife. So I explained to him that when I first decided to do this I was very nerves, but after a few minutes to me it seems more like a competition of who can get her of first. Then of course with two males trying to get the female off it is always good for the female, and the wife loves having a man licking her breast while one is eating, finger, or fucking her wet pussy, and the wife also told him how she loved it, and that it was great. Then I also explained to Richie that we had a very good sex life by our self and it is not even about that, and it was not something we did every day or that we even really had to do. However, to us it is about us having fun together and enjoying life with each other as we fulfill one another’s fantasies. Then Richie said “well I guess that works, as Jeff hung up the phone and began talking to us again.
When Jeff began to talk again he started asking if we would ever let another man fuck my wife without a condom. I told Jeff that it would depend on how well we knew the guy, and even then the wife would make the final call on that. Jeff then asked me if I would let my cousin Richie fuck her without one. I told him that it was completely up to her, and I would go with whatever she wanted to do. Richie then asked me if I had ever broken in the articat prowler yet by fucking the wife on it. I then told Richie that I had not done this yet, but tonight under the full moon would be a very good night to break it in. I don’t know if it was just the booze, the wife, the full moon, the conversations, or everything that was messing with my head, but of course it had me horny as hell. My wife was also looking very sexy, and beautiful under the full moon, and it did not take long for the call of the wild to kick in.
So to begin the party off I slide over and had the wife stand between my legs with her ass against my cock. I then began to kiss her very softly on her neck and began licking on her ears, until she turned around and gave me a very deep and long kiss. After the kiss I turned her back around and began to rub her breast through her clothes, as I continued to kiss her neck. I could tell this was making her very horny from the way she was squirming as I continued these actions. I then took both of my hands and went underneath her shirt and made my way to her nice and firm 36 c breast. Once I made my way to her breasts I began to slowly rub on her breast while kissing and licking her ears, and as I rubbed her breast I could also fell her nipples beginning to get hard as they pressed up against my hands. I then raised her shirt and bra up and continued the kissing and rubbing while allowing both of my cousins to watch.
After a few minutes of this I completely removed both her shirt and bra, which also allows both of my cousins to get a better look at her as she stood with the moon light shining against her very nice firm breasts. I again began to lick and kiss on her neck and ears to make her continue to get horny. I then took my hands and rubbed her breast gently before I began making my way down to the top of her jeans. Once I reached the top of her jeans I told her “Let me see if that pussy is nice and wet sexy.” I then moved my hand down into the front of her jeans making my way into her black lace boycott panties. I could fill her smooth shaved pussy as I made my way to the entrance of her pussy. Once I made my way to the entrance of her pussy I began rubbing the lips of her pussy, and then began to slide my middle finger into her pussy. At this point her pussy was so wet; it seemed to be almost dripping. Her pussy seemed to be getting a little extra wet and hot as worked my finger in and out of her pussy while continuing to kiss her neck. My wife then asked me “is that pussy wet enough for you baby,” and at this moment I knew she was horny and ready to get fucked.
As we continued to kiss I un-button her jeans, and began sliding them down leaving her standing in just her black lacy boycott panties. Once her jeans was completely off I turned her around to where her breast were facing me, because I knew this would give my two cousins a chance to admire her as in those sexy little panties before they were taken off as well. Once she was turned toward me I began kissing her breast and sucking on her nipples, because I knew she loved this. I then could feel her hands making their way down to my jeans, and right before she began to un-button I asked my two cousins if they cared to see a cock as I laughed. Without hesitation both of them stated “Hell we are not a bit shy we don’t care a bit especially when we are getting a free show.” My wife then un-buttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. She then got own her knees while still in her panties and reach inside of my boxers and began rubbing my cock. My cock immediately began to get hard. Then after rubbing my cock for a few seconds she pulled my boxers down to my ankles as well, and began to suck my cock.
Her mouth felt very good on my cock, and I could not help but to express the joy of her sucking my cock as I began to moan as I rubbed her breasts. It was so hot watching her work her moth up and down the steam of my cock, as she made her way down to my balls were she would suck on both of my balls. As I was enjoying this I could also tell that my two cousins were enjoying the show as well because I could see Richie rubbing his own cock with his hand through his jeans. It did not take me long to stop my wife from sucking my cock, because I was just itching to slide my cock deep inside of her hot and wet pussy. So after pulling my cock out of her mouth I took her by the arm and stood her up as I told her “let get these panties off of you sexy.”
After I took her panties off I laid her down in the bed of my articat prowler and made my way down to lick on and finger her pussy for a few minutes. My wife has always had the best tasting pussy I have ever had, and I also took a short second with this moment to brag about her tasty pussy to my two cousins. Then after bragging for a few seconds I began to return to licking and fingering her pussy while my two cousins continued to enjoy the show from the sideline. All three of us could tell from her moans and screams of joy that she was enjoying me fingering and licking her little pussy. Then after eating her pussy for a few minutes I stood up and brought my cock up to the entrance of her pussy. Before entering my cock into her pussy I raised her leg up so that both of my cousins could watch as I slow entered my cock into her pussy.
Once I entered my cock deep in side of her pussy I began to work my cock in and out of her pussy nice and slow. Then once I fucked her very slow for a few minutes I would change the pace and speed up the motion of how I was working my cock in and out of her hot and wet pussy. My wife loves being fucked like this and loves it when a man changes the pace back and forth between going slow and fast. Therefore, it did not take us long to begin to hear her increased breathing, and loudness of her moans and screams of pleasure as they began to get louder and louder. In fact after I fucked her for a few minutes at one point while I was fucking her I had to stop, because her moans and screams of pleasure was getting so loud that we were afraid we were going to get the attention of the security guard watching over the property. Then after we stopped my cousins Richie came up with a brilliant ideal to keep the sound down, as he walked over and told my wife that she would be able to scream and moan so loud with a cock in her mouth as he began to pull his cock from his jeans.
Knowing that he could not get to her from the way she was laying in the back of my articat prowler I grabbed her by the arm and stood her up. Once she stood her I told her to bend over so I could fuck her from behind. Once she bent over I again slide my cock back into her pussy and began to work my cock in and out of her pussy. My wife then reached out and grabbed Richie by the cock, and began stroking his cock with her hand. Once I got my cock all the way into her pussy and began to pound on her pussy she immediately began to suck Richie’s cock. It did not take me long to begin to hear his heavy breathing, and I could also tell from his facial expressions that he was indeed enjoying my wife’s moth on his cock, as I could see her licking down the steam and making her way to his balls were she could suck on his balls as well. After watching this for a few minutes along with me pounding on her pussy it did not take me very long at all for me to work up a huge load of cum to fill her pussy with. Then as she continued sucking Richie’s cock I began to fill her pussy with my warm cum.
After Cumming in her pussy Richie asked me if he could fuck her pussy. I told him that I didn’t care if she wanted him too. My wife then told Richie “that I had filled her pussy full of cum.” However, Richie told her “that he did not mind sloppy seconds, so she told him to get behind her and fuck her.” Once Richie was deep inside of her pussy I stuck my cock in her mouth to let her clean her pussy juice from my cock. However, by doing this it also helped Richie out and it was not to long until we heard him say that he was ready to cum. Richie then told her that he would pull it out when he was ready to cum, because he didn’t have a condom on. My wife and I both told him that her tubes were tied and has been tied for the past ten years. Then my wife looked at me as she told Richie not to worry about pulling out, because he should waste his hot cum, and without hesitating I told him to fill her pussy full, and after he received permission it did not take him long at all to begin filling up her pussy with his warm cum.
Needless to say this four wheeler ride turned out to be just another wild not and adventure with the wife and I. Everyone had a great time drinking, joking, and talking about old times. However, Jeff ended up not getting laid at all, because even though he was offered to fuck my wife he continued to insist on waiting for the two whores thinking he would get to fuck them both at the same time, but of course it did not turn out that way at all. However, Richie, my wife and I continued our fun time as we all ended up doing several rounds of good fucking. In fact, Richie and I both ended up fucking my wife approximately three or four more times each during this same wild night. The end…………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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