Greek Salad

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Greek Salad
Chapter 2

Greek Salad

I opened my email box as usual to find the normal quantity of spam. As I scanned the addresses I noticed one from my friend, Aunan from Greece. Aunan and I had been emailing each other for several months after we found out we had a mutual interest, namely my wife, Ann.

I had sent some intimate photos of her to him as I found the thought of another man seeing her naked and masturbating over her, extremely erotic. Aunan had immediately taken to Ann and shown how much he liked her by emailing me video footage of himself wanking while looking at her photos on his computer. I love watching the video whilst he slowly strokes his cock as Ann’s body excites him until his cum explodes onto the screen and runs down the image of her tits and pussy. It was like watching another man fuck my wife.

I opened the email and read it. Aunan explained that he would be travelling to the UK soon as he was visiting his relatives in Hove. It’s a strange co-incidence that he has family in the City where I work. Ann and I live about twenty five miles from Brighton & Hove and she often spends her free time shopping there.

Aunan asked whether we could meet up so that I could give him a video I had mentioned in a previous email. The three-hour tape was of numerous occasions when we had filmed ourselves making love. There was also some footage of Ann masturbating with her fingers and her vibrator when I couldn’t maintain my erection.

I quickly typed my reply to Aunan and told him that I’d be delighted to meet him and let him have the video he requested. I said that we’d meet in a pub somewhere in the City and that we’d finalise the arrangements closer to the time of his visit. I sent the email and waited for his reply.

Over the next few days I thought more about the situation and about what Ann had said after I had told her of my dream and fantasy. Gradually ideas came into my head about how to exploit this situation to all of our advantages. I needed to be careful that Ann wasn’t frightened off by any clumsy attempt to let Aunan fuck her. I would have to choose my time very carefully so that she would be receptive to the idea of letting him into her panties.

I therefore began to plan. Aunan had mentioned he was arriving in late July and as this was a week before my birthday, I decided to use this opportunity to try to arrange a meeting between the three of us. However, I wouldn’t be telling Ann until closer to the time.

As my birthday approached Ann began asking me what I wanted as a present. Initially I said I couldn’t think of anything and left it at that. With the day getting closer I detected a note of frustration in her voice as she realised that she would struggle to find me a present unless I could think of something. I deliberately maintained my vague answer, as I knew this would help me with my other plan.

A few days before Aunan were to travel to England I emailed him with my mobile phone number and told him to call me when he arrived in Hove. I didn’t have to wait long. On Monday 30th July my phone rang just before 3pm. When I answered Aunan introduced himself. He spoke good English but with a noticeable Greek accent. He had a slightly nervous tone in his voice but I tried to put him at his ease by keeping the conversation light. I suggested that we meet the following evening at 6 o’clock at a pub close to where I work and told him that I’d bring the video with me. Aunan seemed genuinely pleased and said he looked forward to our meeting.

The following day I constantly thought about our meeting and wondered what Aunan would be like. From the videos he had sent me I had a mental picture of a tall guy in his mid thirties, reasonably fit with a longish, firm cock. I had not seen his face so I had no idea whether he was good looking or not.

As the time of our meeting approached I began to feel more nervous. What would he be like? Would I like him? Would he be good enough for Ann? At 5.50 I left work and walked to The Stadium pub on the Old Shoreham Road. By now my stomach was in knots with anticipation. Would Aunan turn up or was he all talk and no action? I carried the small plastic bag containing the video into the pub.

My eyes adjusted to the darkened room. There were only a few people in the bar and I quickly scanned the area to see if I recognised anyone who may fit Aunan’s description. Other than the obvious regulars I didn’t spot anyone who vaguely resembled him unless he’d lied to me and was really an old man who liked his beer!

My heart sank as I realised Aunan may not arrive for the meeting. However, I knew I shouldn’t leave immediately and therefore went to the bar and ordered a Coke. I sat on a stool with my back to the door and slowly drank from the glass. As I sat there thinking about what might have been, I felt a cool breeze as the door behind me opened. As I looked over my shoulder I saw a large figure in the doorway. Without appearing too obvious I glanced in the mirror behind the bar and saw the guy walk slowly into the room. With the light from outside behind him I couldn’t make out his features but had a strange feeling that this may be him.

As he approached the bar beside me the landlord asked what he wanted to drink. The guy replied.

“Lager, please.” I immediately recognised his accent. I stood up and walked to the bar.

“Hi, I take it you’re Aunan? I asked. “Let me get that for you.” I said, as the barman placed the glass in front of us. I paid for the beer and the barman went off to serve another customer.

Aunan and I shook hands.
“Good to meet you, I thought you weren’t going to turn up!”

“No way! I need to see video of Ann like you tell me.” Aunan exclaimed in a strong Greek accent and he laughed.

I saw that he was about 6 foot 2 inches tall with broad shoulders and a toned body. He obviously kept himself in shape and his skin was the typical olive complexion of a man used to being in the sun. His face was also typically Greek with handsome features, black hair and deep brown eyes.

“Well I’m glad you’re here.” I said. “I would’ve been disappointed if you hadn’t shown.”

“Me also. I hope you arrive but worry you scared I am strange man! Aunan laughed again.

“No, I think I know you’re OK from the videos I’ve seen! I replied.

I then began to explain my plan to Aunan. We spent the next hour quietly discussing how we were going to make the situation work and what each of us was to do. Once we had it clear in our minds we agreed that we would talk each day on the phone to agree the next move.

Before leaving I handed the bag to Aunan and told him to enjoy the video. He took it eagerly and looked inside as if expecting to see Ann’s naked body. He wasn’t disappointed as he saw the recent Polaroid photo of Ann lying on our bed with her legs apart and her Rampant Rabbit dildo deep in her pussy with the vibrating ears jammed hard against her clit.

Aunan’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he saw Ann’s swollen labia close up. I knew from our photo session that soon after the picture was taken, Ann orgasmed as the vibrating head stimulated her erect clitoris.

I bid Aunan goodnight and said I’d phone him soon. We both left and went our separate ways. Driving home I couldn’t stop thinking about Aunan and the possibility that he would be only the second or third man, other than me to slide his long, firm penis into my wife’s gorgeous cunt (I have a suspicion that she had an affair with one of her bosses for a few years when she worked in London after we married).

We spoke each day on the phone and agreed that I’d take Ann to a pub between our house and Hove on Saturday evening. Aunan would then arrive and we would tell Ann that we were work colleagues. We arranged to arrive at the Halfway House pub between 7.30 and 8pm.

On Saturday afternoon I mentioned to Ann that it would be nice to go out for a drink that evening. She didn’t seem too keen at first but once I explained that we could have a quiet night in instead, she agreed to go. At about 6.30pm I showered and shaved. I spent some time shaving my cock and balls and trimming the remaining pubic hair.

Ann came into the bathroom and said

“You’re going to a lot of effort for a couple of drinks.”

“Well I never know when I’ll get lucky.” I laughed. “You never know I might let you have my body if you’re good.”

“Promises, promises.” Ann said mockingly. “Well if you’re going dressed to kill then so will I!”

Ann quickly undressed and climbed in the shower. I looked at her reflection in the shaving mirror pretending to finish trimming my facial hair. As the water cascaded down, she washed her body with shower gel and a sponge. She spent time soaping her breasts and belly. Her hands moved slowly over her slippery skin towards her neatly trimmed bush. Ann squeezed some more gel onto her fingers and slid them through her hair and between her legs. She rubbed the soap well under and I knew she was ensuring she was thoroughly clean.

As my cock began to rise I decided to leave Ann to finish her shower as I didn’t want to give any indication that this was anything other than a quiet night out. I also knew that if I stood there with a hard on, Ann might take the opportunity to use it for her pleasure. No, I wanted her to experience what I fantasised about and what she said she’d like to try.

Once dressed, I remained in the bedroom to watch Ann select her outfit. I knew she’d choose something elegant as she always dresses to impress. She stepped out of the bathroom naked and walked to her bedside drawers. She opened the top one and selected some lacy black panties and a similar half-cup bra. She also lifted some elasticated top stockings and checked them for snags. Ann dressed in her underwear and I stared at the white flesh of her thighs between the stocking tops and her panties. I love that type of underwear.

She then moved to her cupboard and selected a medium length, figure hugging black and white dress. As she stepped into it and pulled it up onto her shoulders I approached her from behind and helped her zip it up and gently stroked her neck.

“You look really nice. I whispered in her ear. “In fact you look good enough to eat.”

“Treat me nicely and I’ll let you later.” Ann replied, turning round and placing one hand over my trousered cock. It immediately jumped and I felt it swelling with my pulsing blood. She leant forward and kissed me gently on the cheek before picking up a small black jacket and walking out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I followed and we left the house.

We took a steady drive to the Halfway House and arrived just before 7.30pm. As we got out of the car I looked around the car park. There were only two cars there so it was unlikely to be busy. We walked to the entrance and I held the door for Ann. She brushed past me and I smelt her sweet perfume. My anticipation rose as we entered the large bar area. I glanced around but Aunan wasn’t there yet. I was pleased as this showed control on his part and proved he wasn’t just here for a quick fuck and then off. It also allowed us to settle in the pub and give Ann the impression that this was the evening she believed was planned.

I ordered our drinks, a tonic for me and a vodka and Coke for Ann. I selected a table in the corner but in clear view of the bar so we could see Aunan when he approached.
We chatted over our drinks about what we’d been doing at work that week. My mind kept wandering as I thought of what might happen later that evening with Ann, Aunan and me. Every time the door opened I discreetly glanced to see if he’d arrived. The pub was steadily filling up.

Just before 7.55 the door opened again and I immediately recognised the shape of Aunan as he stood in the doorway. He walked to the bar and I noticed Ann watch him for a moment longer than the other guys who’d previously entered. He stood by the bar and ordered his drink. I deliberately did not look directly at him, as the plan was that he would see me first and approach us.

Aunan stood at the bar for several minutes not looking in our direction. Ann and I continued chatting. I noticed that she occasionally glanced around the bar and I could see her eyes settle on Aunan’s butt for a second. From the corner of my eye I saw that he slowly turned around to look at the seating area behind him. He played his part really well as he glanced at me and then began to smile. He moved towards us.

“Paul, what are you doing here?” He said in mock surprise. He held out his hand and I stood to shake it.

“Aunan, how are you?” We stood there and each delivered our agreed lines. I explained that we were there for a quiet drink and asked him why he was there. He replied that he was there to meet a girl who’d been introduced to him by a mutual friend. He hadn’t actually met her but their friend thought they’d like each other.

I then turned to Ann and told her that Aunan was a work colleague and introduced them. I could see Aunan’s eyes smiling at her as he held out his hand for gentlemanly handshake. She placed her small hand in his and shook. He then leant forward to kiss her on the cheek. She reached forward with her left hand and placed it on his shoulder as a more personal gesture. I was surprised at Ann’s action as she was usually quite reserved when meeting people for the first time. However, I could see her eyes studying his good-looking face as they stepped back and he continued to hold her hand. She slowly withdrew her hand from his and she again sat down.

“Would you like a drink?” He said gesturing at our nearly empty glasses.

“Yeah, that’d be nice, Ann will have a vodka and coke and I’ll have a tonic please.”

Aunan walked back to the bar and waited to be served.

“He’s nice.” Ann said quietly with a mischievous hint in her voice.

“Yeah, he works in our office. He’s Greek and lives with his family in Hove. He’s only been here a few months.” I said, giving a reason for his tanned look.

Aunan returned with the drinks. As he placed them on the table I told him to fetch his own drink from the bar and to come and sit with us. He did so and we sat talking for a while about where in Greece he was from and why he’d come to England to work. After a while Aunan looked at his watch and said he’d now go to another table to wait for the girl he was expecting. We wished him good luck and returned to our drinks.

Ann occasionally glanced over at him smiling as their eyes met. His acting was faultless as he kept looking at his watch and at the door as if worried that his date was not going to appear. He pretended to phone her on his mobile but indicated to us that there was no answer.

Ann and I continued our conversation but I knew she was distracted by Aunan. I asked her if she wanted another drink. She told me to offer Aunan one as well so I went over to him and spoke quietly.

“I’ll get some more drinks for us all and I think Ann will ask you to come and sit with us again.”

I went to the bar and ordered the three drinks. As I turned round I heard Ann ask Aunan to join us, saying he looked uncomfortable sitting on his own. He came over when I returned with the drinks. He sat opposite Ann and I sat to the side so I could see their faces. He said that his date had obviously decided not to come and that he was disappointed that she’d not phoned to say so as he would have stayed at home.

“But then you wouldn’t have met us.” Ann giggled.

“That’s true and I not like that.” Aunan replied.

We continued chatting and Aunan explained that he’d been relying on the girl for a lift home. He told us that he’d caught a taxi to the pub but hadn’t thought about booking one home. I told him that a taxi was unlikely to come out to the pub and then travel back to Hove on a Saturday evening, as there was enough trade around the City.

Ann continued to ask Aunan about his life, his family, his work and lots of other things that indicated that she was interested in talking to him. As he spoke I noticed her staring at his face. Maybe the alcohol was beginning to affect her but I also gained the impression that he fascinated her.

As time rolled by I gradually withdrew from the conversation and allowed Aunan and Ann to chat away. They were enjoying each others company and I didn’t want to spoil that. At about 10.30pm Aunan said he’d have to leave soon to try to find a taxi. I didn’t say anything, as I wanted Ann to suggest an alternative. I got up and went to the toilet.

I stood there thinking that the plan appeared to be coming together. I sensed the door open behind me and Aunan walked to the urinal next to me. He smiled, unzipped and reached into his trousers to pull his cock out.

“This is what Ann does to me, please let me fuck her Paul?”

I glanced down and saw that it was semi hard and arched over towards the white porcelain. It looked heavy in his hand and was quite a bit longer than mine!

“That’s her choice.” I replied. “Play it cool and I think you might. Give me a few minutes with her before you come out.”

I washed my hands and returned to Ann.

“What are we going to do about Aunan getting back to Hove?” Ann asked.

“I don’t know, he won’t get a cab at this time of night.”

“Why don’t we give him a lift?”

I suddenly saw the whole plan unravelling. I had to think fast.

“No, I’m too tired to drive a forty mile round trip.” I replied quickly.

“Well, why doesn’t he stay at our house ‘til the morning? You can then drop him at Lewes to catch a train.”

Aunan returned from the toilet and before I could say anything Ann had told him not to worry about getting home as he could stay at our house. He smiled and told us we were very kind. We finished our drinks, left the bar and walked to the car. I noticed Ann was a little unsteady on her feet as she approached it. To steady herself she linked her arm with Aunan’s and he led her to the rear door. I told them to both sit in the back so he could help her in and look after her.

I drove the journey at a similar speed to the drive there but this time I spent much of the time watching them in the rear view mirror. Ann looked small next to his big frame and she rested her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes as he gently stroked her face with his strong fingers. He glanced at me in the mirror and winked. I winked back.

We arrived home at just after eleven and got out of the car. Aunan again steadied Ann as she walked to the door. I knew she wasn’t drunk but appeared to like him holding onto her. I unlocked the front door and we all entered. Ann took off her jacket and invited Aunan into the living room. He followed her and they sat down next to each other on the sofa.

“Would you like a drink?” I asked.

Both of them said they’d like a Coke. I left the room and went to the kitchen. I deliberately didn’t hurry back to give Ann and Aunan some time together. I listened intently from the kitchen and heard Aunan talking followed by Ann laughing quietly. She sounded like a giggling schoolgirl and was obviously flirting with him.

After several minutes I quietly walked back to the living room with the drinks. As I entered Ann and Aunan quickly moved apart and I saw him move his hand from her thigh. They had clearly been in some form of embrace. Ann looked slightly guilty but smiled sweetly at me when I handed her the drink. I gave a re-assuring smile back.

I returned to the kitchen to give them more time alone. I felt my penis swelling as I thought of what they were probably doing together. I stood there rubbing my hardening cock through my trousers. I listened again but now there was silence. Suddenly I heard someone walking towards the kitchen. Ann entered and approached me. She gave me a big smile and placed her arms around my neck. She kissed me softly and pressed her breasts into my chest.

“Do you remember I told you how much I love you a few weeks ago?” Ann asked quietly.

“Of course I do and you remember what I said in return?”

“Yeah but is it true? Would you really let another man make love to me?

“If you want to, I wouldn’t object as I know you’d like to feel another man’s cock, especially if it’s longer and harder than mine.”

“Oh Paul, I’m so wet and I really need a solid cock inside me. I really like Aunan and I’d love to take him to bed but it’s got to be all right with you. If you’ve changed your mind I’ll understand.” Ann kissed me tenderly again and smiled.

“No, I’ve not changed my mind. The only thing I ask is that I can watch and video what happens.”

“Is that so you can remember the time I fulfil your fantasy? Ann quietly laughed. “Anyway, Happy Birthday. This’ll have to be your present as I haven’t thought of anything else to get you.”

“I think it’s a wonderful present!” I replied.

Ann hugged me tightly and then left the room. I waited discreetly in the kitchen for a few minutes until I saw Ann lead Aunan through the hall. I watched as she held his hand and walked slowly up the stairs in front of him accentuating her hip movements just in front of his face.

As he followed her he looked over to me in the kitchen, grinned and winked again. I returned the gestures. A few minutes later I followed them up the stairs. As I approached the bedroom I saw the dimmed light from the bedside lamps illuminating the room

I edged in through the door and saw Ann and Aunan in a close embrace. They were kissing deeply and she softly caressed his buttocks with both hands.

I quickly took the video camera from my cupboard and checked the tape. I switched it on and pointed it towards the two of them. Their image appeared and I pressed the record button. After filming them for a while I focused on their faces and zoomed in. I captured their tongues entwined and darting between each other’s lips. I know Ann loves kissing like this and it would soon have the desired effect.

Aunan’s hands began to feel Ann’s body through her dress and I watched as he reached around and unzipped it. She stood back from him and slipped the straps off her shoulders. She smiled at him as the dress fell to the floor. Ann stood there in her underwear and Aunan looked at her breasts bulging out of her bra. He reached forward and gently stroked the exposed flesh. He slipped one finger down a cup and rubbed her nipple.

Ann’s hands rose to his cotton shirt and undid the buttons. Aunan shrugged his shoulders and his shirt slid off his back. He stood there with his strong chest and arms exposed. Ann reached around her back and released her bra. It fell forward and her round breasts drooped slightly. Her breasts are not quite as firm as they used to be but they’re still lovely to caress, lick and suck.

She took a small step forward and placed her hands on his belt, pulling it roughly to release it. She undid the waistband of his trousers and lowered the zip. Aunan’s strong hands rose to her breasts and lifted them slightly whilst gently squeezing and pushing them together. Ann eased his trousers downwards and I saw his bulging black shorts.

Ann stood facing Aunan in her panties, stockings and high heels as he caressed her gorgeous breasts. She looked down and slipped one hand into the front of his shorts. She reached in and grasped his swollen shaft. With her other hand she pulled the front of the shorts downwards. The long hard cock was released as Ann pulled his foreskin upwards to cover the purple head. She began to slowly wank Aunan’s cock as his hands brushed over her breasts and belly.

They moved closer again and their mouths met. I watched and filmed as their lips opened and their tongues snaked together. Ann began to pant as she loves sensuous kissing and I knew she’d soon be unable to resist anything Aunan wanted to do to her. Aunan’s hands were now on Ann’s arse pulling her closer to him. However, she still had hold of his erect cock and was tenderly running her hands up and down its’ length and under his balls.

I continually checked the viewfinder of the camera to ensure I was capturing the best footage. I’d move closer to film intimate parts and away to capture the overall action. I was pleased and excited to be able to not only live out my fantasy but to film it for watching whenever I wanted.

Ann released Aunan’s cock and eased away from him. She took his hands in hers and stepped back towards our bed. She again looked up at him and smiled as she slowly sat down on the end of the bed whilst still holding his hands. Her eyes constantly looked into his.

She parted her feet and knees and placed her hands on his buttocks. His cock protruded above the waistband of his shorts that held it tight against his stomach. It’s swollen, purple head only a few inches from Ann’s face. She pulled him towards her and he took a small pace forward. She lowered her face and looked at his cock. Her fingers gripped the sides of the shorts and she slowly eased them down. As more of his heavy shaft was exposed, the bulbous head lowered towards Ann’s opening mouth.

With his trousers and shorts around his knees Aunan stood there looking intently at what was about to happen. Ann’s hands slid over his skin, around his hips and her fingers traced a route through his well-trimmed pubic hair. Aunan’s cock twitched as she took hold of the base of the shaft and began to pull his foreskin upwards. The hood slipped over the swollen end and Ann placed her lips to the tip. She kissed it softly and her tongue extended between the skin and his helmet. She pushed her tongue in while holding the foreskin over it. I moved closer to film the sexual connection between my wife and her new found lover.

Ann ran her tongue around the tip and Aunan placed his hands on the back of her head. His eyes closed as he felt the effect of her tongue and lips on his cock. Her mouth opened and enveloped the tip of the solid length. She closed her lips just behind the head and slowly leant forward. I filmed as the shaft disappeared into my wife’s mouth. As far as I knew this was the only the second or third cock she had ever held or sucked.

By now my own cock was straining against my trousers. It was becoming uncomfortable so I released my belt and waistband and slid the trousers down. I lifted the top of my shorts away from my stomach and felt my solid penis flex upwards. I pushed my shorts down to release my small, but hard cock. As I took hold of my shaft a small quantity of clear fluid emerged from the tip. I could feel my balls hanging heavy and knew they were full and ready to release their fluid. I began to slide my foreskin up and down, stimulating the sensitive head.

Ann was obviously working her magical blowjob technique on Aunan as he was now groaning quietly and rhythmically sliding 2 or 3 inches of cock between her lips. I watched as it withdrew covered in her saliva and she ran her fingernails under his balls and through his trimmed hair. The rhythm increased with Aunan holding her head still as he fucked her mouth.

After a short while Ann pulled away and moved backwards on the bed. She lay down with her head on the pillows and kicked off her shoes. Aunan remained where he was as she pulled her feet up and parted her knees. We both looked at the crotch of her panties and saw a distinct wet patch spreading wider.

“Aunan, I really need your solid cock inside me. Take off your clothes and let me feel it now.”

Aunan did as he was told but didn’t rush. He spent time folding his trousers and undoing the laces on his shoes. He clearly wanted Ann to wait and didn’t appear too eager. His self-control was impressive. Once undressed Aunan walked to the side of the bed and lowered himself down next to her.

Ann lay in her panties and stockings with her breasts flattening across her chest. Aunan kissed her lips and rolled a nipple between his finger and thumb. Her tongue again darted between his lips and their mouths opened as they met. Their kiss became frantic as their sexual excitement rose.

Ann reached down and pushed her panties down to expose her well-trimmed muff. She lifted her hips and slid the panties down her legs and over her feet. She threw the black, lacy material towards me and I caught them before they hit the floor. I lifted them to my face and inhaled deeply. I savoured the warm, musky aroma and licked at the wetness on the crotch. I was in heaven as I watched as my wife was about to be fucked whilst I stroked my own cock.

Ann reached over and grasped Aunans solid shaft. She pulled hard towards herself and Aunan could do nothing but go with it. He knelt and moved between her thighs. She continued to pull his cock towards her wet, engorged labia. He placed his hands on the pillows beside her head and pushed his hips downwards. The purple head was virtually touching Ann’s pussy. She closed her eyes as she pulled the tip towards herself. It touched her lips and Aunan clenched his buttocks and began to ease it in.

I moved as close as I could without getting in their way and filmed the long cock sliding slowly in. As it disappeared I felt my own excitement growing and pulsing through me. Aunan was gentle as he buried his whole length and Ann’s eyes opened in surprise as it pushed deep inside.

“God, that feels wonderful. I never thought a cock could be so hard.” Ann gasped.

“Why not? – You do this to any man. You are gorgeous Ann, everyone want to fuck you.” Aunan replied in his strong Greek accent.

“Well, maybe not all at once, I can just about cope with you!” Ann quietly laughed.

Aunan rested on his shins and knees and with straight arms, began to lift his hips. I was fascinated as the long wet shiny length withdrew from Ann. As the head came into view he held his position with the tip nestled between her lips. He then eased downwards in the same deliberate motion until his cock was completely buried again. Ann let out a deep sigh as he now repeated the cycle. Aunan continued with this sensual motion for several minutes and I could tell that Ann absolutely loved it.

Aunan’s body strained as he carefully controlled his movements. I watched and filmed as his muscles tightened each time he raised and lowered his hips. He was obviously fit and knew how to pleasure a woman. Steadily, he increased his speed and length of thrust. He alternated between long slow deep thrusts and those where he withdrew to the tip and gave a few quick short strokes, sliding in only an inch or two.

Ann’s eyes remained open and she constantly studied Aunan’s face. It was as if, by closing them, she might awake from her own dream to find he was not real. Occasionally she’d look down her body and watch the lubricated length disappear and emerge from her pussy. I know she finds this extremely erotic and therefore I made sure I filmed the same from above her head so that she could re-live this moment in the future.

Aunan slid his knees forward on the bed and spread them wide so they were either side of Ann’s hips. This forced her legs up and wide with her thighs resting on his and her feet in the air. With his body more upright, Aunan’s balls were now in contact with Ann’s buttocks.

He flexed his hips backwards and withdrew about half his length and then thrust forward. I heard his balls slap against Ann’s pubic mound. His movements gained speed as he began to fuck her more forcefully. Ann’s nipples were now erect and her chest and neck had become flushed.

I moved to the foot of the bed and crouched. Between Aunan’s strong thighs I could clearly see his solid cock pounding into my wife’s soaking pussy.

I filmed as close as I could, capturing her labia sliding over his shaft. I continued to wank and felt the surge of excitement in the pit of my stomach. After two or three minutes Ann suddenly gasped.

“Aunan, stop for a moment, I want to do something for Paul.”

He slowed his thrusts and Ann pushed him away. His cock emerged from her pussy covered in the clear, sticky lubrication she was producing. He moved backwards and Ann told him to get off the bed. He did so and stood there with his cock pointing straight up.

Ann also rose from the bed.

“Put the camera on the bedside cabinet and set it up to record.” She instructed. “Get undressed and then lay down with your head at the bottom of the bed.”

I did as I was told and ensured that the camera was set to film the rest of the action. I lay there looking up at the ceiling. Ann stood by my head and then moved forward to kneel on the bed with her stocking clad knees straddling my face. Her soaking pussy was about 6 inches above me. I watched as her lips parted and a teardrop of clear fluid formed. As it grew, it slowly stretched until it fell onto my upper lip. I extended my tongue and licked at the salty liquid. I also inhaled the musky smell of her aroused state.

Ann leant forward and placed her hands on the bed by my knees. She dipped her head and her mouth contacted my swollen cock head. She sucked on it and enclosed her lips over the tip. I felt the warm wetness on my sensitive tip. She lowered her head and enveloped my short penis. After Aunan, she could probably deep throat me without any trouble.

I sensed Aunan move behind Ann as her butt was level with the end of the bed. Looking up, I saw the bulbous, purple head nudge at her engorged labia. Her sticky fluid continued to drip onto my face. Aunan’s cock slid easily between her welcoming lips just inches above me. The cock disappeared and his heavy balls hung down. He began to slide in and out again as Ann sucked and teased my cock with her mouth.

Aunan withdrew until his tip emerged and then he thrust back in again. His movements became faster and more forceful. I was transfixed as his solid cock pistoned deep into my wife’s pussy just inches above my face. Ann’s own movements also became more exaggerated as she sucked hard and licked my straining cock. Her tongue worked its magic and I felt my own pre-cum oozing into her mouth. I heard Ann make a contented sound as she swallowed the warm fluid.

Aunan now held Ann’s hips and as he thrust forward, he pulled Ann back to meet his slippery cock. Each time his balls slapped against her pubic mound Ann exhaled with a small grunt as if the air was being forced from her lungs by his swollen helmet. I watched as the friction between the shaft and labia created a white froth, which coated their most intimate parts.

I could smell the heady aroma of frantic sex filling my nostrils and I inhaled deeply several times. I would never forget this distinctive smell and had the urge to lick the sticky fluid from Ann’s labia. As Aunan’s thrusting continued I sensed Ann’s orgasm was approaching as she pushed back against him to ensure his long length remained deep inside her. She was now bobbing her head quickly over my cock and stimulating the fat head with her rapid licking. I could no longer control my urge and lifted my head from the bed.

My open lips met Ann’s labia and covered her clitoral hood. I felt the warmth of Aunan’s cock just by my nose as it rapidly slid in and out. Ann let out a loud squeal and sucked hard on my cock. I also sucked hard and jabbed at her clitoris with my tongue. She wiggled against my face. I tasted the sweet froth and sucked as much as I could into my mouth.

Aunan was now on the brink of cumming deep inside my wife and his shaft was just a blur above me. Ann’s stockinged thighs began to tremble as her orgasm commenced. I felt my own juices rising in my balls and I raised my hips to meet her mouth. Ann sucked and bobbed as my spunk erupted into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. Suddenly I felt a large quantity of her sweet fluid flow into my mouth and I swallowed quickly to drink it down. Her whole body now shook as she orgasmed. Through her busy lips she let out stifled cries of ecstasy.

Aunan also reached his point of no return and he made one last thrust to bury his erupting cock deep in Ann’s pussy. He held onto her hips to prevent her from moving forward. I saw his balls contract as he expelled his fluid and watched as his shaft twitched inside her.

I heard him groaning as we all simultaneously experienced probably the best orgasms of our lives. My own was like nothing I had ever felt before, it seemed to surge through me in waves and I ejaculated more spunk than I ever thought my balls could hold. I could feel Ann greedily sucking and swallowing as each drop touched her tongue.

Although Aunan’s and my orgasms soon began to subside, it was apparent that Ann was still enjoying the still hard cock inside her. She pushed her pussy against my face as I sucked and licked her clitoris. It also felt harder and longer than I could ever remember. She jerked her hips back and forwards to continue Aunan’s earlier stimulation of her pussy.

Slowly, each of us stopped moving and we disentangled ourselves. Aunan slid out of Ann and she lifted one knee over my face. As her pussy passed over my chest I saw that it was still open from where it had just been stretched. I watched as a large globule of Aunan’s spunk fell from the lips and landed on my chest. Before I could react Ann had turned herself around and bent down. Her lips opened and she planted them on my chest over the white fluid. She sucked and swallowed and the spunk was gone.

We each tidied ourselves up in the bathroom and returned to bed. Ann lay in the middle with Aunan and me on either side. With a feeling of deep contentment I drifted off to sleep next to my equally satisfied wife and her new, Greek lover.

However, during the night I was twice disturbed as I sensed movement of the bed. On looking I saw, firstly Aunan’s head between her legs as he licked her to orgasm and secondly him fucking her again. On neither occasion did I fully wake or join in but instead I watched as they enjoyed each other’s bodies.

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