Her Birthday

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Her Birthday
Background :
Luis is 18 now, preparing for her university entrance tests. she and Phil have been dating for about n year now. and she hangs out with Lora and me ( off-course Phil too ) when we go shop or any parties we attend. She has A heavy body type, plump across all the right areas with big c size tits and a big round ass. she is about 5 8 (almost my height, give or take a few inches ) -Her racks had always interested me so much.-
Then is Lora, she is Phil s sister ( cousin) and we attend all the university classes together. She is 22 as old as me and phil. we both have been dating for almost 2years now. she is cute and so adorable. with small b size tits and the most curvy ass I have ever seen. she is 5 5 we both love each other and we have a pretty open relationship.
Phil is my best friend. the one who was there when I lost my first tooth, there when i first got into a fight, there when I first kissed a girl , and there when I lost my virginity. he has a very masculine and hulky body. and biceps as big as Arnold s. he attends the same university but we have different courses and class timings.
now, I think I am a bit cute i don’t have big muscles just a 6 pack that i value greatly as a seductive asset. i have a 6 inch cock ( i so hate monster cocks ).
And that is all about it..
it was Luis s 18th birthday and I was just as excited as she was. The four of us had been planning this day for i don’t even know since when. Lora and Luis would sometimes suggest having a group sex session beside getting drunk and dining at a fancy place. Phil would also actively participate in the discussion bringing into scene strip clubs. I ws the quiet guy Never spoke too much, Never created a fuss for a movie i didn t want to watch or the Chinese food we used to have on Saturday nights when i preferred pizzas.
so it was around six me and Lora had just finished with our classes at the university. I was supposed to pick her up. Phil having finished with them a few hours ago was already with Luis at her place. I rushed home as soon as I could, took a shower got dressed and left.
Lora had decided to wear short shorts and a tight top. we reached Luis s place sooner than expected and surprised both of them.
Luis had the bottles out in no time. we drank a bit. and i suggested to eat first. after the dinner we drove back to Luis s place and we intended to drink and have some fun for the rest of the night. But before we could open the bottles Lora said no it. she wanted us to play a strip game.
strip game? i was like there s no way i am going to get naked in front of another guy and Luis. then after some persuasion by all and the fact that i could have a look at Luis s racks i gave in.
Lora made the four of us stand on either sides of a big square table and put four glasses across the each of us and gave us ping pong balls. if i score Lora would under and if Phill does Luis would and vice versa.
neither of us scored in the first round maybe everyone was a bit nervous. Lora scored the next time and i had to part with my tee. Luis, Lora.and I scored the next time. Lora took off her shorts and i was surprised to see she was wearing her red stockings that i had gifted her.she wore them on special days, i knew this one was turning to be one. Luis took off her top and i could see her big sweet tits covered just by her bra, waiting for someone to touch them feel them play with them. i looked away as soon as i could gather myself. they were all waiting for me to undress my part. it was so awkward that everybody started laughing, Lora too. embarrassed, i quickly removed my tank top revealing my subtle yet sexy chest and abs. Luis stopped laughing and i did notice that. only Luis scored in the next round and Phil did away with his shirt showing his bare chest and biceps. i saw that tattoo he got an year or two ago across his chest saying Game Of Thrones . we both loved that series. and i could see the fascination in Lora’s eyes. I just smiled when she looked at me.
both the girls scored next and i was so not enjoying now as i stumbled while doing away with my jeans. Phil and i had just my boxers on now his crotch seemed so much bigger. it didn t matter much to me though but i was determined to score now make everybody see more of Lora. me and Phil scored now both ladies did away with their remaining upper garments. Lora looked hot but Luis beat her to it. now i looked at her dark panties that seemed to have a wet spot on it. I made sure not to stare but it didn t help my cock. i was getting hard. it was only i who scored the next to times.. and Lora stood there bare bodied, Phil couldn t take his eyes off her and i was so proud to let her flaunt the ass i fucked six times a week. i needed a change though. the following game made the three of us remaining guys lose a piece of clothing.. Phil showed his big cock very proudly it must be around 7-8 inches… when Luis removed her bra I could see her nipples hardening her tits slowly falling to place. i didn t care if they saw me staring because i was rock hard now. i was finding it hard to resist to those beautiful pair of tits and the cold air around my balls felt so nice.
Phil was trying not to stare at Lora but i knew she didn t mind it. she leaned forward to let the edge of the table touch her pussy.
the tip of Phil s cock was now covered with precum… and i was so hard that it hurt… Phil wasn t able to score even after two attempts i wondered it must be the excitement.. Lora abruptly spoke screw this game fuck me all ready and lay down on the table with her legs open. i could see the moisture there. i didn t give it a thought and forgetting all courtesy and good behavior before anyone had the the time to think i pulled Luis into a deep kiss and let my cock poke her in the stomach. her touch felt like heaven. she slowly took my package into her hands and caressed it subtly yet wildly she seemed like a professional to me down there .. i put my left hand to her big tits and pinched her nipples.. she removed her hand from my cock and stopped me abruptly. i was a bit surprised. she motioned towards the couch and i blindly followed her instruction. i looked over at Phil and Lora. Lora was on all fours on the table. she had her eyes closed and to my surprise i hadn t noticed she was screaming so much that even the neighbors could hear her. Phil’s fingers a were deep inside her and his face was buried between her legs.
the next thing i know is i am lying down and we are doin the 69 i loves the idea of that position though i had never tried it with Lora. Luis s lips tightly closed on my cock. oh how her tongue worked on me. she repeated used it on my sensitive part ( behind the head ) and i wanted to come in her mouth there and then but somehow i resisted. i decided to show her the might of my tongue. she was dripping wet. i spread her pussy lips and kissed it wildly and inserted my tongue inside her and let my forefinger slip in too and stated finger fucking her so roughly that se stopped blowing me for some time..!!
i took a break to tell her that she could come on my face. and inserted all my fingers again.! she moaned loudly and i unloaded my stuff into her mouth without warning and a .second later she let her material flow out on me i swallowed all i could take. i couldn t place the taste, i had never tasted anything so tempting in nature. she turned to face me. she smiled beautifully.. i kissed her in return. it was some time before we parted letting each other taste our own come. you taste sweet she said and put her head on my chest. we both spoke nothing and looked over at Phil he was lying down. we couldn’t see Lora. now that you are both done. some wine ? she asked. Luis said yes and I nodded. i motioned Luis to let me sit up. she shifted her weight to let me sit she then spread her legs and sat on my laps. her bush touching my semi hard cock. i knew i d get hard anytime again. we silently drank the wine. Phil spoke so how did you find my best friend’s cock sweetheart ? tasted better than you Luis replied.. and i smiled. i bet you liked your sister ! i said to Phil, she is my second cousin man not my sister, and damn her ass is so good i smiled again in acknowledgment.
Luis started to jerk me slowly and softly she must have noticed my hardness…
i pulled her closer and kissed her tits as it let me cock go. i kissed her cleavage and slowly came downwards.. licking in between.. i ignored her nipples this time and went around to the bottom and kept kissing. i repeated this on the other tit and slowly caressed her lower back too.. she was now rubbing her pussy lips with my cock.. she moaned loudly and i attacked her nipples pinching one licking and biting another. and she kept on moaning. swiftly she leaned forward to let me be inside her.. she moved her ass back and forward with grace letting me feel her boobs occasionally.. we stopped to change the position. i entered her from behind now as she was on all fours. her tits jingled every time i thrust myself hard and that clapping sound of the skin somehow made her go wild. adjusting herself with the rhythm she bent to strike her ass into me with force.. with each thrust it got faster and wilder. and we both screamed loudly. i asked her where i was supposed to come. she told me inside her and i spurred my load. we lay down again. i wanted another round but she was too exhausted. she laid down on top of me. and dozed off. i caressed her hair and looked over at my girlfriend and her brother/ my best friend as they slept cuddling one another.
The birthday did not go as planned, it went better than that…

I am supposed to pick Lora up today evening. I wonder what happens tonight.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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