Hot Summer Camp – Part 2

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Hot Summer Camp – Part 2
The next day everyone was hanging out at the pool. Everything was going OK until Jim and his girlfriend Melissa showed up with their friend Stacy. Stacy was one of the popular k**s back in high school. She was mainly popular because of her huge rack. While she was small a girl around 5 3 . Her tits where enormous.

Stacy and Melissa walked in wearing extremely small two piece bikinis. Their firm bodies and tits where popping out on all sides. Everyone was watching them walk into the pool area. As they walked by my chair.

Stacy said, what are you looking at Nerd .

I looked away but as they passed by I looked back up and could see their tans firm legs and curvy ass cheeks hanging out of their bikini bottoms.

As they passed by the pool Melissa pushed Stacy into the pool and then as Stacy was yelling at Melissa. Jim push Melissa into the pool and then he jumped in. The three of them started horse playing and then Jim suggested the girls could see who could knock each other off the other person s shoulders. There were only three of them.

Stacy said Who I am going to use as a partner .

Jim started yelling Hey Nerd! .

Looking up I saw the three of them looking at me.

You talking to me? I said.

Yes, get in the pool Nerd Jim said

Reluctantly I slid into the pool and Jim told Stacy to get on my shoulders. Stacy swam over to me and push my head underwater.

And said don t screw this up Nerd .

I could feel her climb on my back and squeeze her tan firm legs around my neck. As I came out of the water lifting her up I started to fall over as I was not strong enough to hold her up.

She hit me on the head and said, don t drop me or else .

I looked up and Jim started heading over to me with Melissa on his shoulders. The two girls were very athletic and competitive back in high school. Stacy and Melissa started grabbing each other and pushing trying to knock the other girl off. I tried to maintain my balance but I quickly fell over. Stacy fell into the water. Then came out and splashed water in my face.

And said it was my fault she fell, Idiot! .

Stacy quickly climb back on top of my shoulder and the two girls where at it again. Melissa looked as though she was about to push Stacy off again. Then Stacy grab Melissa s bikini top and hanked it right off. Her cantaloupe sized breast popped out and bounced up and down. I couldn t believe it. I was staring at her tits and my semi erect penis got even stiffer. Melissa fell off of Jim into the water. Next thing I notice Melissa swam under the water reached up, grabbed my balls through my swim trunks and squeezed by balls really hard. I fell over and Stacy came falling off of my shoulders. Melissa then grabbed Stacy s bikini top and pulled it off and threw it out of the pool. Stacy came up out of the water and her beautiful enormous tits bounced up. Her tits were way bigger than Melissa s. She had large nipples the size of tennis balls.

Stacy yelled at Melissa, You Bitch! .

Melissa climbed back on top of Jim. Stacy who was pissed swam over to me so enraged that she started climbing up my front side and put her tits right into my face. I stood there for a minute as each of her boobs swung back and forth hitting me in the face. Her tits were much heavier than I thought they would be, as I had never been this close to real tits. My cock went fully erect 10 inches up in the air inside my swim trunks. My swims trunks looked like a circus tent, luckily no one noticed it under the water. Stacy continued to climb up on top of my shoulders and swung around behind me.

The two girls really started going at it, pushing and pulling each other. It was a full cat fight. Before I knew it, Melissa grabbed Stacy and pull her off on my side. Stacy started to slide off my shoulders. The she grabbed my head and flung her firm leg around my other shoulder and pulled herself back up. Except for now she was on the front of my shoulders with her crotch and swimsuit right in front of my face. I lifted my hands to help hold her up and my hands grabbed the top of her legs and bottom of her firm ass. She did not pay attention as her and Melissa continued to fight. I could feel her ass shift and move in my hands as the girls continued to fight. Stacy grabbed for Melissa and her hips shifted and lifted up. Her entire pussy mound was shoved into my mouth. I tried to protest but my complaints were muffled by her pussy riding back and forth over my mouth. Stacy and Melissa continued to fight. As Melissa noticed where Stacy was located she reached down and with one forceful pull she hanked Stacy s bikini bottoms off. I felt the suit material being pulled away from my face. And instantly her pussy lips ramped into my mouth. The more I tried to protest the more my mouth and tongue moved around inside her pussy. I didn t know what to do. Stacy was riding back and forth over mouth, rubbing her pussy deeper into my mouth.

Stacy was too busy to notice what was happening below her as I had a hold of her firm bare ass. She continued to ride up and down on my mouth. I felt her pussy get very wet. At some point she stopped fighting with Melissa and looked down and saw my face crammed into her crotch.

She yelled What the fuck are you doing .

She pulled her leg over my head and slid down the front of my chest to get off of me. As she fell off of me, my swim trunks were sticking out due to my 10 inch erection. Both her legs slid into the each side of the front of my swim trucks. The motion pushed my swim trunk down to our thighs and now we where both trapped inside my swim trunks with her bare ass pushing against my fully erect cock. In a panic she continued to squirm and try to pull herself out of my swim trunks. Her bare ass checks rubbed up and down on my cock. My cock slide up and down between her ass cheeks. Her butt was so firm and tight it felt great, my cock was throbbing. Melissa and Jim could not see what was happening below the water but they where just laughing watching Stacy struggle. She pushed her body up trying to free herself and my cock fell between her legs directly under her wet pussy. She then slipped and fell back on to my cock. My dick rammed straight into her wet pussy, all 10 inches went all the way in. I never fell anything like this, my penis was on fire, throbbing. Her pussy was so tight and my whole body was in shock with pleasure.

She screamed out you pervert.

She continued to struggle to free herself and she lifted up and down with my cock inside her it felt so good. The more she struggled to free herself, the more my cock was ramming in and out of her tight pussy. Up and down a few more times and I exploded deep inside her wet pussy. As my throbbing cock came inside Stacy, she screamed. My cock just kept squirting and squirting. Up and down she went screaming, it felt as though my penis shot out two quarts inside her. I had never cum like that before. I had never cum inside a girl at all.

Jim and Melissa continued to laugh at her not noticing what had just happened. Stacy finally freed herself.

She turned and call me a Jerk! ,and swam away.

And got out of pool, grabbed a towel and left. I pulled my swim truck back up and could not believe what had just happened.

But my adventure was not over yet – Summer Camp – Part 3…

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