How I find my luck in Orient_4

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How I find my luck in Orient_4
Prepare me for the Night

We leave the car and the guys guide me to a door, backside the building.
We came into a Tiled premises and I realized that we were in the actual slaughterhouse. In the middle was a large stainless steel table, a drain at the bottom on the floor. Wallside were hanging a few Waterhoses. In addition, there was a larger tub on the side. One of my two companions came to me and gestured to undress me. I thought of Pasha s words, followed and put down my kaftan. Now the two grabbed me and put me by my back on the stainless steel table. An icy chill came over me as my body touched the cold stainless steel. The two noticed probably that I was very nervous, because one of the two said in wors German, no fear everything well and patted my shoulder. Suddenly I heard a loud rattling like from chains and when I raised my head I saw that the other pulled two chains hanging from the ceiling direction of the table.

As he stood at the foot of the table with the chains in his hand, I saw that there were two loops at the ends of the chains. Obviously, this room really served for slaughter. Either of the two grabbed one of my legs and stuck my feet through the loops. No fear, I hear the bad German again and I noticed how the chains were pulled up and spread my legs. I felt like a cattle being prepared to be slaughtered. One stepped between my legs and pulled me down by the hips so that my butt hung just above the edge of the table. The two took off their shirts and stood now with a free upper body in front of me. Two beautiful muscular, thick-haired torsos that were delicious to look at.
Now one of them went to the wall and pulled one of the hoses over to me. We cleanse you, halal, you know, stammered the other. Now it was clear to me, the two were rinsing me now, so that my gut was empty for the night. The whole situation made me so horny that my cock was stiff, which of course did not escape the two. They fumbled and then giggled softly. I felt something cold that pressed against my hole. I relaxed as best I could and slowly something metallic slipped into my hole. When it was completely inside of me, I felt my hole slowly stretched and I remembered the metal spreader at Sifar. When the spreader was fully turned on, the two slowly pushed me the hose. Gradually, this filled me out, then they carefully turned on the water and started flushing. I was so horny that I wanted to grab the tail but one of my companions pushed my hand to the side. Although a part of the water through the open spreader ran out of me again I noticed how I filled more and more and my stomach was already bulging up thick. Now one put his hand on my stomach and began massaging it with his big hand in a circle. The other stood between my legs and held the hose. The massage of my stomach was pleasant and the conditioner was obviously good. I do not know how long I was lying and being washed like that. The two talked in Turkish, take a look at the running out of me water and then turned off the inlet. Well, halal meant the one while the other tube and spreader on me took out. They now filled the side-tub while lifting me off the table. Stand, said one and I obey.
Both of them wore latex gloves and started creaming my whole body. Except for the head no vacancy, my eggs and my cock were thick creamed I had the feeling these places enjoyed the two especially. Then they explained to me as well as possible that I must now stay ten minutes before I get into the tub. As I sat in the tub, the two scrubbed my body off the cream with coarse sponges. I had to get up and was now showered vigorously from head to toe. Of course, that was hair removal cream. I do not have much body hair anyway but now I was all smooth from neck to toe and my skin felt silky. The two were beaming, obviously they were satisfied with their work.

The two dried me off what made my cock hard again. Stand said one again and showed me a bottle with a lotion. This was creamed my now silky smooth body. Good said one and grinned at me dirty while he massaged my cock with his lotion from the very slippery hand. OK, I replied. They led me to a chair in the corner. There was a bag from which they now brought out a white kaftan and another bag. Dress, the one with hands and feet made me clear. I wanted to take the kaftan, but he pulled it away from me and said we make and pointed to himself and the other who was just picking up the bag. A suspender belt and white nylon stockings! Dress, good, the two stammered and put the things on me. Then they pulled out a small box and I recognized the contents, a cock cage. The two held the piece in their hands and whispered. I did not understand a word but knew what it was about. I sat there with a hard cock and so they could not lend me the metal cage.

Too big I heared and the next moment one of the hairy hands locked my pipe and began to jerk it off. It was not long before I cum. With a rag rubbed me clean and happy that my cock now fit into the cage.

I stood there in stockings and with a tail cage and the two helped me into the caftan. The two put on their shirts again and we drove back home by car. They stopped at the back of the house and led me into the room which I was to live in today with my Mustafa. There was a thick pillow on the floor and one of them told me to kneel on it. until one stammered the other. Then you disappeared. From outside I heard the voice of the others who were celebrating. Shortly thereafter, a car horn sounded three times, as I later learned, what the sign that the two had delivered me. Shortly after, I heard footsteps and quickly took my position on the pillow. The door opened and Baba and Mustafa entered. They stepped in front of me and everyone kissed my forehead. From Fatimah I knew that I had to kiss both feet. The two beamed at me and without hesitation, they pushed down their pants and two semi-rigid, huge and thick swollen tails dangling in front of my face.

Sequel follows……

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