Hung Like a Horse Gay

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Hung Like a Horse Gay
The story is how I became my cousin s cock whore for the summer.

It all started when I was on vacation from college. It was summer vacation. Like a lot of college k**s I was sexually active and actively experimenting, by this I mean I had been with mostly girls but had been introduced to guys by a girlfriend. I enjoyed the experience so as far as I was concerned if the opportunity intrigued me, I wouldn t pass it up. I just didn t know it would be my cousin.

So my cousin John (not original name) seemed to have consigned himself to living in my small hometown for the rest of his life. Which is no problem, always good to see a familiar face. It was about a week into my vacation that I ran into him and we started to hang out. I was a bit curious, even though he wasn t Casanova, he always got the girls. I had heard this was because he was hung like a horse. What was further intriguing was that I had heard from an acquaintance that he even let curious guys whose girls wanted to see their guys suck a big cock blow him, sort of a cuckolding thing going.

Well that would all come to light one night when we were hanging out at his place with nothing to do in a small town drinking a few beers. After a while (and several beers later) he said to me Damn cous, I m horny and no girls tonight, all working and shit !

I told him You re too ugly to get a girl

John replied You don t need the looks if your packaging have what I have as he grabbed his crotch area.

At this point feeling froggy and buzzing I decided to challenge him Looks like you have a hand full of jeans bro.

I ll pull it out and slap you with it and you ll think otherwise

I don t want to see you Vienna sausage I told him.

Vienna sausage, I ll show you a Vienna sausage. At this point he proceeded to pull it out and started to stroke it in his hands. Here you go, is it a Vienna sausage?

His cock flaccid was long and thick, it looked at least 5 inches and the girth of a baby s arm. I couldn t stop looking and he noticed too.

Hey cous, you like what you see? I have had guys suck on it too, not just the ladies. In fact some of the guys do a better job and get a bigger reward, so what do you say?

He had been moving closer to me as he spoke and stoked his cock. His cock was getting harder and growing bigger. He was finally close enough to where I felt him put his hand on the back of my head, slowly beginning to apply pressure pushing my head towards his cock.

This will be our secret. No one is going to know. I know you want it. He took his hand off his cock and placed it under my jaw to lift my head a bit and part my lips. I remember looking into his eyes as he said I m going to push my cock in your mouth now. I m going to go slow first so your jaw can accommodate and then I m going to fuck your mouth. And when I m ready, I m going to come in your mouth and you re going to swallow all my seed. Ok

I don t think he waited for an acknowledgement from me because he placed his hand back on his cock and began to push past my lips. Wow! His cock stretched my mouth beyond imagine. He did proceed slowly. As soon as I was a slobbering mess he began to pick up the pace and push deeper and harder. I gagged through the throat fucking. He would take his cock out and I would instinctively run my tongue the length of his shaft. Then I began to tongue his balls. I went from sitting on the chair to my knees as I dove underneath to lick the space between his balls and his anus. He pushed me back and laid my head back on the chair and proceeded to straddle the chair and my face, allowing me to give him a rim job.

Yeah cous, move that tongue around, push it deep, I m almost there and I m going to drown you in my cum, because this feels real good. What they teaching you in college. I know I m not your first but I bet this is the biggest!

After a couple more minutes of rimming him he got off the chair, grabbed my head and put his cock back in my mouth. Alright baby, I m going to make this mouth mine.

A few more minutes and his groans became louder. At this point my mouth was getting stretched beyond the max and I had tears in my eyes because he was gagging me now in his excitement. He grabbed my hair hard Here it comes, swallow it all!

The first blast hit like a geyser with a lot of pressure as well as the second. And there was so much. The third blast shot and squeezed out of the sides of my mouth. I was having problems breathing and swallowing it all, especially now his cum was coming out the sides of my mouth. Although it was impossible to get all his cock in my throat (at this point) he still held my head hard with me unable to move away.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity he let the pressure from his hands on my head go. He momentarily slipped his still hard cock from my mouth and turned to sit on the chair. He then grabbed my head and put the enormous head of his cock in my mouth and simply said Suck .

I had a raging hard-on. I was on my knees worshiping my cousin s massive cock. I was gently sucking on the head of his cock, sucking out the rest of his semen. I was slowly stroking his cock with my two hands as I sucked and he was running his hands through my hair. Cum was dripping from my mouth, chin, face, hair.

He finally pulled my mouth off his cock and looked down at me and my hard cock. Let s go to my room now! I m going to fuck you and you re going to come from me fucking you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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