In my friend s mouth… Part 2

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In my friend s mouth… Part 2
Recap of Part 1: The hot girl of my group of friendly nerds took me to the woods to give me a blowjob and swallow my load.

After that, Sarah and I dated for a couple of months. Our group of friends easily accepted it and everyone was happy. Oh, and sex was god damn amazing. Even after everything, I could never get bored of her round, curvy and firm ass. She knew it, and loved to tease me all the time… We d fuck in my car, behind buildings and even in a park once. Kept things interesting!

I even got the meet her incredible family. Everyone was super fun and happy. We would play board games, go to restaurants and they really appreciated me in general. Everything was going great, but one thing kept distracting me…. or rather, someone.

I think it s worth noting now that Sarah has a little sister. Sophie. If Sarah was all about being slim and petite, Sophie was rocking being curvy, full on hour glass body shape. She was just a little smaller than Sarah at 5 0 , fair skin and long curly red hair. She had bit of green in her eyes, and full, pouty lips. But what kept distracting my was her chest. For an 18 years old, she had amazing bouncy, jiggly, round and firm DD tits I ve seen. I couldn t get my eyes off of them and she wasn t doing anything to help me out in this manner.

As Sophie still lived with their parents, when we would come by in the evening, she would most of the time just be braless in her pyjamas or wearing lowcut shirts. I could clearly enjoy to mouvement of her free boobs in her shirts. Lets just say she didn t need a bra to keep them in place. She would also often take swims in their backyard pool during the summer, offering me the best display of herself in her bikini. All I could do was to try to sneak peeks and hope to not get caught by either Sarah or Sophie.

Even so, both sisters were really close. And as such, Sophie got quite confortable with me pretty fast. They were really open about their sexuality and wouldn t stop their discussion, even if I was around. Thats why one night, it was about 2 in the morning, I went to the living room and walked in on one of those conversations. Sophie was sobbing a little and from what I could gather, she broke up with her boyfriend, because he wouldn t have sex with her. I talked with them a little, but I didn t want to really disturb them, so I just told Sarah I was going downstairs to sleep and to join me when she would get tired. So I went downstairs, got into bed, stripped naked, as I always slept, and lied down. It been a long day and it didn t take long for me to fall asleep.

Suddenly, I m woken up by a pleasurable feeling coming from my crotch. As I come back to my senses, I start to feel the mouvement, the wetness on my dick. I start to feel a tongue swurling around the tip and little sucking noises. As it wasn t the first time Sarah woke me up with a blowjob, I just caressed her cheek to let her know that I was awake. She simply responded with a moan and took my dick deeper… and deeper… I could feel the back of her throat until finally sliding in. Her lips were now caressing the base and her tongue sticking out licking my balls. I was so hard and almost felt like cumming right away, but I wanted to hold on…

And at this moment, I hear the bedroom door open… And Sarah was in the doorframe.

What the FUCK!?! she exclaimed.

I was petrified. Confused, it took me a couple of seconds to realise: If she was there then who… I lifted the covers… Sophie. Looking up at me, eyes wide in surprise and my cock still balls deep in her mouth. I looked back at Sarah: I thought…

Shut up! I dont care what you think… And you… What the fuck do you think you re doing!?

Argument ensued between the two of em. For now, I was simply happy that the attention was not on me. After a while, Sophie explained that Sarah kept telling her that we had amazing sex, something she never had with her ex. She just needed it. She just wanted to feel that for now. Sarah looked at me, still naked on the bed, trying to cover my dick with my hands, and than back at Sophie, braless, in just a tanktop and panties. Fine… (Wait what? ) only for tonight! And this time only! I let you have him… But you better give me a good show. Sarah went to the chair in the corner next to the bed and sat there, staring straight at us. Sophie and I looked at each other, shocked, and still unsure about what was going on. Sarah then said: Do I need to be clearer? Sophie, take those clothes off, get on your knees and I want to look at you sucking my boyfriend s cock. I could not believe what my girlfriend just said, but as I looked back at Sophie, I was just in time to see her pulling her tank top over her head, and her boobs dropping out in the most perfect way possible.

I was sitting on the side of the bed and she kneeled down right between my legs. She didn t wait a second before gobbling my cock whole again. Sarah asked for a show and apparently, she wasn t going to disappoint. I was in heaven. I looked at Sarah, and she was clearly enjoying it. She was biting her lips, one hand massaging her boob and… the other down her pants. After a bit, Sophie took my cock out of her mouth… I think its wet enought now… She straightened her back up, took her huge tits in her hands, and slid my dick right between them. I almost came on the spot. Sarah could never offer me this feeling. She was pressing her boobs together, sliding them up and down… They were hot, soft, firm… Well, NOW I was in heaven. Sophie looked up at me: That s what you wanted isn t it? With you staring at them all the time. Oh yeah, I noticed and Sarah too. I was kinda scared, but it all went away when I noticed the evil grin on Sarah s face. Yeah, she knew and she didn t care. I could even say that she was amused by the situation.

Sarah wanted a show huh? I was going to give her one. Sophie wanted a good fuck and I wasn t going to disappoint her either. I loved the feeling of my dick between her tits so much, but I wasn t going to end it like this. I took Sophie by the hand and pulled her up on the bed. Gently pushed her forward and positionned her on all fours. As I looked down on her inviting ass and shaved pussy, I saw a certain similarity. I thought They really are sisters! I positionned the tip right at her entrance and rubbed slowly up and down… I was waiting for a signal. Sophie was moaning with each stroke and look back at me over her shoulder while bitting her lips, but the plea came from Sarah first: Just fuck her already! And I slid my cock right in her. She gasped and moaned at the same time as my dick was sliding deeper and deeper in her drenched pussy. I fucked her for a while, she was moaning louder and louder now… As did Sarah. She now had her pants to her ankles and lifted her shirt over her tits. Looking at both of them, my girlfriend full on masturbating while looking at me fucking her little sister, and the ass of the said little sister bouncing with each thrust, I could not believe my luck.

I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock and after just a couple more strokes, Sophie buried her face in the pillows to muffle her orgasm. I slowed down just a bit as she was still quivering, and made her feel every inch coming in and out of her tight hole. But as soon as she recovered, I pounded her deep and fast again. Sure enough, it didn t take long for her to squeeze my cock again and let out a second scream into the pillows. Her legs were now shaking, and I didn t think I d withstand another orgasm inside of her without cumming myself.

I pulled out and standed up next to the bed. I went right next to Sarah and told Sophie to kneel before me. That way, I d give the best view possible of my cum shooting out on her little sister to Sarah. Sophie dropped on her knees, cupped her tits up with her hands, looked up at me and let her tongue out. The view was amazing, the fuck was amazing and I was three days backed up. This was gonna get messy.

And as such, after a couple of strokes with my hand, I let out a huge stream of cum that landed straight on her face, a second huge one that covered her tongue and chin, and a third one that hit her on the neck and accross her tits. A few more jets of cum shot out to complete the picture of cum dripping down her chin and onto her chest. As my cum was flying out, I heard Sarah almost scream as she orgasmed herself.

A couple of seconds passed, she got out of the chair, kneeled next to her cum-covered little sister and licked some cum off of her neck… If I could, I would have cummed a second time right on the spot. They then both looked up at me, smiling, and Sarah said: Well… maybe it s not going to be the only time after all…

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