In the Interests of the Community.

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In the Interests of the Community.
The house party had continued for most of the night.The neighbours were ignored as were the police.Finally about 6am they left the house,all drunk,screaming and cheering as they went down the street.They showed no regard for the people who lived in the locality,they didn t care…until one by one they received a letter summoning them to the Monastery of Repentance,suddenly they were afraid.They tried to appease those they had upset in the hope that the summons would be withdrawn but to no avail.Once the Nun s and Monk s of the Monastery had summoned someone there was no way out,sore bottoms were assured.
Paul,Dean and Jason had each received a letter.They sat in the kitchen wondering what to do,but there was nothing they could do but throw themselves at the mercy of the Nun s and Monk s at the Monastery;they suddenly began to realise that a Religious dystopian society was something to fear indeed. The three boys walked to the Monastery,they were doing their best to make light of what was about to happen ,but as they approached the large wrought iron gates and the plaque above the the gates which read, St.BIRCHWOOD S,MONASTERY OF REPENTANCE,1759 ,they became very uneasy.They had heard what had happened to those who had entered the Monastery after receiving a summons;one of their friends, Kathy,had been spanked so hard that she found it difficult to sit comfortably for about a month.They wondered was the same thing about to befall them.

They were admitted into the Monastery by a Nun who looked very stern and tolerated no laughter or indeed tolerated no begging. The boys were told to sit outside a room.Dean noticed the name on the plaque on the door which simply read; SR.ETHEL. As they waited they could hear some commotion coming from inside the room,then they heard the sound of SLAPPING. They looked uneasily at each other.They could hear muffled voices ,but the door was too thick to make out exactly what was being said.Paul swore he could hear crying and then all three suddenly sat up,they all heard a distinctive WHACK sound,this sound was repeated again and again,it seemed to go on for quite awhile,then all three heard crying and more voices.The voices grew closer and then the door opened,their friend Caroline emerged,clearly distressed and in some pain,she was rubbing her bottom.She looked at them and shook her head.A Nun appeared in the doorway behind her and said, Let that be a lesson to you,girl,behave yourself or you will find yourself back here!
Yes,Sr.Agnes, Caroline said meekly before rushing away down the corridor fighting back tears and rubbing her bottom.

The Nun stared at Paul,Dean and Jason. Now boys,you may come inside ,the Nun ordered,standing back so that the boys could enter the room first.The boys stood in the room.They noticed another Nun sitting behind a desk writing something.The first Nun closed the door and followed the boys into the room;she spoke while standing behind them.
My name is Sr.Agnes and this is Sr.Ethel ,she acknowledged the Nun sitting behind the desk who suddenly looked up.Her stare made the boys very uneasy,her eyes seemed to be able to penetrate them. They each shuffled nervously.
Now,you have been summoned heer to account for what happened at that house party.We are in the processes of hunting all those who were present and bringing them to book for their wicked,irresponsible and down right rude ,behaviour.You three have come to our attention,do you have anything to say for yourselves? Sr.Agnes said.
Sorry? Dean answered,this made the boys laugh.
Well,Sr.Ethel here has a way of wiping those smirks off of your faces.I will let Sr.Ethel deal with you three ,as I have already chastised your friend,Caroline,who you just saw leaving.Both Caroline and I are very intimate with each other now, Sr.Agnes said with a brief,cold laugh.This statement brought a grin to the face of Sr.Ethel,who had clearly witnessed the punishment of Caroline.
Without warning Sr.Ethel stood up and walked over to another chair positioned at one corner of the room.
Deary me,more naughty boys to spank,I am so lucky, Sr.Ethel said as she sat on the chair and arranged her long black habit,smoothing it down with both her hands.She looked at the three boys.
Now boys I think it is high time I got to know you a little better.I want you to turn and face Sr.Agnes,present your backs to me,I shall not be offended;it is your lower backs I am interested in, Sr.Ethel said,there was a clear note of excitement in her voice
Paul,Dean and Jason turned to face Sr.Agnes who had taken a seat facing them,it was clear to the boys that whatever Sr.Ethel was going to do would be witnessed by Sr.Agnes,who had a strange,flushed countenance .
What Sr.Ethel said next came as a shock to the boys.
I want you three boys to bare your bottom s.I will spank each of you on your bare bottom s and with good grace you will learn a valuable lesson,now,trousers and shorts down,boys,let us begin, Sr.Ethel said, lightly rubbing her hands together in expectation of what she was about to do.
Paul,Dean and Jason exchanged concerned glances.
Come,boys,you heard what Sr.Ethel said;if you wish I can send for one of the Monks who will cane all three of you,either way you will submit to what you have been told to do, Sr.Agnes said.Dean had noticed that Sr.Agnes had her eyes fixated on their pubic areas,he wondered had his friends noticed that too.
It was Paul who began to lower his sweat pants first,then Jason and then Dean. Then they lowered their shorts.Dean could see Sr.Agnes eyes grow wide and a smile appear on her pursed lips.He could only imagine the look on Sr.Ethel s face,she had a clear view of the three ,bare,white bottoms that she would be spanking.

Sr Ethel slapped her thigh with her hand. Come over here,Paul,I want to deal with you first, Sr.Ethel ordered in a very stern tone of voice.It was clear to the boy s that what was about to happen to them would be very painful.Sr.Ethel seemed to have a a great love for administering corporal punishment. Paul tuned to face Sr.Ethel.As he did both Dean and Jason noticed Sr.Agnes shuffle in her chair,she was gazing,longingly at Paul s posterior
Paul approached Sr.Ethel ,who was an elderly Nun with a very stern look on her face,he wondered did she ever smile?
When he was within reaching distance Sr.Ethel grabbed him and pulled him around to her right hand side. She immediately slapped her hand onto his bottom and said in her stern voice, Bend over my knee,boy,I am going to enjoy this a lot more than you,I can assure you of that.

Paul lay down over Sr.Ethel s Knee and immediately the onslaught began. Sr.Ethel brought her right hand down on Paul s bare bottom in a quick and merciless succession of sharp ,hard slaps.She was using all the strength she could muster.Paul yelled out after the third slap,this Nun certainly knew how to deliver a good spanking,Paul could only guess that she had years of experience in spanking bottoms.Sr.Ethel had indeed years of experience in administering corporal punishment to naughty people,She had been a Nun at The Monastery of Repentance for almost thirty five years and in that time she had spanked and caned many a boy and girl on their bare bottoms. She had seen many naked bottoms over her knee down through the years and enjoyed spanking each and every one of them.Sr.Ethel had been quoted as once saying, Boy or Girl,it does not matter as long as I have a beautiful bottom to spank over my knee!

Dean and Jason could hear what was happening they could hear the sickening SLAP! sound as the old Nun s hand came down on their friend s bare bottom,they could hear Paul crying out,they could see the look of excitement on the face of Sr.Agnes as she watched Paul s torment, but above all they were cringing at the thought of what was about to befall them.
The spanking continued.Sr.Ethel stopped occasionally and spent a few moments catching her breath and groping the bare bottom over her lap before recommencing Paul s torture. Paul was really struggling to stay still.
There now,boy,you can take more,you are big boy; I do hope you are repentant for what you have done? Sr.Ethel said.
Yes,Yes,please stop!,please Sr.Ethel,I am sorry, OUCH! OUCH!
However Paul s pleas were ignored,Sr.Ethel was clearly enjoying herself too much.
Finally Sr.Ethel stopped and ordered Paul to stand and face Sr.Agnes again.
Dean was next to lay over the knee of Sr.Ethel and suffer something he had never suffered.He was kicking his legs in no time and arching his back,his muscles were tensed up and he was begging the old Nun to stop.There was no let up ,however,Sr.Ethel was intent on exacting a revenge for the those who lived in the community and who missed a night s sleep because of Paul,Dean,Jason and their friends

Dean was yelling and the room was filled with the sound of the Sr.Ethel s hand striking Dean s bottom and of Dean yelling , OUCH ,OUCH,OUCH !
Paul,rubbing his sore bottom,and Jason, could see that Sr.Agnes was smiling and intently watching the spanking of Dean taking place.She looked at Paul and Jason and said, Well boy s,you will certainly behave yourselves in future or you will find yourselves back over Sr.Ethel s knee!
Paul and Jason could barely hear what she said due to the sound of Dean s torture taking place behind them.
Finally Dean joined them and Jason was summoned.
Please,Sr.Ethel,I am sorry,please,there is no need for this,I am sorry,I promise nothing like this will happen again, Jason pleaded as he approached Sr.Ethel.
Come here,boy,if you keep me waiting it will be far worse for you, Sr.Ethel said sharply.
Jason lay over the strict old Nun s knee and took what he deserved.He wondered where she got her energy to spank so hard,but guessed,correctly,that it was her love of spanking bottom s that made Sr.Ethel continue even though by now she must be tiring.Sr.Ethel was still full of energy,not to mention a love of spanking bare bottoms,to make Jason pay just as dearly as his friends s.
As Jason was receiving his spanking,Sr Agnes stood up and walked behind Paul and Dean.
Well,well,Sr.Ethel has indeed spanked you both soundly,two red posteriors,indeed ,Sr.Agnes said touching each bare bottom and gently squeezing each naked,red,sore rump ,causing both Paul and Dean to winch and stand on their tip toes.
Then Sr.Agnes stood by Sr.Ethel.
Oh,Sr.Ethel where do you get your energy from,three young men and you keep going?
I have always believed in doing a thorough job in disciplining the errant,SrAgnes,there should never be half measures when one has a task to do; and a delightful bottom over one s knee, Sr.Ethel said, punctuating each word with a slap to Jason s bare bottom ;both Nun s began to laugh.

Paul couldn t resist a quick glance when he heard the Nun s laughing.He couldn t believe what he saw;Sr.Agnes was watching,with a big smile on her lips as Sr.Ethel brought her hand down on Jason s already very sore bottom,both Nun s were clearly enjoying the whole experience.

Finally,their torment over,Paul,Dean and Jason were freed from the Monastery and made their way home to the house they shared with some girl s including Caroline who was lying on the sofa with an ice pack on her bare bottom. It was clear that their neighbour s had made a complaint about them to the Monastery .They could only hope that someday those who made the complaint would feel exactly what they had felt at the hands of Sr.Ethel and Sr.Agnes.

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