i****t and the virgin round 4

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i****t and the virgin round 4
i****t and the virgin round 4
A day or two past, nothing was said at all about i****t, sex, or my tryst with my mother, and frankly it was getting on my nerves, I knew from the little that had been said in pillow talk that night that dad knew of me and mum, he also it had been hinted at, had slept with Ros, but was it ongoing, what of Reb and Rose, and why this wall of silence?
Even mother had avoided the subject, and it must be said my advances, crude as they were. Ros working from 8am till 9 at night at the holiday camp swimming pool meant she was either gone out, or so tired that she was flopping into her bed as soon as she was home and the girls or dad were saying nothing out of the ordinary, and you can hardly say “are you all strumping one another!” can you. So, I was in some sort of family made black hole, a limbo. The girls had returned from wherever but had both been out since breakfast-time doing something or other with friends as girls do, so muggins here, was doing the chores.
It was my beloved mother that threw me a lifeline and gave me the heads up of the in-house situation. We were sat with coffee, I had nearly finished my chores, as it happened most of the big orchard we call our garden, not an onerous task as we have a ride on mower, but still one of my chore`s, (we each have chores, and can do them whenever we wish as long as they get done)
Anyway, mother said that the m*****ing of her arse every time I passed was getting a bit wearing…which was fair enough, but it was all I could manage as I couldn’t reach her tits in front of the girls or dad could I! She went on to say that “did I not realise it was her period and that’s why she had been snappy and irritable!” now I had never heard much of `periods’ it was a woman thing, a secret world that I had not been privy too or it must be said bothered with… till now!
My blank look said a lot and she gently explained about the curse, the whole nine yards, from start to finish, the use of hammocks, and those things like stoppers… Tampax she called them… ugh, it all sounded gross!
Either way it was explained, and she told me of the mood swings and snappiness, which explained a lot in this house of women. She explained about ‘the change’, which she said she was going through, hot sweats, and the rest.
I sat dumfounded, then asked why dad had said nothing to me, about the moment with his wife, was he not bothered that I had had his wife? And was he really tupping Ros and for that matter what about the other girls? The questions tumbled out like water from a tap. She held up her hand for silence, which I did surprisingly, as I had so many questions I wanted to ask.
She took my hand stood and led me coffee mug in hand to our little used sitting room, where she bade me sit and listen in comfort reminding me once more of my promise of silence outside the family by saying; “Look Rod, what goes on in the family is either against the normal codes of conduct, or i*****l. Oh, I`m not saying it does not happen, but its called i****t and its not to be chatted about at any time, outside these walls, understand?” I nodded, that bit I had understood!
She went on, “When we got married, your dad and I, we had an understanding that when and if we had c***dren, I would be responsible to educate the lads and your dad would look after any girls. We decided on 13 as the age to educate them as we had been of that sort of age ourselves when we found out, and it had all been a bit hazy, neither of our parents not being very forthcoming or in fact knowledgeable!
Below that age we reckoned it would be wasted, and above that well, you could have picked up all sorts of misinformation at school or from your mates.” She smiled then continued “we were happy to be practical as you have seen yourself, and that I only had one boy and he had three girls has been the luck of the draw, it could have been all boys, and that things came down in your dads favour, has been his good fortune!” she smiled then said “But you did alright and it was all good and fun. As to the girls Ros was first, way back and I held her hand on the night to calm her as I did last year with Rose who was terrified throughout, and is still a bit reluctant, though her sister Reb when it was her time had been another kettle of fish, she, having by that time already lost her virginity u******e by some time, some lad at the tennis club had taken her. She leapt on your old dad like a tigress!” mother chuckled, “it took him by shock I can tell you, and as I was not there I don’t know the details, but boy was he tired for a day or three after I can tell you! “ We laughed together at the thought of that, before she went on that “we decided that after we had taught you the basics, it was then up to you each individually what you all wished to do with the knowledge, as long as you used proper contraceptives, which as it happens I get free, from work and remind me to give you a box, and don’t think you have to use them all its not a marathon or compulsory to use them up rapidly!”
I grinned and asked, “if the girls would want to have me now, and did they know I was no virgin anymore?” to which she quickly replied that “the girls were not whores or on tap, and nothing is compulsory” and went on if I didn’t respect that and treat them as any other woman in life, I was nor entitled to expect them to share themselves, just because I was a family member!.” She paused, “its not a right, it’s a mutual agreement between two people, we just turn a blind eye if it happens, or when it happens, and we don’t flaunt it, so don’t get the wrong idea! Do you understand that? She regarded me with a serious eye,
I said I did, and she, then said that she had told the girls I was now not a virgin, Reb had licked her lips and Rose had smiled that soft smile of hers but said nothing at all. So, I was too make of that what I would, but to say nothing to either of them that she had told me, that she had told them, then she added “oh and yes, before you ask, I will sleep with you again, but not until its sorted, and tidy in that midden you call a room, [blackmail! she had been trying to get my room tidy for years!] and of course until the curse has moved on you will be getting nowhere anyway!” She smiled benignly kissed me gently and was quickly gone back to the kitchen, leaving me to ponder the news, though sticking her head around the door and throwing me a large box of condoms while telling me to get on with the mowing as rain was forecast.
I completed the lawn, head in a whirl, then garaged the mower, showered then began to sort out what she had described as my midden, the incentive having suddenly become a worth-while, real and interesting challenge!
It was the next day at breakfast when my shy sister Rose mentioned her latest art course, we all knew it was live studies, the college had supplied a male model, who by the way to the girls disgust, had kept on his shorts, despite their bribes, but now the holidays were here and she wanted, no needed, a human model, Ros was working, dad blankly and point blank refused, mum was busy and Reb just laughed, so as a last resort she fell to begging me. Mum raised an eye-brow and shot me a glance but said nothing and as an incentive Rose offered £5 of her pocket money, for a day`s modelling, knowing I was saving for a new music centre, and also saying with a smile I could keep on my swimsuit if I was shy.
Thus, it was I found myself in her “studio” in reality a big old garden shed with windows down one side, set on a bank overlooking our orchard, me sat in various poses on a stool and being sketched by my sister for hours on end. (If you have ever tried keeping still for half an hour try it sometime its bloody agony in some poses believe me!)
Anyway, to pass the time we chatted and of course being me, the subject of sex raised its head, I thought very gently, but I suspect perhaps I was not a subtle as I thought.
My sister at that time was a tall but straight girl, with a spinal problem and scars she was very embarrassed about, not a well-endowed girl in the breast department, and painfully shy, blushing at the very thought of any mention of sex, so I knew I had to tread carefully.
Slowly oh so very slowly I brought the conversation round to the subject, and like a genie from a bottle while apparently engrossed in the drawing, and not sharing eye contact she began to unwind, and talk more freely than we ever had before.
Not knowing what mother had told me only the day before she told me with a little encouragement that she was “nearly a virgin,”
I coaxed her a lot about that and she finally admitted that dad had taken her virginity, supervised by mother who had at her request, stayed and held her hand during the act, her being so nervous, it had happened last year when I had been away with a school trip, and dad had been very gentle, though, so far, she had not used the knowledge in any practical way.
That particular sketch over she showed it to me, it was awesome, she had a real talent. While she was getting fresh charcoal from the box in the cupboard,
She mumbled something, I didn’t catch so I asked her to repeat what she had said and she still without making eye contact asked, “if I would consider taking off my trunks.” I knew that, in my sister`s case this was a big step, her shyness normally would not have allowed such a request, but because of the location we could not be seen in the studio, and the door being latched and we, being on her own turf so to speak, she had decided to be for her fairly bold.
I took her hand and turned her to face me, kissed her gently and asked if that was what she really wanted, to which she blushingly replied that “it was, but only if I didn’t mind!” Mind, my tool had been stretching the trunks for a while now, so I said, “Look rose this is embarrassing, I am afraid I`ve got a stiffee, over the thought of you and you won`t want that in your sketch, now will you?”
She eyed me suspiciously and asked if it was “really over me?” I, nodded and she turned very red, mumbling that she would love to see it anyway, as other than dad`s that night, and she had had her eyes tight closed for most of it, she had never really seen one in the flesh so to speak.
I kissed her again fetching her hand to my now throbbing member through my trunks, to her acute embarrassment, I said “sure?” and she very red faced now nodded her assent. I slid the trunks off, her eyes like saucers, as she took in the size and shape of my proud genitalia, while stuttering for me to pose in any way I felt I could comfortably. Thinking to myself softly, softly catch the monkey, I placed my left foot on the chair fully exposing myself and holding the chair back, the oppressive silence was broken only by our breathing, hers especially, noticeably deeper now as the pencils scratched and slithered across the paper, her eyes flicking up and down twix my body and her sketch. A silence that said so much, her face returning to its normal pale complexion as she worked, time I thought to say something. “Rose, have you done my head, can I talk please?”
She said I could, as it wasn’t of my head, so not to move from the shoulders down, so maintaining this tiring pose on one leg I began to chat.
We had never been close till now Rose and myself, she had spent her years up till she was 11 in various hospitals, and so on having had a spinal problem since birth, being within an ace of being a paraplegic, that had needed surgery, and much work in some of the big c***dren`s hospitals, alternating with complete bedrest, which had meant her taking up art which she had shown such a talent for. Always shy and retiring and me being an outdoor c***d our paths had tended not to be close, at least not till very recently.
I started by complimenting her on her talent and asking what she was going to do with the sketch when it was finished? Her answer that, “it was especially for her” surprised me, and I asked if it was just because of the nudity, or because it was of me? Again she started to blush, so I changed tack, saying would she please do one of me, full length, for mother it being her birthday soon, which had her regarding me with a shocked look that showed her surprise at the odd request.
“Really?” She asked, grinning so I answered “well, yes… please if you don’t mind, I will get her a nice frame and it can be her keepsake for taking my real virginity, it was awesome, and I will never forget it!”
Her smile was unforgettable, a sort of cross between joy and a vulture about to devour a good meal. I had a feeling I was about to fall into some sort of hidden trap. She knew she had a bargaining chip, so said, “OK, I will but only if you will pose again, and if my friend can be here to watch, as she, like me till today, has never seen one of these in the flesh before!”
I asked who, and she said her bestest friend Charlotte, (one of the few girls that I had met from her school friends that I did fancy!) So trying desperately not to be too eager I agreed, she, telling me to find a nice frame and she would call Charlotte and arrange things.
Anyway, she finished the present picture, and very good it was, if a little focused! I sat for a moment to let my cramped muscles flex, and she stepped from behind the easel, coming towards me and saying she hoped that I had not got cramp, so I had her sit on the other chair and taking her hand I explained that I had for some time fancied her, wanting her sexually, and that I wanted to see her body, and that knowing she was shy, and had scars, I would not push her into anything she did not want to do, but the ball was in her court.
She gulped a bit, then said she “would think about it, her body being a scar covered lump,” but she would talk to her friend, and think about it, then standing and saying to “close the door behind me” she strode off to the house, no doubt in a bit of embarrassment, sketch pad under her arm, leaving me to dress.
When I came indoors, mother asked me if I had enjoyed my modelling session, and my reply that “I had earned my £5, belive me,” had her grinning and at the table that evening asking to see her daughter`s sketches, which she was shown, though I noticed the last one was missing and they were all ‘clothed in a swimsuit’ sketches. Dad was of the opinion that she was extremely talented, and should pursue her dreams, which she, grinning said that “I am considering that, if my dreams won`t mind my scars and I can physically and mentally manage it!” which I got the impression was not quite what Dad had expected her to say, and caused me to smile at the double meaning!
A couple of days passed, in the town with mum shopping I had found a nice frame in a second hand shop, and got a new diary to list my trysts, then to my joy the very next day, like busses, two sexual offers came at once! My beloved sister said her friend was coming for a visit the next weekend and when breakfast was over, mother having got over her curse, decided to move things on and proposition me, but only if my room was tidy, (which since she had talked, it had been scrupulously on the off chance!).
Wow my luck was changing big time!
Mother appeared in my room as soon as the girls had gone out, they were visiting Reb`s friends, mum appearing fully dressed and first saying she wanted me to treat her as any lover would today, began as I rose from my bed, where I had been laying reading, to kissed me in a very unmotherly way, whispering “take me,” which I then endeavoured to do!
It was to be the first real tryst that we had and believe me it was definitely not going to be the last if I could help it! After the very simple straight-forward but very hard fuck, of perhaps just 10 minutes or so, we lay to get back her breath and my errection, after which she explained that “that was called vanilla sex’, basic, urgent and simple, however did I know there were other so-called perversions?” well I did but decided to act dumb, so shook my head, she listed some explain them in detail, which I am sure you all know and adding her likes and dislikes which you and I didn`t:, anal, (which she said she liked) bondage, (again a very definite like, along with humiliation) and the huge bdsm scene, (which she said she had tried with dad, but had not found much joy in moderation, it was like the curates egg, good in parts! b********y, (a definite no as she hated dogs) euralagia or piss (which she said was fun) and s**t (which made her sick to think of it) lesbianism, (at which she blushed, and rapidly moved on) paedophilia, (again a big No! but she stretched a point on the age limit at the top end of the range, saying at about 13 she reckoned most k**s were at least aware nowadays.) Which sadly was very true, just look at me! and finally outdoor sex ( which she said was a turn on due to the risk factor)
I having caught on to the rapid glossing over of lesbianism asked if she had had any of the girls in bed and she coloured up again saying “perhaps, but as I said discression… we don’t talk about it in or out of the family, though I will say this one of your sisters loves it and bondage, humiliation and I suspect pain, so be a little cautious young man, if she comes on to you!”
It was left at that, she saying she had housework to get on with, as it was lookers pie for dinner tonight, a Marshlands delicacy and one of my favourites! Then rising from my bed, she began to dress, so I asked if “I was allowed to try some of the “perversions she liked” and she regarded me with a broad grin as she went out of my room, saying over her shoulder, “perhaps that’s why I have told you of my preferences!”
I lay stunned, then reached for the diary, putting a note of Ros, and mother`s first engagements then listed preferences on the notes pages at the back, allotting a page each, for Mum, Dad and the three girls as well. Finally placing in the slot beside the date that day in the simple words ` mum, vanilla, my room. fantastic!

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