Japan Tour part 2: The Groupies

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Japan Tour part 2: The Groupies
I woke up at 7 a.m. and couldn t remember where the hell I was. Then I remembered. Japan, in a luxurious suite, with a hot Japanese housewife named Izumi. No, I realized. Izumi had left. I got on a plane for a budget trip to Japan and got confused for a famous author who was on the same plane. I wondered how long I was going to be able to get away with the act. I remembered now, a car coming at 10 a.m. and I was going to have to do press interviews and talk to a panel of professors and I hadn t even read my book. There was a case of at least 60 of them at the foot of the bed. I grabbed one and tried to focus, but it wasn t my kind of book and I went back to thinking about Izumi.

I had met Izumi at a book signing the night before, then met up in the hotel bar and she wound up coming back to my room. Her shy housewife facade slipped away when we talked about her book ideas and she took on the identity of one of her adventurous characters. I wound up playing the role of the bad guy that she had to fuck in order to get secret information. Or was it to keep the information safe? I forgot. She had such complex and creative plots. I sent Izumi out, still as the bad guy and her as the hero, to go seduce her own husband. I tossed the book down, got in the shower and was pretty soon using all of the available shower gels and shampoos to jerk off thinking of banging Izumi again and all the things I wanted to do to her next. Unfortunately I had forgotten to get a number or anything for her. But something got in the way of my fantasy and that was the image of the even hotter Mayako. I guessed Mayako was the handler the publishing people had sent to make sure I stayed happy and got to all of the book events. The real author was apparently known for being an impossible, reclusive, combative dickhead. She was perfect, long straight black hair, a face that looked like sculpted marble and almost of the same color. I started thinking about her legs, which I had only seen in black stockings with her black dress and heels. What did Mayako look like undressed? That was the thought that got me off.

I was just getting dressed when Mayako rang the door. I tensed in case they had finally realized I was not the real author, but she seemed the same pleasant, happy Mayako as the day before. I smiled at her, guiltily, since I had been fapping hard to her just 20 minutes earlier. I looked her up and down and said I m glad you wore that black dress again. . Well, said Mayako, you said you liked it so I wore it again. We got down to the car and I realized we were headed to my doom because the first stop was a circle of academic professors who were going to eat me alive. I had no chance of fooling them as soon as we started talking all sorts of academic stuff that I was known for when I wasn t writing popular fiction. Mayako was in the back of the limo with me and I watched the think Tokyo sunlight dance patterns up her long legs. I had a thought and said Mayako, you know I have a reputation for being very disagreeable, especially with these academic types. I bet that if I let you answer the questions as my translator in the way you think is best, this meeting would go better. . She blushed and acted flattered that I would trust her. I told her that I absolutely trusted her, and she thanked me and said she would do her best, nodding submissively. I basked in the glow of her approval. The meeting went off perfectly. For every question I would whisper something random in Mayako s ear after she translated, and she would reply in Japanese and they all looked impressed and nodded and seemed to like me. At the end I told Mayako to translate exactly what I said. I said my interpreter today is a brilliant scholar and If any of you ever need an interpreter or to hire someone in your university, you should consider her. . She thanked me about a hundred times before we got to the car. The next stop was an interview with a bunch of journalists. I was feeling great so it was easy to be charming and give general answers to questions and just avoid anything specific. I cringed though when they took photos. This was going to get the word out quick and then the game would be up.

We got back to the hotel around 5 p.m. and Mayako said she would be back in the morning. If I had any troubles, there was a guy at the hotel who would help, and that he would be in the lobby to watch out. She waved over a young Japanese guy and said his name was Lance. Of course she said Rance. I watched Mayako go, staring longingly at the back of her legs and her ass. I asked Lance how he got his name and of course an American guest had given it to him as a nickname. I asked him what he was there to watch out for. He didn t know a lot of English so this took a few tries to ask. Finally he said oh in recogniation and then said groupies. . I asked him to repeat that, then explain. After he did I said: Do you mean women come to this hotel and try to meet me. Yes, Lance said, but he was going to make sure none of them bothered me. I fellt in my pocket for the envelope fulll of 1,000 and 10,000-yen notes that Mayako had given me for my daily incidental expenses. Since everything got charged to the room, I didn t need the money for anything and I still had another stack of money from yesterday upstairs. Lance, I said, handing him a few of the bills, would you do me a favor, but keep it a secret? We tried a few more times until he understood favor and secret. I said, I would like to meet one or two of these groupies, two nice girls. Could you bring two nice girls to meet me? He nodded and said okay.

I went up to my room and waited. And waited. The longer it took the more nervous I got. Would Lance actually do anything? And would he understand what I was saying? I started to panic. I didn t specify cute Japanese girls. What if he brought a couple of chunky white girls who spoke Engllish?! I was about to run down to the lobby to find him when there was a knock at the dooor. Lance stood there with two cute Japanese girls. They were very nice looking indeed. I shook each of their hands and they bowed. I told Lance thank you and he left. The girls went inside and we alll took seats by the window. I got a chance to look them over. One had on a sort of light blue skirt and pink top. She had tanned legs that I was trying hard not to stare at, and small round breasts. They could have been sisters. The other one had sort of a more oval face, maybe a bit more pale. She had on jeans and . . . yes, she had a t-shirt with the cover of my book on the t-shirt. I asked them if they were sisters and they giggled and said no, they were at university together. They both read my book and really liked it. They hoped they could meet me for an autograph. I gave them each a copy of the book from my stash and gave them personal autographs. I asked their names and wrote their names in the book to make it personal, but I was nervous and horny and forgot their names right away. They nodded and bowed and said thank you. I asked them to sit down again. They did and we talked about Japan. I asked them some places that I should see and they recommended a hot spring. I asked them about that and they recommended the Japanese style bath. I said I didn t know anything about the Japanese bath style but it sounded relaxing. I asked them if they wanted a drink. No. I started to reallize where Lance messed up. They were groupies alright, and nice Japanese girls, but these girls were too nice. We talked a little more about travelling and hot springs and writing books and what they studied at the university. And then I ran out of stuff to say and decided fuck it. I stood up and said how nice it was to meet them and we all shook hands round and bowed again. As we were walking to the dooor I said I would really like to try a hot spring while I was here and I hope I wouldn t embarrass myself when I went to try the baths since I didn t know what I was doing. The girl in jeans whispered something in rapid Japanese to the one in the dress. She fired something else back and then they leaned their heads in. The one in the dress, whose English was better, turned back to me and said we can show. . Show? I asked. Show you bath, she said. Oh yeah sure, I said, I wasn t really doing anything right now, if they had a minute that would be great.

I showed them the big marble covered bathroom. It had a separate glass walled shower and a big, deep tub. The girl in the jeans turned on the tap of the tub and the one in the dress told me to go in the shower and rinse off. I remembered that nudity in Japan was a different deal from the West so I stripped and got in the shower, not feeling that self-conscious. The bath water was now so boiling hot that it was filling the room with steam. When the tub was full the girl in the dress popped her head into the shower and said turn to cold. . I turned the water as cold as I could handle it for two agonizing minutes, then she told me to get out, handing me a towel. Then I went over to the bath, which looked like it was almost boiling, and they both stood there expectantly as I sat on the edge and put a foot in. I almost howled with pain but bit it back. Go in slow, the one in jeans said as I heard the shower starting up again. I saw the girl in the dress step out of her dress and pull her blouse over her head, unsnap her bra and saw a glimpse of round tits and her smalll dark nipples before she turned and vanished into the fog-glassed shower. The girl in jeans was wiggling out of her pants and gave me a fulll frontal glimpse of titties and bush as she pulled off her t-shirt and joined her friend in the shower. I slowly eased into the pit of scalding water as I looked at the vague nude forms moving around together in the shower. After three or four minutes they emerged together, stark naked and ran over to sit on the edge of the tub with me. Naked and with their hair wet, I couldn t tell which one was which anymore. One had a trimmed bush and I could see the tight slit of her pussy lips. The other had a hairier pussy and looser labia that I ogled as they slid into the water, and then we were all three sitting there naked.

And then it was just the same as it had been earlier. We sere sitting around making polite conversation, except now we were totally naked. I stretched out my foot to bump up against one of the girl s legs. She didn t move away but didn t encourage more either. Every time I tried a line to go somewhere else I got nothing. So we just relax huh? I said. They nodded. What next? I asked. They suggested nice meal or nap or walk. Oh yeah good idea I said, trying to hide my disappointment. Should I make a pass at these girls? I couldn t decide, and then I waited too long. One got out and said first time should be short. I said yes, is it your first time? She giggled and either didn t get the joke or pretended not to. She toweled off and handed one to her friend. Next time can be longer, she said as I watched her bare ass. So, I said, trying not to sound desperate, it s normal to just take a bath together, I mean, men and women. Yes, very nice time was the reply. Oh, okay I said. Damn. I watched them get dressed as I slowly got out, trying to buy my erection some time, but one saw and gave a nervous giggle then turned away. It turned out the one with the hairy pussy was the girl in the dress. Pretty soon we were all three dressed and not fucking each other and we were back at the door. This time they left. I counted to twenty and then shouted: FUCK!

I took the elevator to the lobby and found Lance. I gave him more money and said this time two Japanese girls but not too nice, okay? He seemed confused so I tried saying it a few different ways. I made sort of a sexual gesture and realization dawned on his face. Okay he said, moving off to some other part of the hotel. I went back upstairs and spent a frustrating 20 or 30 minutes pacing and drinking expensive whiskey too fast. A knock at the door. Lance standing there with two mouthwatering Japanese girls, both in school girl dress. One was stockier, for a Japanese but not even chubby by American standards, eyeliner and hair dyed almost blonde. She had on loose white socks and black shoes with a white blouse. The other had on a navy sweater and matching navy socks pulled up to her knees, brown-black hair pulled up in a bow behind her head. She was a good four inches taller than her friend and slender. Come in, I told them and gave Lance a look that said Thanks and Get Lost at the same time. The girls were excited to meet me and we did the whole book signing thing in a hurry. I asked them their names and then forgot them again. How old are you? I asked and heaved a sigh of relief when they said 22 and 23. Do you want a drink I asked. They DID want a drink and fawned over all of the high-end liquor in the bar. They served themselves and I told them to please relax and stay a while. The short one turned on the TV, loud JPop. The taller one kicked off her shoes and sat on the bed with her drink half gone already. Apparently we were going to have a party. I poured myself a drink and sat next to the tall one on the bed. The short one was bouncing around the room half danncing and half checking everything out. I jumped up to fill the tall one s drink and then sat back down closer to her. I always want to meet you she confided. I decided that if this was going to be another blue balll exercise I wanted no part of it so I put my hand on her knee and said and I am very glad to meet you. Oh really?! she said in that amazingly enthusiastic voice. Really, I said, and right now I would really like to kiss you. She let me, and after a perfunctory kiss we had a deep one and then her shorter friend was giggling as she watched our tongues slide over each other. She said something a bit cross-sounding in Japanese and my new best friend said Aiko is jealous. I looked at Aiko and then at the talll girl. Should I kiss Aiko too? She said, if you don t she will be jealous.

So Aiko jumped on to the bed and then I was between them. The tall girl watched carefully as I turned and put my arm around Aiko and kissed her. Hmmm, I said, I think you are both so good. I can t figure out who is better. I turned too the tall girl. What was your name? I asked her, my hand on her thigh and moving inside. Eri, she said, and we kissed again while Aiko watched. This went back and forth a few times until I said that I thought Eri was the best kisser. Aiko let out a yelp of disappointment and went to stare out the window. I refilled their drinks and told Aiko that there were many categories to be best in. They both stared at me as I made shit up on the spot. Yeah, I said, lots of categoories. So maybe Eri is the best kisser. But who has nicer legs, huh? I can t tell because of your stockings. Aiko bent down and rolled the socks off of her feet showing shapely legs with just the right amount of baby fat. Aiko sat on the edge of the bed and got me instantly hard as I watched her slowly unrolling a dark stocking off of her long leg. Leave the other one on, I told her. I hated to say it but Eri s legs were museum quality. Aiko was stunning too but nothing like Eri. So who win? of course Aiko asked, standing barefooted, pointing a toe out at me. I said, I think I need to feel and got down and rubbed her legs up and down like she was a prize horse. Then I went to Eri and rubbed her legs, both the bare one and stockinged one. I wanted to rub more than that on her, but I didn t want to ignore Aiko. I figured that if I pissed one off they would probably both leave. Well, I said, the game is in the early stages and Eri is off to a lead but I think Aiko can come back. They didn t follow the sports analogy so I said 2-0 but this is only the second inning. Then they got it. Aiko pouted but not as much as I feared. Third inning, I said, we should see who has nicer breasts. Eri bllushed at the sugestion and reached up to let her hair down. Aiko was already unbuttoning her white blouse showing a lacy bra and full breasts. She unhooked the bra and I was staring at my fourth pair of bare Japanese tits in less than 24 hours. Her tits were stunning. MY fifth pair arrived soon after. When I turned around Eri was sitting on the bed wearing just her skirt and the one stocking, her long hair down now over her breasts but still showing enough. I was fully in lust with Eri but Aiko s tits were amazing too. I said this innning is really close but I think Aiko wins this one. Eri clapped for her as Aiko jumped up and down, tits bouncing, in celebration. Mine are nice too, see, I said, pulling off my shirt and joining the party, then we all went shirtless to the bar and had another drink. And then I poured us all a shot. I said time for the fourth inning and see if Aiko can tie the score. Okay what is next Eri said, setting down her shot. I think it s time to see who has the nicest ass, I said. I ll go first. I pulled off my jeanns and stood there in jockey shorts as they laughed. Okay you can both go at once now. I watched them both lean down, flip up their school girl dresses and show me their panties. Eri s legs and thighs seemed to go on forever up into black panties. I wanted to stare at that ass and legs forever, like it was my first view of the Grannd Canyon or the Northern Lights. Aiko had a round ass with a great shape to it and sillk pink panties. She was wiggling her ass and I could see the pussy lips beckoning between her legs packed tight into those panties. I did a shot off of both of their asses and declared Aiko the winnner. Fifth innning. Next is kind of like kissing, I said, but more intimate. Can you guess, I asked? They covered their faces as I said do you know felllatio? oral sex? Do you mean blowjob? Aiko said. Yeah, exactly, I told her. Aiko was on her knees and Eri was laughing and saying something in Japanese as Aiko pulled my underwear down, took my cock and started sucking it. Then Eri was on her knees next to her and had my cock in her mouth. Eri sucked cock like she was your wife, she was gentle and loving, but Aiko sucked cock like a mistress, as if we both only had a couple of minutes. I told them, there s no waay I can decide. The fifth inning is a tie. They both seemed okay with that, but I said that since I was naked they should take off their panties at least. I told them to leave the skirt. Eri s last remaining stocking was down around her ankle. I watched them reach up under their skirts and the black and pink panties dropped onto the carpet of the hotel room floor. You have to lie on the bed so I can see better I told them, and the two girls went to lie down on the bed, both at least pretty buzzed by now, and opened their legs. Eri s pussy was like looking at the gates of heaven, a tight little package that would need to be gently coaxed open, natural black bush. Aiko s was shaved and had pronounced labia between her puffy pussy mound. I stared at each of their pussies for a long time and said this is terrible, another tie. We can t keep going head to head like this, it s too difficult. Seventh inning, I said, has to be taste vs. feel. How is taste vs. feel, Eri said, sitting up. Like this, I said, positioning her against the headboard. Then I got Aiko to crawl up next to her on all fours. I started kissing Eri s twat and it slowly opened like a flower, while my fingers crept inside Aiko and began fingering her. Eri twisted my hair as I ate her pussy and Aiko pushed back on my fingers as I banged her harder and deeper. By the end Emi s pussy was spread wide and loose and I had my tongue deep inside her while I had two fingers deep inside Aiko. Finally I sat up and said the seventh inning is over and taste wins, but now it s time to switch. Eri got on all fours for the eighth inning and I started eating Aiko s wet and ready pussy. She moaned as I ate her pussy while gently fingering Eri s tight twat. After a few minutes of Aiko cumming loudly I said I think we all know Aiko won that inning. So it is tied in the ninth inning, I told them, there is only one way to decide who wins. Aiko smiled at me and I rolled into her arms and inside her, Eri watching her friend getting fucked. I didn t mean to but the cocktease I had had earlier in the baths with the other two girls took its toll, as did the double blowjob a while earlier. I was blowing my wad inside Aiko in less than two minutes. I pulled out and Eri and I watched the creampie between Aiko s legs. I got off the bed for more whiskey and said how about a double header?

Three or four hours later I woke up from blacked out drunk. Eri and Aiko were both passed out next to me. There was a puddle of cum on Eri s face and in her hair. Aiko had her arm around me. I reached down and played with her tit and the nipple got hard. She opened her eyes and 30 seconds later she wason all fours and I was pounding her pussy and she was cumming loudly. I was rubbing Aiko s ass and tits as I looked at Eri. When I felt the tell-tale signs I pulled out of Aiko and jerked my load onto Eri s beautiful legs. Her eyes stayed shut. Aiko informed me that was what happened last time. Last time? She said I pulled out of her and jerked off onto Eri s face. I guess I had really been abusing Eri. DId I fuck her? Aiko said no. She absentmindedly played with my cock while she watched TV. It was two or three in the morning. I was hard again soon and Aiko jumped on my cock for another round. Eri woke up to watch her riding on my cock, cumming loud enough to wake the entire hotel. Eri and I looked at each other. I wanted to tell her she was my dream girl and I favored her alll along, and that I couldn t believe I had somehow wound up fucking Aiko every time. But how to talk to Eri with Aiko naked and bouncing up and down on my cock? It wasn t easy. I reached out for her and got her in the Eiffel Tower position so she was grinding on my face and facing Aiko. I wanted Eri s pussy but Aiko was riding my dick and wasnot going to get off of it until it was soft. I held out as long as I could but you can only do so much about a 22 year old Asian girl bouncing up and down on your cock. I came inside Aiko again and she rolled off and fell asleep while I was still eating Eri s pussy. I had the very satisfying experience of hearing Eri cum as my tongue got deep inside her tight slit. I turned her around, tried to get my limp cock inside her but it was no good. We spooned naked together on the bed and closed our eyes.

At 4 a.m. I opened my eyees. Both girls were gone. They must ve gotten up, got dressed and left, which wouldn t be a hard thing to do without waking me. I had had a lot of the whiskey. I had six hours before the next day. I was pretty sure they would figure out by noon that I was not the famous author. I pulled on my clothes, splashed some water on my face and went down to find Lance asleep in a chair behind the reception counter. Lance, I said, can you get me two more girls like those, and hurry?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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