Jessiva Chapter Three

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Jessiva Chapter Three

Sitting at their dining room table Jessica and Tim were just finishing their lunch when the phone rang. Their dad answered it and then hung up while calling to his wife to tell her the party for next Saturday had been cancelled by the Freemen’s. That’s too bad, his wife told him, I was looking forward to having a lot of fun at their party. I’ll see about getting us another party to attend, their dad said, cause I was looking forward to their party too you know. Their mom then asked, if they said why they had to cancel? The Wedding got called off, their dad said.
After hearing the conversation between his parents Tim leaned over and whispered into his sister’s ear that the Freeman’s is where we’ll be going next weekend. Jessica eyes got wide as she realized the full extent of what her brother was telling her. Her mother was going to be the party girl at Bill’s brother’s bachelor party and she had been responsible for getting her mother fired from the party.

Jessica kept thinking about it and the more she thought about it the more she was convinced her mother was a men’s party girl. All the porn slanted towards one girl pleasing so many men. The weekends they went out she would be dress so very sexy in revealing clothing. They would always come home very late with mom looking like she’d been run over by a train. Guess I know why now it’s because she was run over by a train, a gang bang train. Jessica then thought that with all the porn they had upstairs there had to be some pictures of her mom pleasing other men. Jessica then decided that she would have to give her parent’s room a better going over.
To Jessica the week flew by and now it was Saturday and she had butterflies inside her stomach. That’s just performance anxiety her brother told her. You’ll be alright once we get there and the party gets started. Her brother then handed her a present and told her to open it as it was a costume for her to wear during the party.
Jessica ripped open the package and found a sheer black blouse with a sheer black wicked weasel pair of shorts, and a black pair of high heel boots. Tim told her when she walks into the party wearing that the whole crowd would be ready to drop a load on her.
Tim watched as Jessica took her clothes off in front of him so she could try on the outfit. Her naked body was perfect. You couldn’t make a better body then the one she had. Her pussy looked beautiful all shaved and smooth and the wicked weasel shorts did nothing to hide it. Tim felt his dick getting hard as he watched his sister dress in the outfit he got her. Someday, he told himself, that fine pussy will be all mine. The blouse came down to just about two inches above her bellybutton. Her breast were standing up under the sheer blouse on their own as if there was an invisible bra holding them up for all the world to see. Dam, she’s so fine, he thought to himself.
This is going to help make me feel and look like a real slut, she told Tim, I love it, she added. I’m going to be partially naked from the minute I walk in, she told him. Now I can’t wait to get there and show off my body to all those guys. Just the thought of walking around in this makes me want to masturbate. Do you think they’ll like me? She asked Tim. Sure they’ll like you and I can guarantee that without any hesitation. Also, you better hold off masturbating until we get there so the guys can see how really horny their slut for the night is. He then handed her a coat and they left together for Jessica’s very first blow bang party.
Once inside the car Jessica removed the coat and let the seat back so she could give Tim and any truckers passing by a look at her new outfit. She hadn’t sucked Tim since last night after their parents went to bed. She had sucked on Tim’s cock till almost 4:30 in the morning before slipping back into her room. She remembered he even dozed off one time while she continued sucking him off.
Now she was going to really be like those girls in her dad’s porn collection. She wondered if she could be as good as those girls. Tim told her she had nothing to worry about but, still she worried. All of those guys she would be using to satisfy her desires. However, she still wanted to be the best any of them ever had. She wanted them to want her over and over again.
When Tim parked the car he woke Jessica up and informed her they were here. She stretched and then opened the door to get out. Tim asked her if she was going to put the coat on and she told him no she wanted to walk in looking like what she wanted to be tonight, a real slut.
The night air felt cool on her near naked body as she walk through the apartment complex. There were a few people outside and they all stopped what they were doing to watch her walk by them. Jessica was loving the feeling this was giving her. She loved how their eyes looked at her and she could till everyone wanted her. One lady even slipped her man for looking at her and Jessica gave him a big smiled getting him in more trouble.
Tim knocked at the door and Bill opened the door and let Tim and Jessica inside. A roar was let out when everyone saw Jessica enter the apartment. Bill told everyone this is Jessica and the crowd roared again. Jessica stood beside Bill with her legs slightly spread so everyone could get a view of her pussy through the sheer wicked weasel shorts she wore. Bill then took her around to each guy there and introduced her to each of them. She shook everyone’s hand and told them she hoped they have a good time tonight.
When Bill introduced his brother, the bachelor, John to Jessica she told him she could hardly wait to get to swallow his cum first. After Jessica met everyone she was lead to a small stage that had been set up for her. Music was playing and Jessica started to dance for them and then she started removing her blouse and shorts. After the first dance Jessica lay back on a padded bench and started to play with her body for the eyes of the men gathered around her lusting for her beautiful body. She spread her legs giving them a good look at her smooth pussy. Then she started masturbating for the men as they jockeyed around trying to get a better view of this young beauty before them. Jessica didn’t take long to reach her first climax of the night as this was turning out to be better than anything she had ever hoped for. The men, she noticed, had removed their clothes and were already pulling on their cocks. So many beautiful cocks and they were all for her, she told herself. Then she felt something wet hit her leg. She looked and some guy was already losing his load on her leg. She quickly rose up and kneeled before him so the rest of his sperm could hit her face. When he finished spurting Jessica took his cock inside her mouth so she could get all his cum from his cock and the crowd roared their approval of this nasty cock sucking whore in front of them.
Jessica then moved to the next cock and started sucking on it like it was the last cock in the world. It wasn’t very large so she was able to take his cock all the way down her throat without too much trouble. She also held a cock in each hand as she sucked the cock inside her mouth. She even felt a cock banging on the back of her head. Jessica loved what was happening to her. She felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world being surrounded by all these cocks.
While all of this was going on Jessica remember that this was a party that her mother was supposed to be at. Her mother was supposed to be sucking all these cocks. Jessica now knew why her mother would want to be doing this and Jessica also knew that this wasn’t going to be the last cock party for her either.
Jessica had gone around and sucked everybody’s cock twice when Tim announced that it was now time to start the Bukkake.
John was brought up to Jessica and she downed his cock. Then the first guy came up to her and shot his load across her face. She stopped sucking John just long enough to suck clean the guy’s cock then she went back to John.
John felt his balls release his goo and he told her here it comes. Jessica took his cock deep and held him there until his cock stopped shooting his sperm down her throat. When John finally removed his cock from her mouth he felt as if he had just gotten the world’s best blow job and he knew he would never again be able to experience anything like this again.
More and more men stepped up and release their cum on her face and into her open mouth. Jessica never swallowed any of it choosing to keep her mouth full of all these guys cum. Her eyes and entire face was now covered and still she wanted more guys to give her their sperm.
Jessica could feel a stream of cum running down her body towards her pussy and this she caught with her hand and dumped it back into her mouth. She tried looking through her eyes but everything was now a blur. When it seemed as if there was a small break in the action Jessica held her arm up so she could get their attention and then she pointed to her mouth so they could see her swallow the mouth full of cum she had been holding in there. The men roared as they could not believe this young, beautiful, smiling girl before them could be so nasty.
John then came up to her again and ejaculated another load inside her sucking mouth. Several more came up to her and released their second and third loads on her face.
Bill then came up to her and placed his cock inside her mouth wanting to get a blow job from this lovely creature that his friend Tim had somehow found.
After Bill filled her mouth with what was left inside his balls more guys lined up for Jessica to suck them off and Jessica showed no signs of slowing down or even wanting to quit.
Cock after cock Jessica sucked while Tim and Bill used spoons to clean the spilled cum off her body and then they would feed it to her greedy mouth.
Then, finally just before 4 a.m., Tim called a halt and said it was time for them to get home. Jessica got up and went around to each and every guy, kissed his cock, and then told him thank you for coming on her face.
Tim handed her her clothes and she told him to hold them for her as she wanted to walk out to the car just the way she was, naked.
As she walked out of the apartment the men howled loud enough to wake some of the other people living in the apartment complex. Jessica could see them in the windows watching her walk to the car and then she looked at the apartment where the guy got hit by his old lady. Sure enough, he was looking out the window and Jessica blew him a kiss.

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