Kaitlin s Massage Holiday 3

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Kaitlin s Massage Holiday 3
If there was any lingering doubt that Kaitlin was finding this highly erotic, then one glance at her sopping cunt would settle the matter immediately. Even in the limited light it was clearly a gooey mess. This was no misplaced massage oil. There is no mistaking the consistency of fresh fanny juice. It had streamed out between her lips and had formed a small mound where her lips met the bed sheet. It looked as if she stood up she d have a string of mucus reaching to the floor. Just how far was this going to go. I began to worry that maybe I had let Kaitlin have too much champagne at lunch. Was she going to regret her actions? Even though I had a raging hard on in my free hand, with it s own thin stream of pre-cum stretching to the seat of my chair, I was a little concerned as to how I d feel if things went much further. I resolved however that this was probably a once in a lifetime event and I d see it all the way through, whatever the result. As I d arranged things, I could hardly blame Kaitlin if she was seduced further than I thought she would be.

Joel s hands were slowly moving up Kaitlin s thigh the left and right hands rhythmically rotating around the outer and inner aspects respectively. Kaitlin s breathing became more rapid and shallow the closer he got to her cunt lips. He was close enough now that my view of her dripping snatch was at times obscured. All of a sudden Kaitlin let out a groan as I could see her right outer lip pushed up and back by the pressure of Joel s palm. Kaitlin made no move to neither stop his advances nor close her legs. Joel s large hands were now rotating and massaging the ball of her hip joint. The tips of his left fingers intermittently appeared between her legs nudging against the clitoral end of her pussy. As they disappeared back under her leg the right hand would sweep down the crack between her leg and cunt, the edge of his palm brushing back and forth along the edge of her mound. Her breathing continued to quicken, was then drawn in and held briefly before being released in a long slow moan that she tried unsuccessfully to suppress, as her body tensed and relaxed, her pelvis arching to meet the downward sweep of Joel s palm. This allowed even greater access under her leg and around to her cunt lips for his left hand. There was now a constant to and fro motion against the side of her cunt and what little light there was flickered off the wetness that was being massaged out from between her lips. Still, there appeared to be no direct contact with her clitoris or entry into her vagina.

Finally Kaitlin couldn t hold back any longer. Her breathing was erratic and uncontrolled. Her eyes closed as her whole body tensed. Kaitlin, having done her best to suppress it for the last 5 to 10 minutes, was having her first orgasm as a result of another man s touch. Joel meanwhile continued his work. As he orgasm faded he changed to long gentle strokes up and down her thigh, lightly brushing her vulva as he passed.

I m sorry, said Kaitlin, nothing like that has ever happened before.

That s fine Kaitlin, just relax.

God, I m so embarrassed

Don t be silly, it s all very natural. I m sorry if I ve caused you embarrassment. I didn t sense what was happening otherwise I would have stopped or at least checked to see if you wanted me to continue. It s a complement that you could become so relaxed as to respond in such a way to such minimal stimulation. You re obviously a very sensual woman.

No, it s not your fault. The massage was so good I was in an almost dream like state. I feel so silly, I don t suppose that sort of thing happens very often.

Actually it s more common than you may think. Some people fight it, which I suppose is unfortunate for them. Not many will respond to such minimally intimate contact as you though. That s a compliment to you of course.

Some of my regular private customers prefer a more sensual style massage which I m happy to provide as long as we re both clear on boundaries. Different people have different expectations from their massage, but as long as they leave totally relaxed and satisfied, I feel my job is done.

Ok, if you re ready to continue we have more work to do on your left leg. Remember though if you feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed, please let me know, or perhaps just ask me to move on , if that s easier.

The left leg proceeded pretty much as for the right. Kaitlin seemed more relaxed and when Joel flexed her hip to the side leaving the now somewhat forgotten towel covering little more than her lower right buttock, she made no move to cover the full and complete view that was available of her engorged pussy. Her recent orgasm certainly hadn t stemmed the flow of pussy juice. This time, as he approached her cunt lips his actions appeared slower and more deliberate. Whether this was to tease her even more, or to test the waters of acceptance, I wasn t sure. The result was that Kaitlin was more vocal than before. The gentle moans escaping her signalled her state of arousal.

Are you quite comfortable? asked Joel.

Ah, ha, was all she could muster.

On this signal, Joel changed his approach. He carefully eased the towel completely off Kaitlin. Checking her response, and seeing no move to resist, he began lightly running his fingers over the skin of both legs. As he stretched down to her ankles his cock would again press against the small of her back, but now with greater pressure and purpose. Weaving his fingertips up her legs he deliberately avoided touching her pussy lips, which made Kaitlin wiggle her bum in the hope of initiating contact. The next time Joel stretched down to her ankles he slid his groin up Kaitlin s back, bringing his face inches from her anus and cunt, and visibly inhaled deeply. Kaitlin always has the sweetest smelling vagina especially when it was flowing. At times I d go down on her after a work out at the gym just to experience a dirtier aroma. Joel would be getting nothing but that sweet musk aroma today. As he sat up and his head moved away, he breathed out through pursed lips, along the length of her pussy and straight across her anus, which twitched and quivered as his breath passed. Without giving her the chance to contemplate this new development his fingers traced their way back up, between her legs, the right involuntarily spreading to mirror the position of the left.

My view between her legs was now uninterrupted. Here was Kaitlin lying on her stomach, legs spread, with a near naked muscle bound black man rubbing his clearly erect cock into her back, as his fingers played lightly over her buttocks and down between her legs, occasionally drifting over her swollen labia.

Taking the bottle of oil Joel dribbled more across her cheeks, allowing a pool to form just at the top of her crack. As it overflowed and a trickle ran down over her anus Joel quickly placed his finger on the patch of skin between her vagina and anus as though to stop the accidental flow. Kaitlin flinched and then groaned as his finger moved upwards over her anus, scooping up the excess oil but causing her sphincter to constrict involuntarily. He then took a buttock firmly in each hand, his hands moving in sweeps from the centre out, stretching her anus, then back inwards down onto her upper inner thighs, his hands following the crease between her buttock and thigh. This resulted in her pussy lips being forced together, opening like a flower, as his hands came together deep between her legs. The groan from Kaitlin was ominous. She wasn t going to be able to hold back another orgasm for long. Would she ask him to move on , would she be satisfied with one orgasm, or would she really let him bring her to orgasm in the full knowledge that they both knew what was going on.

Joel s strokes were now getting shorter, running much more vertically down the midline, still stretching her anus and now also causing the part of her pussy closest to her anus to gape, exposing both the opening to her vagina and the large quantity of juice pooled within. As his fingers moved further down the length of her slit, her inner lips and clitoris would momentarily pop into view. His groin was now nestled against the back of her neck, his face and mouth inches above her anus and vulva. With each deep breath in I could see him savouring the mixed aromas arising from both her puckering and relaxing arse hole, and her streaming cunt. Once inhaled, he would blow on her anus and onto her fanny in time with their stretching. How he resisted plunging his tongue in, I don t know, I was almost tonguing the screen myself.

Each stroke was now causing a guttural groan from Kaitlin. It was obvious what was about to happen and clearly she was more comfortable than earlier. Her inhibitions relaxed, either by the alcohol or by Joel s earlier reassurances, Kaitlin was going to fully give herself to the next orgasm.

Joel s strokes were even shorter now, just forming small arcs around her labia, her inner lips and clitoris protruding the whole time, but being constantly jostled by his movements. Copious amounts of cunt juice continued to flow out of her hole and over her clitoris. Short rasping breaths came from Kaitlin as she tensed and let the spasms of her orgasm flow over her.

Oh god, fuckkk…yesss, groaned Kaitlin, as she appeared to move her crotch back and forth trying to gain extra contact with Joel s hands. Joel either had other plans or wasn t sure if she wanted more direct genital contact, I suspect the former, as all he gave her was his thumbs resting lightly on her anus. As her spasms and groans slowed so did his hands, having the effect of milking every last ounce of pleasure from her exhausted body. I d never in all our time together seen her orgasm for so long.

Shit, I shouldn t be doing this, but it feels unbelievably good.

Thankyou, I m glad you enjoyed it. You seemed much more relaxed. It s good to be able to feel comfortable in such a setting in order to be able to experience the pleasures of massage fully.

Funnily enough my husband s been trying to get me to have an intimate massage, with a professional provider of course, for a long time.

That s sort of thing is a very common fantasy for many men, though most make the mistake of involving friends or acquaintances. Then when things don t work out for one reason or another they ve got on going problems on their hands. Your husband s approach is much safer all round.

Whilst chatting away Joel was delicately running his fingers over Kaitlin s thighs, buttocks and occasionally very lightly running over her swollen engorged labia and her anus, eliciting small flinches from the pleasurable sensation. Kaitlin made no move to close her legs.

Would you like to try a body slide, or have you had enough for today?

Well, I may not be back here for a while, and it s still an hour or more till my husband is due back, so I m game to give it a try even if I m not exactly sure what it is.

Ok then but again, the same rules apply if you re uncomfortable. Joel stood and moved to the foot end of the bed. Kaitlin watched him as he moved. Watched perhaps isn t the right word; her eyes roamed his body obviously admiring his physique.

Joel placed his hands around Kaitlin s ankles and after a last glance straight up to her sopping cunt drew the ankles together, closing the view. He then stood, hooked his thumbs into the sides of his Lycra shorts, and pushed them down.

Wha…! began Kaitlin, as the shorts were removed revealing a tiny leather G-string. Oh, Sorry, said Kaitlin, I thought you weren t going to have anything on under that!

My apologies for startling you Kaitlin, the Lycra makes the slide quite uncomfortable on sensitive skin.

Oh, fine, replied Kaitlin. Yeah, sure, I thought.

Joel then began covering his upper body and legs in oil, and aware that Kaitlin was watching his reflection in the mirror, putting on a show of doing so, emphasising his admittedly sensational physique. His muscle definition was superb without his being over muscled. He ran the oil across his six-pack of abdominal s down to the low cut top of his G-string. His G-string consisted of little more than a thin, soft leather pouch, barely containing what was obviously a rigid cock, held up by a thin leather string tied at the left hip. Leaning forward to oil up his legs, he allowed his forearm to knock the side of his groin so that the movement within the G-string made it obvious that whatever was in there was as stiff as an iron bar.

Crawling onto the bed he placed his knees either side of Kaitlin s legs and lowered his well-oiled torso down onto Kaitlin s. His groin nestled in the groove between Kaitlin s thighs, a few inches below her crotch. He lay there for a while letting her get use to the pressure. Holding her shoulders he then slid his body forward, his barely covered cock and balls gliding up and over her buttocks and onto her back. His chest was now up and over her head, and the view that both Kaitlin and I could see was of a large black oiled body almost engulfing Kaitlin s petite frame. He slid back down, his cock again slipping into the crack in her buttocks and further on down her thighs until his chest was resting on the curve of her bum. He continued this a number of times then came to rest with his cock wedged in between her buttock cheeks. Joel had kept his legs either side of Kaitlin s so that hers remained tightly close, giving me no view between, just a view of Joel s bare (but for the G-string) ass rippling away as he ground himself against my Partner s body.

In this position Kaitlin must have been able to feel his cock directly against her pussy but made no move to change position.

Not too heavy? enquired Noel.

No, not at all. That skin to skin contact feels wonderful

Hey, it s too quiet, I didn t notice the music had finished. I ll just change the cd.

Joel jumped up and moved to change the cd. As he did so his erection was even more obvious. The oil had soaked into the flimsy material and now clung to, and clearly outlined, his genitals. On top of that, as he stood a trail of mucus ran down the shaft, onto his scrotum and out into the air, until it was about six inches long at which point it fell to the floor. One thing for certain was that this was not oil, and there was not no doubt where his cock had been hiding!

The music back on, Joel resumed his previous position. Kaitlin s legs had parted slightly while Joel was up so that when he lay back down his cock and balls pushed harder against her own genitals.

Now where were we…..? whispered Joel. OK now, just put your arms out sideways. That s right. Kaitlin now had her arms at right angles to her body and her elbows flexed also. Joel places his oiled hands at the sides of her chest then slipped them round to cup her breasts. In doing so his pelvis rocked gently from side to side.

Ooh, that feels a bit naughty! giggled Kaitlin.

Mmmm, naughty but nice perhaps? replied Joel as he began to rotate his hips so that his leather covered cock was massaging back and forth across her cunt. Another moan escaped from Kaitlin. Joel alternated his movements; sometimes rotating other times pumping back and forth as though he was fucking her. Kaitlin was right into it now, meeting his thrusts as best as she could while trapped under his massive frame. That she was building to another orgasm was clear, but rather than let her reach it, Joel teasingly slowed his motions, repeatedly lifting his pelvis off her buttocks and easing them back down. Kaitlin continued to groan and lift her pelvis to maintain contact with his cock. Even with the soft background music, I imagined I could hear the squelch of my little Partner s sopping cunt as Joel s genitals sunk in and out of the wetness.

Ready to turn over?

Oh shit. I don t think I ve got the energy.

Come on. Said Joel, getting off her and helping her turn over. No cover was offered and none was asked for, as my Partner lay on her back totally naked with an all but naked, oil covered, man perched above her admiring her totally surrendered body. Joel straddled her groin again and immediately started massaging both her breasts.

That feels so good.

It s meant to Kaitlin.

Her nipples were both rapidly erect as Joel moved his hands around them massaging the tissue of her breasts. With fingers splayed he lightly drew them into the centre of her breasts, teasing the nipples more and more with each stroke. Kaitlin was openly gazing at his body, particularly at his abdominals and also the cock straining at the confines of its pouch. Appearing to take the heat out of the situation, Joel moved onto Kaitlin s right shoulder then on down the arm, resting it on his knee as he went. When he d finished with the fingers on the right hand, he moved to the left shoulder but d****d the right arm along his thigh so that the fingers rested no more than an inch from his leather-covered cock. Every time Joel leaned forward, Kaitlin s fingers would press against his cock, and each time he leaned back her hand was just that bit closer, until before long they were resting against the side of his shaft. Now each time Joel leaned back and forth Kaitlin s fingers, without her having to do anything, would rub up and down the side of his shaft. She closed her eyes, as if that made her actions less obvious.

So what did your husband get you for your anniversary?

I don t know yet. He said it was something I ve always wanted and will be delivered to our room this afternoon. She didn t seem to realise that it already had.

I hope it doesn t disturb us.

I m sure it wont, replied Joel with a slight smile. The tone of his voice made Kaitlin open her eyes and look up at Joel, who hastily added, I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

Ah, OK, said Kaitlin, the tone of her voice was suspicious. Shit, I thought, I think she suspects something. Maybe it s already arrived? she added in a slightly cheeky tone.

Would you like me to ring reception and check, asked Joel, continuing the game of cat and mouse.

I don t think that will be necessary, she replied in a more confident manner.

Kaitlin had now moved her hand so that her index finger was hooked in the waist strap of the G-string, away from the side of his cock. Joel finished with the left hand and placed it on his own left thigh, though this time not quite so close to his groin. Perhaps he felt Kaitlin was suspicious or perhaps the fact that she had moved her right hand away from his cock signalled the limit of her involvement. It seemed he was going to wait for signals from her before resuming any further intimacy.

Would you like any more work on your upper body?

How about some of that light fingered work. It gives me goose bumps all over.

Sure thing.

Joel began delicately running his fingers up and down her arms, across her shoulders and gently across her breast. Sensing no problems he concentrated on her breasts.

Kaitlin s fingers had been busy though. She had moved them further to the hip and had hooked them around the small leather bow that was all that held up Joel s G-string.

With one small flick she undid the bow, and with that the straps fell away closely followed by the pouch of leather, revealing Joel s erect cock, hugging the skin of his abdomen.

Oops, sorry, giggled Kaitlin. Joel moved one hand to pick up the front of his G-string, but Kaitlin was having none of that. Hey, that s not fair! I m lying here all exposed, shouldn t you be also?

That would only seem fair. Some of my regulars insist on it. I m completely comfortable so long as the client is.

From my angle I could only see a side on view of Joel s cock. It was a good length but not one of those fantasy 12 inch monsters . The thing that would impress Kaitlin was its thickness. The head in particular formed a bulbous mushroom swelling on the end of his shaft. The shaft glistened slightly from the oil that had soaked through the G-string. A small amount of pubic hair was visible but clearly most had been shaved away.

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