Last Week

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Last Week
I ve been friends with Will and Thomas for… about ten years? We met in the seventh grade, and have been best friends ever since. Went through middle school, High School, College, various relationships, everything of the sort. Tom and I came out together last year, leaving Will as the straight friend. Tom and I have become inseparable. Which makes sense why we had hot sex last week.

Will, Tom, and I hadn t seen eachother in a few months, we got jobs away from eachother, found relationships, all that jazz. We planned to meet up last Wednesday, go out for some drinks, come back to my flat and hang out for a while. We went to a new club in downtown London, in my jeep.

We arrived, and we all hot out of the car in the parking lot beside the club. We each walked up to the bouncer, neon lights illuminating our ID s, and walked in. Flashing strobe lights, bright dance floor, and nearly empty bar. Tom walked up to me, and put his hand on my lower back.

Will said he s gonna go dance with the hotties, let s have a drink, eh? he said, trying his damnest to yell over the loud pop music playing.

We walked over to the bar, dodging drunks and u******e girls, and I took a seat at the stool closest to the bartender. Tom took a seat beside me, and ordered a rum, while I got a beer. We talked for a bit, even chatting it up with the bartender for a bit. Before we knew it, it was two in the morning and we were both hammered. Will had offered to drive us home, since the only thing he had drunk was some water and a soda. Will also had something with his wife pop up, her going into labor or something, and had to leave. That left Tom and I alone in my flat.

We got there around three, and as soon as we got in, Tom collapsed on my couch. I took his shoes off, and vomit covered shirt, and put them beside the couch, and passed out beside him. I woke up the next morning, my head throbbing, and looked to my feet. Tom was sitting up, rubbing his temples, wincing.

I laughed, Damn dude, what did we do last night? I said, resituating my morning wood. He groaned in response, and plopped down in my lap. His head was right up against my rock hard cock. His eyes fluttered open, a smirk spreading across his face.

is that a beer bottle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

I chuckled, and tried to move myself to where his face wasn t so close to my throbbing shaft, but he just moved closer. He bit his bottom lip, and my dick got impossibly harder. I felt his hand slide across my thigh, to my zipper, and he pulled it and my pants down in one swift move. My cock was forced against my boxers. Tom chuckled once again, and pulled my boxers down, slowly, with his teeth. My bulge popped out, and was covered in pre cum.

My hands wrapped around his neck, and I brought him up to my face. I gazed into his warm brown eyes, and forced my lips onto his as my hands made a b-line to his shorts, pulling them and his tighty whities down to his knees. His penis was hard and wet, just like mine.

I wrapped my arms around his abdomen as he pulled down his pants the rest of the way, and threw them with his shirt and shoes. I felt his hard cock brush up against mine, and I knew what was fixing to happen. I spread my legs and lowered my self down. I moaned as he slid his stiff shaft up my ass, clenching my teeth as he rammed me over and over again. I grasped a fist around my penis, rubbing it in rhythm with his thrusts, I could feel my hot cum ready to explode. Almost at the same time, we both yelled im gonna cum! at the same time.

My hot load busted all over his chest, and he had came inside me. My ass was dripping with cum, and he collapsed, yet again, on my couch. His lips curled into a smile.

again next week?

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