Linda s Last Night at the Club

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Linda s Last Night at the Club
I was just watching a video a man took of his wife in a club, and it reminded me of this. I thought I would share it with you, as it showed her true nature at that time.

We had moved from our Family Housing Quarters to Transit Quarters in preparation to leave Germany. Linda had decided to work up until 3 days before we actually boarded the plane to leave. This was to be her last night to work at the NCO Club, where she had worked for the last 2 1/2 years. She had greatly enjoyed working there, and was extremely fond of the people she worked with, and a vast majority of the customers. She had decided she would make that last night something for everyone to remember. It was going to be on a Saturday night. There was going to be a live band there, followed by the usual Disco Night, which meant that the club would be open until 0400 Sunday morning.

I took her to work, and left to return my friends car, which he had loaned me while he was in the hospital. My car had already been shipped back to the States. Another friend was going to meet me there, and we were going to his house for a little while, then go to the club to keep Linda company while she worked. His wife and Linda had been friends, and had worked together in Vietnam. The 2 of them were among the very few people to know all about Linda s and my past. She was the girl I called Thaoi in the other stories. She wouldn t be surprised to see Linda do anything she could think of.

We met at our friend s house, and talked for a little bit, and I thanked him for letting me use his car, and the 3 of us got in their car, a VW bus, and headed to the club. Thaoi had come with her husband when he came to pick me up. We headed over to the club where Linda was. We sat and watched the band for the remainder of their show. Linda and the other waitresses cleaned up after the show was over and checked their receipts from the Dining Room. Thaoi, her husband, and I went to the other side of the club, and Linda went to change into something more comfortable to finish the evening. It was just short of 2300 hrs.

The three of us went over and got a table where we could talk, and watch the people dancing. None of us danced, but enjoyed watching those that did. One person I looked forward to seeing was a young lady who had worked with me. She was a very pretty black lady, who could out dance anybody I could remember seeing. She stopped by our table to say Hello, give me a hug and a kiss, and hear me compliment her, which I always did. She knew that Linda was working, upon seeing me there.

We had picked up our drinks before we had gone to a table, so, after Mary (the young lady) left us, we just had to wait for Linda to come by, and give me her purse for safe-keeping.

LInda came by about 10 minutes later. I was somewhat surprised to see her come out in one of her housecoats. She pulled out a chair, and pulled out a package of breath mints, popping one in her mouth. I asked, What is going on with the housecoat? She gave me a big smile, and replied, You ll see in a minute.

We talked for a few more minutes, as the people kept coming in. Finally, she announced that it was time for her to get to work, and stood up. There were many people looking her way, and she returned their looks, accompanied by a big smile. Most knew this was to be her last night.

When she knew the majority of people in the club were looking at her, she untied the belt of her robe, and let it slide to the floor. All she had underneath the robe were black thigh-high stockings, black high-heel shoes, and black shoulder-length gloves. She had dressed as a Playboy femlin. She had trimmed her pubes to a line from her clit to her natural hairline, About 3 inches long and about 1 inch wide, and had touched it up with mascara to make it stand out against her pale tan skin. There wasn t a sound in the room, but then there was thunderous applause, whistles, and calls of approval. She bent down, picked up her robe, and gave it to me. They like what they see, I guess. GOOD!!! I want them to remember me for this last night.

She had a small pouch slung from one shoulder to keep the things she would need, and make change from, but it was slung behind her shoulder and hung to just at her waist. It didn t cover anything anybody would want to see.

She went to the nearest table and took their order, and returned with their drinks. When she had served them they told her to keep the change. She repeated this until everyone that wanted drinks had been served. She was busy for over an hour getting drinks for customers. All of them had told her to keep the change. Several, in fact, many of them took the opportunity to cop a feel. She stood letting them feel, fondle, and touch whatever they wanted, for as long as they wanted. She was enjoying being the center of attention. When things had slowed down, the guy working as bar back, came over and whispered in her ear. She nodded, smiling at him, and finished serving her drinks.

She came over and spoke to Thaoi in rapid Vietnamese, who agreed to whatever was said, and left her pouch, going over to the bar. Shortly, she went through the door, and was out of sight. I went back to watching the dancers. Thaoi was watching something else, until she got up and went through the door where Linda had gone before. She returned about 20 minutes later, wiping her face with a wet towel. A minute more and Linda returned. The first thing I noticed was that the mascara she had used on her pubic hair was smeared. I knew that within reason, that meant that she had just been laid, and, from the looks of her, so had Thaoi. I had seen both of them fresh fucked so many times that I knew what had happened.

Linda took her pouch and went to check on customers, but had returned shortly, spoke to Thaoi, and left it with me, again. Again, Thaoi watched the door, and got up and followed Linda. Again, she returned in about 20 or so minutes, with the same look as before. I knew for sure then that Linda was taking somebody to another room, letting them fuck her, and waiting for Thaoi, who would let whomever fuck her, too, when they would both clean themselves and come back. I had figured the first one had been the bar back, but didn t know who had been the second. I decided to see the next time Linda left.

Linda came back, and checked the tables, but, as before, she soon came over, left her pouch, and went out. This time I saw a guy I had met once or twice, going out the door. Linda had told me once before that he was one of the guys from another town that came here fairly regularly, and always left her a nice tip. I excused myself to go pee, and went to the door of the private dining room. It was very plush, and had two very nice sofas. I peaked through the curtains, and there was Linda. Her friend was sitting on the sofa, and she was in his lap. She was going up and down, riding him, with his cock inside her pussy, and her tongue inside his mouth. She raised up long enough to turn around, and lowered herself on him again. It was then that I saw a movie camera on a table, pointing at them. She was DEFINITELY giving him something to remember her by. I heard another door opening and turned to see Thaoi coming into the foyer. She acted as if she was surprised to see me, but, before she could say much, I asked if she was going to let the guy take movies of him and her fucking, too. She blushed, and said she was. I asked if she was going to let him cum inside of her, too. She smiled again, and said she was. I had one more question for her. I asked if she and Linda had both been fucked 3 times. This time she shook her head no. I have been fucked 5 times, but Linda has been fucked 7 times. Every time she would have some one fuck her, she would have one more that want to fuck her second time. What everyone call sloppy second. They want fuck her pussy with someone else cum inside her pussy. They tell her how good it feel. Some time they cum 2 time in her. You look, you see she pussy very red for fuck too much. She gotta rest or she cannot walk good. She got 5 more man want fuck her before they close, so now she gotta hurry an make them cum fast. I go in now, so he can fuck me. He like suck my boobie while he fuck me. I like that.

She went in and I saw her kneel down under Linda. When Linda dismounted, Thaoi caught his cum in her mouth and swallowed it. Then she sucked the cum out of Linda s pussy, and lay back on the sofa, while the guy mounted her.

Linda came out of the door and saw me standing there. You watch him fuck me, Honey? I told her I had, and she asked if I had seen any of the others fucking her. I told her that I hadn t, but then I had seen her fucked before. She asked if I had ever seen the bar back guy fuck her, and I had to admit that I hadn t. She told me that, before we left, she would let him fuck her, again, so I could see it. She said his dick was as long or longer than Shakey s had been, and thicker. She went to clean up, and I went back out and joined Thaoi s husband. It was almost 0200.

This time Linda went straight to a table, and leaned down, whispering in the ear of the Supply Sgt. in my company. He had teased me a bit in the past, telling me that Linda was too good to not share. I had asked how he knew, knowing from Linda, that he had fucked her several times. He admitted that he had laid her several times, and I told him that she had told me about it already. We talked about it for a little while, with him asking if it bothered me to know other men were fucking my wife. I told him it didn t bother me, and, in fact, I enjoyed watching it happen.

He got up and went, this time with Linda beside him, out the door, heading to the other dining room. I waited for about 3-4 minutes, and followed. Sure enough, I arrived in time to watch him licking Linda s pussy. He did enough to get her good and wet, laid her on the floor with a throw pillow under her ass, hold her ankles, and slide home. He was getting what I knew as the usual response. She had been screwed so much that evening that she came the first time as he was sliding inside her. Every third or fourth stroke made her cum again. Her coming so much, and chewing his dick with her pussy, made him cum very quickly. He shoved deep inside her to shoot her full, but quickly recovered, and began stroking he , again. He lasted longer this time, but finally dropped his wad the second time. I felt a touch on my arm. Thaoi was here to get her turn. She had, this time, already taken off her clothes. I had seen her naked, and fucked her many times in the past, but it still turned me on to see her nude body. If I hadn t been in love with Linda so long ago, I would have tried to marry her. She was one of the best.

She went into the room, and Linda came out. She went straight into the latrine to clean up, and rest for a few minutes.
They had just traded places when I heard the door open again. It was Thaoi s husband. I didn t know if he knew what she had been up to, and began to worry. He stepped over next to me and looked inside. Thaoi was riding the Sarge cowgirl style, taking him as deep as he could manage, and obviously enjoying herself. He never said a word for several minutes. She enjoyed fucking Andreas like that when we lived on the economy. He spent most nights with her while I was working the midnight shift. I was just surprised that she didn t get knocked up. She fucked Andreas and most of his friends while we were there. He always managed to fuck her 2-3 times a night. So you know, then? He replied that he knew all about her past, and that she and I had had sex very often in Vietnam, and here.

We watched while she took her time, pulling a big load of cum from the Sarge. She came out, and seeing her husband and I, gave us both big, wet kisses.

Linda was just outside, with her next partner. This time there were 2 of them. It was getting close to closing time. Thaoi went in and cleaned herself, and came straight back. Linda and her 2 friends had gone in as soon as the Sarge had came out. Thaoi had gone straight in and they each took care of one of the guys, then changed partners for another go round.

They had just finished with them and the manager came back and told them that he was getting ready to close the club. Everyone was waiting to tell Linda Good-bye.

Linda stood at the door, kissing, hugging, and telling her guys good-bye, and wishing them all the very best, and hoping to see them again someday. When everybody was gone Linda put her robe in her purse, asking Thaoi s husband to stop at the gate so she could tell the M.P.s good-bye, also. She did, giving all of them a good long look at her near naked body. We went to Thaoi s house, where her husband stayed with Linda, and I stayed with Thaoi. 3 days later they took us to the airport so we could come home. We were re-united a year later, and had a good time all over again.

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