little sis

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little sis
I knew what I was planning was seriously off-limits. I had been thinking about doing it since I was sixteen. I knew it could ruin the only friendship I had. I knew it could escalate into a total disaster. I guess to understand my situation I have to explain my c***dhood. My mom and her best friend are like sisters. They both married their high school sweethearts. Her best friend sandy had a k** right away. My mom was devastated. She couldn’t conceive. She had several miscarriages. Nine years later a miracle happened. She got pregnant with me. Her best friend got pregnant a few weeks later.

They even moved into the same housing development just one block away from each other. My mom describes their trials and tribulations of being pregnant together as the best time of her life. For nine years she had been like a second mother to sandy’s son scott. He was not very excited about losing his status as an only c***d. Apparently, when they were pregnant he became a little monster. Of course they dreamed of both having little girls. Sandy was devastated when she found out she was having a boy. It didn’t matter both our mothers decided to raise us just like siblings. They worked as a team.

I was born two weeks before Jason. We were linked from birth. I never remember one day of my life when Jason wasn’t with me. Of course it made me a tomboy. I was pissed when my mom tried to put me in a dress and Jason got to wear jeans and a t-shirt. By the time we were four or five scott was our idol. He picked us up. He tossed us around. I guess my crush on him started that young. I remember when he ditched playing with us to talk on the phone with girlfriends I felt complete devastation. I always considered Jason my brother. The idea of him sexually was not an option.

When I was seven and scott was f******n I was madly in love. I had a diary of love poems and a laundry list of sex fantasies about him. It didn’t help that he was not a gawky teen. Even my mom joked that scott popped out of the womb a gorgeous baby. They even plotted to get him into modeling as a c***d. He had thick blonde hair, big blue eyes, dimples to die for and a deviant smirk. By the time he was f******n he was nearly six foot tall and built like a man. I could understand why girls never stopped calling him.

Me and Jason contemplated his sex life. Jason tried to get details. I just fantasized about his exploits. In his late teen years I got to see the girls that called him. They were gorgeous. We joked he fucked the whole damn cheerleading squad. He didn’t play sports even though he was built to play football. Music was his thing. When he was eighteen and I was nine I could watch him play the guitar for hours. One of my first sexual experiences happened when I was nine and he played ‘hotel california’ for me. His voice was so deep and sexy I laid on his bed and grinded my pussy against my tight jeans and had an orgasm so intense I was afraid he noticed. To this day that song makes me wet.

When scott graduated he moved off to college and I missed him so bad it was ridiculous. Of course I never told Jason how much I fixated on his brother. We truly had the relationship of fraternal twins. We could not handle being separated. Our parents worried we would get sexual. It just didn’t happen. I thought of him as a twin brother and it was gross to think of him sexually. We were allowed to continue or weekly routine of sleepovers sharing the same bed. We would have fights. I got mad at him for stupid shit like stealing the remote and we would beat each other down. When he forced me to watch wrestling I was notorious for pitching a fit and one time I busted his lip over the conflict.

As we became teenagers things got a little complicated. By f******n he was also a hottie like his brother. He wasn’t quite as tall but he started working out. He had the same thick blond hair and big blue eyes. All my friends started trying to use me to get to him. He wasn’t like scott. He was shy. I teased him all the time for being a band geek. His passion was the drums. He was the head drum player. I had to admit even though I thought of him as a twin brother he was cute when he was home jamming on his drum set. I just ragged on him for wearing a band uniform and marching in lame ass parades like a tool.

We entered high school as a unit. We lived within walking distance of school. A lot of people assumed we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We both squashed that notion with a passion. We were quick to tell people we were basically twins. When high school happened I had to stop being such a tomboy. I didn’t want to be a social outcast for living in gym shorts and giant t-shirts. I had to let some of my chick classmates try to teach me how to act more like a girl. My good friend jen took me home after school one day and taught me how to properly blow dry my hair and use hot curlers to get bouncy curls.

She had to take me to the mall and basically force me into girly clothes. It was a big deal when she got me to buy a cute little white skirt with daisies on it and a tight blouse that finally showed the world I had a great rack. She even had to force me out of a sports bra and teach me about victoria’s secret. I did look totally different overnight. I knew I had big tits. I never realized I was a 34DD. I had worn minimizers to make my tits as small as possible since I grew them. Suddenly in a cute little bra designed to lift and enhance my tits even Jason was slightly stunned.

He didn’t get sexual around me but there was a different dynamic to our relationship. Suddenly when I was rocking cleavage and wearing skirts he got super protective of me. We were both confused that girls were chasing him and boys were chasing me. I immediately had boys ask me out and try to date me. He was having girls do the same thing to him. We were both freaked out. I hung out with the k**s in drama. I discovered acting. He got caught up in band. After school we were both in practice. I had my first kiss my freshman year. An older hot senior boy sort of grabbed me and wrapped me up in the stage curtain. It was so weird. All I knew was that it felt good and I wanted more.

I didn’t tell Jason I basically had a boyfriend. I was still pretty shy. He wanted to do things I wasn’t ready for. One day I wore a dress. We were making out and suddenly his hand was up my skirt and he was rubbing my clit through my panties. He knew I was shy but he could feel me getting off and he stuck a finger deep inside my wet pussy. I couldn’t help myself. I was in ecstasy as he slid in and out of me and I came so hard I basically screamed. Jason was having his own adventures. It’s true that hardcore shit happens at band camp.

My parents were really strict that I couldn’t have a boyfriend until I was sixteen. I didn’t really need one. To be honest I had more fun spending Friday night with Jason fighting over the remote. We actually bonded when he ditched wrestling to watch UFC fights. Our weekends usually consisted of battling to play first person shooter games on the xbox. On fight nights we ordered pizza and watched men beat the shit out of each other.

I got my driver’s license first. I also got my grandma’s old buick to rock. By sixteen our routine was enhanced by any concert we could afford. He loved death metal. I made him go to my girly concerts with folk singers. We just loved music. Scott went to LA and started an indie band. His music was good. When I was sixteen he finally came home to visit. I was prepared. He was 25. He grew his hair out. He was dressed in a sexy vintage old man’s shirt. I also loved vintage. I wore my favorite outfit for his home coming. I had a super short pleated brown mini-skirt. I always wore it with my own super tight polyester old man shirt with a brown zig-zag pattern. I wore huge clunky wooden platform shoes.

I had just died my hair a fiery shade of orange and I used the hot rollers to have bouncy curls. I wanted him to notice me. Jason had to see what was happening. We couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other. He couldn’t resist hugging me over and over and calling me ‘little s*s.’ He quizzed me about my plays. He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. I played coy and told him I had a few playmates. But I was honest. I didn’t really want a boyfriend when I could be myself around Jason. He also declined offers.

When he got a car he dissed me a few weekends to go on dates. I stayed home and got drunk feeling sorry for myself. That was another good thing about living in a small town. I knew the dude who owned the beverage castle my whole life. He started selling me beer and cigarettes at f******n. I rarely smoked. But it was fun to do occasionally. I was usually responsible for getting the alcohol when there was a party in our group of friends. Those nights when Jason was on a date I sat in my pajamas and drank at least a six pack. He knew I was miserable and he was good to me. We basically made a pact not to date so we could spend weekends together.

Scott got tired of being a broke musician. He stunned us all when he announced he was going in the army. He signed up in LA and went straight to boot camp without coming home to visit. I had a bad feeling about it from the start. I knew he wouldn’t be happy. I figured it would be a long time until I saw him again. I was wrong. He made it through basic training. He got deployed to Afghanistan. It was almost half-way through my senior year when shit hit the fan. I never got the details. I know it involved him seeing an innocent civilian gunned down for no reason. He freaked the fuck out. He pulled a gun on a higher officer. He was shipped the fuck home and had a dishonorable discharge.

I guess that’s what set my plan in motion. It was one week before I turned eighteen. Of course I visited him as soon as he got home. After all he was basically my older brother. I was shocked how much he changed. He was no longer the long haired indie rock boy. It freaked me out the first time I saw him. He was always tall. Now he was suddenly one solid rock of muscle. His head was shaved. If it is possible for a chick to get a hard on it happened to me when he answered the door. He was cute with long hair. All of a sudden he was so thick and muscular he made the UFC fighters look like toddlers. Something about his hair being gone made his eyes seem bluer. It made his dimples look like they were chiseled into the face of a God. I nearly had my jaw drop open in shock. His biceps looked as big as my thighs.

I wasn’t dressed cute this time. Nonetheless, just like I was five he picked me up and twirled me around like a feather. You could tell he had been drinking. You could see in his expression he was truly depressed. I found out from Jason that he basically drank hard liquor each night until he passed out on the couch. That is what set my plan in motion. I wanted to do things right. I didn’t want Jason to ever find out what I was planning to do. The morning of my birthday I called him. I faked being sicker than I had ever been in my life. Of course he offered to skip school to be with me. I told him I had the flu, it was contagious, I would be at the doctor’s office and he should go to school because we did have a major math test.

My plan was simple. I told him I would have a doctor’s note and a verified absence to re-take the test. If he skipped he might get penalized and not be allowed to make it up. I convinced him if we were both absent it would be obvious we skipped to celebrate my birthday. He admitted that was true and he promised to call and check in on me. I probably spent an hour picking out what to wear. I didn’t want to look like a whore. I also didn’t want to look like a tomboy. He trashed my room trying on clothes. I decided to go back to the basics.

I knew that tight white skirt with daisies screamed ‘fuck me.’ I paired it with a green spaghetti strap tank-top with a built in bra. I was almost showing an absurd amount of tit. It didn’t matter. I knew I looked like a hot piece of ass. The orange in my hair looked great in a green top. It also made my green eyes pop. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped my next mission was possible.

It is always smart to befriend the owner of your favorite gas station when you are u******e. AK has been my source for all substances considered off-limits. He can pull it off because he runs a beverage castle. If you don’t know what that is let me explain. It is a gas station you drive through. That’s how at sixteen he could always sell me beer and cigarettes. I even got a few kegs for major events. This time I needed a favor. I pulled up. He always calls me princess.

He said ‘princess why are you not in school?’ I said ‘AK today is my eighteenth birthday and I’m about to ask you for a huge favor.’ His eyes lit up and he grinned. ‘Ahh your legal now princess.’ I told him ‘fuck yes, I’m officially legal and I need to party.’ I gave him a wicked grin. I said ‘I understand if you can’t but AK I need something besides beer. Will you make me the happiest girl in the world and run across the street and buy me a bottle of jack daniels.’

He busted out laughing. He said ‘princess, you never cease to amaze me. I wouldn’t do this for another person in town but it’s your birthday. I will close my store for ten minutes and get you a bottle.’ He told me to wait in the parking lot. Sure enough in ten minutes he opened back up the door and I drove back up to the counter. I knew I was pushing my luck even harder. I asked him ‘AK I know you smoke weed will you sell me a quarter sack.’ He nearly died laughing. He said ‘why the fuck not, do you need blunt wraps and cigarettes too.’

I giggled and said ‘yes baby I really do and I can legally buy those now.’ I had a wallet full of birthday money. When I asked how much I owed him he said ‘not a penny princess, it’s your birthday.’ I thanked him over and over and drove back to my destination. I knew better than to drive my car to jason’s house. I knew all four of our parents were working until five. I walked the block to my home away from home. I was so nervous I thought I might puke. It would be different if I wasn’t a virgin. I had never even sucked dick before.

I didn’t know if scott would freak out on me and call my mother. I almost backed out. Then I thought ‘fuck it’ you’ve wanted this since elementary school. I probably stood in front of the door five minutes before I got up the nerve to ring the bell. Instead of answering scott screamed ‘who is it?’ I told him it was his little s*s. I could hear him unlatch the door. I was speechless. He was only wearing a pair of tight green boxer briefs. You could tell he had been sleeping and I woke him up. He rubbed his eyes and said ‘Aren’t you supposed to be in school young lady?’

I grinned at him and said ‘did you go to school the day you turned eighteen?’ He busted out laughing. He said ‘no one goes to school the day they turn eighteen.’ I told him ‘I know, only losers go to school on their eighteenth birthday but I need a place to skip and get fucked up.’ He laughed at me again. ‘Well you found the right place little s*s, these days I stay fucked up.’ I said ‘I know. That’s why I came to cheer you up. Are you going to invite me in or are we going to party on your doorstep?’

I could see his huge hard cock bulging. He was slightly blushing. He said ‘come in baby, but let me put some shorts on.’ I had to stop myself from asking him not to. I walked to the couch. I pulled the bottle of jack out of my huge purse and set it on the coffee table. I went to the kitchen and got to whiskey glasses. I pulled the sack of weed out of my wallet. I placed the pack of blunt wraps on the table. I got an ashtray. I knew he was probably taking a few minutes to calm down. I let a cigarette and lounged back waiting for him to return.

He saw what I put on the table and said ‘Jesus Christ, woman how did you get a bottle of jack and a sack of weed before ten am?’ I laughed at him and told him AK from the beverage castle did me a favor. He couldn’t stop rubbing his hands over his shaved head. He shook his head at me and said ‘this is so twisted. I can’t believe you grew up to be such a deviant little machine.’ I told him he was a great role model and I followed in his footsteps.

He rubbed his head again and said ‘is this a dream? You are supposed to still be ten not eighteen.’ I just laughed. I cracked open the bottle and poured us both a double shot. I handed him his glass. He said ‘if this is a dream then I never want to wake up.’ At that moment I knew he was all mine. We both took our shots. He handed me his glass and said ‘I need another one to handle this situation.’ I poured us both another double shot. He was finally able to sit down beside me.

I still felt nervous. All I could think to say was ‘Are you going to roll me a goddamn blunt, or do I have to do that too?’ He just blushed and started breaking up the weed. He said ‘this may be your birthday, but I haven’t been this happy since the first day of boot camp.’ I didn’t want to bring up bad thoughts. All I could say was ‘Your too damn good of a musician to be in the fucking military.’ He looked at me with all sincerity. He said ‘I know, that’s what is so fucked up. I knew it was the wrong decision and I did it anyway.’

He went back to breaking up the weed looking kind of disheartened. I punched him in the shoulder as hard as I could. He looked at me stunned and said ‘what the fuck was that for?’ I told him the truth. ‘I loved you cocksucker, you moved across the nation, you never visited, you worried me sick going in the military, you could’ve gotten yourself killed.’ He smiled at me and said I needed you to tell me that when I saw you at sixteen.

He said ‘I always knew you were going to be gorgeous but when I saw you that day and realized how pretty you became it fucked up my head.’ I told him ‘It fucked up my head how hot you were and no other boy could compare to you after that.’ He looked so sexy licking that blunt up. He said ‘I have to ask. Did you ever fuck around with Jason?’ I told him the truth. I was attracted to him but I didn’t want to fuck up our friendship. Scott said ‘I figured for sure you two would end up fucking and getting married.’

I explained our weird inability to date other people. He was floored. He lit up the blunt and slid closer to me. He was grinning like he hit the lotto. He said ‘so you’re telling me a hottie like you has never had a boyfriend.’ I got a bit shy again. I said ‘I messed around a little in drama, but no I never dated. Your brother would’ve been so jealous. I could never hurt him like that.’ He said ‘I respect you for that.’ I told him about my drunken pajama nights when Jason had dates. We passed the blunt back and forth. I was getting pretty stoned. I explained I had more fun being a tomboy and going to concerts with Jason than I would’ve had with another dude.

He looked at me speculatively and asked ‘can you handle another shot little girl? I’m not trying to get you drunk?’ I giggled and told him that getting drunk was sort of my plan. He said ‘alright then, let’s do this.’ He poured us both nearly a triple shot. We tossed it back and slammed our glasses on the table at the same time. You could tell he was turned on. I get horny when I drink. It’s almost a problem. Finally he started digging deeper into my past.

‘So you’ve never had a boyfriend. I don’t think I can handle this situation if you tell me you are an eighteen year old virgin.’ I said well ‘this is a test for you, not only am I a virgin, I’ve never even sucked cock.’ He actually choked on the blunt and winced like I punched him in the dick. He actually put the blunt in the ashtray and poured us both another glass. This time he poured it like it was medicine he desperately needed. We slammed it the same way as we did before.

His eyes were nearly glossed over from lust and liquor. I had no clue what would happen next. He gave me a wicked grin and said ‘If any man gets your virginity it has to be me or my brother.’ I told him I knew that fact my whole life. Then I told him about grinding in my jeans and having my first orgasm lying in his bed while he sang hotel California. He abruptly stood up. He went straight to his room and came out holding the same guitar he used all those years ago. I almost melted. Then he did something I didn’t expect. He sat down the guitar.

Then as fast as lightening he pulled my skirt up to my waist and ran his fingers down my tight white thong just slightly caressing my clit. I was shaking. His voice got low and soft. He almost whispered ‘pull your panties down.’ I stood up to slide them off. He stopped me. He said ‘leave them around your ankles forcing your feet together.’ I had never let a man see my pussy before. I did shave it just for him. He could tell I was nervous. He could also tell how turned on I was.

He pushed my skirt up higher. He pushed me back into a lounging position lifting my ass up towards him. Then he pushed my legs as far apart as they would go with my ankles bound together. He busted out with ‘goddamn that is the most magnificent pussy I have ever seen.’ I almost felt self-conscious and had the urge to press my legs back together. He sensed my hesitation. He said ‘relax baby’ in that soft sexy drawl I could never resist. He called it. ‘I beat you don’t even know how to play with yourself do you.’ I couldn’t help but whimper ‘no.’

He ran his hands through my hair. He looked apologetic for a minute. He said ‘I promise I will teach you everything. I would kiss you right now but my mind is playing tricks on me. I have to get sexual with you before we kiss in order not to feel like I’m making out with my k** sister.’ Then he said ‘let me get you nice and wet the right way.’ He scooted closer to me. He lifted my tits out of my shirt. All he could say was ‘damn baby you’ve got one hell of a rack’ It was such a strange feeling to have my tank top pushed down and my tits on display. He started lightly stroking my hard perky pink nipples.

I had never had my nipples played with. It was sheer bliss. He moaned ‘you like that don’t you little girl.’ I just whispered ‘yes.’ Slowly he started rubbing them harder and squeezing them hard enough I could feel my body begin to quiver. He giggled at me and said ‘damn baby I can already tell your going to be a little pain junkie, just like I am’ He switched between slightly tickling straight into squeezing hard. I could feel me arching up towards him. He bent down and gently started licking one nipple while he roughly squeezed the other one. It was such a mind blowing sensation I couldn’t help but moan.

Then he switched to the other nipple and suddenly sucked it so hard it truly hurt. I moaned louder. He whispered ‘good girl you can take it rough.’ He kept switching from nipple to nipple sucking and stroking with his fingertips. My legs closed automatically from being so stimulated. He immediately used one hand to push my legs even further apart. He stopped playing with my nipples and bent down to really examine my pussy.

He busted out with ‘I’ve got good news and bad news.’ I didn’t know how to respond. He stopped looking at my pussy and poured two more glasses of whiskey. He handed me my glass and we both slammed down another double shot. I said ‘tell me the good news first.’ He put his glass on the table. He rubbed his head again like he was tormented. ‘I haven’t seen a hymen since I was in high school. The good news for me is that your pussy is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. The good news for you is that I can tell by how hard you let me suck your nipples you are going to be a little pain junkie when it comes to sex.’

I asked ‘what is the bad news?’ Without saying a word he ripped off his shorts and pulled his dick out of his boxers. My jaw dropped. ‘The bad news for you is I have a massively long, huge thick cock.’ All I could say is ‘Fuck you, scott that isn’t fair. Why does your dick have to be the size of my entire arm?’ I actually lifted up my arm to look at the distance from my wrist to my elbow. I’d seen my fair share of porn. I never saw a cock that big before. He stood there and laughed at my look of shock and awe. I knew I was kind of scared of it but it was a fucking gorgeous cock.

He tried to shove it back in his boxers. Then he got this sexy and cocky look on his face. He busted out with ‘I guarantee when I get you all worked up you’ll beg me to fuck you with my monster cock and love it.’ I was so turned on by his confidence I pushed my own legs further apart to taunt him. Then he said ‘we will have to stretch you good and hard before I can pop that tight little cherry.’

Suddenly he was nearly on top of me. He ripped my blouse up over my head and threw it on the floor. He started squeezing and manhandling my tits like he was on a mission. He went back to sucking and stroking. This time he went beyond sucking hard. He was almost brutal with intensity the way he sucked and pinched my nipples. I could feel his teeth biting me just hard enough to make me squeal and thrust my hips. Suddenly one hand was between my legs. The other hand was tickling the nipple he sucked so hard it was sore. His mouth was rhythmically pumping my nipple as his teeth grinded against my flesh.

He was surprisingly gentle the way he was stroking my pussy. He stopped sucking and looked up at my face. ‘I’m going to teach you how to play with your pussy little virgin girl.’ He looked almost worried for a second. He said ‘this may hurt, but then I’ll make it feel all better.’ I had a finger inside me before. This was different. Scott had huge hands like a basketball player. I almost told him to stop as he took one of his huge fingers and slammed it deep inside of me. It took me a second to relax.

He said ‘you will need to penetrate yourself baby to get your pussy really wet enough to play with your clit.’ It hurt but it also felt really good as he slowly worked that huge finger In and out of me. He whispered ‘you like that you dirty little virgin slut. Goddamn do you get wet.’ I could feel each thrust making my pussy gush even more. My thighs were wet. I could even feel my juices dripping down to make my asshole wet. Then he pulled his finger out and slid it up and down my engorged clit. I was shivering.

‘This is how you masturbate little girl’ he whispered as he licked up and down my thighs. ‘You use your fingertips to work little circles over your clit. You rub it up and down and back and forth.’ I was so close to cumming I screamed ‘don’t stop’ as he moved away from me. He gave me that evil grin and said ‘no little girl I want to watch you do it.’ I had to try to compose myself and think straight.

He picked up the guitar. Suddenly I knew what he was going to do to me. I was prepared. I adjusted myself towards him. I still had my ankles bound together by my panties but I put one leg on the couch totally stretching my thong to maximum capacity. I made sure my legs were spread apart and he could see every inch of my wet little cunt. Before he started playing he said ‘finger yourself and get that clit nice and wet again. I want to see you cum before I finish this song.’

I did what he told me to do. I used two fingers to push deep inside me and when I pulled them out I rubbed my clit with all my juices. He started playing when I started stroking my clit the way he taught me. His voice got me so turned on I rubbed harder. I switched between fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit with fierce determination. He didn’t need to look at the guitar. He just watched me as I thrust my hips up in down desperate to climax. I was getting closer and closer. It was the best thing I had ever felt. I let myself moan as I worked circles over a clit so swollen it felt like my own little cock.

He was singing the last chorus. I felt a wave of euphoria rock through me making me moan like a cat in heat. It felt like my body exploded. I kept rubbing until he finished the final note. Then I laid back and just panted from a release so intense I was barely able to move. He didn’t say a word. He lit me a cigarette and I finally understood why so many people needed to smoke after sex. It was the best damn cigarette I ever smoked. He was so turned on I could see all his muscles twitching. His giant cock was pressed up out of his boxers and pushed against his belly button.

We were both too worked up to speak. He stood up. He laughed. He busted out with ‘you are such a bitch.’ I giggled and asked why? He goes ‘my cock hasn’t been this hard in a decade and I have to piss like a racehorse.’ I couldn’t stop laughing. We spent a few minutes brainstorming things so disgusting he could get soft enough to piss. I told him to visualize his dad getting ass fucked by an obese trannie. He went into the bathroom cracking up. I could hear him in front of the toilet muttering fat trannie fucking my dad’ over and over. It took at least five minutes for me to finally hear the sound of piss hitting the toilet water. He came out of the bathroom bitching that he truly had to visualize his dad getting pounded by trannie and loving it.

He went straight to the bottle and poured us both our biggest shot of the morning. I was a little hesitant. He said ‘baby I’m going to make you cum so hard you fear death. Then I’m going to make you get so close to cumming again that you beg me to fuck you. It’s going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. If you need me to stop just ask.’ I just mumbled ‘okay.’ We chugged our shots and slammed our glasses on the table. He smiled at me in a weird way. ‘By the way I will never be able to think of you as a sister again.’ I laughed and said ‘Fine then, you are no longer my older brother.’

He grabbed me like I weighed ten pounds and carried me into his bedroom. He threw me on the bed. He basically ripped off my skirt and finally tore off my stretched out thong. He took off his boxers and I could see his dick was rock hard and basically throbbing. He whispered ‘Now we can do this right.’ He put my head on his pillow. He laid down on top of me and I could feel that huge cock pressing against my pussy and my belly. Suddenly he tilted my chin towards his face and kissed me so gently I practically melted.

I imagined he would kiss good most of my life. The way he passionately pressed his tongue in my mouth was glorious. I hadn’t kissed many boys. I was afraid I wouldn’t be good at it. Suddenly he gently started sucking on my tongue while he ran his fingers through my hair. He was so gentle it shocked me. It reminded me of the long haired indie musician I saw at sixteen. He gently bit my bottom lip and wrapped a hand around one of my tits and squeezed it. Then he started licking my neck as one finger teased the nipple he sucked nearly raw about a half hour ago.

I could feel him sucking my neck almost hard enough to leave a mark. I couldn’t stop from moaning and pushing my pussy up against his cock. He stopped sucking and stared into my eyes. ‘You like it rough little virgin girl.’ All I could say was ‘yes, I do.’ He got really serious for a second. ‘I can get carried away sometimes. You have to stop me if I’m hurting you.’ I didn’t say anything. I reached up and sucked his lower lip hard while rubbing my pussy up against his dick.

The weight of his huge body slightly crushing me was such a turn on. All of a sudden our kissing stopped being gentle and we started nearly eating each other. I licked his neck and tasted his sweat. It made me so horny I sucked hard enough for him to push me away. He mumbled ‘no neck marks baby, suck on my shoulder blades.’ He nearly tortured me to death sucking gently on my neck. Our bodies were pumping against each other with such force it was slightly painful. He spread my legs apart and scooted down enough that his dick grinded directly on my clit.

I couldn’t help but dig my nails into his back and press into him. He went back to sucking my nipples even harder than he did on the couch. I clutched his head and writhed up and down his hard shaft. Suddenly he pulled my hair hard enough to make me arch my back and scream in pleasure. He slammed his dick against my mound with his hands still pulling my hair and pushing me up into him. He released me and started licking and sucking my belly while he used his hands to clutch my ass. It felt like he was sucking every inch of my body.

He put all his weight on one side of me and slid his hand between my legs. They were quivering as he slowly stroked my whole pussy from my mound to my asshole. Suddenly his big fat finger was deep inside of me again. He was still licking and sucking my nipples while I moaned. This time he reached up and pressed against the back wall of my pussy. I knew enough about the female body to know he was about to start working my g-spot. He whispered ‘this is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a tiny rough spot your tiny hands will never reach.’

It was slightly painful to be stretched until he hit that spot. He knew exactly how to rhythmically stroke it. My hips were going up and done and I couldn’t control the need to fuck his hand and push it deeper and harder inside of me. In that sexy voice I can’t resist he taunted me saying ‘you are my dirty little virgin slut’ All I could say was ‘please don’t stop.’ I could feel him push two fat fingers deep into me. Just like a musician he was still able to use his other fingers to stroke my clit. I was out of control. I was clutching his pillow for dear life as he worked my cunt.

He whispered ‘are you going to cum for me little slut.’ Suddenly words started coming out of me that I couldn’t control. I started telling him to ‘stretch out my tight little hole you motherfucker.’ I was screaming ‘harder’ I was pleading for him to go ‘faster.’ I let him know he owned my pussy. I don’t even know what else I was screaming. I’m sure I called him daddy. I couldn’t stop screaming ‘oh shit, Jesus Christ and don’t stop.’ I could feel myself about to peak. I demanded him to suck my nipples until they turned purple. He obeyed my commands still using one hand to play my pussy like an instrument.

I felt the pressure and screamed ‘I’m cumming’ loud enough for the neighbors to hear me. I didn’t know what was happening to my body. I was truly convulsing. I muttered ‘motherfucker’ over and over. I felt a flood of liquid go shooting out of me like I was a geyser exploding. He didn’t stop fucking me with his hand until I pushed it away. I couldn’t breathe. I slammed my legs shut and just panted from exhaustion. I realized he was laughing so damn hard he could barely function. I was finally able to sit up. All I could say was ‘what did you just do to me?’

He looked at me with a shit eating grin. He smiled and said ‘maybe I should’ve warned you I’m an expert at making girls squirt.’ It looked like I pissed the bed. It was such an intense orgasm I almost felt violated and shameful. He got cocky and said ‘I warned you that I would make you cum so hard you thought you were dying.’ All I could say was ‘get me a damn cigarette cocksucker I basically just pissed your bed and I have mixed emotions right now.’ I swear he damn near strutted back into the room and handed me a lit cigarette.

While I tried to stop trembling he laid down beside me. Almost to torment me he started stroking that huge cock. I could see him dripping pre-cum. You could tell he was a musician the way he worked his cock. It was beautiful to watch. I confessed I could watch him stroke his dick for days. Just to give me a show he started whacking harder and pumping his hips up and down. I could tell he was about to cum. He moaned ‘are you ready for round two when I make you beg for it.’ All I could do was say ‘yes.’

That was all he needed to hear. He didn’t waste any time. He stunned me. He grabbed a belt off the floor. In a matter of seconds he had my arms pinned above my head and fastened to the center of his bedpost. I was shocked. My nipples were already so sore and swollen it was basically torture when he started sucking and licking them again. He stunned me with sudden slaps on my tits that made them sting and bounce up and down. ‘You like that don’t you little girl?’ he taunted me. I taunted him back and told him to do it harder. When he did I was shocked. This time nothing about him was gentle.

When he pushed my legs apart I felt like my hips would break. I was so turned on. He had my pussy spread so far apart I felt like he might break it. With just the right amount of force he slapped my swollen clit hard. He had massive shoulders and my body was so petite. He made me bend my knees so I could be spread even more open. He clutched my ass hard and pushed my pussy up towards his face. My feet were pressing down on the mattress and I could feel his shoulder blades digging into my thighs.

This time he slammed two huge fingers deep into me with no warning. I squealed in shock. It almost felt like I could feel him working to tear open my hymen. He spread his fingers apart deep inside of me and it hurt so bad I almost screamed ‘stop.’ I felt my body relax when he curled up his fingers and started stroking my g-spot again. Then he started pumping his fingers in and out of me so hard and fast. I could feel the juices starting to pour out of me again.

The moment his tongue first touched my clit I immediately understood how he pulled off fucking the whole cheerleading squad. He had a huge tongue. I felt like I experienced the roughness from his taste buds on my huge swollen clit. Immediately he licked me hard and rough from my clit, into my pussy and down to my asshole. I wasn’t expecting that. When you are a virgin that hasn’t even sucked cock or learned how to masturbate you truly aren’t prepared to have your ass licked. I think he started there just to freak me out. He used both hands to lift up my ass and I was shocked how good it felt to have that huge tongue frantically licking my exit zone.

I could feel him push his tongue into me and it sent chills down my spine. He worked it so well that I will never be the same. I pressed my ass hard against his tongue loving every second of vague penetration. Then he stuck his tongue into my pussy and moved it around so hard I know I flooded his mouth with juices. Then he worked back up to my clit. Almost to tease me he was slow and gentle at first. He treated my clit like a lollipop he was tickling. It was almost agony I wanted it so much harder.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when those fingers slid back into my pussy but I was. It was sensory overload to have my clit teased and my pussy penetrated. He switched it up. Sometimes he curved up to stroke my g-spot. Sometimes he just pumped into me hard and fast like a cock. If he was fingering me gently he was roughly licking and sucking my clit. If he was fingering me hard he just gently tickled my clit. It was like Chinese water drop torture. Then he suddenly used his other hand to slide a finger in my asshole. I could’ve cried it felt so good. He could tell I loved it. With my hands tied above my head and all my holes being penetrated I felt totally dominated and helpless.

All those years with a guitar made him so skilled with his hands I was instantly screaming ‘holy shit, Jesus Christ, Fuck me harder, daddy and don’t stop.’ He put two fingers in my ass, two fingers in my pussy and violently sucked on my clit. I broke just like he knew I would. He made me beg for it hard. He kept getting me close and stopping. ‘Please fuck me with your huge cock’ was all I could say. I declared myself to be his little virgin slut sister. I begged him to fuck me so hard I couldn’t walk home. I told him I wanted his cock in me more than life itself. I begged him to fill my tight virgin cunt with cum over and over. I lost track of the ways I begged him to fuck me.

He finally broke. He didn’t say a word. He released my hands from his bed post. All he said was ‘if you fight me I’ll hold you down and fuck you until I cum.’ I could tell he was dead serious. Suddenly he was back on top of me violently kissing me. In one smooth motion he lifted up my ass and slammed that huge dick inside of me. I screamed bloody murder. I could feel my cherry pop. It felt good. He put all his weight on me and started violently thrusting in and out of me as he sucked on my neck and my tits.

It felt so good all I could do was dig my fingers into his big shoulders and push my pussy up as he pushed his dick deep in me. He taunted me pulling all the way out and then jamming it back in with all his body weight. Then he stopped and told me it was time to learn how to ride his dick. I was clueless. He lifted me up and slid into me. I quickly learned how to bounce up and down his shaft as he squeezed my tits. Sometimes he made me stop fucking him so he could ram me while I was on top.

It was perfect. In that position I was rocking my clit up and down his dick and getting so close to an orgasm he had to slow me down and pin me from getting there. I started begging him to let me cum. He kept letting me get so close and then holding me still. I was almost in tears I wanted to cum so bad. He must have let me bounce up and down on his cock thirty minutes without letting me cum. He sensed my leg muscles were wore out.

Like I was a rag doll he tossed me on my belly. He lifted up my ass and started fucking me doggy style. I thought being on top was perfection. I was wrong. From behind not only did his cock hit my clit it was so big it arched up and slammed my g-spot. All I could do was grab the headboard and let him pound me harder and harder. He could tell by how I was moaning and what I was saying when I was about to cum.

Over and over he pulled out right as I was on the edge. From behind he could finally spank my ass while he fucked me. Each blow pushed me closer to cumming. I could tell he was almost ready. He started saying ‘tell me who owns your virgin cunt you slut.’ I was eager to say ‘you own me’ and ‘I’ll always be your little slut.’ The dirtier we talked the harder he fucked me.

He said ‘tell me I can fuck you whenever I want.’ I begged him to fuck me every day. He said ‘tell me you’ll never fuck another cock but mine.’ I vowed that I never would. Then he said ‘tell me how bad you want me to let you cum.’ I told him I wanted him to let me cum more than anything on earth. He didn’t pull out to spank me again.

He was finally ready to cum just as bad as me. I could feel it about to happen again. The pressure built up and I begged him not to stop. When I started to cum again I basically blacked out. My body truly convulsed. I screamed ‘I’m cumming.’ The rhythmic contractions in my pussy pushed him over the edge. He screamed almost like an a****l. I could feel the sensation of cum shooting out of me combined with the feeling of his cum shooting into me. Nothing on earth could’ve been better.

My body collapsed from sheer exhaustion as I trembled. He collapsed on my back shaking as well. We just laid there trying to remember how to breathe. I think that moment with him on top of me I knew we would get married. After that encounter we would both be addicted to each other. He tilted my head and sweetly kissed me on the cheek. In that soft sexy southern drawl I can’t resist he said ‘happy birthday little girl. I love you with all of my heart. I’ve loved you since the day you were born.’

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