Little Tommy the Cocksucker PT2 Gay

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Little Tommy the Cocksucker PT2 Gay
Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

My mind was racing, my stomach was tight and my hands were shaking uncontrollably. What did I do? What am I going to do? I kept running it through my head. I was exposed, I was out there, this was way outside of my control.

I had met a man at a hotel to suck his cock, something I had done before, but this time he recognized me. He knew who I was, where I grew up and lived. I knew him too. I knew him to be a real asshole. He was not a nice person. He tormented me for years growing up. Shit, he tormented everyone. A person like that doesn t change. I could easily see him outing me to my wife just for the fun of it.

To make matters infinitely worse, he had irrefutable evidence that I had happily and eagerly done what I did. Without my knowledge, he had set his phone on the desk and recorded the whole thing. Is that even legal? Yeah, good one Tom, Call the cops. Jesus. I am fucked.

The video was a little grainy and dark but anyone who knew me could make me out moving like an entranced zombie across the room. They would clearly hear him asking me if I liked sucking cock, hear me mumble my reply, but it was clear that I wanted to suck his cock. They could clearly see the video me begin to sink to my knees almost completely out of the camera angle. They would hear me moan, as I started to work on his cock. They would hear him warning me not to use my hands and then clearly hear me licking and parting my lips and pulling him into my mouth. The camera angle quickly shifted to captured me in full profile. There I am, leaning in and pulling his cock into my mouth with my tongue. Then his hands were on my head vigorously forcing me down onto him.

They would see him cum in my mouth and after all of that gesture toward the mini fridge just behind me and had me get him a beer while he chuckled to himself. All of this caught on camera.

He didn t even offer me one. I could have used one too, as my mouth and lips were sticky with his drying cum. And then one last exchange before I left.

Tommy the faggot cocksucker , he said around his swilled beer. You be back here tomorrow at the same time or you know what happens if you don t , pointing his thumb at his glowing phone.

Fucked, is what I am. Fucked. Fucked and double fucked. How could I be so careless?

I left there dejected, scared and almost sick to my stomach over my predicament.

As I sat in my car trying to wrap my head around all of this, I was shocked back to reality by a car horn. Shit. Perfect, someone from work had noticed me sitting there and was pulling in alongside me. His name was Frank. He was a nice enough guy. Younger than me and a pure jock. Everyone is dude and everything is about sports. Please, now was not a good time Frank!

I put my window down and gave Frank a friendly wave.

Whatcha doin here dude? Frank inquired. The wife finally kick your scrawny ass out?

See, I told you. Everyone is dude. Then a horrifying thought struck me, Frank has seen me here and if I ever had to deny everything, that just got much harder.

I laughed, Ha, no Frank, just felt a wobble in the front end and wanted to check it out. Everything is good . Now please leave Frank and forget you ever saw me here.

Okay. Cool dude , he never disappoints, see you tomorrow .

Off he went.

The next day, as my work day was winding down, I started thinking about Jeff s cock. I couldn t help it. I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn t help thinking about him using my mouth as a fuck toy again. I thought about him tensing up and unloading his warm sticky cum in my mouth and on my face. Maybe if I was really good and made him very happy, he d keep my secret and let me get on with the rest of my life. Really dude, channeling Frank, this is your plan?

When I arrived at the room it was the same drill, the door was slightly ajar. I knew my task was to enter and do what I did naturally. I gently opened the door and stepped into the room. I stopped short surprised by the presence of two middle aged guys. Assuming that I had entered the wrong room, I started back tracking when I realized these guys were in various states of undress. They were both taller than me and bigger. One had kind of a decent sized beer gut while the other looked like he may have been athletic at one point in his life.

You re Tommy? the beer gut guy asked.

Um, er, I I managed to stammer out.

Jeff said you d be surprised , my stomach was in my throat. He had already been telling people about me.

Recovering my wits, I said Look guys, I don t know what this Jeff guy told you but… , I didn t get a chance to finish.

Tom , athletic guy said, Jeff set this up and said you d be kay with us using you like we owned you. He said that you d comply. Funny word, but that s what he said.

So, Pat and me here are gonna fuck you senseless added Beer Gut. Now get your clothes off and get on your knees and suck some cock like a good boy .

What could I do? I stripped while the guys jeered and groped. Surely, I was not going to let these two guys fuck me. I just suck cock. This is where I drew the line. Maybe Jeff didn t make that clear to them. Meanwhile, Pat rubbed my chest while Beer Gut grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed really hard. It hurt. Beer Gut remarked to Pat that I was smooth and girly and very fuckable. Pat laughed a creepy lecher s laugh as his hands moved up to my shoulders and applied pressure indicating now was the time in the program where I assumed the cock sucking position. I sank to my knees. Pat pointed toward his crotch with a big smile. His belt was undone but his pants were fastened, so I quickly unfastened them and they dropped to the ground, where he kicked them aside. Meanwhile, Beer Gut had de-panted himself and lost his underwear in a flash. As I moved to take Pat s boxer briefs down, he pushed my hands away and told me to use my mouth. I could see by the growing outline in his briefs that his cock was huge and thick. Beer Gut grabbed my free hand and placed it around his stiffening cock, which was also an award winner. I slowly started stroking up and down on his cock.

I got my lips on the band of Pat s briefs and was maneuvering them down. His massive cock sprang free grazing my face, I quickly move my mouth to the bulbous head and started to consume the length of it. It was thick and hard and sliding in and out of my mouth. Pat moved his hands to the top and back of my head and pulled me in. Beer Gut s hands had found my ass cheeks again. His thick fingers had inched their way to my virgin hole. I wanted to tell him that I just sucked cock, but my mouth was full of Pat s cock and Pat was pressing it pretty deep into my throat at the moment.

Pat was complimenting me on my abilities. I am sure I blushed a little and wanted to acknowledge the compliment but, as I said, my mouth was rather full.

Beer Gut was getting dangerously close to finger penetration. I gasped a little around Pats cock which was now pumping my face pretty good. Spit and precum were running down my chin, when Beer Gut punched Pat s arm and said, let s move to the bed so I can get at this ass. Pat agreed and revealed in his answer that Beer Gut s name was Rick and pulled his cock from my throat.

This was my opportunity to explain to the guys that I was a cock sucker but not the kind of guy to go all the way and submit to a gang fuck on a first date.

Pat grabbed my arm and led me to the bed. He climbed onto his knees at the head of the bad and told me to get on my hands and knees in front of him. This seemed like a perfect break in the action to set things straight.

Pat, er and Rick , I said smiling and nodding to each of them, I just suck cock and I am flattered and all, but..

I was checking faces to gage the reaction. They both just grinned at me. Pat continued his instruction to me on where I should place myself whilst Rick continued to assault my poor asshole with his spit moistened fingers. Pat sat back with his legs on either side of me and pulled my head into his lap and onto his still hardened cock. I couldn t help but get busy sucking and licking. In my current position with my head in Pat s lap, I had lowered myself onto my elbow to really get into sucking this hog deep. I wanted his cum in the worst way. This position put my ass slighty pushed out and up. Very accessible.

Right about then, I felt something soft, warm and wet probing my virgin hole. I can t lie, it felt fantastic. I even let out a guttural moan around Pat s cock drilling in and out of my throat. Rick was making sweet, sweet love to my puckered asshole and I was in heaven.

His tongue was replaced by a finger that pumped in and out of my ass. That finger came out and I felt something cold in my crack and hole. Pat had ahold of my head guiding me onto his cock in a rhythmic fashion. Slow and steady while he grunted and moaned about what a sweet fuck I was going to be. Clearly, they had not heard me.

I was startled by a finger reentering my hole and then what felt like two in my constricted hole. He fingered and rotated while spreading his fingers painfully prying me open. It began to really sink in that this was escalating into a proper ass fucking.

All of the sudden the fingers were gone, I felt Rick s weight shift on the bed and then he was just to the left of me telling Pat that he needed access to my mouth for a few minutes. Pat pulled my head off and turned me to accept Rick s cock. Rick grabbed my head and a fistful of hair. He shoved his cock deep into my mouth and throat and pistoned in and out every few thrusts holding his cock deeply lodged into my throat. I couldn t breathe very well but was used to this treatment from guys who liked it a little rough. Rick pulled his slickened cock out of my throat leaving a thick trail of spit. He quickly resumed his place at my back side. Pat regained control of my head aiming my mouth back onto his now throbbing and twitching cock. Rick grabbed me around my hips repositioning me a little higher on the bed. I could now feel his hard cock pressing against my taint and freshly stretched hole. It occurred to me that I had not seen a condom the entire evening. This guy was preparing to fuck me raw.

I could feel Rick beginning to push his cock into me it was impossibly large. Too large. I knew it wouldn t fit. He pressed into me harder while pulling up on my hips and spreading my legs with is knees. There was pain and pressure as he attempted to push past my sphincter. There was no way that would fit in me and I was starting to panic. All at once the pain was gone and Rick slid his slick hard cock into me. I was getting more and more aroused and turned on by my situation. My sucking on Pat s cock became more intense. All of the sudden I was insatiable. I was bobbing and sucking like possessed whore. Rick had begun to pick up the pace and was pushing into me and pulling out with a regular rhythm. It was an incredible feeling. Pat was beginning to pump more quickly, his breath became ragged and he started calling me names. He kept saying, take my cum you fuck. I could tell he was getting ready to blow. I knew the signs well.

Meanwhile, Rick would push his cock deeply into my hole. It hurt a little and I felt full. I could feel him bottoming out deep inside me as I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass. Pat came in buckets filling my mouth and squirting out around my lips. He fell back and rolled off the bed leaving Rick drilling me like a jack hammer. He came back beside the bed a few seconds later telling me to turn and smile. When I looked over he was using a camera to record the act of Rick humping my ass while I struggled to steady myself under the onslaught with my face covered with his fresh cum. He reached the camera under me to get a good shot of Rick pummeling my ass. My rock hard 5 inch cock, which hadn t been so much as touched was leaking precum from the unrelenting ass fucking I was getting. Pat had remarked for the camera that my cock was a big ol clit.

Rick s rhythm was increasing and he was grasping my hips tightly trying to get his cock impossibly deeper into me. I suspected he was going to cum but his grip and my anal bliss kept me from protesting or moving away to avoid his hot seed. I felt his cock jump and spasm as he continued to plunge and gasp loudly. Pat slapped my ass as Rick pulled his cock out. I felt incredibly empty and could feel his cum running out of my hole.

Pat was quick to get a short clip of my cream-pied ass. Letting me know that Jeff had granted them full use of my holes as long as they captured some good video that he and I could enjoy later. That fucker.

I was feeling like a used cum rag, cummed in and, cummed on. Being ogled, handled and man-fucked. It was almost too much. Pat let me know that he and Rick would be getting out of there for a drink but only after he had sampled my boy-cunt. He said he would invite me, but it was for men only. I want to say I that I had had enough and just wanted to go home. The truth is I had been transformed into a fuck toy. As Pat was verbally berating me and claiming ownership of my boy-cunt (I actually like that term), I slightly arched my back and pushed my ass out and back a little as if making my wanton hole more available. I actually wanted his cock in me very badly.

Pat flipped me onto my back and pulled me by the legs to the edge of the bed so that my ass was nearly hanging off. I suddenly realized I was going to be fucked like a girl, on my back with legs splayed open and feet d****d over his shoulders. He leaned in and positioned his spear at my hole. I was looking up at him and he down at me with a look of incredible lust in his eyes. He slowly entered me as deeply as he could go. His cock was longer than Ricks and thicker as well. I felt stretched but he easily entered me. Rick had broken me in well. His movements were slow and complete all the way in and all the way out. At one point he looked at Rick and said I was the tightest fuck he d ever had. He rode me for quite some time like this placing one hand on my chest as though holding me in place while his other hand began stroking my big ol clit. My hole felt like warm Jell-o from the cock thrashing it was enduring. I was so very close to cumming several times and whenever I got close to shooting, Pat would squeeze my cock painfully while he fucked in and out like a wild a****l. Finally, I exploded in hots jets of cum onto my stomach and chest. As I ejaculated, I could feel my hole squeezing around Pat s massive cock. This sent him into a horned dog-like paced rhythm, fucking me hard and impossibly fast and deep. He came hard and deep in me. He pulled his still hard cock out of me like he was in a hurry to get somewhere, trailing a long string of cum. As he moved away I could see Rick aiming that fucking camera at me, my splayed legs and my boy-cunt oozing Pats thick jizm.

Rick and Pat high fived one another pitched a towel at me, pulled their clothes on and left.

Fuck, I thought, I am in deep man. I am now just an implement for Jeff and his perverted buddies to use as they wish.

I almost drifted off to sleep lying there is the puddle of cum and sweat when I heard someone clapping. You know the sound, a lone person slow clapping as if it were mocking real applause. I opened my eyes wearily and looked around. Jeff had come back into the room and was leaning back against the wall giving me his mocking applause.

You look a mess faggot , he said. I just watched your newest movie in the parking lot. You really, really like getting a good old fashion fucking Tommy the Cocksucker . That fucking grin of his. I think I might have to give you a new name. How do you like Tommy the Fuck Toy?

Well, you can think about that while you re sucking me off , he walked toward me unbuckling his belt as I involuntarily liked my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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