Magical Summer -1

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Magical Summer -1
Free at last! I had a newly minted college diploma and enough cash to manage an unstructured summer backpacking trip through Europe. My goals were to have fun and discover what the world was like before settling into a job. I was 22, lesbian, and ready to explore! My super el-cheapo deadeye flight from California landed in Dusseldorf where I boarded a bus to Berlin for only 11 euros. Eight hours and 500 km later, I finally reached my youth hostel and collapsed.

It was my second night in Berlin that I went to a club that I had heard about, known for its techno dance scene and LGBT clientele. The club didn t disappoint; it was dark inside and loud, already thumping with the Friday night crowd by the time I arrived. I walked around the edge of the dance floor, glass of wine in hand, wearing a simple top, dancing flats, and a short skirt to show off my legs. The wine wasn t cheap (my spending allowance for the night), but at least it was a generous glass and it seemed to have quite a kick to it.

It wasn t long before a bisexual couple tried to pick me up. The woman looked intriguing, but a guy too, I don t know. I tried experimenting with bisexuality in college when my girlfriend Katie added boyfriend Eric. Looking back, I realize only Katie was the true bisexual. Eric was just a guy more than willing to get it on with two females at once. Anyway, we were a threesome for about a year before I realized I was just more comfortable with women only. Back at the Berlin club, I was polite enough to chat briefly with the couple and after a few minutes they got the hint and drifted off.

I continued to cruise the dance area, sipping my wine and trying to blend in; feeling a little self-conscious when I realized I couldn t see another woman wearing a bra. Should I try to find a ladies room and go native? Should I try to take the lead, introduce myself to someone with my limited German? I was semi-fluent, enough to be comfortable touring the country by myself, but my vocabulary and conversation speed needed improvement. Initiating a social conversation with a stranger might be awkward.

Fortunately I was befriended by a lesbian couple before I had to try anything; an older woman I guessed in her early-thirties named Akira and her much younger partner Resi. We soon struck up a conversation in English at the quiet end of the club, talking mostly about me; how long will you be in Berlin, Carli (don t know, maybe a week), where are you staying (Die Jugendherberge, can t beat 24 euros a night), are you traveling with friends? I found the two attractive and fascinating. Both were well dressed and money didn t seem to concern them. After warning me of the club s reputation for potent liquor, they bought me a mixed drink I wanted to try and we talked about their work. I was genuinely impressed. Resi worked for an investment bank and Akira worked in the ER of Charite, one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. It was a bit hard to understand. The music was getting louder, and while Resi was fluent, Akira s English was on par with my German. But our body language was doing most of the talking for us. Akira and Resi were in very fit shape and I hoped they were admiring me with their eyes. I started to flirt, and the music and drinks were turning into a strong aphrodisiac. I had never been with more than one woman before. What would we be like as a female threesome? We drank and danced and Resi offered to pick up the tab at the bar again so we drank some more. I didn t realize I was getting a bit drunk.

Perhaps it was my youth speaking or the alcohol, but when Akira and Resi steered the conversation to sexuality, I boasted of my experience; telling the two in no way was I out of my league at the club, that the party was just getting started. Akira guided me into describing what I liked sexually, and at the end of my wild exaggerations she just laughed and raised her eyebrows and asked if I were really as innocent as I sounded? I told her hell no, I would try everything and anything; I was ready to party Berlin style! Really, she said, what if Berlin style meant sex with a****ls, what about bondage with a sex trio, was I ready for that? My alcohol mind raced and I flirted as an answer, bringing my wrists together as if handcuffed while smiling and giving a playful barking sound. I thought the mention of bondage and a****ls was a joke, and just the idea of these two challenging me so explicitly was getting my fantasies going. I gave it right back to them! Sure, I ve had anal sex with a Labrador! I liked it! A lot! My claim was an extremely wild exaggeration of a single incident in my teenage years.

Yes, I wanted to play with them! Did I need do anything more to convince?! Akira turned and spoke rapidly in German near Resi s ear, I only caught a single word: Mullwagon. I thought that stood for garbage truck, wasn t sure. That didn t make sense. Then Resi suggested we go to their apartment for a break. Yes! I jumped at the chance. I knew what going home with them meant.

It was hot, dark, and drizzling when we got outside. I don t remember much of the scenery on the way home, just city lights morphing into a darker residential area. Very expensive car though, oversized BMW, looked new. Definitely not a garbage truck! Akira was driving and I was cuddling with Resi in the back. Her breath smelled faintly of liquor and her body felt wonderful, softness layered over hard muscle. She was very gentle with me; soft kisses while holding me, stroking my hair, shy hugs around my waist. Resi whispered my name in my ear. Such a beautiful smile, especially when the warmth touched her eyes. I was disarmed by her apparent gentleness and affection; willing to trust without really knowing her at all. Resi was treating me like a real human being, a friend, and I was starting to feel embarrassed by how I had acted at the club.

We got stuck in gridlock; Akira said close to where they lived, a couple of kilometers; some accident up ahead. Resi and I unclicked our seatbelts and I was soon lying face up in her lap, my legs sprawling across to the other side of the car, my skirt haphazard, maybe showing some panties, I didn t care. It was very quiet; the car shielding us from the outside noise; just the faint whoosh of the wiper-blades and AC which Akira kept running. Resi was looking down at me, smiling, caressing my face with her fingertips. I took a chance and nuzzled the underside of her breast with my nose. Resi smiled, sighed deeply and thought for a moment, then responded with her own caress across my breasts, lingering to feel each nipple harden against her palm. I didn t need any more encouragement. I buried my nose in the underside of her breast and breathed in deeply. No perfume, I thought, this is the way her body smells, her sweat from all the dancing. Such intimacy! I closed my eyes, tilted my head, and opened my mouth. Resi accepted my offer, leaning down and kissing me full on the lips before complimenting me on how sexy my legs looked. I just smiled. I had been training for months, preparing myself for hundreds of kilometers of summer hiking. Resi then asked if I could be honest about my sexual experience, and I opened up with the truth.

I was somewhat shy in high school; a varsity cheerleader who couldn t figure out the dating scene, was terrified by it. Touching all the other girls in the team lifting moves was a major thrill, but I never let on I was sexually aroused by it. It took life on college campus before I wanted to try anything. I knew Katie as a sophomore in my freshman year, and the year after that we started dating. It wasn t easy at first; Katie liked casual dating and I was just one of her many partners during her junior year. But I adored her, was infatuated with her, and I was persistent until we finally pledged to be monogamous with each other. I was the happiest woman on the planet! And then Katie shocked me in bed one night saying she wanted to try adding a boyfriend to our lovemaking, just for a few nights or so to show me what sex with males was like. She was very persistent, and I wanted to keep her so badly that I promised to give bisexuality a try.

Eric quickly became of permanent feature in our relationship. Katie and I would still make love alone; she also made love with Eric alone, and I tried to make love with Eric alone just once, the night Katie introduced us. (I felt Resi stiffen when I said this.) It was a disaster for me and I m sure frustrating for Eric. But Katie said she really wanted to keep both of us as sexual partners and pleaded with me to try group sex. Feeling left-out and jealous of my male rival, I committed to make the attempt, and with the right positions, I was okay with it. I was best in the middle, my favorite was 69 with sweet Katie below me; and Eric would mount me doggie from above. I was okay in missionary too, with Eric between my legs and Katie in front of him. Even when she was turned around and kissing him, as long as I could play with her legs and butt, could focus on her, I was okay. I forced myself to think of Eric as my handy fuck machine that did a great job getting me off. And he probably thought the same of me. He didn t mind the role even though I insisted we always use condoms. Katie just used the pill. And then Katie and Eric moved to the East coast when they graduated a year ahead of me. Katie and I pledged to stay in close contact; visit each other whenever possible and remain lovers. It never happened.

Ah, that must have hurt, Resi said quietly. She was caressing my forehead with her fingers, brushing back a few stray hairs. Are you over it?

I nodded. It took a long time, but yeah. Eric and I never did connect much, except physically I mean. We both understood we had a shallow relationship. But Katie, I had a crush on her. I was way too old maybe to be so blind and give my heart so completely, but that s what I did. When I could finally look back and be a little objective, I saw things … obvious things … that our relationship … things that I thought were kinky at the time were merely abusive … much more abusive than playful. Seeing that made the last of the pain go away.

Resi had a deep frown on her face. Perhaps more abusive than you realize. Tell me, was Katie pretty? As pretty as you?

Huh? I used to adore her; it s hard for me to be unbiased. She wasn t overweight. But she s not athletic like me. Katie didn t like to exercise and it showed.

And how long between your commitment with Katie and the introduction of Eric?

Oh, I don t know. It happened pretty fast. A couple of weeks … Maybe less. Why do you ask?

Katie s introduction of Eric to you. Surely she knew you were lesbian, not bi-sexual. I suspect Katie used you as bait; Eric was hot for you and Katie turned you into bait until her own relationship with Eric was secure. And then she cut her bait loose to drift with the tide.

I blinked. From the very beginning!? That s horrible!

Carli, did you ever find kindness with anyone? What about your senior year?

Well, no. I was super busy with all the class work … and senior thesis … and job interviewing… Out of nowhere I felt something break within me, the veneer of my social defenses. I had given my word to be honest. It was just like high school again! I was lonely! I made a strange sound, uncontrollable, halfway between a burp and hiccup. Sorry, must be the alcohol. I m okay. Sorry…

Resi leaned down and sheltered me in her arms, covering my cheek with kisses. I ve lost family too, she whispered in my ear. She finally sat back up, her hand resting nicely on my tummy, and she gave me a playful smile. So the dog was just a boast?

Uh, no, that really happened… I blinked in surprise that I didn t feel embarrassed. Resi had disarmed me with her compassion. My defenses were down, and I went on to reveal a part of me that I had never allowed anyone to see.

It happened four years ago, almost to the day. I was between high school and college, at a neighbor s house weekend babysitting their Labrador Biscuit and infant son Philip for two overnights while the parents took a much needed break. I was enjoying the work; Philip was a delight and the dog very friendly. It was late June, a b**stly hot weekend, but the house had AC, and after lunch and a bath with lots of playtime, Philip was in serious need of a nap. I tucked him into his crib, hung around a few minutes till he fell asleep, and headed downstairs to the couch to do some reading. The living room was cool, quiet, and very private; all the shades drawn to keep out the sun. I told Resi and Akira I could see all the details in my mind with crystal clarity. I was dressing simply; brown sandals and a white cotton sundress with tiny purple and red flowers. Biscuit was with me on the other end of the leather couch, and after reading a short while I took off my sandals and put my feet up. A moment later Biscuit starting licking my feet.

I think I gasped at how good it felt. Oh, there had been touches and hugs from friends and family through the years, but the last time my body had been noticed with intent was probably when I was getting spanked as a c***d. Having pleasure from continuous stimulation was an entirely new experience for me. Reading became absolutely impossible. I closed the book and my eyes, and just lay back and enjoyed.

I was breathing deeply, floating with the sensations. The dog s tongue was large and wet, and he was licking my right foot from heel to toe, even licking between my toes. After a while I thought I d like my left foot licked too, so I moved my right leg off the couch, my foot dropping to the rug. But Biscuit had other ideas. He got off the couch and mounted my right leg, placing his forepaws awkwardly around me, pinning my sundress to the couch around my waist while lowering his genitals on my bare leg just above my knee. He then started some major-league arching of his hindquarters, driving his penis sheath up and down along my lower thigh.

I blinked at the dog in amazement; came within a second of just shooing him off, but sexual curiosity made me pause. Biscuit was a very friendly pooch. I was sure he would stop anytime I insisted. I was in a locked house, very private, shades drawn, expecting no one, Philip starting a big nap … When would such an ideal opportunity occur again? Probably never. This might be my one chance to be a little naughty with Biscuit…

So I let him hump against my leg. It wasn t long before I felt his penis tip emerge and rub against my leg. I took a quick look around the room; still super secure. So I lifted my other leg to straddle the top of the couch and I pulled my sundress above my hips, exposing my panties. And then I just closed my eyes and waited.

Sure enough, the leg humping stopped and I felt Biscuit s furry head sniffing between my legs. Meanwhile I was playing little mind games with my morals. I m just stretching my legs and keeping my body still. It s not my fault if Biscuit comes and sniffs. My wildest dreams came true. His cold wet nose pushed into my panties; then an explosion of sensations: hot breath, cold nose, wet tongue, he was everywhere! Licking my thighs, my crotch through the panties, he even licked the bare spot above my panties and below my hiked-up sundress. That tickled! I sat up bolt upright and looked around the room, feeling guilty as sin. How far did I want to take this?

I skipped to the front entrance on bare feet, my sundress falling back in place, and peered through a tiny crack at the edge of a shade. The street outside was void of humanity, arch-typical suburban desert, the driveway empty. Perfect! But the key question remained. How far did I want to take this?

Just take a step, I thought. And if you don t like it, you ll stop. And if you do like it, … well, you can worry about that later. I skipped back to the couch, took another look around the room, total overkill worrying about being observed, and then I stripped myself naked and then put my sundress back on. Without the bra and panties, the cotton dress felt like a soft nightgown, and I was feeling sexy, and Biscuit was bounding all around me. I jumped back on the couch, same position as before, spread my legs and lifted my sundress so high I exposed my breasts. And then I waited.

Waited for about one second. Biscuit was everywhere! His tongue was on my legs and vulva and hips and … I was hoping he d go back to my vulva when … Uff! Biscuit was standing on me, one forepaw on my stomach, another pressing down on my uterus, and the crazy dog was licking my face and breasts and leaning even harder on my tummy and it was just TOO MUCH DAMN WEIGHT so I pushed him off!

Both Resi and Akira laughed heartily when I got to that part of the story. I couldn t believe I was bearing my soul to them like this, but the car seemed a magical protective cocoon where secrets could be safely shared. My head was in Resi s lap, her right hand resting on my stomach very gently, and her left hand was slowly stroking my forehead. And her eyes! She was gazing down at me and her eyes were full of laughter and compassion. No one in my life had ever looked at me like that. So what happened next? she asked. Before I could respond, Akira started driving and asked us to put our seatbelts back on. We were in private underground parking a few minutes later.

We went through so many layers of security, I joked about where were the retinal scanners, and then I found that their apartment was as fabulous as their car; so cool and dry, delightful after being in the weather outside; and quiet, delightful after my noisy night at the youth hostel. Resi and I began to make out on a large couch; very light and playful, no talking, just experimenting with all the different ways two hands could touch each other, fingers exploring fingers, palms, and wrists. It felt like the first movement of a courting dance. Then Akira came out of the kitchen with three small glasses, two filled with tea and one containing Berliner Weisse, a sour white beer she thought I might like to sample. So Resi and I took a break and we all sipped our drinks and chatted about the city and my summer plans. I felt both relaxed and excited, a strange feeling. I started cuddling with Resi again and she cuddled right back. Akira dimmed the lights and joined us on the couch, sitting on one end while Resi and I got horizontal, lying facing each other.

I loved kissing with Resi! Her eyes were glowing with happiness. Tips of our tongues touching and retreating, noses caressing noses, I loved the smell of her. I felt Akira taking my shoes off and glanced to watch her do it. Resi s feet were already bare. And then Resi pressed her body against mine, her hands holding me tight on my lower back and the upper curve of my butt.

Time drifted. I was floating on a wave of being slightly drunk and sexually playful, slowly building a base for deeper arousal. Akira was massaging my feet and legs, from mid thighs on downwards, wherever I was bare but not going under my skirt. She would occasionally hold my foot and kiss and lick my toes. And then she got serious; big wet laps from heel to toe, then penetrating between my toes with her tongue. I liked it! We looked at each other and grinned. Woof! said Akira. Woof, woof! I said back.

But my real focus was Resi. I opened buttons on her blouse, kissed her neck, her exposed upper breasts, no bra, one more button would reveal the nipples. Resi smiled contently, waiting for me to do it. I felt a tug on my hips. Akira was pulling my skirt off. I undid my belt and arched my hips to help her, felt the fabric slide down my legs, felt Akira s hands stroking me, from mid butt across panties and down the back of my thighs. It felt nice! Resi leaned close and kissed my throat. Then she got up, pulled Akira to stand with her and they started undressing each other. After a moment Resi coaxed Akira into dancing.

It was a private dance; very intimate choreography. In addition to undressing each other, the two were expressing in motion their sexual desires, positions offered and accepted or sometimes passed by. My heart twitched in envy. Katie and I never did anything like this; it never occurred to me to try. I began to learn what Resi and Akira liked in their lovemaking just by watching. And unexpectedly, I began to feel a little embarrassed, and it took a moment to figure out why.

What I was doing at the club, seeking a one-night stand of sexual pleasure, I knew my actions would not survive moral inspection; that I might in later life be ashamed of the choices I was making now. But Akira and especially sweet Resi didn t seem to be treating this as a one-night stand, and I couldn t figure out why. Instead, I was being offered trust and compassion, and I was at a loss how to respond. What could I give them in return?

Meanwhile in the dance, Resi had stripped Akira down to panties while Akira finished what I started with Resi s blouse. The sight of topless Resi took my breath away; pert teenage-looking breasts and a smile that was all eagerness. And their dance, so beautiful, so intimate. Resi held up one leg to the side in a classic cheerleader move, her foot above her head, and Akira spun around Resi s butt and snapped a full hip thrust into the exposed crotch. A short time later Akira performed the same leg maneuver, but in response Resi simply kissed the back of Akira s neck. They were describing their likes and dislikes in the dance, I thought. If I read the dance correctly, Resi had offered to submit to domination and Akira accepted the offer, and Akira had offered to submit to domination and Resi declined.

Resi surprised me by taking my hands and pulling me to the dance floor . She gracefully removed my top and bra, caressed me within the dance for a moment, and then performed the high leg maneuver. Wearing nothing but panties, I kissed her neck in return, my hands around her waist while rubbing my hips gently around her ass. I m not sure, I whispered, just to be sure I was understood. Resi nodded and smiled.

Akira joined us in the dance then. I did the high-leg cheerleader maneuver much better than Akira and Resi, and was rewarded with a sharp hip thrust from Akira directly on my exposed crotch, followed by a soft lingering French kiss from Resi on my vulva. The touch was electric, the panties reduced nothing of the stimulation Resi s lips and tongue and breath provided. I swooned in the pleasure of it, started to fall, and was caught by Resi as she rose and caressed my bare leg as I lowered it. I m not sure either… she whispered in my ear.

And then Akira performed the high-leg maneuver for me. I answered more aggressively with Akira, grinding my hips from her butt to the open crotch, panties rubbing against panties. Resi was so sweet, I couldn t imagine wanting to dominate her with much force. Akira though had a hard edge to her. Thoughts of episodes of being on the top and bottom with Akira were intriguing. She gave me a quick smile and nod that she understood my choice, followed by an even quicker flash of teeth as she reached down and felt wetness on her panties. I felt my own crotch and realized it was from me; whether from Resi s tongue or my own juices, I wasn t sure. Probably both. It was a very easy transition to their bedroom, where Resi let me finish undressing her, and then Akira and I pulled each other s panties off. We were soon rolling on the bed, starting off with Resi lying prone while Akira and I licked and kissed her butt checks and the upper backs of her thighs.

I gasped at how beautiful and physically hot these women were! Resi looked like every lesbian s wet dream of a naked high school senior, though she certainly didn t act immature. And Akira! I must have been out of my mind to think of her in her thirties. It must have been the combo of her disco outfit and the way she walked, her military erectness that made me think that. Here in bed, her hair was loose and bouncing around her shoulders; and she was all eagerness and playful as a c***d, quickly mounting and dominating Resi with ankles holds and making pretend thrusts into her raised butthole. If Akira had told me she was my age (22), I would have believed it without doubt.

And I was going to be pleasured by these two hot women! I laughed in sheer eagerness, jumped to the center of the bed and turned, lying on my back. I was soon the center of attention, pillows placed under my head and thighs, Resi suckling my left breast, Akira suckling on the right; two sets of hands caressing my hips and tummy, exploring me with touches light as feathers. Inhibitions were falling away, I felt so loose, drifting into slow deep arousal in anticipation of fingers reaching my thighs and pubis. I opened my legs, inviting them to stroke my sex. Instead Akira and Resi broke their suckles and whispered rapidly in German to each other, I was able to only understand isolated words, nothing connected, but it didn t matter. I was floating with the alcohol.

Resi came up to French-kiss with me while Akira started probing me above my pubis but below my navel, gently at first but then with firmness. I was hoping she wouldn t tickle me, but that was not her intent. I was dimly aware that my uterus was being probed through my abdominal wall, fingers very gentle with ovaries and Fallopian tubes but then pushing down hard to position the pear shape of my womb. It felt nice in spite of the pressure, kinky, especially when the fingers entered the top of my pubic fur to feel the neck of the pear, the cervix descending from womb to the back wall of my vagina. And Resi was such a playful, active kisser that it was easy to just relax my pelvis and let Akira have her way with me. But where was all this headed?

Akira left the bed to get what looked like a chest of toys and my heart skipped a beat; inside were an assortment of dildos, vibrators and various sex toys. With a nod from Akira, Resi pulled out strong fabric cuffs and moved to fasten them to my wrists. And I gasped in panic at the thought of real bondage. Wait! Is there a secret word or something; something I can say later that means stop?

Resi blinked, put the cuffs back in the toy chest, and then had a fast, whispering conversation with Akira. Akira finally nodded, turned to give me a friendly smile, and left the room. Resi came and sat down on the bed with me.

Oh, shit, Resi; I ve really blown the mood, haven t I?

No, no, no. The fault is ours. Akira and I are so comfortable with our sex play; we forgot how new and threatening bondage might seem to you. Please forgive us.

Oh, that s okay. Actually, I think I d like to try it. Is Akira gone for the night?

No. I suggested she take a shower; give us two some time to talk. I m trying to think of the best way to explain… Resi reached out and offered to hold hands. I accepted gladly. Earlier, you said were unsure about dominating me; but my offer to be dominated by you was firm. Will you accept my offer now?

Uh, you mean like, right now?

Uh huh.

Okay! What should I do?

Resi laughed. It s YOUR fantasy to create. I m just the submissive, remember?

Oh… I thought for a moment. Earlier, when we first came into the bedroom, you were lying prone and Akira mounted you … from the high angle of her hips … It looked like anal sex. It looked really hot.

Resi gave me a beaming smile. Perfect! She scooted off the bed and went to the toy chest, rooted around and pulled out something that shocked me. This is a Feeldoe. Ever see one before? I shook my head no. It s a strapless strap-on, continued Resi. The bulb end fills the vagina of the pretend male, and you can guess what the penis-shaped end is used for. It works well for both anal and vaginal. But it s really for two people coming together as equals. For domination, the classic strap-on… Resi was rooting in the toy box again, … is what we want. Come here and let me turn you into a male.

I walked over quickly but with weak knees and let Resi strap and buckle me in. Tighter than I imagined, I said.

You ll need it tight to control your penis. Speaking of which, here s what I m equipping you with. Resi attached a tiny penis, very bendable. Don t think I m implying anything by the size. It s just for now. Then she handed me a tube of lube, jumped on the bed, lay prone and arched her ass and lower legs into the air. Now butt fuck me for real. You can lube me first or dry mount me, your choice.

Butt fuck you? For real?

That s what I said.

I got on the bed, in position between Resi s legs. She looked relaxed, hands resting around her head, vulva tucked in low touching the bed, pink anus on display from the high arch of her hips. Resi, you re so beautiful… I mumbled. I took the lube, coated my thumb-size rubbery penis, stroked Resi s anus for a while with more lube, and then got in position and entered her. There wasn t much physical sensation, a little from the pressure on my clitoral hood from the strap-on, but I was gasping from the emotions welling up within me. I entered her fully, as far as the tiny penis would reach, and then fitted myself against her body, legs covering legs, pelvis covering butt, my breasts pressing into her back. I arched to kiss the back of her neck.

Carli, please stop; leave now.

I jumped off as soon as I understood her words. Did I hurt you?! I m so sorry! What did I do wrong?

Resi sat up and hugged me fiercely. I felt you tremble as you entered me. This was your first time as a male, your very first time, wasn t it? I nodded. Meanwhile Resi was smothering me with kisses. You were fine! I just asked you to leave to show you something. Remember how relaxed I was? I was relaxed because I trust you. I would have been shocked if you had tried to dry mount me. I would have accepted you; the penis is too small to damage anything, but between Akira and me, dry mounting is unthinkable! And the trust works both ways! I trust Akira to stay observant, pull back if I give any indication of reluctance, and Akira trusts me not to hide any discomfort for the sake of her pleasure. All our playful fantasies would disappear if the two-way trust were not absolute. We would be monsters otherwise!

I nodded vigorously. I get your point! And I … You re offering to let me come inside your trust bond. What can I give you and Akira in return?

Resi was beaming, radiant. You can give us your trust, and give us your fantasies, and let us offer you our fantasies in return. She turned and wiggled her butt at me. I d like you very much back inside.

I remounted Resi, coupled to her as before, fitting my body to hers, kissing her neck. What would you like now? I asked.

Resi sighed. Well, if you want to turn the fantasy over to me, pretend you re a male who just had his first ejaculation spurt. All the hard fucking is over. Just rock your hips gently back and forth, flow your semen into me, slow and easy … That s right … Hmm, that feels so good…

I was doing as Resi asked. Kissed her for a while after I had finished my pretend ejaculation, rose up on my arms after another while, looked down at my pretend penis still coupled for real to her anus, saw and caressed the upper curve of her butt with my hand. The peach fuzz hair on her upper curve, so incredibly beautiful. My beautiful wife… I mumbled.

Resi gasped and spun to look at me, causing us to uncouple. I didn t say anything, just removed my harness and put it aside. We lay side by side afterwards, holding hands, looking at the high ceiling. Carli? whispered Resi. Wife?

I sighed. I know. I was fantasizing. It just kind of popped out. I sighed again. Akira coming back soon?

Resi turned to face me, lying on her side, propping up her head with her forearm, her other hand caressing my shoulder. She glanced at the clock. Probably not yet. I know Akira. She ll be super considerate and take a long shower, give us lots of time to sort things out…

Hmm … I feel sorted already. How about you?

Yeah, me too … So, can you finish your dog story? I m dying of curiosity.

Hmm? Oh yeah; okay. Where did I leave off? Right where I pushed him off my stomach, right? We re pretty near the end…

I had turned, still lying on the couch, staring at Biscuit. He was standing still, panting heavily, looking at me. I got the impression he knew he had done something wrong but didn t know what. My morals were suggesting this was a really good time for a reality check, but I was still feeling sexy; still wanted to pursue the opportunity before me. I knew how dogs mated. Did I really want to go that far? Certainly not much further. But maybe try copulation for a few seconds? If I didn t want that, then I should stop now. Otherwise I was just being cruel to the dog; teasing him. I sat up on the couch, pulled my sundress down, and Biscuit came and rested his head on my leg, high up where my dress covered my upper thigh. His hindquarters were making little twitching motions and he was making a strange growl, very low register. And his eyes! He was still very eager, but his eyes were telling me the ball was in my court for what happens next.

My own hips started rocking, the desire to explore and experience fierce. I growled, not at Biscuit but with him, and stood up to think. I moment later I headed upstairs. Biscuit followed. I went through the parent s bedroom, hoping to find some adult lube. I did! The find reinforced my decision. Next stop, linen closet! If Biscuit did ejaculate, I wanted it to be in a place where I could do a full cleanup. Obvious choice, the tile bathroom. I went in and put the linens on the sink vanity, and then with a burst of caution, and total, total insanity, sprinted back to the bedroom to check the driveway again. All clear! Back in the bathroom, peeked through the shade crack to the backyard; of course nothing. Then I turned to Biscuit, who had been following my every footstep.

This was it! Decision time! I pulled my sundress over my head, then standing in my birthday suit with my legs an open invitation, I rocked my hips back and forth. Biscuit read my body language and moved in. Wet tongue on thighs, vulva, clitoral hood, stomach. I stood there shuddering, then turned and squatted, letting the dog lick my rear. Soon my ass cheeks were sopping with saliva, with a lot of licking right up the crack of my ass. Oh, that felt good! The tongue traveling from vagina to butthole, focusing on the butthole, trying to penetrate me; succeeding; I could feel wetness seeping into my rectum, and the tongue kept focusing on keeping my anus juicy. I just stood there and shuddered; waves of sexual heat pulsing from my clit. I had never been aroused like this before!

I turned and offered Biscuit my front again. I felt the need to see my sex partner. More licks on my vulva, my arousal juices mixing with the saliva on my thighs. Biscuit was going crazy, licking me almost to orgasm, trying to mount my leg as I stood, more licks on anus, vagina, and flicks to the clit, then more leg mounting. I felt a huge wave of sexual desire wash over me, clear and strong. I grabbed the lube, wetted my hand with it, and reached underneath the dog, wet jerking him to erection. So slick and thin! A tiny voice inside me said, Not your vagina, girl! Save that for a human! Biscuit was ready though, and so was I, both of us in full heat. Almost there! I lubed my forefinger, reached back and shoved the finger up my butt as deeply as I could. And then, I m not sure why but I took a second to put my sundress back on before I knelt on soft towels, lifted my dress to expose myself and offered my rump for mounting.

Biscuit surprised me. He did not jump on my back immediately. He would lick my vulva and anus, walk around me, try to lick my face, go back to my rear and lick some more. Again and again. I was swooning in the sexual pleasure of it. And then finally he jumped up and mounted me. I could sense his gentleness, even in the midst of his driving desire for me. I reached back with a freshly lubed hand, found the thin penis, let the dog fuck my hand just long enough to re-lube it, and then guided the penis tip to my anus. It felt as if I were holding a wiggling, slippery eel, and I couldn t wait to feel it wiggle up my butt.

Guiding the penis into my butt was more difficult than I imagined. Biscuit was certainly willing enough, maybe too willing. He was jumping around and angling himself wildly in his attempt to copulate. His penis entered my hand at the bottom of my grip, poking out between curled index finger and thumb, so slippery! Did I add too much lube? The trick was to align grip with anus just as Biscuit would thrust. Poke, poke, and then, success! I felt about an inch of the slippery eel slide up my butthole.

Biscuit felt it too, felt my anus squeeze down and pop the penis out. I lost it! It was an involuntary response, my sphincter rejecting being penetrated from the wrong direction. But I kept my grip centered on my butthole, felt the slippery eel wiggle back and forth across my opening, and then finally it wiggled back in! I was more prepared this time for capture, tensing my bowels to pout and open my anus, pushing my hips back to help Biscuit slide up into me, letting go with my hand as he fully inserted, but keeping two fingertips on the connection at our outside coupling point; the end of his furry sheath nestled into the crack of my ass. And on the inside, the slippery eel was alive! I could feel the eel swelling, lengthening, seeking a deeper path with every thrust and wiggle.

My rectum was being drilled. It felt nice! I was being fucked! My first fucking! In the butt! I was delirious with the pleasure of it, full strokes, so deep, and wiggling eel swelling with each slippery spin. I was moaning in pleasure, and then a swift sharp pain right in my anus. THAT HURT! I jumped up, nearly killed my elbow hitting it on the sink vanity, then pivoted and stared at the dog. He stood there panting, not unhappy. The sex was as good for him as it was for me. But that sharp anal pain, it was brutal, and the bang on my elbow wasn t pleasant either! The twin pains sucked all the sexual desire out of me. I stood there shaking, wondering what the hell had happened. My adventure was certainly at an end, and I was grateful Biscuit didn t seem to mind. And he hadn t even started to ejaculate; nothing to clean up.

But what the hell happened? I knelt and grabbed Biscuit s penis, then bent low to take a good look, and saw a great bulge at the base of his penis, and it was growing larger even as I watched. I was absolutely horrified! I had ruptured his penis somehow and he was bleeding internally! This could be fatal! Did I kill him?! I had to call a vet immediately! And then I felt that I had entered the land of the zombies, where guys with their skulls caved in are walking around happily without a care in the world. Biscuit was wagging his tail and trying to lick my face, totally unconcerned that his penis seemed about to explode.

I petted his head for a while and watched his erection disappear, including the bulb at the base, and I made a selfish decision to postpone calling a vet until I could research what happened. And then with a flash of fright, I ran downstairs to collect my bra and panties. So stupid! What if the parents had returned to find my sandals, bra, and panties downstairs and Biscuit and I coming from upstairs with me wearing a sundress with nothing underneath. I glanced at myself in a downstairs mirror; bouncy, bouncy, totally obvious my breasts were free and loose; my nipples showing as hard points through the soft cotton. Incredibly dumb! So I got properly dressed, then linens back in the closet, lube tube back precisely where I found it, Philip sleeping soundly, Biscuit looking normal and happy, one last check on the upstairs bathroom and discovered I had spots of lube all over the floor. Not a problem, just scrub the floor clean.

I was about five minutes into scrubbing the floor when I heard the doorbell ring, then the front door opened and somebody called out my name from inside the house! Turns out Philip s parents had given the next-door neighbors the house keys and asked them to check up on me. So I walked the husband and wife around the house, gave them a highly edited version of what the last few hours had been like, and this woman got on the phone to the parents and excitedly started singing my praises. This babysitter is extraordinary! She is exemplary! She even gave him a play bath! Philip is sleeping now, very well cared for! And your babysitter is using his sleep time to wash the bathroom floor! How did you ever find her?! She s worth pure gold! And meanwhile I was standing there with my best game face, trying to shrug modestly.

Resi laughed. An excellent story! Much more interesting than my first experience with a dog. She saw me staring at her. Yes, me too. I think lots of people have sexual moments with their pets, especially when the pet originates the encounter, as Biscuit did with you. I consider it normal. It s just not discussed. Never. Socially taboo. She paused. You took a risk, coupling with a dog without a shepherd or shepherdess.

A what?

Berlin slang, a friend to assist and guard you. Resi looked at me. Did you feel guilty afterwards? Any aftereffects?

Secrets of the heart. I trusted Resi so much that I lay there by her side and bared my soul to her. No and yes. I expected guilt, and then felt guilty about not feeling guilty. Don t ask me to explain if that doesn t make sense. And aftereffects … yeah … I dream sometime; still do, a real dream, the classic overnight REM kind of thing, I m eighteen again, kneeling in a bathroom with my sundress bunched around my waist and Biscuit is in back of me…

Ah … A nightmare?

No. It s a strange dream but without fear, not a nightmare. I did expect nightmares once I researched what was going on with Biscuit. If his penis was just another inch up my butt, his knot would have swelled in my rectum, not my anus. I think I would have been comfortable with that long enough for his knot to tie me. Then I d be forced to stay coupled and work Biscuit through his ejaculation cycle. Can you imagine how different the woman s report would have been? This depraved slut abandoned Philip in his crib to have anal sex with your dog!! … A major cusp point in my life; a few seconds and an inch further in, and my life would have been ruined.

But those nightmares never came. Instead, I dream of Biscuit with me in the bathroom, and I m offering myself for doggie mounting but Biscuit isn t jumping on my back; just lots of licks around my vulva, and then, this is the really weird part, kisses on my vaginal opening. I turn around; it s just Biscuit, but the kisses feel like human lips. Spooky, huh? And then I usually wake up feeling aroused and frustrated; I m longing for something that I can t put into words … You re right, Resi. These thoughts are so socially taboo, I wind up hiding them even from myself. Yet I ve told you. And you can tell Akira the rest of the story, I don t mind. I trust you both with all my heart. How did that happen?

Resi s eyes! She looked so beautiful as she spoke. I m not sure. Trust can be magical, reaching beyond any imagination or understanding … Here, let me go and get Akira. I won t be long. Still feel like playing?

Oh, you bet! With cuffs, too. Lots of cuffs!

Resi flashed me a playful smile and left the room.

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