Matt & Liz

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Matt & Liz
Matt & Liz

Starring Matt Bennett & Elizabeth Liz Gillies

And the winner is… Victorious! The show burst into cheers as Liz and Matt followed Victoria to the stage.

Matt was next to Liz and behind Ariana he grabbed her hand and squeezed. Liz just glanced over and smiled it was so sweet she nearly forgot about the millions watching and kissed him.

…Thank you! Victoria ended her acceptance speech and they walked off stage.

The rest of the night was a blur the only thing they noticed was each other’s eyes. Matt noticed her deep blue eyes had a speck of brown in the middle.

When they left the awards she shared a limo while Ariana took the rest out to the after party. They just made an excuse that they were tired.

As soon as they were in the limo and away from the camera flashed Matt put his hand on hers. I really like you Liz.

She just nodded, I like you to Matt, and you’re the funniest guy I know.

He quickly added, You’re the prettiest I know.

She wasted no time before leaning over and kissing him. He responded back with vigour ready to please her. He ran his hand over her shoulders and created friction with the fabric.

Liz felt his fingers as the fabric rubbed against her skin. She let out a moan, Matt, I want you so bad.

He leaned down and kissed her neck. When we get to your place you will get your wish.

The rest of the ride they made out and touched each other. Sometimes the touches went under the clothes and were quickly retracted so they didn t start something they couldn t finish in the limo.

When they did get to her place they were stripping down. Matt threw off his shirt and pants. Liz leave the dress just take off your panties and let the top down.

She just smirked, I am not wearing panties.

Matt smiled and watched as she shrugged out of the sleeves to her blue dress and then let the top down. Her full breasts were free of a bra and looked beautiful. She had pink nipples that we re just the right size and were hard. He took a step and leaned down and kissed them.

Liz shivered from his breath and then moaned when he took it a step further and licked around them. Suck them Matt.

He did as he was told and found that she was shaking. Let s continue this in your room, Matt added when he lift her up.

Liz wrapped her legs tightly around him and felt his hard cock rub at her pussy through her dress as he made their way upstairs and towards the main bedroom, Liz’s bedroom. There was no doubt it, a big wet spot forming in he spot where they pressed up against each other.

Matt laid her on the bed and slid the bottom of her dress up. Are you ready?

Liz looked down and was shocked she didn t noticed it before. Matt was hung. ‘It had to be at least 8 and thick as a pipe’, she thought to herself.

Shit Matt you’re big.

He smiled and probed a finger in her hot dripping snatch. Only for you.

Liz leaned up and kissed him, You are so sweet, just please be gentle I haven t been with something so big in such a long while.

Matt nodded and rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy, gathering juices. He then lightly pushed forward into the tight vice. She was beyond tight it made him let out pre cum like a leak. Shit Liz, I think you’re too tight. Even for me.

She was gritting her teeth so she wouldn t scream he was stretching her every way and his dirty talk was making her orgasm build. Matt please move.

He nodded and slowly went in and out. Before too long both of them were struggling to keep their orgasms to themselves.

Ah, Liz… I m cumming .

Me too… ah… ah… Just do it inside. PLEASE?! It was with that last word her pussy convulsed all around his cock. She then felt a torrent of cum rush into her womb. It was hot and sticky and made her feel full.

Matt just rolled next to her, Shit that was amazing.

Liz took the dress off completely. Matt I need it again. You make me feel complete. She reached down and lightly massaged his pulsing cock. It was getting hard again especially when she squeezed extra hard. She then mounted him and slowly descended on his huge cock.


Every inch was stretching her even eider than before. He even brushed her G-spot as she went down. Matt looked at her and grabbed her hips getting ready to pound her once she settled into it. Liz lowered herself down slowly, loving the feeling as it went in and more in as did Matt, feeling the tightness of her.

This feels so good… she said as she settled. Now that he was all in she started to jump up and down on his pole as Matt helped her. Ah… ah… ah…

Matt grabbed her hips and started pushing her down every time she went up, hoping this would excite her that little bit more.

Ah… AH… AH… AH!

Matt looked up at her as she jumped on his dick, seeing her tits jump every time she did. Liz looked at Matt as she kept on jumping. Feeling embarrassed the more she jumped.

Fuck… I can feel you tightening up… he said to his lover.

AH… I… AH… think I m about to… cum… AAHHH! she said as she slowed down, starting to feel the feeling of her oncoming orgasm. No longer able to hold herself she fell forward giving Matt the control. Matt grabbed her ass and started to pound it as he wanted to make her cum. …AH… AH… PLEASE… STOP… I M CUMMING! She screamed as she came, but Matt didn t slow down.

Ah fuck… I think AH… I m about to cum too… He said as he thrust faster.

Liz widened her eyes. NO… PLEASE… AH… CUM IN ME!

Matt did as he was commanded and came in her pussy again. He watched with pleasure as she shuddered with both pleasure and excitement when he unloaded in her.

She collapsed on top of him exhausted she had never exerted herself so much. Matt can you just stay here and cuddle with me?

He nodded and rolled them so they were spooning. Liz, I have never felt something like that.

She nodded, Me neither you were just so… perfect and caring.

He kissed her shoulder, You were really wild the second time.

She was beet red and glad Matt couldn t see her. Sorry my mind was cloudy and my body wanted it.

He laughed only to get an elbow. Sorry, but it made it interesting. First was slow and the second was like a porno.

She giggled, Wow that s high praise compared to a porno.

Matt stammered, Not like that. You are just so amazing and sexual like a porn star. I mean better than a porn star could ever wish to be.

Liz was laughing, Matt, it s okay, I get it and don t worry. You are hung like a porn star. With that compliment she felt his star quality rod poking her ass. No, no, no, not the ass.

I don t have the energy to go again and wouldn t do that without prepping you.

How could you prep me?

Matt shrugged, How big is the blimp award?

They both laughed and soon after fell asleep snuggled in each other’s arms, knowing tomorrow was going to be a better day for the both of them.

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