Melissa invites Keelin over

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Melissa invites Keelin over
I ve been sharing an apartment with Melissa for around 10 months. It started out clean, we were just helping each other out financially and then it turned into a friends with benefits situation. She had been pursuing a guy, got really close then he shattered her heart in a ruthless gesture: sending her a video of him fucking a girl he started dating to get her to stop. Upset and a wreck she broke down crying in my arms. That night was rough and we laid in her bed for a couple hours as she tried getting over him. The following day she wanted to send him a video and used me to perform. I ate her pussy out and fucked her well, she sent the video to the guy. I told her to block his number which she amazingly did. That began our friends with benefits arrangement.

I had been showering the following day after working out and she slipped in the bathroom, snuck in actually scaring me and started blowing me and stroking my cock. She made it clear that she wasn t emotionally ready to date someone right now, that was music to my ears. We began fucking regularly, 2-3 times per day. She was shocked by my sex drive and stamina and she s been keeping up fairly well. Lately there s been a couple times where she s had to either end early or decline which kind of sucks for me. Her reason is that she just doesn t have the energy. What does that mean? She hasn t said.

Melissa took a couple vacation days while I had a busy weekend at work. I would be out of the apartment a few more hours per day during her vacation. She told me she would just relax and catch up on sleep.

Melissa has been secretly been exploring other sexual areas. On her lunch break the day before vacation she witnessed a couple of girls kissing tenderly and passionately by a coffee shop. She watched them embrace each other, both having larger breasts that smushed each other. Melissa was turned on by those pair of breasts colliding with each other. She has never been with another woman, hasn t really thought about it or felt an attraction to them before, but there was something different about this. Curiosity set in. She scanned over websites looking for bi-curious or bisexual women and began chatting with several who lived nearby. She got up the courage to ask one user to meet up in person. This user is named Keelin.

Friday morning around 10:30 Keelin comes over to the apartment. Keelin is the same height as Melissa, blonde hair with bright brilliant green eyes. A natural beauty that is hard to describe, but she could compete in any contest around. She described herself as more of a lesbian who still enjoyed the occasional cock but was tired of boys. Melissa was just wanting to explore. After a couple drinks down Keelin stripped off her blouse and skirt leaving just her push up bra and g-string on. Melissa felt a little shy and kept her clothes on. Keelin picked the pace up and took a vibrator out of her purse.

Keelin: So what s the deal with your roommate?

Melissa: We re just friends, not dating.

Keelin: You said you re friends with benefits though.

Melissa: Yeah, we ve been doing that for quite a while.

Keelin: Is he not that good in bed?

Melissa: No, that s not the issue. It s just, I m looking to explore. I d like to try things.

Keelin sticks the vibrator in her mouth and sucks on it seductively.

Melissa: I saw a couple girls making out a while ago and it was such a turn on watching their breasts squish into each other.

Keelin leans over and feels Melissa s natural C cups. She turns the vibrator on and uses it on her own pussy outside the g-string.

Keelin: You re just needing a woman s touch.

Melissa smiles as she watches Keelin use the vibrator. The g-string becomes wet quickly, Melissa s eyes soften as she grows horny. Melissa s nipples grow hard that they poke through the 2 layers of clothing on her upper body. Keelin moans, sings a sweet tune as they listen to the vibrator stimulate her dripping wet pussy. Melissa takes her sweater off, then her v-neck, she s not wearing a bra. Keelin looks over and smiles wide for a second then the smile disappears as she experiences the beautiful pleasure. Her mouth opens and her eyebrows lift up. Keelin leans over further to start licking Melissa s tits. Melissa closes her eyes letting down her guard to enjoy the pleasure. Keelin unbutton s Melissa s shorts and slides the vibrator down. Jumping a little Melissa s body accepts the vibrator without one complaint, Keelin giggles from startling Melissa. Melissa leans back on the sofa where they sit and lets Keelin suck on the hard nipples and stimulate Melissa s clit. Her panties grow wet as well.

Keelin kneels onto the floor where she takes off Melissa s shorts. She brings the vibrator back to her pussy as she spreads Melissa s legs and starts sucking on Melissa s soaking panties. Melissa moans like Mia Malkova with a smile flashing her dazzling smile. Keelin gazes up at Melissa s euphoric expression enjoying the erotic display all over her face. Keelin takes the drenched panties off Melissa and tosses them away. She brings the wet vibrator from her own pussy up to Melissa s glistening pussy. Keelin stares at the moist pussy that the vibrator shakes rapidly watching the juices leak out, the skin sensitivity rising, Melissa s entire body sinking into a state of ecstasy. Keelin licks and kisses Melissa s legs as she keeps the vibrator working on the outside. Melissa s arms reach out to grab Keelin s soft head and voluptuous hair.

Keelin slides the vibrator inside Melissa s saturated pussy, Melissa s eyes open wide her mouth hangs open as the pleasure of the pink love stick jiggles its way in her. Keelin uses her tongue to tantalize Melissa s clit.

Melissa: Oh god that is so fucking gooooooooood.

Keelin takes off her g-string to play and rub her own pussy. Melissa s body starts to jerk around as the pleasure mounts up.

Melissa: Oh fuck, I m gonna cum. Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck that is so fucking good.

Melissa s body jerks and convulses , her stomach rolls, her legs twitch, a creamy off white liquid spills from her pussy covering the vibrator.

Keelin: Oh shit girl, you came hard. Look at that gooey cum.

Keelin and Melissa take this to the bedroom where they fall onto my bed making out aggressively. Tongue wrestling, both completely naked, Melissa on the bottom as Keelin lays on top. Melissa opens her legs for them to grind into each other, scissoring as they make out, breasts pressed against each other, nipples so hard, this is what Melissa has been wanting, tit on tit action. Keelin pauses the heavy kissing to stick the vibrator between their bodies at their pussies. The pink rod manages to touch both pussies providing more pleasure. Keelin sucks on Melissa s neck as Melissa lets out aaah and oooh over and over again.

They both jump out of their skin when they hear the apartment door rattle, the dead bolt unlocks as I work my keys into the slot.

Melissa: Oh fuck, he s home early. He said he d be working until midnight tonight.

Keelin: No one else is coming?

Melissa: No, that s him. Shit, he ll be so surprised.

Keelin: How much you wanna bet he ll wanna join?

I walk in and set my wallet, keys and phone on the kitchen counter. I shut the door and lock it.

Me: Hey Mel, I m home early. Believe it or not I quit! Got another job.

I walk to the bathroom totally missing the 2 hot naked women on my bed. I wash my hands afterwards then open the bathroom door. I glance over at them but don t make any comments, I just go about my usual activity. I head to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. I notice the panties on the floor. Melissa and Keelin look at each other surprised, suppressing their laughter.

Me: I didn t mean to interrupt, will you be a while in my bedroom?

No response at first, I hear some giggles as I sit down in the place where they first started. I grab Melissa s cold wet panties and smell them, then I take Keelin s g-string and smell them, my eyes rolling back into my head.

Me: You want me to film your first time Melissa?

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