middleageminx after the birthday surprise part2

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middleageminx after the birthday surprise part2
John escorts me to the bathroom, where I shower the cum off my body, carefully keeping my hair and makeup dry. It cost to much to spoil so soon! As thw water runs down my body I wonder how did I get here? and why has it taken so long! such conflicting thoughts and yet I am determined to go further, my body is tingling all over with emotion, expection and trepidation. Time to move on with my life, explore who I can really be. Stepping from the shower I see myself in a full length mirror, do a twirl and think to myself that yes I am damn fine for 50yrs old, boobs still firm and perky (firmish) so is my bum and stomach, legs a little chunky, but they always have been, admiring myself makes me even more randy. Time to face the guys!

Being totally naked, escorted by a 20yr old guy, back to face 7 other 20yr old guys, I feel totally that this is right for me.

We enter the lounge to admiring catcalls and whistles and I waste no time approaching the nearsest naked cock, reach down and start stroking it with one hand cupping the other on his bum and pulling him to me, before stretcing up and kissing him passionateley on the lips, pulling away and reaching for the next nearsest cock and doing the same to it and him, release his lips, look over my shoulder;
Well get your kit off boys can t do with just 2 cocks out tonight .

With every body hurriedly getting stripped down I get down on my knees and take the cock I am still stroking into my mouth, running my tongue along its length and around the head, savouring the salty taste of spent cum. I look up at the guy, who s grinning broadly, I m going to make you cum in my mouth now And suck him deep into me, umm savouring his length as I slide up and down it, sucking nibbling and with my hands on his bum, controlling his thrusting, he clenches his buttocks and I know what is cumming next, and he does, spurting deep into my mouth. I greedily slurp it down and swallow it all, not letting escape until I have licked him clean. Theres an appreciative round of lewd comments, to which I grin and go to the next cock which is only inches away, taking him in deeply too. This time I only tease and tickle before moving on to the next. All the while there are hands and fingers mauling and pawing at by body, tits, bum and pussy when they can get to it, umm so good to be desired!

After sucking 3 more cocks, without letting them cum, I am suddenly lifted up and carried across the room to a small table, I am laid across it with my head drooping of one side and my bum just on the edge of the other and immediately have a cock slide into both my mouth and pussy. heavenly.

No cumming in her pussy, no sloppy seconds here someone shouts and there is a murmur of agreement.
Cum in her mouth only or over her tits someone else suggests, with approval all round.
The cock in my pussy is sliding in and out in a gentle rhythym, christ this pussy feels like silk, its so bloody smooth pussy cock tells everybody.
Well get out and let someone else find out too

He keeps on pumping into me deep and slow, now speeding up, and harder, then pulling out Get out of her mouth, I m going to cum in it he rushes round pushing mouth fucker out of the way and ramming his throbbing cock straight into me and cumming instantly, theres so much of it it runs out of me and down my cheeks. OHHH another cock has just slammed into my pussy, nearly sliding me off the table, damn he s desperate, slamming deep and hard, pulls out almost straight away and fires his load over my belly and tits. My body is just responding by shaking and tingling all over, am I having an orgasm or is it multiple orgasms or just sheer pleasure, I do nt know. I just know I ve never felt like this before and do nt want it stop, but it must, it s hurting my neck and back in this position.

Hey guys, I ve got to move this is too uncomfortable

OK, bring over here, lean her over the sofa arm, we can take her from behind and still get a cock in both ends if we kneel on the sofa

Oh, thats so much better, umm a cocks already up my tingling pussy, slamming his balls against my clit too, oh god thats so good. With a cock in my mouth too, with some control now too I can enjoy sucking and controlling this end more too. This goes on till all but John have fucked my pussy. I see he is the last and has been the perfect gentleman and host.

John, saving the best to last I hope, you can cum in my pussy, if you like His grin says it all.

He enters me from behind to the cheers of all the guys,

come on John fuck that cunt, fill it up

Slowly building his rhythm, long slow strokes, building faster and harder until he is really pounding me hard his balls slamming against my clit, god this is so fucking good, the cheers and raucous comments spur us both on and aI slam back into him as he thrusts deeply into me, then theres a sudden stop and a gasp as he unloads himself deep in my pussy, he just holds himself there and I squeeze my pussyu tight around his cock squeezing every drop out of him, He slips out, and I feel his juices flowing out of me and down my legs. Damn I am totally spent and collapse over the arm of the sofa and curl up into myself, purring gently, this is heaven.

The guys can see I am done, and are very attentive getting me a drink and covering me up, whilst they get dressed themselves. Johnoffers me the use of the bathroom again, but I refuse.

No I want to go home like this and savour the memories for a while longer, guys you have been so good to me, I have really enjoyed this reunion, perhaps we can do it again some time
General round of approval and many thanks from all.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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