Might as well try it once, part 1.

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Might as well try it once, part 1.
My name is Tim and I m 22 years old. I ve been in relationships with girls all my life and am currently in a 2 year relationship with my lovely girlfriend. Over the years I ve always had sudden urgers where watching a girl get fucked just didn t do for me with porn. I started watching and reading different types of gay porn. I started off with manly guys wrestling each other in small underwear that didn t really cover a thing. After that it became the sort of wrestling where they ended up naked. Then voyeur happened, dick flashing, getting caught, blackmail and straight guys sucking or getting fucked by gay guys became my favorite. Sometimes I fantasy about sucking dick or teasing a guy by being half naked or flashing my cock. I also liked to fantasize about making a stupid bet which I would of course lose, so I would have to suck his cock for example and making it look like I had no choice.

Back in high school I was friends with many people, including a guy called Jesper. We used to hang out a lot and people always thought that he was gay. After high school he came out of the closet and despite him not being the hottest guy, he was always the main guy in my fantasies. Thinking back to it a lot of things started making sense. When we used to have PE and had to change clothes you could always see his eyes stare to everyone s dicks. I remember every time I had to bend over to untie my shoes his eyes would just stare at my ass. Then again I ve done sports I was 5 year olds and am I good shape, including a nice round ass which I guess guys stare at from time to time.

One afternoon I felt horny and whilst watching a boss blackmailing his employer to suck his massive cock to keep his job, I abruptly send a message to Jesper on Facebook, telling him it had been a long time and what he had been up to. We got into a pretty long conversation and I gave him his number, telling him it was easier to text seeing I was never on Facebook, which actually was the truth. The next day we decided we were going to meet to watch a movie at his place. He walked really close by so I could just get my cycle and go over there. He had no clue about my intentions and I had no clue about any of his, even there even were any. I figured I was just going to go over and just meet him, lay down some contacts so we could see each other more often and maybe he could be my guy I would go to every so often if I got one of those nights I liked dick better.

After cycling for about 5 minutes I was at his house and he opened up. I just wore normal jeans and a shirt and a thick coat considering it was cold this time of year. He wore the exact same thing, apart from the coat. I took off my coat and we both got ourselves a beer. Now this night wasn t too special. We didn t touch or kiss, we generally just had a fun night watching the movie. Halfway through there was a sex scene which caused me to get a hard on. I remember him staring at it a little bit but looking back at the screen after a couple of seconds as if he knew he was caught.

We kept texting each other and I came to the conclusion if anything were to happen it would have come from me. So I stopped wearing boxers when I came over. I would just go commando and get a hard on a couple of times a night when I let my mind wander. At first he would just look at it and go back to talking or watching the tv. That evolved into him groping his cock through his pants and one time and going inside his pants and rubbing it, or as he tried to say, he was correcting his penis . This only motivated me to go further and further. So I started going to the toilet and leaving my zipper open when I got back. It did this one every so often to make it look more believable. His eyes started staring at the opening in my pants for longer periods of time and I m sure this was the reason for him to invite me to sleep over one time. We could drink the night without having to worry to come home safe. Of course it only took me seconds to agree and I told my girlfriend I was going out with friends that night, just to prevent her from hearing the name Jesper too often.

So there I was, in my jeans and shirt, no boxers and coat was already off. We watched a game of Champions League football and drank our beer. After the game we watched the highlights of all the other matches. We took a few more beers and I was tipsy at this point, Jesper might even have been drunk. We walked upstairs and he already had placed a sleeping bag on a matras down on the floor for me. We brushed our teeth and started undressing. He took off his pants and shirt and walked around in really tight boxers that showed a nicely sized cock. I took off my shirt and was about to go into bed.

Jesper: You can t go to bed like that, that belt will bother you, here let me help you.

He walked up to me and took off my belt.

Tim: That s not gonna work, my jeans need the belt to not become too loose.
Jesper: That s a good point, I know a solution for that too.

Before I knew it he had opened my button and zipper and was pulling done my pants. At this point I could protest, but I was way too curious to say where this would go.

Jesper: There you go, nobody is going to mind for that cock to be out in the open.

He drunkenly grabbed my cock and stroked it twice before letting go.

Jesper: No one here is going to mind at least.

Feeling that I was about to get hard I placed myself into the sleeping bag. Meanwhile Jesper took off his boxers stating it was only fair for him to be naked too. Then again with how tight his boxers were, I really didn t see anything I hadn t already seen. My dick was rock hard at this point, Jesper his dick wasn t close to being small, but wasn t massive either. I was above average and had a really nice thickness to it. It was just slightly smaller than mine, but it was so thick. Jesper glanced over to me a lot so playing wasn t going to happen, slowly I fell asleep.

Halfway through the night I woke up by hearing Jesper get out of bed. He walked out of the room to take a piss, I thought. However, he went to grab something. He walked back into the room and checked if I was awake. I had read enough porn to know that if you want something to happen, this is moment to keep quiet and look like you are asleep. So I just laid still. Within a few seconds my sleeping bag zipper got opened up. At first just a little bit with him peeking inside. Touching my leg and the tip of my cock that was still growing. Then he opened up the sleeping bag completely and laid it open, leaving me to lay completely naked and exposed. Then I felt a sharp light. He went to grab a camera? His hand went over to my cock and started jerking it.

Jesper: Yeah, grow that nice cock for my camera. Give me nice pictures to play too.

Hearing him say that made my cock grow fully hard within a few seconds. Another sharp light, another picture. I could hear a wet sound and moaning, he was masturbating to my body.

Jesper: Hmm, suck this big cock Tim, now I got pictures of your big cock so you can tease me all you want at night I got all I want. Imma cum all over your face you cumslut.

I felt hot cum being shot on top of my face, then a little more and a little more. One last sharp light and his final picture. He walked out of the room and cleaned himself up and came back with tissues for my face.

I guess now it s my move to tease him enough to make him do this whilst I m awake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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