Miranda Cosgrove – Halloween fuck

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Miranda Cosgrove – Halloween fuck
My life has always been rather simple; well, as simple as a courier can have it.

I ve always loved the thrill of speeding through the streets openly vulnerable on my bicycle instead of contained in the confines of a car. Sure, I could ve been a mailman. But where s the fun in that? Besides, riding my bike is about all the exercise I can get these days. I enjoy it. And with the right customers, I m almost always rewarded with a good tip depending on my performance. That s considered my bonus on top of what I m paid by the boss to make these deliveries in the first place. You also get to meet some interesting people.

Today however, interesting isn t the word I would use.

It was the eve of Halloween. I had hoped to enjoy my day off by sleeping in and be lazy until the next day when I would be out to attend a Halloween party with friends. Unfortunately, I got a call from my boss at 7 in the morning. The circumstances compelled me to agree to give up my day off; all others scheduled to be making their runs were already busy with deliveries and this one was an express priority. While I initially would ve refused, my boss explained that the recipient promised a big tip for the trouble. Within the hour, I made it to work to get this delivery made.

After about half an hour of weaving through traffic, I reached the fairly quiet neighborhood of where I was to deliver this package. Confirming the address, I approached the door and rang the doorbell. To my surprise, I was greeted by a rather stunning girl, answering the door in a black tank top and yellow short shorts. It didn t take me much time to realize that I was standing outside the home of Miranda Cosgrove.

Oh, you made it! She squealed in delight. Thank you thank you thank you. She took the package from me and placed in on the floor next to the door. I really hope it wasn t too much trouble for you.

No, it wasn t too bad. I partially lied, still having remembered that this was to be my day off. Well, I thought I d be off today, but a guy s gotta make money.

Hearing this, Miranda frowned a bit. Oh, I m so sorry. I didn t mean to take away your day off.

It s fine. I answered. I took out my standard notice card for delivery and a pen. I just need payment and for you to sign this and we ll be done. Once she signed her name on the notice, I gave her her copy of the receipt. Have a nice day.

Wait. Miranda called to me as I turned to head back to my bike. Do you, maybe want to come in for a drink? I m sure it was a long trip here. Not wanting to refuse the offer from a gorgeous girl, I happily accepted. She led me inside and to her kitchen as she went to the fridge and grabbed a pitcher of water. As she opened the fridge door and bent down to reach the bottom shelf, her perfectly shaped ass was open for me to ogle. As I continued to stare, I noticed the faint panty line that was made the shorts stretching on her. I quickly looked away as she stood up and closed the door.

So, do you usually let strangers in your place? I jokingly asked. What would your parents say?

Pssh, they re not even home so it wouldn t matter. Miranda giggled. And besides, I do feel bad about the trouble I put you in.

Really, it s not a big deal. I looked back at her as she opened a cupboard door and reached up to grab a cup from the upper shelves. The stretching motion caused her midriff to be exposed, revealing her cute little belly button. My god…either she works out or she s just naturally sexy. I thought to myself.

As Miranda gave me the glass of water, we began to make small talk. Initially, I had no intention of staying to chat, but I began to enjoy the conversation we were having. It eventually led us to the package that I had delivered. So with absolutely no other place to find it, I managed to find someone who was selling one on craigslist. Miranda finished her story.

Really? So I just delivered you your Halloween costume? I asked. Well, lets hope its the right fit for you.

I then noticed that Miranda gave me a rather curious grin. Maybe you can help me with that. It d be nice to get someone s opinion on it.

Hey, who am I to refuse a lady s request.

I offered to wait in the kitchen as she took her costume to her room to try it on. By this point, I tried my best to hide my raging erection before she came back down. Unfortunately, she came down a little too soon. What I saw her dressed in did even worse to subside my hardened cock.

She stood before me wearing a Wonder Woman costume, complete with the lasso. The form fitting nature of the costume emphasized the size of her gorgeous breasts.

What do you think? She asked. You think it fits alright?

I had to mentally slap myself to get out of the daze I was in. Yeah, definitely. I think you got lucky with the size. It fits you perfectly.

Aw, you re sweet. Thanks. She smiled.

Realizing that I had stayed here for quite a long time, I felt that perhaps I should leave. Well, I m glad to have helped you with your costume, but I think I should get back. I took once last sip of my water and walked over to the sink to put it away. As I turned around, I found myself face to face with Miranda.

If I m not mistaken… Miranda placed her hands on my shoulders. I think I promised a big tip. She then leaned forwards and kissed me.

Acting impulsively, I kissed her back, wrapping my arms around her waist. As we made out right there in her kitchen, I slipped my tongue in her mouth and twisted around with her own tongue. My efforts were rewarded with a soft moan from her. She then proceeded to rub her body against me, no doubt feeling my rock hard erection.

She broke off the passionate kissing and gave me a seductive grin as she slowly dropped to her knees, undoing my belt and pulling down my cargo shorts. When she pulled by boxers down, my cock practically sprung out and poked her on the cheek. She wrapped her soft fingers around my cock, which sent a spark through my body. I bet you never had a customer suck your cock before.

Oh, fuck no. I tried to say. She stuck out her tongue and began licking my shaft as if she was slurping on an ice cream cone. As much as I tried to enjoy this amazing feeling, I couldn t handle her teasing me much longer. Oh god, stop the fucking teasing… Complying, Miranda then licked her way up to the tip of my cock and slowly engulfed it. For each inch of my member she took into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the tip more and more. After some time with the tongue, she then changed her method and bobbed her head back and forth, rubbing her soft, moist lips along the shaft. I tried my best I could to look her in the eyes as she looked back at me while sucking my dick, but the sensation kept making me close my eyes to take in her amazing blowjob.

After a few minutes of getting one of the best blowjobs of my life, Miranda took my dick out of her mouth. I can t let you cum yet. Not until you ve fucked me with your big cock.

I happily obliged to her request. I positioned her to prop her hands on the kitchen counter as I lifted her skirt to get a view of what I would be fucking. To my surprise, Miranda wasn t wearing any panties underneath her costume. Well, you re certainly one dirty little girl.

You have no idea. Miranda looked back to me with another one of her seductive grins.

I grasped my cock and rubbed the tip against her wet pussy. This action made her moan in the most sexiest way I could imagine. Feeling that I teased her enough, I slowly pushed the tip into her velvety pussy lips. We both moaned as I pushed in more of my member into her tight cunt. With how incredibly tight she was, I was surprised I could fit my entire cock into her. I firmly held her waist as I began to fuck her doggystyle, letting her ass slap against me with each pump.

Ugh, fuck! Miranda cursed out as I fucked her hard.

Mm, you like that? I asked. You like getting fucked?

Fuck yeah, I do. She answered. Ugh! YES! Keep fucking me!

I should be lucky that her parents truly weren t home, because Miranda fucking Cosgrove was screaming with such erotic passion as I fucked her in her kitchen. I gotta get a look at those tits. I pulled out of her as I undid the zipper of her costume. Miranda stood up for me and turned around as I pulled her costume down and let it fall to the floor. I took in the sight before me; perfectly sized breasts that were almost meant to fit in my hands and erect nipples that begged to be touched. I squeezed her left breast as I sucked on her right nipple. She ran her hands through my sweaty hair and sensually moaned at this.

Oh! She gave the exact reaction I was looking for when I switched to sucking her left nipple and gently bit at it. I need your cock in me. I need to cum.

Then beg for it. I said as I played with her nipples some more.

Please, please fuck me. She begged. Please make me cum.

We made out some more as we slowly went down to the floor of her kitchen. I laid flat on the cold marble tiled floor as she kneeled on top of me. Grasping my cock, she directed it back into her wet pussy. I threw up my hips, quickly impaling her with my cock. This suddenly action made her gasp out loud and bring her eyes to the back of her head. She then began to ride me, gyrating her hips in random patterns, giving me such an incredible feeling.

Oh god, oh yes. Yes yes yes. Miranda had her eyes shut and head tilted back as if she was looking towards heaven, all the while having her hands on my chest. Mmm, yes yes yes. Oh fuck yes. I reached up and pinched at her nipples. Oooh…fuck.

Deciding to take over, I spun us around and had her on the floor as I was now on top. I lifted her legs up and to the side and began to fuck her with more force. This seemed to have the desired effect as she was now moaning more loudly and her mouth was giving an O shape.


I fucked her like a possessed being, giving it everything as I drilled her tight pussy with all my strength.

OOHH!! FUCK!! UGH!!! I M GONNA CUM! Miranda opened her eyes and looked at me. I m gonna cum, I m gonna cum, I m gonna cum. Feeling my impending orgasm as well, I went past my limit and fucked her with even more vigor.

UGH! FUCK!!! YES!! Miranda s eyes went to the back of her head as I felt her soak my cock with her juice. At the same time, I shot out my hot sticky load into her pussy. I kept my cock nestled in her tight pussy and watched as she spasmed underneath me for almost a good minute, letting her orgasm subside. I pulled out of her and watched as traces of my cum dripped out of her. Ooohh…

Fuck, now that s the best tip I ve ever gotten. I smirked, staring at Miranda s sweaty, naked body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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