Molly the Manager: Part 3

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Molly the Manager: Part 3
This is the story of my year and a half relationship with my first long term friend/lover. The names of people have been changed. Geographical locations, names of long defunct retail establishments are real.

As we had finished Thanksgiving dinner, we hated to eat and run, but both Molly and I had to work the next day. Molly s older sisters gave me the perfunctory hug and the peck on the cheek. Both her parents hugged me. I had never met a family so happy. Perhaps they were happy to see me leave, I thought. I could not wait to get into the car and turn on the heater, Lake Tahoe was cold.

Our drive from her parents home on the Tahoe Keyes was, as was all time with Molly surreal. This was really our first time alone as I did not consider our trip to Lawrence s Department Store alone time. That was more a shopping trip as I was missing a couple of items to finish out the weekend, specifically shorts for the nightly hot tub parties.

Molly broke the ice, Well, I hope you did not feel too uncomfortable, I really did not warn you about my parents. I hope Dad was nice?

Well, I was worried when today he wanted to take the boat out for a spin. I had images of the Godfather 2 movie. Take Fredo out and whack him.

No, Mom said Dad likes you, so far. My sisters, on the other hand. Let s put it this way. they figured in about 30 seconds that I was not some lost puppy I brought home for dinner. I did not give them all the details, but I did mention you were a kind and considerate lover. O.K., I threw in the multiple orgasms.

You WHAT? Darn, no wonder why they were particularly nice to me. Susan mentioned how you had your hair down, dropped the frumpy oversized knit sweaters and a certain spring in your step. You told your sisters everything?

No, I left out certain things, the whisky, the rim jobs. I did mention you give wonderful massages. When I finally got you to take off your shirt that first night at the hot tub, everyone did a mental gasp. That is when they figured out we were doing a little Roman Hands and Russian Fingers.

Well, I am glad I did little to add to that. I went to bed and stayed there. Besides, it was nice to sleep on a full size bed and have a TV with a remote in the room.

I did not behave. Do you know how many times I had to go off to masturbate? Everyone talks about the pressure guys are under to get off. The difference is they don t put the same feelings to women. My hand was so unsatisfying, I found a small cucumber, even that wasn t enough.

I tried to steer, rather successfully, the conversation off. It was my turn to play inquisitor. I found out all about her family and what her father did. I was always looking for a way to turn a dime. He was a venture capitalist and did investment banking. I guess with all that mob money floating around, there was a lot of it to go around.

We arrived at her place. I helped carry in her luggage, the brought three suitcases for a three day stay. Molly mentioned she had to be at work at 7 AM. I took this wrong and said that I would go to my home. I was set straight!

Well, I have to get up early that does not mean you cant stay, just no marathon sessions of hanky panky. She took off her top and walked into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of wine, held it up and said, Remember this? By that time, I was standing in the kitchen with Molly. I opened up the cabinet, pulled out her pair of miss matched wine glasses and she poured two glasses. The room was cold, as the heat had not been on since Monday night. I could see the cold was having an effect as she had goose bumps all over and her nipples were getting erect. We both clinked the glasses and what Molly said shocked me.

Mark, I love you.

We finished our wine. Molly mentioned she was going to take a shower. She mentioned I could turn on the heat as she scurried into the bedroom. She came out wearing a bathrobe and a towel. She slung the towel around me and said, Come in and watch. As she showered, the wine started hitting my head and the warmth from the bathroom heater mixed in with the steam coming from the shower added to the mood. She exited the shower and said, Next. I was better prepared to shower at her place. I took off my clothing and jumped in. Soon Molly had off the lights and had pulled out a couple of candles. She watched as I showered. As I was trying to wash my hair I felt this hand on my already hard cock. I lost all control as standing was not a position I was used to. Maybe it was the lack of anything, the mood of the evening or Molly saying, It s OK to cum, I m doing this for you; she sped up and increased the pressure and I came hard.

I figured you needed that. Lets go to sleep. Stay the night, I don t want to be alone.

We went to bed together. I had never really slept with anyone prior to Molly. She fell asleep fast. I don t know how long I was awake. It was the I love you that kept on being replayed in my mind.

Molly s alarm blared at 5AM She moaned as she rolled over, hit the snooze button and said, Ten more minutes…..please. I woke up, set the coffee going and found absolutely nothing that passed as breakfast faire to cook. In about ten minutes, Molly made her grand entrance, wearing a a plaid below the knee hemline skirt and what seemed to be three sizes too large sweater. She was rolling up her hair into the bun I had always seen her in. The only thing missing were the orthopedic looking Old Lady shoes.

Coffee,,,,,ah….coffee. Coffee is my friend. I am so sorry about last night. I was up half the night Wednesday.


First Susan and Tom (her husband) came into my room. Asking about you. Then Debbie (the oldest sister) and her husband (also named Mark) came in; asking about you. Then Mom came in, asking about you. I told her what I knew. Maybe she was worried I was some sort of Gold digger. When I told her about how you have no family and have been fairly successful living on your own since you were 19 and I did not tell you about our fairly well off circumstances in advance, she was relieved. Mom said that you have a lot of fortitude to be on your own when most people in the same circumstances would crumble.

Molly drank her coffee. I asked what her plan of attack was today. Her response was to keep the shelves full. I, on the other hand, was going to keep people from taking the stuff on the shelves without paying. As Molly slipped on her shoes, she turned to me and said,

Gosh, going to sleep in someone s arms, waking up with a dream next to me and coffee made, I wonder if this is what it is like to be married? She closed the door, only to open it momentarily, Molly stuck in her head, gave me a little smile, winked and blew me a kiss.

I worked at a quick clean up of the coffee cups, drove to my place, unpacked by clothing, changed and went to work. I spent no more time in Molly s department than I spent anywhere else. We had discussed what happened when people at Winestock s were coupled up, that usually meant a change in departments, shifts or stores. Well, I was shoplift security, so I was actually assigned to six different stores as I worked all six at different times.

At one point, the floor manager approached me and said, Go to Women s Shoes and dial 488. I think there is a problem in Small Appliances, don t go up there. You need to call. I got Molly on the phone.

I get off at 10 PM. Meet me at my place?

Sure, I will have dinner ready.

I got off at 9 PM, which gave me one hour to have things ready. I decided to hit the Corti brother s Market, pick up some chicken, marinara sauce and some gnocchi.

Just looking around Small Appliances, I saw men buying things for Christmas presents for their wives to cook with. Then in the frilly night cloths department buying stuff that was rather risque for their girlfriends and frumpy stuff for their wives. I had decided, if she still wanted me around for Christmas, I better get something, but it could not be too obvious but not cheap. I had a month. More on that in Part 5.

When Molly came in at 1015 she looked rather chipper for having worked a 13 hour day. I had dinner ready. I had already put the plates, glasses and lit the candles on the table. Dinner was still in the oven. She let her hair down, took off her shoes and said, I need to shower first. Wanna watch? I did.

Molly handed me the soap and a wash cloth and wanted me to do her body, which I was happy to do. I reminded her of dinner and told her this was making me a little hard. Well, lets eat dinner and hold that thought.

As I dished the dinner into the plate I could hear the blow dryer going. Molly emerged in her usual kick around the apartment attire, A tank top and her faded, Calvin Kline jeans.

She acted like she had not ate all day and wolfed down the food. Maybe she had not.

You know, most guys just know how to cook one thing….steak…and that is to feed their faces. I can tell, you cooked this. This is special.

Molly stood up grabbed one of the candles with one hand and reached for my hand with the other.

Bring the other candle, I think we can find something to eat for desert.

I almost joined the Red Wing Society

We walked into the front room and placed the candles on the Early American garage sale coffee table. She opened the hassock that served as an end table and pulled out that nice, furry oversized comforter and laid it out. She sat down on the blanket, as if on cue, I laid down next to her. She took off her top and laid down. I placed my left arm under her head gently massaged her nipples as we kissed. I moved around to her neck and kissed as I reached her breasts. As I sucked on her breasts I could hear her starting to moan. She unbuttoned her pants and I slid them down below her hips. Molly s rose colored petals were already wet. I massaged her clit with positive results, as I could feel it not only getting hard, but the breathing became more intense.

My turn, said Molly, Lay on your back. I don t remember taking off my pants, but Molly started at my knee and ran her tongue up to my very hard cock. As she placed her mouth around my shaft. Molly started sucking for a couple of minutes as she had never done so before. She stopped and said, Not now. I want to have some more fun. She ran her tongue up from my cock to my chest. She sucked on one of my nipples as she jacked me off. After a few minutes of that she lay back down on her back and said, Go down on me some more.

Having already given her clit attention I moved to her inner legs. As I fingered her nipples I kissed first her inner thighs and moved to her vulva and that wonderful area between her vagina and her anus. I moved my tongue the wonderful folds of her vulva her outer labia and of course, the inner labia, and that wonderful part of the female anatomy that really is the joy stick (as Molly called it) the clit. I started sucking gently at first and at Molly s insistence, harder and harder. Molly at first moaned lightly, then louder and her breathing became more rapid. She arched her back and said, Stop! No. Stop! At first, I thought she wanted to save an orgasm for intercourse but she got up real quick and ran to the bathroom.

Several things went through my mind. Was she sick from my food? Had I almost got her to pee? I had a friend that told me his girlfriend came so hard, she lost bladder control. Was it something else? Molly exited after a couple of minutes and said,

Gee, that was close. My period just started. I felt myself ovulating Monday night, which is not a good sign since I m on the pill, but I missed a a couple of days here and there.

She lay down next to me. My period was supposed to start last Friday, but I m not regular. I figured if I told you, you would freak out, since I told you you did not have to wear a condom. Most guys think girls get knocked up to trap a man. She moved her mouth up to my ear and whispered, You are not like most guys.

I had no other comment than Wow!

I spent all that time masturbating because orgasms will get things flowing, if you know what I mean? Plus, I did not think you would like it if I bled while you were going down on me, as I think that would be pretty gross.

I honestly don t know how I would have reacted to both scenarios. With all that talk about waking up together every day and is this what it is like to me married, I figured it must have been, as I looked back, a test to see how I would react. Well, I would not have ran out the door, or demanded she visit the local abortion clinic. I did not, at that point, see myself married, but there could have been worse fates.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you are just worked up. Let s see what I can do?

Molly started giving me a wonderful blow job. As I started feeling myself well up, I warned her but she did not move her mouth. I told her I was coming and she just started sucking and stroking harder. I could not contain myself any more. She did a little gag at first as my first few pumps must have been those hard shots that I used to get.

Wow, it is not as bad as I imagined, I ve tasted a bit of your cum here and there and it is not as salty or bitter as I have heard it was.

Molly mentioned how she felt like a balloon and the air had been let out. She, in her pouty voice said, Spend the night? I agreed.

She went to the bathroom. I heard the faucet running and as I looked in, she was brushing her teeth. After taste, I did not think you wanted to taste yourself later on.

She put on her tank top and in what was a change for her, a nice pair of underpants. Usually, she wore those frumpy grandma pants,

Like her sister Susan said, You (meaning me) have some sort of effect on her, I have not seen her with her hair down since she was 16.

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