mom s boyfriend trey..

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mom s boyfriend trey..
One Saturday night, I heard my Mom and Trey come in real late about 04:30am. They were real loud and I could tell they had been drinking a lot. My Mom actually sounded worse than Trey (she could never handle her alcohol very well) as she was slurring her words loudly and stumbling around. Things became quiet pretty quick and I wondered if they had fallen asleep. I rose from my bed and peeked out my bedroom door which I always kept slightly cracked.

I peered out just in time to see Trey carrying my passed-out mom into her bedroom. Someone’s not getting any action tonight, I laughed to myself as I slid back into bed and eventually fell asleep.

I’m not sure how much time had passed before I was awoken later that night by another noise. Lying in silence, I waited to hear the noise again. As usual, I was sleeping on my stomach and was too tired to turn over to investigate.

Several seconds later, I heard the noise again. Absolute PANIC swept through my body as I realized that someone was in my bedroom!

I was paralyzed with fear as I heard a person kneel next to me. My mind started to race. I was certain it wasn’t my Mom since she always made every effort to respect my privacy and would have certainly knocked on my door to wake me before entering. Plus, considering how drunk I saw her earlier, I knew she’d be passed out. When the strong combination of cigarettes and his cologne hit my nose, a feeling of terror arose from the pit of my stomach. I realized that it could only be one person- my mom’s boyfriend, Trey.

I don’t know how much time passed (maybe a minute or so?) as I pretended to be fast asleep- heavy, rhythmic breathing and all. What in God’s name is he doing in here?

I could “sense” him staring at me which was quite unnerving. It was almost as if he was deciding what he wanted to do. Eventually, I could feel my comforter and bed sheet methodically being pulled off my bed and from my body. He took his time with this task and appeared to be taking every precaution not to wake me.

I could feel the adrenaline being pumped into my bloodstream but I was way too scared to react in any proactive way. I felt weak and powerless.

Trey finally pulled off the last bit of covers and there I was dressed solely in my T-shirt and yellow, cotton panties. I felt extremely vulnerable and was hoping it was all a bad dream.

All of a sudden, my butt felt cool and I realized that Trey had pulled up my T-shirt. I next felt warm fingers slide inside my panties and over my butt. He was stroking my butt cheeks and lower back in a gentle, circular fashion with his fingers. I cringed as I thought of this old, perverted man touching my body. If I wouldn’t have been so scared, I think I would have cried.

Soon, I felt a second hand move in under my panties as he continued to massage my ass. Goose bumps started to form on my bottom and lower back and I was shocked to realize that his touches felt sort of pleasant.

Trey eventually moved his fingers down into my butt crack. I bit my lip as one hand gently pulled one butt check to the side while the other delicately rubbed the area around my anus with a finger. My breathing became more rapid. He seemed to be making little circles around my anus. On one hand, I was kind of disgusted, yet the fact of the matter was that he was starting to make me very wet no matter how much I tried to ignore it. I was confused by this reaction of my body.

His hand subsequently slid down into the area between my anus and my pussy which he manipulated for a while. Without realizing it, I parted my legs ever so slightly. I was praying that Trey didn’t notice how my body was responding.

Suddenly and without warning, his other hand moved down also, moved my panties aside, and started rubbing my pussy firmly. Trey seemed to know exactly what he was doing as he carefully caressed my clit and lips. If he was surprised by the excited state of my cunt, he didn’t act like it. Electrical shocks went through my body as one hand stroked my clit while the other fingered my pussy. I was losing track of time.

Trey continued to expertly finger-fuck me for a few more minutes, while he manipulated my clit with his other hand. As he thrusted with his fingers, I eventually found myself slightly thrusting back with my ass. I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t thinking about anything at this point except the pleasure. It is amazing to me how I was able to keep quiet through it all.

Just then, a loud thump came from my mom’s bedroom. This must have frightened Trey for he quickly pulled away and exited my bedroom. I subsequently heard the faint squeak of my bedroom door closing behind Trey.

In stunned disbelief, I turned over, pulled down my t-shirt, and finally opened my eyes. I crawled along my bed to find the covers but stopped when I felt a damp spot on the bed. I had really made a mess of the sheets.

I cleaned myself off with a spare pillowcase and then laid a clean pillowcase over the wet spot. Sliding back into bed, I pulled the covers up to my neck. I didn’t know what to think, feel, or do. What just happened was a disaster! I just wanted to sleep.

Suddenly, in one quick motion, I threw off the covers, scurried to my bedroom door, and locked it. I returned to my bed feeling a little more secure, but knowing deep down that everything had changed.


By the time I awoke the next morning, Trey was gone as usual and my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. I went downstairs into the kitchen even though I wasn’t very hungry.

“Good morning, Sweety,” my mom greeted me as she cooked some eggs on the stove. She looked like hell. Obviously hung over, her hair was a tangled mess, her face was pale, and her eyes were bloodshot.

I sat down at the table and asked lethargically, “Hungover, mom?”

My mom turned around quickly, “Is it THAT obvious, Jessie?”


“Well, I guess I have to start watching how much I drink. I don’t want Trey to think I’m a lush!” my mom chuckled.

“Like he should talk,” I whispered sarcastically under my breath.

“What, Sweety?” my mom asked.

“Nothing, mom. I just said I think I’ll go for a walk.”

“Oh, you don’t want any eggs?”

“No thanks,” I rose from the table and left.

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