Mother-in-law, Her sister & me (Pt2)

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Mother-in-law, Her sister & me (Pt2)
That night we sat watching TV before going to bed, my mother-in-law was a real sex hungry woman who loved a cock, after a great 69 we moved on to Molly sitting on my cock to ride herself as if on a mechanical bull, she use her inner pussy muscle to grip my cock tight, lift herself up then release her hold and come back down Molly repeated this move time after time and when l was ready to deliver my load l held her down on my cock as a surge of spunk swamped her womb she held her stomach with one hand and let out ‘oh my god that feels so, so good’, we stay joined till her orgasm subsided. Molly lay with her head on my arm she asked why l hadn’t asked her to do anal as l had fucked her sister Jodie that way then winked telling me we will have to try it before l leave to go back to her daughter then out of the blue asked if l would go to a sex shop with her as she feels embarrassed going on her own, the whole idea of taking my mother-in-law to a sex shop did seem strange even though we had been fucking each other for the past 3 days, so l agreed and out of curiously inquired what was she looking to get, Molly confessed she had always hankered after trying a little bondage which got my interests and now l couldn’t wait till the next day.
The morning came and over breakfast l asked where was the nearest sex shop, Molly said there was one in town but she didn’t want to go there as someone could see her going in but found another in Kingslyn and would prefer we go there, so Kingslyn it was, l suggested we make a day of it and have lunch, Molly liked the idea. She finished her breakfast and went for a shower when l joined her she had her back to me, l reached around to her front to play with her tits then slid one of my hands down to her pussy and gently began massaging her clitoris, Molly pushed her bum onto my now throbbing cock and started moving her bum cheeks left and right to give me the sensation of being wanked off, l softly bit the side of her neck as if l was about to eat her which caused Molly to gasp. She turned around and l pressed my lips to hers our tongues became entwined, my finger slid into her gaping hole. Kissing my way down to her pussy, she parted her legs when l buried my head between them my tongue opened her moist hole, Molly’s clitoris began to swell and protruded from between her pouting lips which made it easier for me to heighten the sensation she was already experiencing and hearing Molly’s whimper and sighs got my cock rock hard, she tasted absolutely fantastic, l couldn’t get enough of her pussy juices. Molly grabbed me by the hair and pulled me upwards as our lips connected my cock was pressing against her pussy, l held her against the shower wall. Taking hold of my cock l tried fucking Molly while standing but couldn’t quite get my cock completely inside her, so she lifted one leg which allowed me to get into her deeper with my cock, there was no slow start, there was nothing, it was just pure dirty lust sex, it was 2 people fucking each other stupid and both loving what we were doing, Molly dug her nails into my back which was painful but increased my pleasure tenfold, she shrieked ‘fuck me, fuck me’ and l was as hard and fast as l could. Hearing my mother-in-law swear and curse really through me at the same time it was turning me on, l yelled ‘l’m cumin’, held myself tight up against Molly and opened my flood gates the first load of creamy spunk sent her inner pussy muscles into a spasm, l could feel them twitching and tightening sending rippling waves up and down my shaft then l gave a hard shove of my cock into her now sticky hole and shot another full load her pussy muscles closed around my shaft causing me to pull Molly even tighter onto my cock making my last load travel further inside her than any of my spunk had gone before, she let out a loud deep cry and kissed me her tongue almost choked me. We held each other tight but when Molly began squirting my cock was pushed from her full sticky pussy, it flopped out like a foal being born there was a gush of her juices mixed in with my spunk, she stood with her legs parted panting then when she caught her breath we kissed, after we had both recovered Molly gave me a sponge down then l left to get dressed while she showered.
On the way to the sex shop l was teasing Molly telling her that she was lightly to get propositioned as l once heard about a woman who was put into a glory-hole cubical, l wasn’t sure if the look she gave me was worry or hope. I parked and we went inside at first my mother-in-law Molly was a little shy but once she saw the girl behind the counter wasn’t dressed in black leather with piercings, but a few years younger than her, Molly became completely at ease and started picking up various items, vibrators, rabbits of all description then found the section she was looking for, handcuffs, whips, rope even gags, Molly seemed in her element as she examined the items closely, l had to get a basket as Molly’s arms were becoming full due to her picking up things she wanted to buy. She liked the look of a pink multi-speed rabbit so that went into the basket, next came a horse-whip, rope, handcuffs, ankle restraints and a maid’s uniform which consisted of a short white apron and black bib with a frilly neck collar. We passed a curtain covering a doorway and Molly inquired what was in there so l asked the woman at the counter she said it was their adult cinema, Molly smiled and since l had never ventured into such a place asked if she wanted to go in, she replied we might as well since we are here. Molly paid for her new toys and the cashier through in another pair of handcuffs telling us it was for being a first-time customer. We left the bag of goodies at the counter and l brought 2 tickets for their cinema. The room wasn’t dark and dingy like l imagined, but more dimly lit with comfortable seats there were 3 men spread about the room they turned to see who had let the light into the room, on the screen a guy was pounding a woman while she was sucking off another guy. We sat at the back to watch the film which didn’t keep our attention so l put Molly’s hand onto my crutch she giggled and said softly ‘someone might see’, l slid down my zip and took out my cock, her warm hand gripped me, l closed my eyes as she began sliding her hand down my shaft, Molly increased the speed of her hand, l couldn’t stop my low moan getting louder and Molly didn’t help when she lent over and took my cock into her mouth and tease me by forcing her tongue into my urethral. I told Molly l had to get inside her, she whispered ‘someone could see’, l couldn’t have cared less and begged her to ride my cock, she slid her knickers off and stood in front of me facing the screen, l raised my cock as she impaled herself onto my solid shaft, l took hold of her hips as Molly began lifting herself up and down. The noise we were making got the attention of the 3 men who gave up watching the film to now sit in the row in front of us and watch the live show me and Molly were giving them; it took a few minutes before she completely relaxed about the men, l found out later she got very turned on by the men openly wanking themselves in front of her, l knew Molly started her orgasm because her pussy muscles began to grip my shaft as tight as her hand and when she was thrusting herself downwards Molly let out a loud moan, l met her downward thrust and held her onto my cock my spunk burst inside her, Molly gasped for breath as more of my sticky creamy load smoothed her inside, we stay connected till we had recovered, all 3 men had shot their spunk and thanked us for the show, Molly was about to put her knickers on when one of the men asked if he could have them, she looked at me as if for approval, l shrugged my shoulders and she handed over her knickers to the guy then asked me for some tissue to plug her pussy with as my spunk will be running down her legs before we get to the car. We straightened our clothing and left the adult cinema collected Molly’s goodie bag, outside she was like an excited c***d and must have repeated several times how she couldn’t believe she let men watch her while having sex and to actually orgasm in front of them, when we were in the car Molly phoned her sister Jodie telling her of the experience in the sex shop and what happened in the adult cinema as Molly told her sister she was gently rubbing herself between the legs which was dangerous as l was trying to concentrate on the road and watch.
We stopped for a pub lunch and being a nice day, we sat in their garden the food was great and since it was still early after finishing our food, we drove to a nearby wooded nature reserve and followed a path through the trees, every so often we would meet someone going in the opposite direction. We came to a open grassy area and saw a naked man lying stretched out, Molly was fascinated at seeing another cock that day so we stayed hid and watched him, every now and then he would give his cock a quick wank, Molly took the tissues that were still wedged in her pussy from the sex shop and inserted a couple of fingers, l stood behind her, got my cock out and lifted her skirt as she fucked herself while watching the naked guy. I slid the head of my cock just between her pussy lips to get it good and wet then pulled one of her cheeks to one side and forced my cock a little way into her rear hole, Molly first gave a low muffled yelp, driving my cock deeper she arched her back to slide herself along my shaft. Molly’s finger fucking got faster she withdrew her fingers from her pussy and sucked them, l began my fucking of her rear hole, she was finding it so hard not to yell her enjoyment. I now had a tight hold of her hips pulling her onto my cock as l thrust forward, Molly was saying in a whisper ‘oh god, oh god’, l didn’t announce l was about to shoot my spunk but just let my load go up into her rear, she covered her mouth to mask the ‘oh, oh yes, yes’, the guy laying naked sat up which left us with one option which was too fall to the ground still with me wedged tightly in her rear hole. When the naked guy lay back down l slid my cock from Molly and we sneaked off back to the car then before setting off home she had to use another handful of tissues but this time Molly kept them between her bum cheeks to stop my spunk from going onto the seats, she must have been contented as my mother-in-law slept all the way home.
The afternoon turned out hot so l sat in the garden with a bottle of wine, Molly was eager to try her new rabbit and disappeared to her bedroom, the window was open and from what l could hear it sounded like she thought the rabbit a good investment by the sighs and groans, Molly was taking herself to a full orgasm as l heard a loud ‘Yes!’ a little pause then ‘uh, uh, yes!’ and silence. It must have been about 30 minutes before she appeared in the garden looking very happy with herself, Molly sat next me on the bench and kissed me, l said l heard she liked the rabbit, ‘it was fantastic’ she excitedly replied then asked if l would like a maid to serve dinner that night, l winked answering ‘l would like that’, we were about to kiss when my mobile rung, it was my wife, Molly didn’t want to talk to her daughter so told me to say she was out. I must have been halfway through a conversation with my wife when Molly knelt in front of me and began getting my cock out, l was wrestling with her hands trying to stop her as well as talking to my wife trying to sound as if nothing was going on but, in the end, l gave in and let Molly get my cock out to suck me, my god she is an expert, l closed my eyes and leant back on the bench imagining my wife and her mother sharing my cock taking turns in sucking the head and best of all my mother-in-law could show my wife just how to suck a cock, my imagination got the better of me and l shot a full creamy load of protein packed sticky spunk into Molly’s mouth which she wolfed down, my wife asked if l was alright, l quickly replied that l had spilt something which caused Molly to let out a whispered ‘yes you did’, she got to her feet took my hand and placed it between her legs, her pussy was soaking wet she gave a wicked grin and went into the house leaving me to finish talking to my wife who informed me that she might be off work the coming Friday and l could pick her up so at least we could have the weekend together, without sounding as if l didn’t want her there l told her it would have to be Saturday because l had booked a round of golf Friday then declared l could always cancel the golf trying to sound not to disappointed, l felt guilty but my god how often do we get the chance to spend a week with a sex mad mother-in-law, my wife told me not to cancel the golf as it was my holiday and blew 2 kisses down the phone, before it went dead.
I must have dropped off to sleep due to the wine and hot sun, Molly called me for dinner she was stood in the doorway dressed in her maids uniform or should l say half a maids uniform and it suited her, my cock immediately sprang to attention and hung out from between my zip thanks to Molly not putting my cock back where she found it. The fresh air felt quite nice around my cock. She grabbed my stiff shaft and led me through to the dining-room, once l sat down Molly kissed me and turned to leave so l gave her bare bum a slap, she joked ‘oh sir, was l naughty’, l declared how l hoped she would be later, she gave a seductive ‘l promise to be naughty’ and went into the kitchen. As we ate Molly gently caressed my cock with her foot between my legs, she would tease by asking to be handcuffed to the bed and if she is really bad would l give her a spanking, l assured Molly she will get everything that’s coming to her. I don’t know how we made it through dinner without fucking each other on the table, when it came to dessert, we were feeding each other spoonsful of gateau covered in cream she purposely let the cream dribble down her chin for me to lap up then we kissed, l lifted her maids bib and spread gateau and cream over her tits then feasted on her, she took a deep breath and pulled my mouth onto her tits we fell to the floor, Molly had my trousers and pants down with my cock in hand l lifted her apron raised her legs and rammed my throbbing cock all the way into her very moist pussy. The room became full of cursing as we fucked on the floor like 2 wild a****ls, Molly yelled at me to slap her and without thinking l slapped her across the face, she raised her head and bit my chest ‘fucking hit me’ she screamed, sliding my cock from her pussy l got her onto all fours and really whacked her bum twice them shoved my cock deep into her sticky pussy, held Molly by her hips and fucked the hell out of her l could see her gorgeous tits swinging back and forth, she moaned and sighed loudly, her inner pussy was so wet and warm, Molly must have orgasmed as my cock was gripped tightly locking me so l was unable to withdraw from her hole, l howled ‘l’m cumin, l’m cumin’ and pumped a full creamy load of spunk then pumped another load and another, Molly shouted at the top of her voice ‘don’t stop, my god don’t stop’, but l only had so much spunk in my balls and my gush turned to a slow stream, she fell forward and where her inner pussy muscles held my cock tight she pulled me with her so l was lying on her back. We were both drained, l kissed the back of her neck she was still gasping, her inner muscles released the tight hold they had on my cock which flopped from her full spunk filled pussy, l got back onto my chair and took a large gulp of wine, Molly rolled onto her back, l passed her a glass of wine, she held the rim to her lips and gave a mischievous grin before asking if she was bad enough, l gave a little laugh and agreed she was bad but was she naughty enough to be punished by being handcuffed to the bed and horse whipped, Molly rolled onto her side and seductively replied she is always naughty.
We finished the bottle of wine and went to her bedroom, she took the handcuffs, rope and whip from a drawer and lay face down on the bed, l handcuffed her hands either side of the head board, next spread her legs to tie each ankle to the bottom legs of the bed. I started by using her new rabbit in her dripping pussy paying great attention to her clitoris, she began raising and lowering her hips, letting out little whimpers, when they became loud l stopped and whipped her bum cheeks leaving red lines, l expected to hear ouch or ah but Molly lifted her bum to encourage me to use the whip again which l did, her bum cheeks began to glow red so l stopped and used the rabbit which started her squealing and convulsing, so worked the rabbit deeper and faster, l left it wedged in her pussy when Molly shouted ‘whip me’, this time l whipped from her bum cheeks up to her shoulders then lay onto her back and forced my cock into her rear hole till my balls were sandwiched between us, before starting to fuck her l asked if she had been punished enough, she replied ‘fuck me’, l began easing my cock from her rear hole to slam myself back down, Molly gave a little moan each time l thrust into her. My hands were under her squeezing and rolling her tits, l could feel her rock-hard nipples and then as l had done many times l gave a deep shove and let my spunk flow from my balls, down my shaft and flood her rear hole. We just lay fused together neither one speaking the only thing heard was our pants and gasps, l gathered enough energy to sit on the edge of the bed and released Molly from her restraints, she lay onto her back, l lay by her side and put my arm under her head she closed her eyes and went to sleep. I lay thinking how we only had a few more night together and wondered what Molly had planned.
I don’t know what time Molly was up but the table was clear from the previous night and now set for breakfast, she was standing looking out into the garden when l came up behind her and inquired if her bum was sore, she turned and we kissed then declared that the pain was worth it and kissed me again. I couldn’t help noticing Molly looked like she had something on her mind so asked what was wrong, she simply answered ‘oh nothing’ then added how she was just being silly, we sat down for breakfast she reached over and took hold of my hand, ‘l’m going to miss you’ she said, l assured her l was only 3 hours away and would be visiting again, Molly replied it wouldn’t be on my own, l joked, why don’t Molly ask her daughter if she could share me. Then stated we should make the most of our time together and declared we do something daring which brought a smile to her face and suggested we invite Jodie over and she could tie her up, Molly gave me that mischievous cheeky grin again and said let’s do something daring.
Molly wanted to go back to the adult cinema but this time she wanted us to take her sister Jodie, l didn’t mind, Molly phoned her and she was working till 11am that morning, so we arrange to pick her up from work, now since Molly and l didn’t need to leave straight away we decided to go back to bed and l swear she used my cock like a straw to suck my balls dry of spunk. Once l recovered, we went to picked up Jodie from work and then onto the sex shop there were a few guys floating up and down the aisles their eyes followed Molly and Jodie to the counter where l brought 3 tickets. We went into the cinema and one guy was sitting mid row wanking himself, he glanced at us and carried on enjoying himself, Jodie saw what the guy was doing and couldn’t take her eyes off him, we all sat in the back row with me sat in the middle of them. Molly got my cock out and Jodie began slowly wanking me, l kissed Molly then l was kissing Jodie, the door to the cinema opened as Jodie lowered her head to take my cock into her warm wet mouth, Molly whispered she was taking her knickers off then sat closer to me with her legs apart so l could get 3 fingers into her moist pussy and she began fucking herself, her low moans attracted some guy, his head popped up from the seats in front of us and stared intensely at my fingers wedged in Molly’s pussy. Jodie sat up wiped my pre-cum from her chin, Molly facing the screen straddle me then slid herself down my shaft giving the guy watching us a good view of her impaling herself onto my cock before she began riding me, Molly lifted herself to the limit then squatted taking my cock down to my balls, the guy said something and l heard Jodie say ‘no’ then knelt in front of me and Molly to start licking Molly’s dribbling pussy as my cock was sliding in and out. The guy watching began wanking his cock, Molly leant forward and touched his balls which got him and her excited her moans became louder and her thrusts downwards got faster and harder the guy shot his spunk straight into Molly’s hand with some going over Jodie’s back, Molly grabbed the side of Jodie’s head to pull her mouth onto her pussy forgetting all about having a handful of spunk which was now spread in Jodie’s hair and the side of her face, Jodie pulled away letting out ‘err you cow’, Molly pushed her hand into Jodie’s face who then began licking Molly’s hand clean of the guys spunk. The noise we were all making had got the attention of the guy wanking himself when we came in, he almost ran to where we were sitting but unfortunately, he didn’t get the opportunity to join in as l held Molly down on my cock and began filling my mother-in-law with a great deal of steaming hot sticky spunk, she growled and wriggled on me as l filled her while her sister Jodie licked and sucked at Molly’s wet dripping pussy. Once we were all composed and Jodie had given Molly’s pussy a good clean, Molly lifted herself off my cock and asked the guy who arrived late if he wanted her knickers which he snatched from her hands, Jodie looked a bit peeved, lifted her skirt slid her knickers off and gave them to the guy then joked ‘use them well’, he grinned and went back to where he was sitting the guy that spunked into Molly’s hand thank her and left, we followed shortly after and when passing the woman at the counter she asked if we enjoyed the film, we all looked at each other answering ‘yeah’ but really not having a clue what was showing.
Me and Molly had dinner at Jodie’s and for pudding they stripped so l could fuck them both properly on the bed and this time it was Jodie who got the hot sticky load pumped up into her pussy, then before leaving Jodie promised she’ll be over Saturday afternoon before l go home Sunday, Molly didn’t go without a full load she got a mouthful which was gulped down in the layby we had stopped at on the way home, l was looking forward to a wild Saturday with my spunk loving mother-in-law and her cock mad sister.
Saturday morning l was woken by Molly sucking the head of my cock, l took the rabbit from the drawer, working it first between her pussy lips then ran it over her clitoris she was sighing and wriggling in no time at all, Molly wanted my shaft buried inside her and l wanted her pussy around my cock. Getting on top she raised her legs as l slipped my hard shaft fully inside her and slowly began fucking my mother-in-law, Molly’s pussy began to make little squelching noises due to having a lot of my spunk still inside, she began letting out louder whines and whimpers, my groans became louder, a scream came from behind us, it was my wife, Molly’s daughter who screeched ‘what the fuck are you 2 doing’, in my hast to get off Molly l ended up on the floor, Molly leapt from the bed and after a few more choice words from my wife she went into the bedroom opposite. I dressed and said l had better talk to my wife, Molly told me to leave it to her and went into the bedroom, it must have been about 40 to 45 minutes before she reappeared to tell me l can go into the bedroom. My wife was sitting on the bed slightly red eyed; l was about to apologise when she said ‘mummy had explained’, l hadn’t a clue what Molly had told my wife, so just smiled and kissed her then we heard Molly call us into the kitchen where we all sat around the table, l left the conversation to my mother-in-law and her daughter. It seemed Molly said it was her fault, we had got drunk and enjoyed the sex so took advantage and then l nearly fell of my chair when Molly asked if she and l could carry on and maybe my wife should let her hair down once in a while, l was waiting for world war 3 to break out but my wife replied she would like to talk to me about it, we finished our tea and went for a walk. Well l’m still married to the same woman and every 2 to 3 weeks we visit my mother-in-law and even get the odd visits from my wife’s aunt Jodie when we are there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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