Mother – In – Law

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Mother – In – Law
I have been with my wife Lisa for 15 years now and ever since I met her Mum Linda for the first time I have always thought how attractive she was.
Linda is 52,size 12 and she has the most amazing breasts, I would say they are easily an F cup and when I am in her company I have to try really hard not to keep looking at them.

Over the years I have built a good relationship up with my In Laws and would often pop round for a beer with the Father In Law after work as they only live round the corner from us. The problem is with Linda is once she has had a glass of wine or two she starts dropping sexual innuendoes which sometimes can be a bit embarrassing especially with my Father In Law present. They have been married over 20 years now and I often look at them and wonder what she sees in him. He s a nice guy but a bit of a drip and probably weighs 8 stone wet through. I can t imagine for one minute that he satisfies her in the bedroom he just does not look the sort.

Around 6 months ago me and the wife moved to her parents as we had a water leak in the house causing quite a bit of damage. With them living so close it was easier to stop at there s. They have a 5 bedroom house so there was plenty of room. Both me and my wife worked so we were only there in the evenings and at weekends.
Linda was always up first in the mornings and I would get up around 6.30 and go down stairs and have a cup of tea with her before getting ready for work. She wore a peachy dressing gown nothing special but you could tell that she had no bra on underneath but it was well wrapped round her so nothing was revealing. I would sit on the end of the sofa and try my hardest not to look at her breasts but found it difficult and I m sure she would catch me a few times as she often gave me a cheeky smile. I would then go to the bathroom to have a shower and have a wank thinking of them.
One morning I went down as usual and as I approached the kitchen she was washing up. I mumbled morning still half asleep and as she turned round to reply I noticed that her dressing gown had slightly come open and you could see her cleavage.We spoke about how bad the weather was as I leant against the work top sipping my tea. She took the pans off the side and started to put them in the cupboards. As she leant down her dressing gown became loose and the more she got up and leant back down again it became looser. At one point she bent down for around 30 seconds arranging the pans in the cupboard and I had the most amazing view of her breast which must of sent me into a mini trance because all of a sudden I turned away from her breast and she was looking right up at me. It was one of those real awkward moments and panicked in case she freaked out and told my wife or called me a pervert. Just as i was about to open my mouth and tell her how sorry I was she just gave me a cheeky smile and asked me If I liked what I saw. I just nodded my head and then we sort of both looked away and I drank up and went to get ready. When I came home that night she acted as though nothing never happened and we sat down as a family and went to bed as usual.

The following day I had the day off as I had a job interview at 12pm so when I woke the house was empty.I got myself showered and made my way into town. I was a bit nervous about returning as Linda finished work at 2pm so I knew she would be there on my return. As I was driving I was thinking of how much I would love to see her naked and what was underneath that dressing gown but knew it was so so wrong It was my wifes mother for gods sake and needed to get these thoughts out of my head.

When I returned Linda s car was on the front drive and I pulled up next to it and went inside the house. I opened the living room door and she was there in her work uniform sat in the single chair watching the TV. I said hello and went and sat on the sofa. We spoke about the interview and she asked if I would like a beer, I accepted her offer and a couple of minutes later she returned with it and a glass of wine in the other for herself, she came and joined me on the sofa and we carried on watching TV. She then looked around for the remote and after a couple of minutes looking she gave up and crawled on to her knees to the TV in front of me and was searching though the channels manually on the TV. I could not help but admiring her lovely arse and could see the top of her white thong above her trousers. I just pictured myself behind it slowly guiding my cock in and out. Next thing Linda turned round and made her way back to the sofa, she looked at me and just smiled, she knew exactly what she was doing and I was getting horny as fuck. After a while Linda asked If I wanted another beer which I accepted. As she returned she went to give me the beer but it slipped out of my hand and went all over my trousers and top. I quickly jumped up and she ran to the kitchen and returned with a wet cloth and started to dab my trousers. She told me to remove my top which I was a bit embarrassed about but did as I was told she seemed carried on rubbing my trousers. This was not helping at all there I was standing in the middle of the living room with no top on and my Mother In Law on her knees rubbing frantically at my trousers. I was starting to become hard and trying to pull away but she was adamant that she was going to clean them. It was obvious at my excitement as she brushed over my cock with the dish cloth which I became very embarrassed about. In the end it was clear that the stain was not coming out so she told me to take my trousers off which I did not have no choice. I went to go to the bathroom because by now I had a raging hard on and knew she was going to see it but she was adamant I took them off there an then.
As I undid my flies and removed them she just stared at my cock all erect through my boxers and smiled. Linda just slowly put her hand on it and slowly rubbed it through my cotton boxers.

There I was in the middle of the living room half naked with my Mother In Law standing in front of me with her hand rubbing my erect cock through my boxers. She then slowly dropped to her knees and just started to kiss my cock through the cotton, she then slowly guided her hands to the top and slowly pulled them down till it sprang out. She took it in her hand and slowly guided it into her mouth sucking it very slowly and licking the tip. As I looked down she stared at me in my eyes and was massaging my balls in hand, this was too much for me and I shot my load all into her mouth. She still carried on staring at me in my eyes and sucking and I could see it dripping out the corners of her mouth. She slowly pulled away and swallowed what was in her mouth before licking the remaining cum off her chin and swallowing it.
She slowly rose from her knees and I slowly bent down and kissed her and began rubbing my hands all over her. I stopped and led her by the hand up to her bedroom. I closed the door and then lifted her top over her head. She had a lacy black bra underneath holding her massive tits in place, I reached behind and unclipped it. I moved her to the edge of the bed and I sat down so my face was level with them, I slowly pulled her bra down and unleashed them. I slowly started kissing them and massaging them with my hands. Her nipples were like bullets and I sucked away as she was moaning with pleasure. I slowly undid her trousers and pulled them down to the floor. I stood up and could not believe what I was seeing. There was my Mother In Law almost naked standing in front of me with her amazing breasts out. I went and got on the bed and asked her to come and sit next to me. We slowly started kissing and her hand made her way down to my cock again and starting stroking it. I continued to spend a good ten minutes just massaging them perfect breasts and rubbing her nipples in between my finger and thumb.
I guided my hand down her thong and slowly slid my hand inside. I was shocked as the first thing I noticed was she was shaven. I just slowly stroked her pussy with my middle finger before slowly sliding it in. As I did she let out a little gasp of pleasure and pulled me closer towards her. I was desperate to see her shaven pussy and asked her to turn over on all fours. She did not complain and turned over and put her lovely arse in the air and her chest right down. I just got behind and slowly kissed her soft buttocks. I stopped and pulled her thong to one side revealing her pussy and tight arse hole. I slowly licked her pussy guiding my tongue in and out occasionally just drifting my tongue over her arse hole. She turned round and laid me down and slowly sucked my cock, I encouraged her to lift her leg over so we were in the 69 position. she sucked frantically while I licked and slid my finger and tongue out of both her holes. She was breathing heavy and her love juices were all over my face and hands. She stopped sucking my cock and sat bolt upright. She turned round and slowly lifted her leg over me, stared at me in my eyes and gently lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. She gently straddled me while I reached up and took her nipples into my mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I pulled her down and we kissed passionately as I reached round and slowly slid my finger into her arse. She gasped and started bucking before screaming at me she was coming. I pushed my finger up more till till she came and collapsed on top of me. We lay there for a couple of minutes catching her breath until I rolled her on to all fours. I just sat behind her looking at her glistening pussy and her tight arse hole.I slowly put my tongue against her arse and licked it and every now and again slid my finger in and out before licking it again. I got up and went to put my cock against it but she stopped me and leant into her bed side table and passed me some vaseline. I took a little out of the tub and gently rubbed it on her arse before putting the tip against it. I gave it a little push and it popped in. I started gently thrusting back and forth pushing it further and further in until my balls were slapping against her arse. I continued to pound away until I could not take anymore, I pulled my cock out turned her on her back and unleashed my cum all over her tits. I collapsed next to her leaving my Mother In Law lying there with cum all over her, she just looked me in my eyes and leaned down and licked all my cum off her tits without taking her eyes off me.

We lay there for 5 minutes exhausted before she suggested we took a shower. Once in the shower we rubbed each other down before she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I reached round and took the soap gently massaging her tits with my soapy hands. I placed my cock in between her tits and she held them moving them up and down slowly until I came all over them. She stood up and we dried each other and got dressed both exhausted.

We made our way downstairs and continued with a few more beers before she started dinner. She made me swear I would never repeat what happened that afternoon which I never would. Sitting round that dinner table in the evening with my wife and father in law was a bit weird that evening and Linda occasionally looked up and gave me a nervous smile.

We never got to do it again while me and my wife stayed there but Linda has hinted she would like me to come round when its safe and enjoy another afternoon of fun

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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