Movie night

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Movie night
This is a story about an ex-girlfriend of mine, she was 5 4 with an athletic body due to her spending all her free time dancing as she belonged to a dance company.  We were in highschool at the time and were in abosolute lust with eachother. 

  We never had a date where our hands were inside eachothers pants. She loved to slide her hand down my jeans and grab my dick, she would work her hand down to the tip and check for precum and if she found some she would lick it off her fingers, that was routine fpr us no matter where we were especially the movies or a restaurant. She has nice perky tits with sexy brown nipples to go along woth a nice ass and the cutest face I d seen.

After dating for a few months I met her mom and made a great first impression and was allowed to come over whenever I wanted. The very first time I went was a friday night, I remember not expecting anything to happen that night because she said her mom would be home we had already had sex plenty of times before this which are all amazing stories aswell that I ll be sure to tell later. But when I arrived she was dressed I. Really figure revealing tights with her hair tied up as if she were ready for dance rehearsal,  Instantly got hard looking at her camel toe and trying to figure out if she had on a g-string or nothing at all I knew it was one or the other. My thought was broken as her mother called me over to greet her, as I hugged her mother I looked over at my girlfriend who was giving me a seductively biting her lip and rubbing her hand against her pussy through her tights. They went into the kitchen to bring out snacks amd drinks and I sat on the couch disappointed that I wouldn t get to fuck her tonight. When they returned my girlfriend sat right next to me and her mom sat on the adjacent love seat. The movie began and about 25min In her mom began to nod off and and annouced that she had a long day and couldn t stay awake and that she would be going to her room to nap, she told us to wake her when we were ready for her to drive me home.

 Her bedroom was right around the corner from the living room. When she left we immediately lowered the tv volume so we could hear her footsteps if she returned then began to kiss. She climbed on top of me as I sat down and I grabbed and squeezed her ass while we kissed.  I pulled her boobs out of her top and began to suck her nipples. She moaned as I slowly worked my tounge around her nipple before gently sucking it while I pinched the other. She then pulled away as she thought she heard her mom coming she fixed her tits back in her top and sat beside me. She then grabbed a blanket and put it so it covered our laps. She undid my belt and zipper and began to play with my dick. I reached over to return the favor and realized that she didn t have on a g-string at all as my fingers moved across her shaved crotch. She spread her legs for me as my fingers found her wet pussy and I began to rub her clit. When then heard a sound that changed everything,  the sweet sounds of her mom snoring. 


 Knowing that she was now sound asleep my girlfriend threw the blanket to the floor and pulled my dick out and began to suck it as she knelt in the couch. I layed my head back and enjoyed it as she bobbed up and down on my dick and I could feel her tongue caressing my dick in her mouth she got on her knees in fornt of me and continued ans she pulled my pants down. I was in heaven and loving every second.  I love to please and wanted to return the the favor so I pulled her up and we both stood In fro t of the couch I kissed her and guided her onto the couch then broke the kiss so I could pull her tights down to her ankles. I then pushed her legs up and got on my knees and Inbetween then I began to lick her around her clit which drove her crazy and she moaned softly, when I finally began to lick her clit she wrapped her legs around my head and held onto my hair and held me there as I went back and fourth from licking and sucking gently on her clit until she had an intense orgasm. She told me she was Cumming and thrusted her pussy into my tongue. 


 She cam and wanted more I positioned her now so that her kness were In the couch cushions and she leaned on the back of it. Me still at my position on the floor I lowered her ass to my mouth amd began to tongue her tight hole. She was a virgin at the time well a vaginal virgin I was only allowed to fuck her In the ass. She moaned some more in pleasure and  began to cover her mouth in an effort to not be so loud. I laid her on her side as it was easier to get into her tight ass from this position. I had her slob all over my dick again before I went and slowy pushed into her ass. Once all the way In we moved into doggy position and gave her ass some long deep strokes. I saw her gripping the pillows on the couch and biting them to keep from screaming.  She pushed her ass into my dick so she could take more of it which turned me on more and me me fuck her harder. My balls were slapping against her pussy and she softly moaned my name. Then she motioned for me to pull out as she couldn t take anymore.  She quickly went to her knees and sucked and stroked my dick. 


  Only taking it out her mouth to tell me that she wanted me to cum in it. She began to play with my balls as she stroked only the tip of my dick, her speed picked up and again I laid my head back but this timr I shot my load. With a huge stream of white cum on her face and the rest she  caught in her mouth and swallowed.  She then got up and went to the bathroom and I fixed myself up. And remember I couldn t stop smiling that was one of the best nuts I ever had. 

  I have many more stories where we fuck at the movies and at the park (which is where we fucked fpr the first time). Just let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading, 


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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