My Apartment

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My Apartment
Andrew paid for the cab, followed me to my apartment and held the door open for me. I turned to look at Andrew and said to him I thought we were going to get my car first? . Andrew replied that it will be ok there for a few more hours.

He smiled and held my hands. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes as he pulled me closer to him. Andrew grabbed the side of my face and began to kiss me with sexy passionate kisses. All I could think to do is to rub his chest and arms, as he pulled me in closer. Our kisses got hotter and heavier, our hands were roaming over each other. My nipples grew fast with him taking my dress off.

I didn t put my panties back on, only because I couldn t find them. I m sure they are in his bed somewhere. I unbuttoned Andrew s shirt and removed it, then un did his pants. The heat from our quick makeout session has made us sweaty. Andrew kissed my ear, then my neck. I moaned loudly as he pinched the tight perk of my nipples. His cock was getting harder as I teased his head with just my finger tips.

I began to squat in front of Andrew to suck his cock. I looked up to him and said that he will fuck me before making love to me again tonight. Andrew smiled and pulled my head to take his length into my throat. I swallowed his head til it reached my tonsils. I held him there until I couldn t breathe. Andrew released my head as I sucked and licked him to just before he was ready to explode.

I fingered my clit as he moaned with delight when I sucked on his sac of balls. My other hand was caressing his ass. The man was really enjoying my sucking that he said I had to quit, because he s ready to blow. I lifted for him to pick me up and to set me on my kitchen table. I sat in front of the chair, where he sat and spread my legs. He leaned forward to smell my pussy.

His smile was wide then he began to lick just my nub. His fingers were spreading me wide open for his pleasurable view. He slipped a finger into my mouth, then slid it up and down my pussy. I began to moan and gasp for air as he sucked the nub and fingered my pussy. I gasped aloud and said that I m cumming. Andrew began to suck my hole to eat every bit of my love juice.

I leaned back on the table as the man fingered me to another cumming. I pulled and tugged on my nipples making them harder. As I was ready to cum again, I arched my back as he had three fingers buried deep in my pussy. I began to squirt before he pulled his hand from me, he bent down to let my juices make a mess on his face, then continued with licking me dry.

I leaned forward and told him that I m ready to ride that dick of his. I left the table and pulled him to my room. My bed wasn t made, but had clothes and toys all over the place. I pushed Andrew onto the bed and began to suck to make him rock hard again. It didn t take long,then I climbed on top of him backwards. I let him watch as I swallowed his dick into my hot pussy.

I felt like I was going to melt with his large head inside of me. I squatted up and down over his long shaft. Andrew held my ass to make sure I didn t lift too far up. Andrew was telling me how he likes watching me fuck him, but he d like to see my ass in action, too. He grabbed one of my dildo s and worked it into my tight puckering.

I leaned towards his feet as he slid the toy in further. I bucked hard, telling him to take it easy. Once in my ass, he began to fuck my ass and pussy harder again. Uhhhh, fuck my ass baby, I told Andrew. He abliged and filled my ass all the way with my big purple dildo. Andrew pulled it from my ass, licked it then slid it back in.
Andrew had left the toy in my ass, then asked me to get on my knees. “I want to feel my dick in your tight ass, I want to see you take me as you did with the fake dick.” I smiled at Andrew as I lifted off of him, then told him I will take him, all of him. I just asked that he used some lube. I handed Andrew a bottle of cherry lube. He squirted some to dribble down my ass crack, then slathered some on his dick.

He slid his fingers up and down my crack, then slid his thumb first, then he slid in two fingers to stretch me a bit. I was begging for him to fuck my ass. Andrew slapped my ass hard, then began working his head into my puckered hole. “UHHHH” I screamed loudly as he filled my canal with his length of manhood.

I bucked back and forth until he was buried deep in me. A quick slap cracked against my cheek again. I didn’t cry out in pain, but i cooed when he said he likes it when daddy’s little girl behaves badly. “MMM daddy, if you pull out of me, I will buck you again. Will this make you slap me again.?” I asked with a little girl voice.
Andrew pulled his dick out of my ass, then just barely put his head into my opening. I bucked him again, making him fill my ass. He pulled out a couple of times, then when I was begging to have him fuck me hard, Andrew slapped my ass making my cheeks a bright red, then he pumped his dick deep in me. He stood over my ass and fed himself in my opening.

“Yesss daddy, that’s how I like to be fucked.” I was able to say before he rubbed my stinging ass. Andrew said that daddy’s little girl will always get her ass whipped if she continued to be bad, then pulled his dick out and made me lay on my back with my legs up high and spread widely. He then slid his dick into my wet drippy pussy.

“Such a beautiful site to see your tight pussy and ass, in such a beautiful manner.” Andrew grinned a nasty daddy way. He fucked my pussy hard, then pulled his dick to my mouth for me to suck the cum from him. I told him that I love to have my own cum fed to me. Andrew put himself back into my cummy hole, then back to my mouth a few more times. Then the man began to fuck me harder until I had another orgasm.

He slithered himself down my body to eat my cum that he just produced, then came up to kiss me, but fed me a mouthful of cum… my cum. I smiled greatly as I wrapped my hands around his neck, as he worked his thick cock in my very swollen pussy. Andrew fucked me hard until we both came hard, together.

When his dick softened, he found the purple dildo and filled my pussy with it. He spread my legs again, for him to fuck my pussy to another cum. I asked him to slide the blue vibe into my ass and turn it on. He rammed it in hard with it already on, then fucked both my holes with the toys. I moaned with delight as he fucked me, then when he took the one out of my pussy, he slid it in with the blue vibe.

Andrew watched as my ass took both thick toys into my ass. He watched my face as I had an orgasm. then ate my cum once again, before sunggling me into his arms. He kissed my forehead as I traced the muscles on his chest. He asked me to be his fulltime partner in life. He told me that I wouldn’t have to work if I didn’t want to, I could keep my life with my friends and family, whom he would love to meet sometime.

I asked if I was his little girl and he was my sugar daddy? He chuckled then said he hadn’t thought about that. Andrew said he loves the way I think about sex and that we both could learn a lot from each other, in so many ways.

I straddled his waist as I sat on him and looked him in the eye, then told him that I could be a handful in and out of the bedroom. He said that I would be the challenge he’d been missing since before he was married to his ex wife. She’s the reason they ended up in a divorce. He’s always in the mood for sex, she wasn’t. He said once she had their three boys, she was done with intercourse.

Andrew told me, he had a mistress for a long time, until he was caught by his wife and his youngest son. They walked into the basement, where his mistress was spread eagle on the pool table and he was on his knees over her face as she was sucking him off. His son got an eyeful of a very wet plugged pussy and his dad getting a blowjob. His wife turned around and ran back up the steps to pack her things.

I asked him where his boys were now. He said the youngest Bill, is s*******n and lives with his mother, Joe is nineteen and is in college and Eric is twenty two and in his final year of college. The boys go to the same college and both have girlfriends. Bill, he thinks is gay, but can’t prove it. His mother says if he is, it’s my fault. I just laughed at Andrew and said that I can’t wait for him to fuck me on the pool table.

Andrew said he will only fuck me there, if I agree to be his fulltime partner. I bent over to kiss him and I agreed. Then told him, that with me saying yes, he will have to give me sex whenever and wherever I want it. The man agreed with a hard dick against my ass, then rolled me over to be on top and to slide himself into my pussy.
Andrew helped me pack my suitcases. He commented on the sexy undies and nighties I had, then made sure he packed all of them. With a nasty smirk he said, I will take you to my favorite boutique to get you some new nighites and undies. All I could say is Okay . I walked into my bathroom to gather my personal items. Andrew watched as I packed my toothbrush, paste, hair products and my perfume. He asked where s my female products?

I laughed and told him, I m on birth control and don t need those things. I told him, I m not sure if I really want a c***d right now. I m wanting to have fun and concentrate on my job and do some traveling. Then I told him I have a trip scheduled for Hawaii next month. I can cancel if he wants me to. Andrew raised his eyebrows and asked who was going with me. I told him one of my girlfriends from college.

Andrew smiled and said that I m not to cancel, but to go and have a good time. I smiled then kissed him. He held me tight as he said he will take me shopping for some clothes and a sexy swimsuit. I pulled away and said we need to finish packing, because I m getting hungry and horny and I really want nothing more than to be in his bed, again.

My phone rang as we were finishing with packing my stuff. My friend CeeCee was telling me about her new things and wants me to go swimsuit shopping. I told her I d get back with her on that. I walked into the kitchen and told her about Andrew and me moving in with him. She said that was quick. I just met him today. I told her we had been talking on the phone, video chatting on the internet and texting all the time. It s like we ve known each other for a long time.

CeeCee asked for Andrews address. I gave her everything we always give to each other when we go out with a new guy. Address, phone number, make and model of car and a picture of the guy on our cell phones. Andrew had no problem with giving me all the info for her. When I got off the phone and went back to my room, Andrew was sitting on my bed with more than the two toys we played with before.

He asked if he should pack all of these, I nodded with a big smirk. I told him, he s got his hands full with me. I love sex, whether it be with someone or by myself. The thoughts running through Andrew s mind where making him hard again. He adjusted his self, then turned to call a taxi. When he turned around to face me, I was on my knees.

He walked towards me and said I need to make this quick, the cab will be here in fifteen minutes. He pulled his pants down and I began to suck him long and hard. Andrew pulled my hair away from my face and forced himself further into my throat. The moan I gave him was saying I want more of him. The man fucked my face until he came. Streams of his cum drizzled down my throat, when we heard the taxi blow it s horn.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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