My first time as trany

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My first time as trany

Many times in my puberty secretly wearing panties of my mother or my sister, and I looked in the mirror and I exitaba much finished masturbating several times.

One afternoon when he was almost 20, my aunt asked me to help you move from flat boat that calls me a bag of old clothes which I call my curiosity and take her home; Upon arriving home I looked it had in the bag and found three pairs of socks one corsel league, thong panties and some several gowns. Which used at night and in secret of all.

For hallowing night we had a costume party at the home of my best friend Manuel Manuel was my fantasy I habeces but he hinted towards which did not understand. To take advantage of this day to dress like a complete whore wearing a dress to the body with avetura señido in to teach my leg, black garter stockings and high heels.

First comes home from Manuel wanted to change at home, when I get asked about my difras and told him I was bringing in the suitcase that wanted to change there. the first thing I did was shave my legs and pubic hair leaving me in a discreet heart pubis after makeup and dressed me. never before had I felt so hot. shaved my legs and they looked Tacone those precious, my tail protruding carved in that dress and a blonde wig I got at thrift shop, made me look something Marylin Monrooe.

Manuel did not know that when I was disguising golpio went up and the door for me to hurry, the second he opened the door and looked at me sorpredido stayed, but what I liked most was the way I look at my legs, Haber Show me Turning around I said, these good hacercando told me her body was hot and I start watching this and in a way that I never did that and then tell me and show me the legs and puts her hand on my leg and Getting Started upload and start getting on the dress I was almost shaking and slapped him saying quiet then you can not control I turn around and stand in front of the mirror to fix my hair.

When I see the reflection that stares at me wanting my ass mordermelo and comes and puts his dick in my ass squeezing my waist and in my ear telling me we will not control the two and starts kissing me the neck down his hand between my legs. I was about to explode, my fantasy come true. I turn around and look into her eyes and her lips luegos and we started kissing and his big hands I started squeezing my buttocks aa and my cock was hard as him and he could feel it.

Manuel sat on the bed and sat on him falling backwards and I being of the Ensim, mentiendo his hand between my legs, my skirt had caught me buttocks but this time with his huge fingers began to acarizar me my anus which got me lost ten thousand while the strength of my arms and I fell on my ass incando. and treating me to get me the finger, but auich That hurt, you hold your hands and put them over his head and I started kissing her neck down her chest opening his shirt, Manuel went nuts and almost ripped his pants Clutching his cock and telling Eat it all is all yours.

It was the most beautiful cock I had seen in my life so long, so thick, so vein, so pink that I could not believe it and thought that sees no caver. Is the grip with both hands and I started to smell, the smell of both male enloquesio me that the first thing I did was lamberle entire tip with the tip of my tongue Manuel twisted pleasure as I put it between my lips and that cailente cock and as hard as the first time in my mouth. once after I put it all in my mouth filling my mouth and almost half cock out. on his hands grabbed my head and started to go up and down I felt like it was becoming harder that cock, when suddenly I pushed down with all his might that his cock entered into my throat and my eyes llorosiar hiso and lose your breath, then inhale and repeat 3 times.

Manuel started to tell me I was going to come and I asked her to hold out a bit more then I lay face up and I started playing then opened his legs and a firm tug off my thongs, But look at my sexy said heart and started playing with his fingers then began to bite in between the legs with his lips slowly rising up to my cock I thought a few seconds and put it in her mouth which surprised me and made me twenty thousand , then again attempt to get me their gruesotes dedotes Auchi my anus but it hurt and I said soft hurts still a virgin, looking between my legs and stood slyly brought the jar of Vaseline.

smearing vaseline his fingers lay behind me to beasr esmpezo back neck and bite his ear pushing me forward to take out more of my ass into a spreadable el.Empezo vaselila my anus gently and when I felt a little relaxed he sticks his finger around a pleasant sense pain
that was weird but I liked it hurt.

The pulled and put it I was already panting with pleasure aaaah aaaah ay, papi rico mas mas asi asi that it successfully, then asked me to suck it again and glad to get that huge cock in my mouth.

The suck for about 3-5 minutes when I push my head again to put his cock into my throat. Then he asked me to get in bed and turn me down and with both hands grabbed my hips and inco me up, and could not find the time to make me yours.

when he put his huge cock in my ass and started to force me to claming: Daddy hurt me slowly, slowly ay aaaah aaaah …. and after a abruptly gets me all …. all that in my virgin anito vergota could not believe it first ….. almost deprive myself of pain or pleasure, and I started to scream in pain and pleasure that Manuel put more excited and started asking harder and again until I make some air telling me this is more than I expected.

And then started again in and out but this time more gentle with me lebanto anito.Luego behind the torso of rollidas leaving me with my atraz Manuel and his huge wore atravezandome … Manuel asked me to kiss him Spinning head. .
then whispered to me and I ll give you all my milk and pushed me forward and started giving me harder and my anus was mad with pleasure while I started to masturbate me …. Manuel started gasping with pleasure and me : takes fucking take this and this and this and estooooooo … was when I felt that explocion cailente liquid in my belly which I success my pace I masturbated that Manuel gave me time and reaching almost to the .. …

After that hallowing Manuel was my lover escodidas for almost two years we did in many ways and in many parts … until he got a job that separated us and I also went to another city where I had other adventures whore ..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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