My Friday Night Fun

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My Friday Night Fun
I ve had a GREAT weekend and I thought I d share it with all of you in a fun filled story of a fairly normal weekend for me.

Friday night my hubby had to work late so I took the time to set up a little surprise… made a couple calls then got myself looking hot as hell and left to pick him up later that night. When he came out to the car he found me wearing absolutely nothing but a long coat (which I made sure was wide open when he got into the car). He loved it and attacked my naked body right there for just some very heavy petting, since we were in a parking lot for a closed down restaurant near his building. It was pretty passionate though, his hands were all over (and in) me while he kissed on my neck and I d managed to get his cock out of his pants and into my hand. The pleasure was incredible and I was actually near orgasm when I opened my eyes I found that an older, somewhat raggedy guy was standing close by, watching us!

My hubby said we should probably stop teasing the poor guy and go so I started the car, but then on a whim I rolled down the window and called the guy over. He got to me quickly, never taking his eyes off my body, and with a lot of effort stammered Do you have any change? I couldn t help but laugh so I pulled out a five dollar bill and told him that he could have the five or play with my tits for a few moments. His eyes got wide and without even needing to think about it he reached in and started fondling my tits.

He smelled pretty bad, mostly of stale cigs and liquor, but he was fairly clean and had a gentle touch, he seemed to know what he was doing and it felt good. He even reached in a little further to feel and squeeze my fat belly and I just loved that… he did too! I continued to stroke my husband while I was groped, this probably turned him on even more than it was me! I finally told the guy we had to go and he withdrew his hand without complaint. I gave him the five anyway, told him thanks and that he had nice hands.

As I was pulling out of the lot my hubby told me that I was the most amazing gal in the world (he often says this and I know he actually means it each and every time) but I told him that he ain t seen nothin yet 😀

We had to stop by a store to grab a couple games, Lego Batman 3 and Far Cry 4. And yes, I knew we d planned to stop there on the way home and I was perfectly fine being secretly nude while shopping there. Before getting to the electronics department though, I pulled him into the clothing area and we made out for a bit. He shoved me into a rack of clothes, essentially hiding me from view, opened up my coat and explored my body… squeezing my tits & pinching my nipples with one hand and rubbing my clit & finger fucking my sopping wet pussy with the other. He was so close to making me cum that I didn t even notice that the coat had fallen off me and when I finally shoved him away I found it had been kicked out into the open area.

I asked very nicely that he hand it to me and he just smiled, then when I demanded it he acted all innocent like nothing was going on and stepped away a bit, kicking the coat even further! I figured who gives a shit and after taking a quick glance around I stepped out of the clothes rack and went right over to my coat, picking it up with a very low bend so he got a good long look at my hanging tits and large ass. It was only after I d wrapped it back around me that I saw my husband wasn t the only one that must ve got a nice view, there was a store employee standing not more than 10 feet away! He was a young guy (hopefully at least 18 though) partially hidden by another rack, we hadn t seen him and had no idea how long he d been there. He had a huge grin on his face though, so I just winked, put my finger on my lips and gave him a shush sound as we walked by.

He followed us until we left, probably hoping for another look, and I was surprised (and maybe a little disappointed?) that he didn t follow us right out to the car! We couldn t stop laughing once we d bought our games and got outside, stuff like that was so much fun!

Once we got home I knew the real fun was about to begin, so as soon as we got in the door I dropped my coat and stripped him naked. We kissed for a bit while I stroked his cock and then pulled him towards the bedroom. It was dark so I sat him down on the bed, the timing could not have been better… just as I turned on a small dim lamp, two sets of hands pulled him further down on the bed, two naked bodies laying down on his!

I d called over my hubby s girlfriend and our one of our fuckbuddies, we ll call them Jane and Ashley, for some fun and they d been waiting for just that! So on this night he was our God and we were his obedient nympho angels, doing anything and everything we could just to please him! I guess that would make our bed heaven, and oh boy was it!!

The rest of the night, and long into the morning, was nothing but pleasure and passion and pure ecstasy! Whenever anyone got tired, they just rolled away from the action and rolled right back in when they were ready. I can say for sure that every hole on every body in the bed that night got thoroughly fucked and everyone had many wonderful orgasms!

The first time my hubby came was in Jane s pussy while I was next to them having my pussy licked by Ashley, Jane said my mouth looked so inviting that she swung over me and placed her cum filled pussy right down on my face. I greedily licked her clean while I had my own orgasm, squirting right into Ashley s mouth! What teamwork huh?? 😉

Later he came all over my face and tits, which was instantly kissed and licked up by the girls, while I finger fucked them to almost simultaneous orgasms. Ok, needless to say, fun was had by all!

It was amazing, especially for my guy of course, as we focused much of our sexual energy on him… he was in top form that night and his stamina was pretty incredible! I like to think I m mostly responsible for that with our earlier activities, I ve found if I get him REALLY turned on at the start, his energy stretches on forever!

They hung out through most of Saturday and into the evening, we played more throughout the day, but nothing as intense as the night before. Last night was pretty relaxing with some very intense lovemaking mixed in. Today I m alone in the house, recuperating. I m going to need it since my hubby is out with some friends today and I have a feeling at least one or more will be following him home for some fun with me tonight 😀 Ah, the exciting life of a slutwife!

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